Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami is sleeping on the couch when she dreams about the night she fell through the French doors at the DiMera mansion. She starts to cry audibly in her sleep.

Lucas comes out of his bedroom and decides to watch some TV. He finds that there is nothing on but infomercials so he decided to find another way to deal with his insomnia. He pulls out a bottle and starts to pour himself a glass but stops himself, throwing the bottle in the trash. Lucas takes out the trash and hear Sami crying as he walks by her apartment.

Cassie and Philip arrive at the DiMera mansion. Cassie thanks him for the ride and offers to have him stay and listen to a CD. Philip points out that Tony wouldn’t like it if he was here because he is a Kiriakis and assumes that that is what Cassie meant when she said that she and Philip could never hook up. Cassie says that isn’t what she meant and leaves to get the CD. Rex and Mimi arrive and Rex asks Philip what he is doing there as Cassie comes back into the room with the CD.

Tony asks Victor why Nicole is so interested in Larry’s condition. Victor asks why Nicole wouldn’t be interested in Larry’s condition since he did try to kill him. Tony tells Victor that his secret about sending Larry to prison for Colin Murphy’s murder is safe with him.

Abe is leaning over Larry’s bedside as he tells Larry to tell him who helped him escape. Larry points his finger at Nicole and Brady points out that it looks like Larry is accusing Nicole. Abe tells Larry to speak up and Larry says Hope’s name as Hope enters the room.

Hope comes into the room and tells Larry that she thought he was dead. Abe explains that Larry faked his own death but they don’t know why. Hope says that someone had to have helped him. Abe says that is what they were trying to find out. Brady notices that Larry is trying to say something. Abe leans close to Larry and Larry tells him that he wants to talk to Hope alone. Hope agrees to do so and Abe tells her that he has a couple officers outside if she needs anything. Hope pulls the curtain around Larry’s bed as Abe, Nicole, and Brady leave the exam room.

Victor confirms that he has Tony’s word. Tony is worried about what Larry would say. Abe comes up and asks Tony for a moment to answer some questions. Tony agrees and excuses himself from Victor.

Philip explains that Cassie was just getting him a CD and tells Rex to chill. Rex starts to get upset and Cassie tells Rex to stop it. Philip goes to leave but Cassie tries to stop him. Rex warns Philip to stay away from Cassie. Philip says that he and Cassie are friends. Rex warns Philip that he will be sorry if he doesn’t leave and starts to fight Philip. Mimi pulls Rex away and tells him to stop it. Cassie apologizes to Philip but Philip says it isn’t her fault; Rex just needs to cool off and leaves. Cassie gets upset at Rex but Rex says Philip shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Rex warns Cassie about telling Philip that he is their half brother but Cassie says she is going to hang out with him and there is nothing Rex can do to stop her.

Philip is standing outside the DiMera mansion when he calls Tek on his cell phone asking him to meet him outside the DiMera mansion that he has some more investigating to do.

Lucas uses his key to let himself into Sami’s apartment. He wakes Sami up. Sami is shocked to see Lucas and Lucas explains that he used the key she gave him for emergencies. Sami is worried that something is wrong with Will. Lucas explains that Will is fine but he heard her crying while taking out the trash. He tells Sami that if he could hear her crying that means she has her voice back.

Sami mouths that she can’t talk. Lucas tells her that she can because she was crying. Sami still doesn’t believe him so Lucas says that it had to be her because the TV isn’t on and there is no one else in the apartment and begs her to try and make another sound. Sami gets up and leads Lucas out of the apartment. Lucas asks if Sami thinks he is joking about this and assures her that he isn’t and begs her for Will’s sake and to give it another shot. He picks up the phone and tells Sami to pretend she is talking to Will, telling him how much she misses him.

Abe tells Tony to tell him the truth about why Tony cares what happens to Larry Welch. Tony says that Larry is a menace to society who attacked his family.

Larry tells Hope that they had some great times back when Hope loved him and she should have come away with him. Larry has a series of flashbacks about his and Hope’s relationship as a couple. He comes back to the present and tells Hope that it is her fault, accusing her of ruining his life. Hope tells him that he has no one to blame but himself for he had so many opportunities to live a decent life. She tells him that now he is dying the same way he lived, violently with nothing but anger and hatred in his heart. Larry grabs Hope’s arm and Hope tries to turn away. Larry holds on and tells her that he will work with the devil to make Hope’s life a living hell. Hope removes Larry’s grasp and tells him that he can die right now and she’ll live a very happy life with her family while he burns in hell. Larry’s monitors register a code blue. The hospital staff runs in to try and resuscitate him as Hope watches.

Rex and Mimi go up to Rex’s room. Mimi lays into Rex about how he acted and tells him that it would be easier if he would come clean. Rex says the truth would destroy their lives and he’ll destroy anyone who finds out the truth.

Tek meets Philip outside of the DiMera mansion. Philip says he has a bad feeling about Rex and would like to know what is up with him. Tek doesn’t want to help Philip because he needs ISA permission first but Philip talks him into it. Tek points out that Philip won’t be able to crack the security system and Philip says he can get in but he’ll need some gadgets once inside. Tek shows Philip some new spy gadgets.

Nicole asks Brady if he heard the code blue and Larry must be kicking the bucket as they speak. Brady thinks what Nicole is saying is too harsh but Nicole points out that Larry tried to kill Brady and almost killed Victor too. Brady says he would strangle Larry with his bare hands if he could and Nicole points out that it felt good to say that. Hope comes out of the exam room and Nicole rushes over to ask what Larry said. Hope stands frozen and Nicole begs her to tell her what happened. Hope says that Larry is dead and moves across the room. Nicole smiles and says that it is over.

Brady asks Hope is she is okay and offers to call Bo. Hope says that Bo is out of town and will find out about Larry soon enough. Brady insists on calling Bo but Hope says that she is fine and Larry can never hurt her family again.

Nicole is taking a drink of water when Victor sneaks up on her. Victor wants to ask Nicole a question but Nicole asks if it can wait because her mind is a blur. Victor tells Nicole that her mind is fine and asks Nicole how she could know that Larry was going to take a shot at him because she came running out of the Blue Note screaming like she knew what was going to happen.

Sami holds the phone as Lucas tells Sami that she can do it. Sami puts the phone to her ear and tries to talk but no voice comes. She gets frustrated and shoves the phone at Lucas. Lucas assures her that it is alright and will take some time as he hangs up the phone. He suggests that Sami try humming and Sami does but starts to cry when she finds that she can’t. Lucas assures her that it is fine and they will try again later as they hug.

Lucas is comforting Sami. Sami pulls away from him and wipes her eyes. Lucas suggests that Sami take a break but assures her that it is going to happen; she just has to be patient. Lucas gives Sami a pep talk about being confident. Sami starts to cry again and Lucas offers to take her to the hospital tomorrow morning to see her doctor. Sami writes on her board to ask Lucas why he cares. Lucas pauses to think and finally says that he cares because of Will because no one yells at Will like Sami does. Sami smiles at this comment and Lucas tells her that things are going to work out. He offers to stick around but then realizes that he is in his boxer shorts and suggests that he go. Sami grabs his arm and leads him to the door as Lucas tells her that she has the key to his apartment and to come over any time that she wants. He leaves and Sami closes the door behind him. Lucas stops and leans against her door.

Mimi tells Rex to stop because it scares her when he gets like this. Rex says it scares him that someone will find out who his real parents are. Mimi tries to convince Rex that the DiMeras are horrible people and money and power aren’t everything. Rex yells at Mimi that she doesn’t understand and never will. Mimi says it is a mistake that she ever came there and storms out.

Tek tells Philip that he owes him and leaves. Mimi comes storming out of the mansion and trips. Philip comes out of the bushes to help Mimi and drops one of his spy gadgets. Mimi says she is fine as he helps her up and asks about the gadget. Philip tries to conceal it but Mimi says she figured it out that Philip is spying on the DiMeras.

Tony tells Abe that good police work involves attention to detail. Abe accuses Tony of telling him how to do his job. Tony tells Abe to stop focusing on one suspect and as soon as he opens up the investigation, he will find out who the real culprit is.

Victor is still waiting for an answer from Nicole. Brady is walking by them and stops to listen to Nicole’s answer. Nicole covers by saying that she couldn’t wait to see Victor to thank him for the flowers. She explains that she got outside and saw him and saw the gun and thought she was going to lose him so she screamed. Nicole goes on to say that she doesn’t know what she would do if anything happened to him. Nicole hugs Victor but Victor stands still and doesn’t return the hug.

Hope is talking to a nurse and comes over to tell Nicole, Victor, and Brady that the nurse will let them know if there is any change. Nicole asks about what kind of change there could be and Hope says that the doctor was trying to revive Larry and notices that the doctor has come back out into the waiting area. Nicole hurries over to the doctor to ask if he revived Larry or is he really dead.

The doctor informs them that Larry has expired and they couldn’t revive him. Victor says that they will all rest easy now. Abe offers to have Hope come spend the night with them since Bo is out of town but Hope says she is fine and leaves to go pick up Zack from the Pub. Victor asks if he can take a look at Larry to make sure he is truly deceased and Tony goes with him. Brady asks Nicole if she is okay because she doesn’t look good. Nicole says she just wants this night to be over.

Sami sits down on her couch and turns out the light as she lies down. She remembers Lucas’ words about being patient and that it will happen. She starts to cry again as she recalls Lucas telling her to come over anytime.

Lucas has returned to his apartment and is pacing the floor. He sits down and thinks.

Sami gets a drink of water and stops to think.

Lucas decides to try to get some sleep and turns out his light as he crawls into bed.

Sami puts her glass down and thinks as she moves to the chest of drawers by the door. She starts rifling through a drawer until she finds Lucas’s key. She stares at it as she moves it around in her hand.

Lucas tosses and turns in bed unable to sleep.

Sami closes the drawer and starts to open the door but leans against it instead.

Hope lets herself into Alice’s house and finds Alice sitting at the kitchen table. Alice offers to get her some tea but Hope insists on helping herself. Alice tells Hope that she hopes she’ll take a big plate of donuts home for Shawn and Zack. Hope tells Alice about how Zack will only eat Alice’s donuts. Hope mentions that she was just at the hospital and Alice asks why she was there. Hope informs Alice about what happened tonight with Larry adding that she is afraid that Larry is going to haunt them from beyond the grave.

Victor pulls back the sheet from Larry’s face and Tony asks if he is satisfied now. Victor says the last thing he wants is a repeat performance. Tony says that Victor doesn’t have to worry about Larry Welch anymore.

Nicole is pacing back and forth in the waiting area. Brady asks Nicole why she is still nervous now that Larry is dead.

Rex is working at his computer when Cassie knocks on the door. Rex asks if she is still mad about Philip but Cassie says she came to offer to get Rex some ice cream. Rex refuses the offer saying that he is busy. Cassie says that Rex is always too busy with his experiments and picks up a small tube. Rex gets upset and yells at Cassie to put the tube down. Cassie teases him by waving it around asking if it is going to explode. Rex says that his future as a DiMera is at stake and what he is working on will make Tony very happy. Cassie says that nothing he works on will change the fact that he isn’t Tony’s son. Rex yells that he will always be a DiMera.

Philip tries to laugh off Mimi’s suggestion of being a spy. Mimi tells him to explain the gadget then and Phil covers by saying that it is his new PDA and asks if Mimi needs a ride home. Mimi points out that her car is parked right there and Philip tries to change the subject by talking about her new car. Mimi asks why Philip is trying to change the subject and accuses him of being more than just a marine.

Lucas continues to toss and turn in bed. He senses someone there and sits up to see Sami in the doorway to his room. He beckons for Sami to come get into bed with him. Sami climbs under the covers and they stare into each other’s eyes.

Lucas caresses Sami’s face and they hug. They gaze into each other’s eyes until Lucas lays back and puts his arm around Sami. Sami moves closer into him and puts her head on his chest.

Rex is worried that Cassie will blab their secret but Cassie assures him that she won’t but that doesn’t mean she won’t stop hanging out with Philip. Rex says they will talk about this later because he has work to do. Cassie gets upset and goes to leave as Rex says that he and Tony have big plans and Philip can never find out what they are. Cassie storms out of the room.

Mimi asks Philip if the DiMeras are in trouble but Philip says he is just back at the mansion because he wanted to give Rex a piece of his mind.

Hope notices that it is getting late and doesn’t want to keep Alice up but Alice says she stays up to watch Conan. Hope jokes about her and Bo being beat by 9pm and Alice tells her to cherish the time spent with her family. Hope gets up to put her mug in the sink and says that after tonight, Larry Welch will be nothing but a bad memory but once her back is to Alice, she doesn’t look very convinced.

Two hospital staff workers arrive to take Larry’s body to the morgue. Victor puts the sheet back over Larry and tells him to rot in hell.

Nicole watches the staff wheel Larry’s body past the waiting area and Victor comes up behind her to ask why she is so rattled because it isn’t like she hasn’t seen a dead body before and reminds her about Colin Murphy. He tells Nicole that he was almost killed covering for her and now it is pay back time as he grabs Nicole’s arm. Nicole tells him to let go of her. Brady comes up to ask if they are leaving. Victor says yes that they have seen enough for one day. Brady tells Victor that he is glad he is okay and Victor says that if it happens again, there will be hell to pay. He looks at Nicole as he adds “no matter whom it is” and he and Nicole walk away. Brady watches them leave with a confused look.

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