Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Belle look for a spot to be alone at the park. They joke about their parents having the same idea and begin to kiss. Rex and Mimi approach them and Rex offers to have them join them for ice cream. Shawn says no but Belle says yes and Mimi tells them to make up their minds and Belle says they would love to as Shawn reluctantly agrees. Rex asks what Shawn and Belle have been up to as Shawn says they were playing mission impossible. Cassie and Philip walk up to the group and Rex asks what they are doing together. Cassie says they were just having a good time but Mimi says that they can’t and Rex says that it is wrong because Cassie and Philip don’t belong together. Belle and Shawn look from Rex and Mimi to Philip and Cassie and back again while Cassie and Rex exchange hateful glances.

Tony offers to take Sami dancing wherever she likes as he describes a beautiful spot in Paris. Sami is enjoying the idea as Tony points out that Sami’s eyes are now outshining the diamonds. Sami fingers the earrings and mouths that she loves them. Sami starts to try and mouth something but Tony tells her that she doesn’t have to say anything. Sami gets discouraged and walks into the living room. Tony follows her and promises her that her vocal chords will be restored good as new. Sami hugs Tony. The doorbell rings and Lucas comes into the living room. Lucas tells Tony that he needs to talk to Sami and that is important.

Larry is brought into the hospital. Nicole tells the hospital staff that she has to know whether Larry is dead or alive. Brady tells Nicole that she can’t go in there and pulls her away from Larry’s stretcher. Nicole says she has to get over there but Brady says that Larry is in custody and it’s over. Nicole says it isn’t over if he is still alive. Brady says that Larry isn’t going anywhere and that is all that matters. The paramedics bring the empty stretcher back into the waiting area and Nicole pounces on them to ask if Larry is dead or alive. They tell her to talk to a doctor but Nicole begs them to tell her. The paramedics tell her to see a doctor herself. Brady pulls Nicole away and says that they all know that she is upset. He asks Nicole what is wrong as Victor walks up and tells Nicole to answer the question asking again what is going on with her.

Rex tells Philip to stay away from Cassie. Shawn tries to step in but Rex tells him to stay out of it. Philip asks Rex if he treats every guy Cassie dates this way. Rex gets upset at the use of the word date and Cassie covers by saying that they were both there and just happened to meet up and hang out as friends. Mimi steps in and tells Rex that Cassie doesn’t need protecting from Philip. Shawn suggests they call it a night and Rex agrees but Cassie says it is way too early. Belle suggests they go back to the loft and Mimi agrees. Philip offers to pick up some junk food on his way there and asks Cassie to come with him. Rex says that he has to get Cassie away from Philip but Mimi puts his mind back on the party.

Once away from the rest of the group, Cassie tells Philip that she knows why he wants to go to the loft, because he has the hots for Belle. Philip points out that Belle is with Shawn but Cassie reminds him that he picked Belle on Love Is Blind. Philip says that if he’d known Belle was with someone, he would have picked Cassie. Cassie says it is a good thing Philip didn’t.

Shawn asks Belle what happened to their evening alone. Belle asks if they can’t have both the party and their night alone. Shawn agrees only if Belle promises to kick everybody out early. Belle agrees and they kiss. Philip walks up and tells them to break it up. Shawn turns around and tells Philip that he is some friend. Cassie glares at Shawn and Belle suggests they go as everybody leaves for the loft.

Tony tells Lucas that the reason for his interruption better be important. Lucas says it is about Will who is upset because there is a decision they have to make. Tony’s phone rings and he excuses himself. Lucas tells Sami that they won’t let Will play football at camp because of some medical form they didn’t sign that they both have to sign and get it to camp tonight. Sami nods.

The caller informs Tony about the hit on Victor. Tony is shocked to hear that the shooter was Larry because he thought Larry was dead. Tony tells the caller that he will take it from here and thanks the caller as he hangs up and returns to the living room.

Lucas tells Sami that they can take care of it in no time and he’ll just drive Sami back to the apartment. Tony hears this and says that is a good idea because he has something to take care of. Tony thanks Sami for the enjoyable night and tells Lucas to make sure she gets home safely as he leaves. Sami rolls her eyes at Lucas and goes over to rub her hand over the curtains framing the new French doors. Lucas thinks to himself that Maggie is right; he has to tell Sami that he is having feelings for her before it’s too late. Lucas moves toward Sami but Sami walks past him toward the door. Lucas asks her to wait and says that there is something she should know about them.

Nicole tells Victor thank God that he is alright. Victor tells her to save it because she couldn’t get away from him fast enough when the attempt on his life was made. Nicole tells Victor about going with Brady to chase the shooter. Brady tells Victor that the shooter was Larry Welch but Victor doesn’t believe it, still thinking that Larry is dead. Nicole says he isn’t dead; he’s in the examining room. Victor goes into the examining room ignoring staff’s orders to wait outside and sees Larry lying on the bed being worked on. The nurse forces Victor out of the room threatening to have him removed from the hospital. Victor returns to the waiting area and asks Nicole and Brady to tell him what happened. Nicole and Brady fill Victor in on their chase and how they found that it was Larry. Victor asks how the police explained Larry still being alive. Brady says he doesn’t think they know but will form an investigation. Victor says that someone should be in there questioning Larry before he dies but Nicole says that Larry is unconscious. Victor deduces that the shot at the mansion was also aimed at Victor. He turns to Nicole and says that now is the time to tell him if she knows anything else about this. Nicole swears that she doesn’t.

Abe walks in and confirms with his officer on duty that it is Larry Welch. Abe says he has to see this for himself and is told that Larry is in the examining room. Victor calls out to Abe but Abe says he’ll be with Victor in a minute and goes into the room. The staff asks Abe what he is doing there and Abe says that Larry is an escaped convict wanted for murder and he has to question him now.

Abe comes back into the waiting area as Victor tells him that this is all his fault. Abe tells Victor that no one wants answers more than he does and now has more questions for Victor. Nicole offers to stay with Victor while he’s questioned but Victor says he will be alone with Abe and asks Brady to stay with Nicole.

Brady asks Nicole to level with him. Nicole asks what he wants her to level about. Brady says she and Victor weren’t that close before the shooting. Nicole asks what that is supposed to mean and Brady says that he wants her to open up and talk but Nicole says it isn’t working. They turn to watch Abe question Victor.

Abe asks Victor why Larry wanted him dead but Victor asks who knows what goes on in a mind like Larry’s and points out that Larry has made hits on other members of his family. Abe asks if this could have anything to do with Larry confessing that he killed Colin. Victor asks what that has to do with him and Abe tells Victor to stop playing games that he and Tony had private talks with Larry before he confessed and asks what is going on with the three of them. Tony walks up and tells Victor not to answer that.

Everyone arrives at Belle’s loft for the party. Belle and Shawn start unpacking the food as Cassie and Philip choose some music. Mimi offers to help with the food but Shawn says they can handle it and tells Mimi to go party. Rex is watching Cassie and Philip so to get his mind off them; Mimi offers to show Rex around the loft as she tells him that she is really lucky that Belle asked her to move in with her. Belle asks Shawn what he thinks about Philip and Cassie but Shawn says all he wants to think about is Belle as he starts to kiss her neck. Rex complains to Mimi about Cassie and Philip but Mimi says to relax. Rex says there has to be some way to keep them apart and Mimi suggests that Rex tell the truth. Rex says that they are DiMeras and they are going to stay that. Mimi contradicts him but Rex is worried that someone will overhear her. Mimi tries to convince Rex that being Roman and Kate’s son isn’t so bad but Rex makes her promise not to say anything.

Philip asks Cassie what the deal with Rex is. Cassie says that Rex is so used to protecting her that he can’t stop. Cassie confirms that Philip will keep her secret about her stuffed rabbit. Philip tells her that her secret is safe with him as Rex walks up and asks what secret. Rex turns to Cassie and accuses her of telling Philip their secret. Philip looks totally confused.

Cassie tells Rex that he is way off with what he is thinking. Rex asks Philip what she told him but Philip asks Rex to get lost. Mimi pulls Rex away and tells him that a secret is a secret is a secret and asks if she is getting through to him. Philip says that somebody better. Cassie tells Rex that he is freaking out over nothing. Belle calls over to ask if everything is alright and Rex says that he had a headache earlier and guesses he is still out of it. Belle asks if they are up for trying something new and Cassie begs Belle to break out the booze. Philip tries to convince Cassie that they don’t need booze and Belle tells Cassie that if she wants to pull her guzzle routine she can leave. Cassie says she isn’t going anywhere. Mimi asks Belle what she wants them to try. Belle tells them that she had an amazing idea that she told Kate about and Kate loved it. She explains that Basic Black is giving prizes to the top 25 kids who really rock on a video dance machine. Shawn asks if Belle wants them to be judges but Belle says she wants them to be competitors. Everyone is worried about dancing in public but Belle explains that they will be competing in her own home as she unveils the video dance machine. Everyone remembers how Belle and Shawn looked dancing at the Last Blast when Cassie suggests she and Philip try the machine out first. Philip moves to get on the machine but Rex tries to stop Cassie from dancing with Philip. Cassie says there is no law about dancing with your brother as Mimi tries to calm Rex by saying that it is just a game. Rex says it is a dangerous game. Belle asks who wants to go first.

Lucas asks Sami why she let Tony bring her back to the scene of the accident and isn’t it hard for her to handle. Sami shakes her head no and Lucas tells her not to lie to him and asks why she even went out to dinner with him. Sami sighs and shakes her head revealing her new earrings. Lucas asks where she got the rocks and deduces that they are from Tony and warns her to stop accepting the gifts from Tony because the DiMeras always expect something in return. Lucas begs Sami to take the jewelry off and go home with him right now. Sami refuses and Lucas tells her that he never thought she’d sell out for money, love maybe but not money. Sami starts to walk away from him and Lucas asks if she wants to be the sidekick to the DiMera empire.

Tony asks Abe if he thinks Victor has been through enough already tonight. Abe says they should put their cards on the table before Larry dies. Tony says it doesn’t matter if he dies for they will all be saved. Victor says that Larry wasn’t acting alone and Tony says not to look at him. Abe asks what Tony is doing here. Tony says he was concerned about Victor and Lexie since Larry framed her for Hope’s kidnapping. Abe asks if either of them have any idea why Victor was targeted. Tony says he doesn’t and Victor yells at Abe to do his job. Abe accuses them of obstructing justice and that they made a deal with Larry that backfired and are now trying to cover it up. Nicole comes up behind Victor as he says that someone helped Welch escape during that prison transfer and it is someone who hates him enough to want to see him dead. A nurse comes out to tell Abe that Larry has regained consciousness and seems intent on telling Abe something. Abe starts to rush into the examining room as Nicole faints. Brady catches her and calls for the nurse to help her.

Lucas urges Sami to trust him that diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend when they’re from a DiMera. Sami mouths that he is crazy but Lucas reminds Sami that the way Franco treated her is like a Boy Scout compared to what Tony will do. Lucas says that ending up in DiMera’s hands is a death wish and he isn’t going to let that happen.

Nicole comes to and asks what happened. Brady tells her she fainted and Abe asks if she is alright. The nurse says Nicole’s pulse is good so Abe asks Victor if he isn’t needed he needs to go question Larry. Victor tells him to go. Nicole looks worried.

Abe leans over Larry’s bed and tells him to tell him what happened tonight and to tell him who helped him. The doctor comes in and tells Abe to keep it short, then leaves. Abe tells Larry that they need a statement while he still can.

Mimi and Rex are trying out the dance machine as everyone cheers them on and offers suggestions. Belle teases them about not doing well at the easiest level. They trip over each other and Rex catches Mimi in his lap. Philip suggests they get off and give someone else a try. Next is Shawn and Belle’s turn on the machine. They do significantly better at following the right steps as everyone watches and cheers. Shawn tries to playfully push Belle off the machine. Shawn points out that Belle got extra points. Belle and Shawn start to kiss as Mimi comes over to check out the score. Philip and Cassie take their turn next. Philip playfully bumps Cassie to get her to get more into the game and Rex grows more and more annoyed as he watches them. Mimi continues to try to convince Rex to relax. Philip and Cassie finish and Belle comes over to see who the winners are. She reads that she and Philip won and hugs him. Shawn and Rex look annoyed at witnessing this hug.

Mimi and Rex are on the couch as Mimi tells him not to be so down about the game. Rex is still upset over Cassie hanging out with Philip, asking why she can’t hang around someone who isn’t related to them by blood.

Belle goes over to talk to Shawn who is hanging out by the food. She asks why he is so quiet. Shawn says he wishes that everyone else would disappear so they can be alone. Belle accuses him of being jealous that Philip beat him at the dancing machine game. Shawn says that isn’t what bothers him about Philip. Belle asks if it is because he is involved with Cassie but Shawn says that Philip can handle her. Belle says that she hopes Philip wises up because getting involved with Cassie could be a major disaster.

Philip tells Cassie that she is a good dancer. Cassie says she isn’t in Belle’s league. Philip asks what is up with her and Belle. Cassie asks Philip what is up with him and Belle, pointing out the kiss he gave her on Love Is Blind. Philip says they told them to make it look good for the viewers. Cassie tells Philip to admit that if it wasn’t for Shawn, he would be storming this loft day and night because he has the hots for Belle.

Lucas reminds Sami about the time when she got caught in the crossfire at the Blue Note. Sami mouths that it was his fault. Lucas says he is the one who saved her but he isn’t going to be around every time. He tells Sami that Will needs both of them in his life and for Will’s sake to walk away from DiMera. Sami turns away as Lucas tells her that she is beautiful and desirable and to look around for there may be a guy who really cares about her, closer than she thinks. Sami is shocked that Lucas is saying this to her and points at him.

Rex and Mimi are making out on the couch. Mimi asks Rex if they can go somewhere where they can be alone and Rex suggests his place. They start to leave but Rex spies Cassie and Philip talking and says he can’t leave her alone. Mimi tries to convince Rex that Cassie won’t make the same mistake again like she did with Lucas. Rex is worried that Cassie will get close enough to Philip to tell him the truth.

Shawn tells Belle that Philip might be a good influence on Cassie. Belle doesn’t believe this so Shawn points out that Philip was able to pull Chloe out of her shell. Belle says that Chloe was a good person and Shawn suggests that Cassie is too deep down. Belle says that Cassie is nothing but cold and calculating and is the type of person who has to always get what she wants.

Cassie offers to help Philip get Belle and Philip asks if she is doing it to get Shawn. Cassie says she and Shawn will never happen. Philip asks Cassie what is her motive and Cassie says that she feels like Philip is family. Philip says they aren’t and she hardly knows him. Cassie asks if she has to wait another 10-20 years to want to see him happy and begs him to let her help make him happy.

Victor tells Nicole that he is touched that she cares but they have to keep Larry alive long enough to name his accomplice. Nicole wants to be there to find out what Larry says to Abe but Brady tries to tell her to sit back down. Nicole tells Brady to stay out of her way and goes into the exam room. Brady follows her into the room. Abe tells Larry that he has nothing to lose now by telling the truth. He asks Larry why he tried to kill Victor. Larry painfully says revenge. Abe asks revenge for what and asks Larry to name the accomplice that helped him escape. Nicole grows increasingly nervous as she tries to force a swallow.

Lucas asks Sami if he has a death wish to want to be with Sami. He apologizes for how that sounded and then offers to take her home. He says that he will drive her home and get her into bed and Sami takes offense at this and walks away from him toward the door. Lucas fantasizes about stopping Sami and kissing her. He watches Sami storm out the door and follows after her.

Mimi and Rex go back to making out on the couch as Shawn tries to subtly let them know that the party is over. Mimi tells Belle and Shawn that she is sleeping over at Rex’s house tonight and tells them to have fun as she and Rex leaves.

Cassie asks Philip again if he wants her help. Philip says that Shawn and Belle are meant to be together. Cassie tells Philip that he deserves to be happy and to say the word and she’ll give it a try. Philip turns to look at Belle and Shawn who are laughing and having fun together by the kitchen. Cassie watches them and rolls her eyes.

Tony tells Victor that he is surprised that Nicole is so interested in Larry’s condition and asks why that is.

Abe asks Larry who helped stage his death and take out Victor because whoever it was, they don’t care about him and to tell him who it was while he still can. Larry lifts a trembling hand and points a finger at Nicole. Abe turns to look at Nicole as Brady backs away from her. Nicole looks extremely worried as she shakes her head no.

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