Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Nicole grows more and more tense as Larry prepares to kill Victor...The celebration continues at the park...Bo and Hope enjoy the fireworks from the hospital rooftop.

Cast: Brady, Nicole, Victor, Larry, Driver, Jimmy, Philip, Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Bo, Hope, Zack.

At the Brady's

Bo is playing Legos with Zack as Hope comes in and says she should call Shane. After she is done talking with Shane on the phone, Hope tells Bo that the ISA doesn't have any clues as to what Maya's goop is yet. Bo says that it is a carbon so Maya might be using it for diamonds. Bo and Hope talk about how wonderful it is to spend the evening together. Later, he tells Hope that he hired a babysitter for Zack, so they can spend more time with each other.

On the hospital rooftop

Bo leads Hope up and she guesses that they are on the rooftop of the hospital. He leads her to where he has a dinner set up for them and Hope opens her eyes. Later, Bo wishes Salem a happy 200th birthday and is glad that he has Hope in his life. Hope begins wondering what it will be like in another 200 years.

At the park

The bicentennial celebration continues as Mimi sits alone, crying and remembering Rex giving her the diamond. Rex comes up and she explodes, saying she can't take it anymore and talks about it recent mood swings and how bad she is treated. Rex reassures her and tells her that he would never hurt her and asks her to go roller blading with him. Mimi agrees as long as there isn't a dead body with them.

Cassie sits alone as Philip walks up and asks what she is hiding in her back pack. Cassie whines as usual and goes on about Tony selling the club, her losing her job, and then whines about him being Belle's friend. Finally, Cassie shows him her stuffed rabbit Roger and explains about when she was in the lab with Rex, rabbits would come and go, but she and Rex were always there. Rex and Mimi come up and he asks to speak with Cassie alone. Philip and Mimi go off as Rex yells at Cassie for flirting with Philip. She assures him she wasn't, so Rex and Mimi roller blade off. Philip walks back up to Cassie and she tells him that he doesn't have to babysit her. Cassie asks him a bunch of questions. She asks if Roger will be her only friend. Then, she asks him if he wished she was Belle. Philip assures her that he isn't interested in Belle. As they wait for the fireworks, Cassie asks for him to treat her like a sister.

Meanwhile, as Rex and Mimi talk about Philip and Cassie, Rex gets angry and takes it out on Mimi, which makes her mad. She hands him the diamond back and tells him to get medical help. He agrees to. Later, Rex and Mimi watch the fireworks as he puts the necklace around her.

In Victor's limo

Victor is on his way to the Blue Note. Later, Victor tells the driver to have lillies sent to Nicole. A little later, the driver tells Victor that they are almost there as Victor says that he wants this night to be in his wife's memory for a long time.

At the Blue Note

Nicole and Brady are making preparations as Nicole says "I don't care if Jennifer Aniston (Vic's daughter in real life) and Brad Pitt come in, that table is for Victor." Nicole sneaks outside and runs into Larry, who has the gun ready. Larry and Nicole talk as he accuses her of doing Brady. She denies it and he hides as Nicole goes back in. Later, Brady brings in lilies from Victor for Nicole and she thinks that Vic is trying to mess with her mind. Brady notices that Nicole is nervous as Victor calls, saying they are pulling in now. Now, Brady really notices that something is wrong as he follows Nicole when she rushes outside. As Victor gets out of the limo, Nicole screams "NOOO!" as Brady sees Larry aiming the gun at Victor. Brady rushes to push Victor out of the way as the is a freeze-frame on the gun. The previews roll...

Next on Days of Our Lives:

*Mimi asks Rex if he had to be rude. They're his parents.
*Roman tells Kate that there is something about that boy that sets his teeth on edge.
*Bo tells Hope that he has been thinking about the mysterious substance. Hope tells him that she can't take it anymore.
*Brady screams for Victor as he pushes him out of the way. Larry's gun goes off and we see Brady lying on the ground.

The End.

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