Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole is looking at the Salem Spectator’s front page that talks about Victor’s murder attempt. Victor comes in and asks if there is anything interesting in the news today. Nicole gets upset that Victor sneaks up on her. Victor claims that he has been nothing but honest and forthright with Nicole. Nicole brings up Victor’s gift of flowers at the Blue Note and Victor says that he was feeling hopeful about their future but then somebody went and tried to put a bullet in him which made him cynical again and he doesn’t trust anyone, especially Nicole. Nicole tells Victor that he shouldn’t trust her because you wouldn’t consider trusting someone who made a deal with the devil just as Brady comes down the stairs to overhear this last part.

Kate is sitting in the Brady Pub and puts her briefcase down on the floor next to the table. Cassie comes by and kicks her briefcase. Kate gets upset and she and Cassie have words. Kate sits back down as Cassie insults Kate under her breath and walks out of the Pub to meet Philip. Kate watches Cassie and Philip through the window.

Cassie and Philip move to sit on a bench and Philip says that he is a little kid when it comes to surprises. Cassie laughs.

Rex returns to his room after swimming in the pool and dictates to his tape recorder. He asks what his mood swings are about and what is causing these headaches. He has a flashback to the recent argument between him and Mimi. When Rex returns to the present, he dictates that it might be paranoia knowing that he isn’t a DiMera, that Tony isn’t his father.

Tony and Lucas are talking in the hospital waiting area when Sal comes up behind them. Because he is dressed as an orderly a nurse orders him to take some films down to radiology. Sal says he is in the middle of something but the nurse insists so he leaves. Lucas is impatient about waiting for the doctor to come out and talk to them about Sami and wants to go into the exam room. Tony convinces him not to because the doctor may have some information for them before they see Sami. Lucas and Tony argue about how Tony is treating Sami if he doesn’t really love her. Sami comes out of the exam room and sees Lucas and Tony standing there. She turns to talk with a nurse behind the desk when she notices Sal come back holding the scalpel and approaching Tony. Sami tries to call out to Tony and rushes over to him.

Brady continues to listen outside the door as Nicole says she married Victor by making a deal with the devil. Victor accuses Nicole of not being able to wait until she could get home to her chilled champagne and murdered husband’s bank account.

Rex continues to dictate that he’s checked out every book on neurology and relationships. He says he is afraid to open them because they could say that his headaches and mood swings are symptoms of a brain tumor. He starts to get upset that the books won’t tell him what has been passed down to him by his parents, for that he has to actually talk to Roman and Kate.

Roman and Kate are now both sitting at the table in the Pub. Roman asks Kate what is wrong and Kate says she is worried about seeing Philip and Cassie together. Roman points out that Cassie and Rex didn’t learn about things like respect and Kate says they should go back where they came from and leave everyone alone.

Philip tells Cassie that she didn’t have a chance to be a kid and Cassie is impatient to hear about her surprise. Philip tells Cassie to close her eyes and goes to get a large box covered in a blanket. He sits down and uncovers a cage with a live bunny rabbit inside and tells Cassie to open her eyes. Cassie loves the gift and holds the rabbit. Philip is worried that Tony won’t approve but Cassie says that she doesn’t care what Tony thinks.

Sal is standing right behind Tony ready to stab him when Sami finally gets it out to warn Tony. Tony turns around and Sal stabs him in the chest.

Tony is clutching his chest and finally drops to the ground. Sal turns and sees Sami and they dance around each other for a few seconds and then Lucas wrestles with Sal to try to get him to drop the scalpel. They fight and Lucas smacks Sal’s head on the counter. Sal falls to the floor. Sami rushes over to Tony. Lucas looks down at Sami bending over Tony.

Cassie is worried that Philip thought that she was juvenile for carrying around her stuffed rabbit. Philip tells Cassie he thought she should have a real bunny to talk to rather than a stuffed one. Cassie starts playfully talking to her new rabbit that she named Whiskers about Philip being so sweet. Philip and Cassie talk about Rex as Philip tries to pump Cassie for information about what Rex is working on.

Kate tells Roman that Cassie is just trying to get her claws into her unsuspecting son. Roman assures Kate that Philip can take care of himself. Mimi comes in the Pub and bends down to fix her shoe. She overhears Roman badmouthing Rex. Mimi stands up and tells Roman that he wouldn’t be saying those things if he knew the truth about Rex. Roman asks her what truth she is talking about.

Nicole tells Victor that she would have put on her gaudiest designer dress and ice down the champagne if he died. Brady comes in to interrupt to say he wanted to tell Victor that he spoke to Roman and that Roman didn’t have any more on Larry. Victor says he is going to Titan and leaves. Brady doesn’t understand why Victor doesn’t stop and think about his life and what is important since he was almost killed but Nicole says that Victor feels he is invincible. Brady asks Nicole why she and Victor want to stay married when it’s completely obvious that they make each other miserable.

Nicole tells Brady that marriage isn’t always roses. Brady can’t believe that Nicole and Victor just happen to bicker like any other married couple. Nicole says she admits that they aren’t going to win the couple of the year award. Brady is tired of Nicole’s sarcasm but Nicole tells him that anything about her life is off limits for he means nothing to her. Brady says that he thought he and Nicole were becoming friends and asks Nicole if she ever really loved Victor. Nicole starts to tear up as she explains that she never got the hang of love. Nicole says she isn’t capable of loving anybody. Brady looks confused.

Mimi apologizes for eavesdropping. Mimi explains that Rex is Roman’s biggest fan, that he follows Roman’s police cases, that he thinks what Roman does is rad and starts to leave. Roman stops her and tells her that she knows that isn’t true. Kate points out that Rex doesn’t even like Roman but Mimi says that they don’t know Rex, that he can be moody and has his bad days, don’t they all and excuses herself. Roman tells Kate that Rex has convinced Mimi that he is somebody he’s not.

Philip continues to pump Cassie about Rex. Cassie says that Rex tries to explain what he’s doing to her but she doesn’t listen. Finally she tells Philip that Rex is her brother and she isn’t going to talk about him behind his back. Philip objects but Cassie thanks him for the bunny and leaves just as Mimi walks up. Philip asks Mimi where Rex is and when Mimi mentions that Rex is probably up in his room working on something, Philip takes Mimi’s bag of food and offers to join her to eat it inside.

Roman’s phone rings. It is the station telling him that there has been a stabbing at the hospital. He informs Kate where he is going and Kate wants to come along so they leave the Pub.

Lexie rushes to Tony’s side and asks what happened. Lucas explains what happened and Lexie asks how Sal is doing. Lucas says he doesn’t know and asks Lexie if Tony is going to be okay. Lexie starts diagnosing Tony’s injuries and begins shouting orders to the hospital staff. Lucas notices that Sami is silently crying as she watches all this and moves to put his arm around her as they continue to watch the action.

Brady asks Nicole what she means and Nicole says she has tried but can’t. Brady doesn’t believe her so Nicole says to ask Victor. Brady refuses by saying that there isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t want to be loved and to give that love back. Nicole says that love is for fools. Brady says that Nicole doesn’t want to get hurt again so she keeps her emotions bottled up. Nicole tells Brady that he doesn’t know anything about her life so Brady urges her to tell him about her life.

Mimi explains that Rex is in genius mode so they won’t be going out tonight. Philip says that it must be hard dating such a smart guy. Mimi informs Philip about Rex getting headaches but it’s probably from working too hard on the inventions. Philip asks about Rex’s inventions and designs. Mimi says she and Rex don’t talk about it and asks Philip why he wants to know. Philip jokes about wanting to be the first to know if Rex invents something useful. Mimi says Rex is way past that and Philip is worried that Rex might be working on something dangerous. Mimi asks why everyone is dissing on her boyfriend today and Philip says that Rex seems like bad news to him.

Cassie knocks on Rex’s door and he finally tells her to come in as he reads the books about the brain. He starts going on about the medical jargon and Cassie tells him to stop and offers some aspirin. Rex complains that it doesn’t work and Cassie offers her help. Rex says that she can help him with something else, that he needs her to get close to Philip.

The cops question the nurse who was working on Sal. Lucas asks Sami if she would like to sit down and Sami realizes that Lucas could be hurt. Lucas assures her that she is fine as Kate and Roman arrive. Kate is worried about Lucas and Roman asks what happened. Lucas says that he wrestled with Sal and he must have fallen and hit his head. Roman asks Sami if that is what really happened and Sami shakes her head no. Roman asks Lucas when he first realized that Sal was going after Tony but Lucas explains that Sami was the one who saw Sal and called out to Tony, asking Sami to verify that. Sami nods and says yes. Roman and Kate are shocked that Sami can talk again.

Mimi tells Philip to knock it off because Rex is her boyfriend and asks him why he is so buddy buddy with Cassie now. Philip claims that Cassie is his friend and Mimi brings up that she could tell that Philip has the hots for Belle.

Cassie asks Rex why he wants her to get close to Philip. Rex explains that he wants a strand of Philip’s hair from the root for DNA sampling.

Roman is happy to hear that Sami can speak again and asks what happened. Sami tries to speak but finds it hard to do so. Roman assures her that she shouldn’t try to talk if she thinks she can’t but she insists that she can. Sami in a raspy voice and in short fragments says the keywords about what happened and what she saw. Roman wants the doctor to check Sami out before she says anymore and Lucas explains that he already paged the doctor. Roman suggests they go to the exam room to wait on the doctor and Sami tells Lucas that she can go wait on her own.

Roman tells Kate that she can leave now if she’d like because he’d be a while. Kate says she will go but wants to talk to Lucas first.

Lexie comes out and asks Lucas asks her how Tony is doing. Lexie says that he is being worked on by the best surgeon they have. Lucas asks how long it is going to take and Lexie says she’ll keep him posted. Lucas thanks Lexie and leaves.

A nurse asks Lexie how it looks. Lexie explains that Sami might have done more harm than good and it would have been better if the knife went into his back and Tony wouldn’t be fighting for his life right now. Sami overhears this as she waits for her doctor.

Roman tells the officers to look for clothes that Sal could have been stashing to use in his attempt to get away. The officers leave.

Sami is saying that it can’t be her fault. The doctor arrives and asks if she is talking to herself already. He informs her not to strain anything at this point.

Lucas gets upset that he didn’t see the attack coming. Kate gets upset at Lucas that he is still working for Tony where things like this could happen and begs him to stay away from Tony. Lucas refuses, telling Kate that he’s not bailing on Tony for he needs him now more than ever.

The doctor looks over Sami’s films and tells her that everything looks good but is probably still a little tender. He tells her that she can go ahead and use her voice but don’t overdo it.

Nicole tries to claim that she doesn’t remember much from her childhood but Brady doesn’t buy it. Nicole asks Brady if he remembers her father Paul and that he was a bad man but was good to her because he didn’t beat her up like he did with Brandon and Faye. She continues to say that she was very special to Paul and that is why he made her do special things. Brady asks Nicole if he abused her and Nicole says he never touched her but he forced her to do stuff but pauses. Brady asks what he forced her to do but Nicole says that is enough confessing and goes to leave. Brady begs her to wait and tells her that if he ever wants to finish the story, he’s here. Nicole tears up and tells him not to feel sorry for her. Brady is worried that Nicole grew up without any sense of self-worth. Nicole jokes about being able to buy self-worth but Brady begs her to stop. Nicole grows serious as she tells Brady not to feel sorry for her and leaves.

Mimi arrives at Rex’s bedroom. Rex is glad to see Mimi and apologizes for last night. He asks if Mimi forgives him and she says she is thinking about it. She urges him to find out what is wrong. Rex says he is working on it by reading many books and swears to figure it out. Mimi explains that analyzing the problem doesn’t mean he’s going to change anything. Rex admits that it is just a start but is important to him to treat Mimi the way she deserves to be treated because she matters more than anyone or anything. Mimi says that is sweet and they kiss. Mimi tells Rex that she really came by to warn him about Philip because he thinks Rex is up to something bad. Rex says he doesn’t care what Philip thinks. Mimi asks if Rex is really working on something bad but Rex stops her with a passionate kiss.

Philip leaves the Pub and Cassie approaches him from around the corner. She thanks him again for the bunny and puts her hands through his hair. He feels her yanking his hair and pulls her hands away to ask what she is doing. Cassie tells him that he is as cute as that bunny.

The doctor tells Sami that she has made a remarkable recovery and he wants to see her in a week. Sami thanks the doctor and steps out of the exam room. Lucas tells her he heard and he thought his days of endless monologues were over. Lucas shares that he is a little disappointed that her first words were a warning to Tony. Sami has a flashback to her true first words that were calling out to Lucas before she saw Sal and called out to Tony. Lucas brings Sami back to the present by saying that he hopes Tony pulls through and he really respects him. Lucas says he isn’t good at waiting around and leaves to go see what is happening with Tony.

Brady is sitting alone reading the newspaper. Victor returns and asks why he is sitting there alone. Brady says he was just thinking and Victor offers to join him for lunch. Brady declines saying he isn’t hungry and Victor asks what he was thinking about. Brady tells Victor about talking with Nicole and how she wouldn’t tell him what Paul made her do. Victor tells Brady that Paul made Nicole do porn just as Nicole comes by the room and overhears them. Nicole runs in and starts hitting on Victor as she yells to ask how he could tell Brady about it. Brady looks from Nicole to Victor and back again as he watches this spectacle.

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