Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Brady and Nicole frantically search for Larry's body...Tony gives Sami another gift...Lucas calls on the reinforcements (Maggie)...And Bo is called on another adventure.

Cast: Nicole, Brady, Larry, Man #1, Man #2, Man #3, Tony, Sami, Lucas, Maggie, Bartender, Woman, Bo, Hope.

At the park

Tony and Sami are on the blanket together, watching the fireworks. Tony asks Sami to dance as she brought her cd player. After they dance, Tony sees that she is wearing the necklace he gave her and produces a box, telling her it won't bite. Sami opens it to find diamond earrings. Tony suggests they go back to his place.

On the hospital rooftop

Bo and Hope continue watching the fireworks as Bo tells her that the night ain't over yet. Bo tells her that the grand finale is yet to come. They talk about the bounty hunting job and how they can never take time off, until they get the business up and running and some money in the bank. Bo and Hope make a toast, but his phone rings. After the call, Bo tells Hope that he got a lead about the goop, but he has to take the lead, by himself. Hope says he isn't doing it without her. Bo and Hope finally settle it that he goes alone. Later, Bo turns on the radio and he and Hope dance to Kelly Moneymaker.

At the Cheatin' Heart

Lucas is sitting down, staring at his drink, as a woman walks up to him. She asks if there is something wrong with his drink and Lucas says that he just isn't in the mood for it. She asks if he is in the mood for something else. The woman suspects he is having problems with his girlfriend or wife, but he says he isn't. She asks how a lonely girl gets attention. Lucas suggests a game of pool. Later, we find that the woman has won and she leaves. Lucas returns to his table, where the bartender was about to throw his drink out. Lucas sits down, where he sees Sami's face in his drink. He throws it against the wall and it shatters. He apologizes to the bartender, orders a coffee, and makes a phone call. Later, Maggie arrives and is glad Lucas called her. Lucas tells her that he has been drinking again and Maggie had figured since he hasn't been at AA meetings or returned her phone calls. She asks what made him start drinking again. Lucas tells her that he has been having unsettling thoughts and he takes full responsibility for drinking again. He yells that everyone knows he hates Sami, but Maggie doesn't think that is true. Lucas tells Maggie that if she thinks that he doesn't hate Sami, then she is crazier than Sami. Maggie tells him that she didn't mean that. She meant that he was giving it thought. She suggests he tell Sami his feelings and Lucas says that Sami will laugh him off the map. Maggie suggests he return to the AA meetings and tells him to come to the one tomorrow. Lucas thinks he should talk to her now and knows where she is. Lucas thanks Maggie and she tells him to call her before he starts tipping the glass. With a hug and kiss, Maggie leaves.

At the DiMera Mansion

Sami and Tony arrive at the mansion and she goes into the foyer, where she sees the glass doors, and remembers being thrown through them. Tony apologizes to her and asks if he can do anything to make it up to her. Tony suggests a diamond ring to replace the one Brandon Walker gave her. He asks how many carrots she would like it to be and talks about how they are both loners and they are met to be together. Tony tells Sami that he isn't ready to hear church bells chiming either and asks if he may have the pleasure to share another evening with her. Outside, Lucas arrives.

On the side of the road

Brady and Nicole arrive as they look over the guard rail where Larry's car crashed. As Brady calls 911 and reports the accident, Nicole thinks there is no way Larry could've survived. Nicole starts down the hill, but Brady stops her and says that he should go. She won't let him and suggests they wait for the paramedics. Brady says that he needs some answers before the guy dies and Nicole says that she hopes he doesn't make it. Brady asks Nicole how she could say something like that. The cops arrive and head down to take a look at the car. Brady asks Nicole if she has any thoughts on who the killer could be. She talks about the kind of business dealings Victor does and says that it could've been anybody. Brady thinks that the guy who tried to kill Victor tonight was the same guy at the pool the other night, but Nicole doesn't think so. He says that once the cops get the name of the guy, they'll know too. The paramedics arrive and Brady shows them where the car is. One of the cops yell that no one is in the car. Brady thinks Nicole wants Larry to get away. The cops suggest that the guy either climbed out of the door or he was thrown from it and they all begin searching. Brady and Nicole start down the hill, but one of the guys yell that they found him. Brady and Nicole rush over and he recognizes the guy as Larry Welch. Larry is pretty badly cut up as the cop isn't so sure that he is Larry. One of the guys yell that Larry is alive as Nicole gets a worried look on her face as the previews roll...

Next on Days of Our Lives...

*Rex is telling Mimi that they have to get Philip away from Cassie and Mimi says that they must tell Philip the truth.
*Shawn watches as Philip and Belle hug and laugh.
*Lucas tells Sami that there could be some guy out there who really cares about her and she points at him.
*Larry is now in the hospital as Abe asks who helped him. Larry points his finger at Nicole as she looks horrified.

The End.

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