Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle lets Philip in and asks him what is wrong. Philip informs Belle about John coming down on him about Maya’s case and Belle insists that she is to blame and she hates how hard John is coming down on Philip. Philip tells Belle that John has brought him down to basic Marine status. Philip starts to say something but thinks better of it and goes to leave. Belle insists that Philip can’t leave as she takes his arm.

Shawn and Mickey arrive at the Brady Pub. They choose a table toward the back for privacy. Mickey praises Shawn for the work he has done at the law office. Mickey tells Shawn that he’d like to pass on his practice to his family when he retires and asks Shawn is he is interested.

Mimi and Rex are cuddling in bed as Mimi asks if they can stay like this forever. Rex tells Mimi that he needs her to get a DNA sample from Lucas. Rex reiterates that it is very important that he gets information on all his half siblings and that none of them know that they are related to him and Cassie. Mimi overemphasizes that she understands.

Sami tells Cassie that she knows that Rex and Cassie aren’t Tony’s kids. Cassie tries to deny it but Sami tells her not to waste her breath. Cassie asks how Sami knows this and Sami explains that she overheard Rex and Mimi talking about it in her hospital room.

John is talking to Tony who is lying in bed in a coma about this seeming like a test, just one thing after another. John asks Tony how it happened, how could Maya get to him if Tony is supposed to be so powerful and invincible. He asks Tony what were he and Maya after that was so important that she would try to kill him twice. John bends over Tony’s bed to tell him that despite their history together, it doesn’t change the fact that he is Tony’s brother and he doesn’t want him to die just as Marlena walks into the room to overhear this.

John greets Marlena as Marlena explains that she just heard what happened to Tony. John asks Marlena if there are any specialists he could contact but Marlena assures John that all that can be done is being done. John wishes that there was something he could do. Marlena looks lost in thought and John calls her on it. Marlena explains that she was thinking about John and how she didn’t believe that John was really at peace with Tony until now.

Mimi still doesn’t want to do anything creepy and gross to help Rex. Mimi asks Rex why he is doing this. Rex gets angry and Mimi calls him on it. Rex tells Mimi to look at it as him and Cassie being adopted looking for their biological family. Rex explains that they are Tony’s children because he took them in because he wanted them, not because some DNA results told him he had to. Rex tells Mimi that just because he is comfortable where he is, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t stop trying to find out all he can. Mimi recalls how Chloe needed to look for her biological family for the marrow transplant. Rex points out that Mimi understands how he feels as he gets another headache. Mimi agrees to help Rex.

Cassie tells Sami she wishes she never got her voice back. Lucas walks up and Cassie asks how Tony is. Sami asks Lucas to take a hike so she and Cassie can talk. Lucas gets upset and leaves telling Sami she can walk home. Cassie accuses Sami of having no heart to do this while Tony is in the hospital. Sami tells Cassie that the party is over but Cassie tells Sami to leave her alone, that it isn’t her business. Sami says it is her business because they are family and confirms for Cassie that she knows that her father is Cassie’s father too. Roman walks up at that moment and tells Sami to say that again.

Lucas arrives at the Brady Pub and sits down in a booth. He lays his head in his hands as Mimi arrives and notices him there. She approaches him and claims she just wanted to say hi. She sits down and starts small talk with him. Lucas is short with her as Mimi explains that she is just in a good mood. Lucas is glad that at least one of them is. The waitress comes and takes their drink order as Mimi stares at him. Lucas asks why Mimi is watching him and Mimi asks what is wrong. Lucas says that it has been a hell of a birthday. Mimi tells him happy birthday and claims that she doesn’t know. Lucas claims that his family forgetting doesn’t bother him, it’s Tony. Mimi asks what about Tony.

Shawn asks Mickey if he means him and Mickey jokes that he was talking about Zack taking over the law office. Shawn doesn’t know what to say and Mickey promises that he will do everything he can to mentor Shawn and he will have a place in Mickey’s office when he graduates law school if he wants it. Shawn says this means a lot to him but he’s not sure he’s the guy Mickey is looking for.

Belle brings Philip some lemonade and tells him that she is glad he decided to stay. Belle tries to comfort Philip by telling him that he is a good guy and things always work out in the end. Philip compares himself to Shawn saying that he isn’t as perfect as him and Belle doesn’t understand, asking Philip if he is angry with Shawn.

Rex is working in his room on the new laser. He is talking to himself about how valuable to the family business Tony will see him when he completes this project when the phone rings. He gets upset at being interrupted but apologizes when he realizes it is Mimi calling. Mimi informs him about what happened to Tony and explains that Lucas just told her. Mimi offers to come over and be with Rex but Rex tells her to stay where she is and get the sample from Lucas and he leaves to go see Tony.

Roman explains that he just likes to hear Sami say anything because he is so overjoyed that she has her voice back. They hug and Roman assures with Sami that she is taking care of her voice and not overdoing it. Roman asks Sami for help with the investigation into Tony’s attack and Sami says she will help. Roman repeats that he is glad that Sami can talk again and Sami agrees saying that she has a lot to say.

Marlena and John leave Tony’s hospital room and Marlena offers to get John something. John asks for someone to come and tell him that Tony is going to be alright. Marlena mentions that it is odd to have them on opposite sides on this issue and John accuses Marlena of wanting Tony to die.

Mickey asks Shawn if he really is enrolled in all those pre-law summer courses. Shawn confirms that he is but that he can’t be a lawyer until he retires from being a professional baseball player. He tells Mickey that it has always been a dream of his and he can’t give that up yet. Mickey urges Shawn to have a fall back plan and not give up on education. Shawn agrees. Mickey promises Shawn that he will still help him any way he can. Shawn tells Mickey how much his faith means to him. Mickey tells Shawn that if he ever decides to become a lawyer, he’ll be a good one.

Philip tells Belle that Shawn is a great guy and that he’s his best friend. Belle still doesn’t understand what is going on but Philip claims that what he said before came out wrong. Belle comments that when Philip first came back he was confident and seemed changed but now he seems confused like he doesn’t know what he wants. Philip says he knows what he wants, he just can’t have it. Belle doesn’t understand but Philip doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Belle urges Philip to say what he has to say to her.

Marlena gets annoyed and upset that John accuses her of wanting Tony to die. John apologizes and tries to explain why he said it but Marlena says that she is having a hard time sharing his compassion for Tony. Marlena continues to explain that Tony has a bad influence over the twins and he can’t be a good role model for Rex and Cassie. Rex overhears this and comes up as he tells Marlena to stop talking bad about Tony.

Sami explains to Roman that she saw all that happened and asks Roman what else he would need to know since they know who did it. Roman explains that they still don’t know the why of what happened. Roman and Sami hug and Roman tells her to let him know if she remembers anything else. Sami says that she will give him a call right away if there is anything else she thinks he should know.

Belle tries to get Philip to tell her what he can’t have. Philip assures her that it isn’t about work, about something more personal. Belle guesses that it is about Chloe. Philip assures Belle that this isn’t about Chloe and asks if she has been paying attention. Belle still doesn’t understand and Philip goes to leave but Belle insists that he stay until he tells her what is going on. Philip moves closer to Belle and agrees to tell her but says that she isn’t going to like it.

Marlena tells Rex about Tony’s condition and Rex says he wants to see Tony. Marlena agrees and covers Rex’s hand with hers.

The waitress brings Mimi and Lucas another round of drinks. Mimi informs Lucas that Rex was pretty freaked out about Tony. Lucas’ phone rings and it is Kate wishing him a happy birthday. He starts fighting with Kate about working with Tony and turns away from Mimi as Lucas tries to convince Kate to talk about this later. While Lucas is on the phone, Mimi reaches into her purse pulling out a plastic bag into which she puts Lucas’ straw. Lucas agrees to talk with Kate later and hangs up the phone. Mimi notices the time and makes excuses to leave as she starts to pay for the drinks. Lucas offers to pay but Mimi insists that she treat him for his birthday and leaves after paying.

Mickey asks Shawn if he really wants to be on the road 9 months out of the year and asks about settling down. Shawn says he wants to settle down with Belle. Mickey agrees that it is obvious that Belle is really in love with Shawn.

Belle tries to convince Philip to tell her what he has to say no matter whether she is going to like it or not. Philip says he came back driven and more sure of himself than he has ever been and that is what makes this so hard. Belle asks what this is and Philip says it is their friendship. Belle asks if their friendship is in danger and Philip says it is. Belle asks why.

Rex is sitting at Tony’s bedside telling him that he is strong and begs him not to leave him. Rex asks Marlena if Tony can hear him and Marlena assures Rex that Tony knows he is there. Rex says he needs to get some air and leaves. Marlena tells John who was also in the room that she is going to go check on Rex. Once alone, John reminds Tony that he said he didn’t want to leave Cassie and Rex when they were sharing that air bubble while trapped in the yacht wreckage. John leans over Tony as he yells at him to get angry and fight because he didn’t save him so he could die on him like this.

Rex is worried that they’ll lose Tony but Marlena tries to assure him that he won’t lose Tony and promises Rex that he and Cassie will never be alone again even if the worst happens. Rex looks up at Marlena as Marlena promises that she will always be here for them. Rex hugs Marlena.

Roman leaves Sami to go back to work and tells Sami to tell Marlena about getting her voice back. Sami promises to tell Marlena as soon as she can. Roman offers kind words to Cassie for what she is going through and leaves. Sami playfully debates what to do with the information about Rex and Cassie. Cassie asks Sami to just leave it alone, that everybody is happier this way. Sami says that losing the DiMera fortune would suck. Cassie says that she wants to stay a DiMera because of the pride not the money. Sami tells Cassie to get out of her face and turns away but Cassie moves toward her to say that she would be sick to her stomach to call herself a Brady. Sami whips around to face Cassie at that comment.

John comes out of Tony’s room and asks Marlena where Rex is. Marlena says that Rex went to find Cassie, to tell her about Tony himself. Marlena asks John how Tony is and John says that they are in there now running more tests and they won’t know anything until morning. Marlena puts her arm on John’s shoulder and offers to take him home and take care of him. John says that sounds real good and puts his arm around Marlena as they kiss and walk off.

Sami gets upset at Cassie and starts defending the Brady name. Cassie continues to insult the Brady family so Sami turns her insults to Cassie directly. Cassie insults Sami personally and Sami asks Cassie if she’s ever had her butt kicked and starts attacking her. They start to fight when Rex arrives to break it up and asks what is going on.

Mimi arrives at Rex’s bedroom to find he isn’t there. She realizes that he is probably at the hospital. Mimi looks around for a place to hide the swab with Lucas’ DNA. She picks the desk and opens a drawer to find a book on relationships. Mimi flips through the book and finds it sweet that Rex has even underlined passages and is really trying. Mimi puts the book back in the desk drawer and vows not to snoop anymore. Mimi decides to leave Rex a note that says that the sample is in the desk on a straw. She notices the blueprints lying on the desk and comments that it all looks the same to her. She gets creeped out and puts the blueprints down saying she doesn’t want to know. She takes stock of all that Rex has around his room and asks who is this man.

Lucas’ phone rings and it is Alice wishing him a happy birthday. He sits back down in the booth to talk with her.

Shawn’s phone rings and it is Bo. Shawn tells Bo that he is on his way and tells Mickey that they will have to finish this later.

Belle asks if Philip means they aren’t going to be friends anymore. Philip tells her that their friendship is going to change and it may not be for the better, it may be for the worse. Belle says that Philip can count on her and adds that they have been friends forever and asks what could change that. Philip says this and turns around to kiss Belle.

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