Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sami awakens to find Lucas next to her. This is a big surprise to both of them.

At the gym Belle and Phillip talk about her following him. They also talk about the future, while remaining some what flirtatious. 

Tony goes to the jail to visit Maya.

Hope stops in to tell Jennifer and Jack that Larry tried to kill Victor during the celebrations the night before. And she tells him that she was there when he died. Jennifer receives a call that yet
another guest for the show has cancelled. And Jennifer has an ideaÖ.Lucas is concerned about what he heard from Samiís apartment during the night.

The nurse will not let her see the doctor until she learns that she is Marlans daughter. The doctor wants to take a look at Samiís vocal cords. He is giving hope. Lucas doesnít seem to want to leave her,
but he does and tells Sami he will be back later to pick her up.

Belle is afraid that Phillip is going to lose his job because of her. Phillip doesnít want her to say anything to John he wants her to stay out of it. Maya refuses to tell Tony anything. Then Tony makes the treat that if she doesnít help she will be dead.

Hope is reluctant to go on to Jack and Jenniferís show. But after a little convincing from Jack and Jenn she agrees to go on the show. While Belle is begging Phillip to let her say something to her father, Shawn walks in. John thinks he may have to help his brother again if Maya tries to hurt Tony. One of Mayaís men comes to visit her. Tony remembers when Sami came to visit him when he returned to Salem. Tony becomes very concerned when Lucas tells him that Sami is at the hospital. Lucas becomes offensive about why suddenly Tony is so concerned about Sami. Samiís prognosis is finally in.

Belle explains what her and Phillip were talking about to Shawn. John reassures Shawn about Larry and tells him while Bo is gone that if they need anything he is there. The doctor tells Sami that she will be able to speak just like before as the healing continues. Tony shows his soft side about Sami. And Lucas questions if Tony is in love with her????

The producer of Jack and Jennís show wants to change the way Hope is going to do the show. Sami questions why she canít speak now but she could cry last night. The doctor tells her that she will be able to speak when she has something important to say. Tony explains how he feels about Sami to Lucas. Tony wishes to have a relationship with Sami, a serious one. Maya wants her hench man to kill Tony before Tony gets to her.

John tries to make a deal with Phillip. The case that Phillip was brought on for is over but John wants to keep him on staff. Samiís doctor believes that she and Lucas are married; upon discovering they
arenít he simply thinks they are in a relationship and the doctor assures her that soon she will be able to say those 3 little words.

Jack and Jenn want the show to be more serious. Bo has a lead in the new case. Hope is leaving to be with him. Phillip wants to know more about Mayaís case. The wheels in Phillips head are turning. He
needs someone really smart to make the leaser. Sami speaks but no one hears her.

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