Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn is leading Belle into a secluded area of the park when Belle asks for her surprise now. Shawn asks for his surprise and they exchange gifts. Belle opens her gift to find a Salem 200 hat and Shawn opens his gift to find a T-shirt. He asks if he should put it on now and Belle says yes. Shawn puts it on to find it a perfect fit and asks Belle what she thinks of it on him. Belle says she is glad that Maya is behind bars but Shawn convinces her to not worry about that. Belle and Shawn come across a couple near where they stopped who are making out on a blanket. Belle asks Shawn if he thinks they will be that cute when they get old. John in an old man’s voice asks Belle who she is calling old and Belle and Shawn turn around to realize that the couple is John and Marlena. Belle and Shawn pretend to hide their eyes as John and Marlena laugh.

Bo is holding Hope in his arms as he kisses her neck and shoulder. Hope is asking if people will still be making out on rooftops and watching the fireworks 200 years from now. Bo says he sure hopes so as Hope offers some more wine. They move to the table and pick up the wine glasses. Hope asks if they really have to go back to work Bo says that at least Hope would be working with her favorite person in the world. They kiss. Bo asks what she thinks Maya’s goop is but Hope says that is the furthest thing from her mind right now. Bo keeps talking about it saying it could be something to even rub out Maya and Tony’s enemies. Hope implores Bo not to go there. Bo makes a toast to Hope, to them, and to their next adventure. They clink glasses and take a drink.

Cassie and Philip are still sitting on the blanket in the park waiting for the fireworks to begin as they listen to a band play. Cassie asks Philip if there is room enough in his life to have her as a friend. Philip teases her by saying he would have to give it some serious thought. Cassie starts to say that Rex was her only friend growing up but since he’s her brother but stops when she realizes she is telling this to Philip. Philip asks what she was going to say and Cassie says that she and Rex fight like cats and dogs sometimes and it’s nice to know she has Philip. Philip says likewise and Cassie continues to say that with Philip she feels like he is someone she can talk to him about almost anything. Philip asks if Cassie has any more secrets she wants to share.

Roman and Kate are walking through the park to find a place to watch the fireworks. Kate teases Roman about eating a corn dog. Roman tries to tempt Kate into eating a corn dog for the first time.

Mimi and Rex are sitting on their blanket as Rex is holding his head in pain. Mimi is stroking his head offering to kiss his headache away. She begins to kiss his face when Rex starts to kiss Mimi’s neck. Mimi asks how Rex can have a headache when he is getting all turned on. Rex leans Mimi down onto the blanket as Mimi notices that Kate and Roman have walked up behind them and are watching them. Mimi pushes Rex back up off of her and lets him know that they have company as she points out Roman and Kate standing there.

Victor arrives at the Blue Note. Nicole notices Larry in the bushes ready to fire at Victor as he gets out of the limo. She screams no and Brady notices Larry there and tells Victor to get down. Brady runs over to Victor and pulls him down to the ground as Larry fires the gun.

Brady and Victor get up from the ground unharmed. Nicole catches Larry’s eye and shakes her head no to let Larry know that he didn’t hit Victor. Larry rushes off. Brady tells Victor’s driver to call the police. Nicole asks if they are alright and Brady tells Nicole to get inside the club and take Victor with her because the gunman is still out there somewhere. The driver comes back and leads Victor into the club as Nicole asks Brady where he is going and Brady says he is going to find the gunman. Nicole tells him that he can’t, she won’t let him.

Belle covers by saying she didn’t expect to find her parents making out at the top of Lookout Point. John asks if she’d rather see them fighting and Shawn suggests that John and Marlena may want to be alone. Marlena insists that Shawn and Belle join them. Belle tries to get out of it by saying they just ate some caramel corn but John and Marlena insist again that they join them.

Rex asks if Kate and Roman mind. Kate apologizes saying they didn’t know this spot was taken. Kate leads Roman away. Mimi asks Rex why he had to be so rude to Kate and Roman. Rex says he wasn’t rude but Mimi says that they are Rex’s parents. Rex’s head pulses at these words and he begs Mimi to shut up. Mimi says that Kate and Roman are innocent people who Stefano experimented with their DNA just like he did with Rex. Rex gives Mimi a glaring look.

Roman thanks Kate for pulling him away before he could say something he would regret. Kate says she could see it coming. Roman says that Cassie and Rex are always so hostile to him and he doesn’t know why. Kate says that neither Cassie nor Rex have any manners at all. Roman says that something about Rex sets him on edge and Kate says she knows exactly what it is.

Hope is cutting a cake as she goes on about chocolate but Bo isn’t listening. Hope calls his attention back and asks where he was. Bo says he keeps thinking about the mystery substance and asks what they know about Maya. Hope says that she’s into import and export and Bo points out that that is the perfect cover for smuggling the goop. He asks Hope what Shane said was in the goop and Hope realizes that Shane might have not been telling them the whole story. Bo starts to call a contact of his at a lab but Hope tells him to stop, that she can’t take it anymore.

Kate tells Roman that he doesn’t like Rex because he is a DiMera. Roman says that Rex isn’t a typical DiMera. Kate says that Cassie is everything she hates in a woman that she’s only out for #1. Roman tries to suggest that Cassie is like that because she didn’t have a mother growing up but Kate says that wouldn’t make a difference. Roman tries to change the subject by teasing her about the corn dog again. Kate says that she doesn’t want Cassie involved with Lucas and is thankful he gave her the boot because she is sneaky, and she is secretive.

Cassie tells Philip that she has a lot of secrets but she can’t remember most of them. Cassie explains that if she seems weird it’s because she doesn’t know who she is and is trying to figure it out. Philip tells Cassie that at least she found out who her real parents are. Cassie is shocked at Philip’s comment but Philip says he means Tony and Marlena and he knows Cassie has changed a lot since he first met her. Cassie says she isn’t running around Salem in tinfoil underwear anymore as she has a series of flashbacks to when she and Rex first arrived in Salem and had to learn how to be human. Cassie comes back to the present and starts to smile. Philip tries to convince her to laugh about it but Cassie playfully refuses. Philip starts to tickle Cassie in an attempt to make her laugh as he climbs on top of her. Kate and Roman walk up to them and Kate accuses Cassie of moving on to Philip since she couldn’t get her hooks into Lucas.

Belle tells John and Marlena that she and Shawn were going to watch the fireworks alone but John insists that they join them since the fireworks aren’t starting until later. Belle and Shawn finally agree and join John and Marlena on the blanket. Marlena suggests a toast and starts passing out drinks. John helps as he says he is thankful to be back with his family. Belle says they are thankful to have him. Shawn says they were really worried about the explosion and John says there were times he thought he wasn’t ever going to see any of them again. Marlena holds up her glass and toasts to her hero, her husband. John and Marlena kiss. Marlena and John look into each other’s eyes as Marlena says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. John says that this is proof that he’ll come back to her come hell or high water. Everyone laughs. John asks Shawn about bringing in Maya single handedly. Marlena offers up another toast to Shawn. Belle is commenting on how Maya wanted Shawn and Shawn tries to convince Belle to forget about it since Maya is now in jail and it’s over. Belle lets slip that she was scared seeing Maya on the cargo ship and then to encounter the goon with a gun. Marlena asks what Belle what she was doing on a cargo ship with armed criminals.

Nicole tries to convince Brady not to go after Larry and let the police handle it. Brady says that if he waits around for the police, the gunman will be gone.

Larry carjacks a car from a couple and speeds off.

The couple runs up to Brady and Nicole to ask for help. Brady realizes that it is the gunman getting away and says he is going after him as he goes to get into the limo. Nicole says she is going with him because there is no way Brady is doing this by himself.

Kate tells Philip that she wants to talk to him alone. Philip excuses himself from Cassie and he and Kate step away. Kate asks Philip what he is doing with that tramp but Philip implores her to keep her voice down. Kate tells Philip that Cassie is trouble and the worst DiMera but Philip says that Kate doesn’t even know her and Cassie is a nice girl who is a little confused. Kate calls Cassie a nymphomaniac. Philip tells Kate that Cassie is his friend and they are here to watch the fireworks just like her and Roman and they are not on a date and even if they were, it is none of her business. Kate tells Philip to say goodbye to Cassie and come watch the fireworks with them. Roman steps in to tell Kate to stop but Philip tells Roman that it is okay because he has stopped listening to his mother since he went into the Marines.

Rex tells Mimi that Roman and Kate are merely DNA to him, not his parents. Mimi says that they aren’t Rex’s enemies either. Rex says he is a DiMera who isn’t like other people, he is special. Mimi suggests he means superior. Rex says he is not some blue collar Brady who sits around in a Pub. Mimi tells Rex not to knock the Brady Pub and Rex winces in pain from his headache. Mimi apologizes for bringing on another headache and offers to help. Rex tells her to leave it alone but Mimi offers to give Rex a pressure point massage to help relieve the headache. Rex apologizes for snapping at Mimi and Mimi suggests he come clean with the DNA secret. Rex gets angry at Mimi again and tells her that he is a DiMera and she better accept that or else. Mimi asks or else what and Rex gets mad and walks off. Mimi has a series of flashbacks about her and Rex’s relationship. Mimi comes back to the present and sighs as she asks what she has gotten herself into.

Belle tries to convince Marlena that it was really nothing. Marlena asks for someone to explain this to her. Shawn tries to leave them alone but Marlena tells him to stay where he is. Belle says she did a little spying on Maya and Marlena tells her she could have been seriously hurt. Belle says that wasn’t a chance because she was with a very capable agent. Marlena asks John if he knew anything about this and John says that unfortunately he did. Marlena gets mad at John that he put Belle in danger when Marlena already has to worry about John 24/7.

Hope insists that Bo put away the cell phone because they came up for a romantic picnic, not a working dinner. Bo puts away the phone and begs Hope’s forgiveness. They go back to eating the cake. Bo says the only thing better than the cake is the taste of his wife’s lips as he feeds Hope a bite of cake. They kiss.

Roman tells Kate that the fireworks are about to start and tries to lead her away. Philip tells Kate that he will talk to her another time and bids her goodnight. Philip returns to Cassie and apologizes to her for having to hear that. Cassie says she is glad she heard that and Philip asks why. Cassie says that Kate is right; Philip shouldn’t be spending time with a psycho-slut like her.

John tells Marlena that he would never knowingly put Belle in danger and Marlena accuses John of bringing Belle along on the smuggling operation. Belle tells Marlena not to blame John because she did it on her own. Marlena asks John why he didn’t stop Belle when he knew she was in danger. John says he tried but it was complicated because Belle didn’t know he was involved in the ISA at the time. Marlena asks Shawn what he has to say about this and Shawn says that Belle was out of the starting gate before anyone could talk her out of it. Marlena asks if Shawn tried to talk her out of it. Shawn says that Belle was too inquisitive and asks what he could have done. Marlena suggests Shawn could have called Belle’s mother as she knocks John’s hand away from her shoulder as he attempts to calm Marlena. Belle tries to stick up for Shawn by saying that if he hadn’t been there, she probably would be toast.

John moves to sit face to face with Marlena. He tries to convince Marlena that everything is over and there is nothing to worry about. Marlena says that Belle could have been killed. John says that Belle is fine now and they should move on to having the picnic. Marlena says she has lost her appetite and gets up to walk away from the group. Belle runs over to her to say it was her fault. Marlena tells Belle that John knew she was in danger and did nothing about it. John points out that Belle would have been in more danger if the ISA had intervened. Belle jokingly brings up being at the pier with no clothes until John brought her some.

Philip tells Cassie that she isn’t a psycho-slut. Cassie starts rattling off all the names people have called her. Philip suggests calling her a friend and says he likes hanging out with her and doesn’t give a damn what Kate says. They hug.

Abe is taking a report of what happened from the couple. He moves to talk to Victor as Victor asks if the police know where Brady and Nicole are. Abe says they have an APB out on the limo and the stolen car.

Larry tries to swerve to lose Brady off his tail. Nicole begs Brady to pull over and let the police do his job but Brady says that when someone puts a hit out on his grandfather he is going to make him pay for it. Larry keeps swerving to try and lose Brady. Larry is getting more annoyed at Brady as he continues to swerve in attempts to lose Brady. He says that if he gets caught he is taking Nicole down with him. Brady continues to tail Larry as he says that Larry can forget about getting away from him. Nicole looks at Brady with a frightened and shocked expression as she is being jostled around in the car during the high speed chase.

Bo moves over to kiss Hope’s neck as she eats her cake. He asks what he would do without her and Hope says he’d be out there until he got his man or woman as a workaholic. Bo says it is a good thing that he has her to balance him out. Hope says they are so blessed at home to have Shawn and Zack and such great parents. Bo tells Hope that he loves her more than chocolate cake, more than any mystery and more than his own life. They kiss.

Philip explains that Kate can be very ferocious when it comes to her kids but she doesn’t even know Cassie. Cassie apologizes to Philip for spoiling his night and tries to leave but Philip grabs her and tells her to forget everything that Kate said and enjoy the night with him.

Kate is lost in thought as Roman offers to get her something to eat. Kate turns down the offer so Roman asks what is wrong. Kate says she can’t get over the sight of Cassie all over Philip but Roman says that Kate can’t control Philip like she can’t control Lucas because they are grown men. Roman offers to show Kate something as he lets her balloon go. He suggests they sit back and relax. Kate laughs and they kiss.

Belle explains that she had to rid herself of anything that would weigh her down as she swam to shore from the ship. Marlena tells Belle that no matter how old she gets, she is to stay out of the spy business. Belle comments that the spying did give her a rush and Marlena asks to talk to John back on the blanket.

Shawn asks Belle what she meant by getting rid of everything that would weigh her down as she swam back to shore with Philip getting upset that they were together without their clothes on. Belle says it wasn’t a pleasant situation. Shawn points out that Belle got on his case about Maya when she was doing things like that so Belle says that they are even.

John tells Marlena that Belle is an adult and is entitled to make her own decisions. Marlena asks if they are entitled to interfere when she puts herself in danger. John points out that that is true to a point. Marlena says that is what worries her because her judgment is usually sound. John adds most of the time and that they are going to have to trust her. Marlena asks if they have a choice. John says that no and whatever Belle decides to do, they are going to have to live with. Marlena asks if that still counts if Belle decides to be the female James Bond. John says that Belle would then be grounded for the next 25 years. Marlena laughs and says she can live with that, that that makes her very happy.

Bo and Hope are kissing when the fireworks start. They look up and watch them.

Mimi and Rex return to their blanket to watch the fireworks in each others arms.

Kate and Roman watch the fireworks on the park bench as Kate watches Cassie and Philip.

Cassie and Philip smile at each other as they watch the fireworks on the blanket.

Shawn and Belle are lying on the blanket watching the fireworks as John and Marlena stand away from them. Marlena is standing in front of John, wrapped in his arms as they watch the fireworks.

Abe explains the trajectory of the bullet to Victor and figures out that the gunman was trying to kill Victor. Victor says he wonders who is behind it.

Brady realizes that Larry is turning down a dead end road. Nicole implores Brady to slow down but Brady tells Larry to just wait until he gets his hands on him. Larry tells Brady to get lost and realizes that Brady didn’t turn down the road with him. Larry then looks back to the front and tries to swerve out of the way but crashes.

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