Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is celebrating Salem’s Bicentennial. Kate greets Philip who asks if she is by herself. Kate says she is there with Roman. Kate teases Philip about bringing a date and asks if he has anyone in mind.

Belle arrives at the Blue Note and tells Brady that the place looks great. Brady tells Belle to reserve a table but Belle asks to be able to sit with Brady. Brady is worried about intruding on Belle and Shawn but Belle says she and Shawn don’t have any plans.

Roman and Shawn meet on the pier and practice throwing baseballs. Roman tells Shawn that he is going to celebrate with Kate and asks Shawn about his plans. Roman is worried that Belle and Shawn are having problems.

Lucas tries to convince Sami not to go out with Tony and to see Tony for who he really is. He tells Sami that guys call this a pity date.

Nicole arrives at the bicentennial celebration when Larry beckons to her from the bushes.

Nicole tells Larry she wanted a safer place to meet than a public park but Larry tells Nicole to relax. Larry asks if everything is ready to whack Victor.

Victor repeatedly rings Tony’s doorbell and Tony thanks him for getting there so quickly once he answers the door. Victor yells at Tony about him and Maya betraying his trust and tells Tony that the ISA should put them both away for life. Tony is shocked at Victor’s comment.

Victor and Tony move into Tony’s living room. Tony tries to convince Victor that he is very important to their organization. Victor says he isn’t leaving until he gets some answers and asks what was so valuable that Tony wanted to keep all for himself.

Nicole tells Larry that she convinced Victor to come the Blue Note. Larry says that as soon as it is dark, he will be in the parking lot of the Blue Note. Nicole tells Larry to take off as soon as Victor hits the ground but Larry tells her not to worry about him. Larry asks about the next step and Nicole tries to convince Larry that she’ll contact him but Larry won’t go for that. He grabs her face and kisses her.

Lucas tells Sami that Tony is making nice because Sami is so helpless and pitiful but as soon as she gets her voice back, she’ll be the same heartless shrew. He tells Sami to go ahead and sell herself short because he didn’t give a damn and leaves. Sami bangs on the door after him as Lucas yells to not say he didn’t warn her.

Shawn asks Roman what makes him think that he and Belle are having problems. Roman points out that they are apart right now. Shawn says he has been trying to figure out something special to do with Belle tonight.

Philip tells Kate that he doesn’t have time for a special someone in his life right now. Kate tells Philip that Victor is counting on him to take over in Titan but Philip says that is Brady’s job. Kate notices Philip trying to change the subject and guesses that Philip wants to be with Belle.

Brady asks Belle what is going on between her and Shawn. Belle says it is her feeling insecure because Shawn has been having this amazing relationship with Maya. Brady points out that Maya is a criminal but Belle says that Maya is also beautiful and she doesn’t know how she can compete with her. Brady tells Belle to face it, she can’t compete with Maya.

Nicole pulls away from Larry’s kiss saying she has to get to the Blue Note. Larry holds Nicole’s arms lamenting about her leaving so soon but Nicole starts to tear up as she hurriedly leaves Larry. Once away, she says to herself that she’d hate for Larry to ever touch her again.

Tony tells Victor that when he thought he was going to die and then woke up realizing that he was saved, he decided to rearrange his lifestyle. He adds that he wants his children to look at their father with respect and anything that can’t involve his children he will put out of. Victor comments that that includes everything. Tony asks Victor about his relationship with Bo. Victor says they respect each other even if they don’t see eye to eye. Tony asks if they can apply that to their business dealings and Victor agrees adding that it should work as long as they don’t fall prey to Maya. Victor tells Tony he is glad he survived.

Shawn tells Roman that Belle has spending a lot of time with Philip lately. Roman asks why and Shawn says that he has been spending a lot of time working at Mickey’s office on Maya’s case. Roman asks how Shawn got involved in Maya’s case. Shawn says it was by accident, that he had overheard Maya talking about a boat. Roman asks why Shawn didn’t call the police and Shawn said there wasn’t enough time, he was already there so he brought her in. Roman offers to buy a hot dog at the park for Shawn so he can fill him in on the rest of the case. Shawn refuses the offer opting to wait for Belle. Roman walks away and says to himself that Shawn is getting more like Bo every day.

Philip tells Kate that Belle is Shawn’s girlfriend but Kate says that Philip and Belle are perfect for each other. Philip points out that she thought the same about Billie and Bo. Kate gets upset that Hope and Bo don’t throw that back in her face but Philip does. Kate tells Philip that he is becoming more like Victor because he has mastered the art of avoiding questions that make her feel guilty for asking.

Belle asks if Brady thinks that Shawn is bored with her and that she is a goody two shoes. Brady tells Belle not to try because she doesn’t have to b/c Shawn chose her and loves her. Belle says that maybe it isn’t forever and people change their minds. Brady tells Belle to talk to Shawn. Belle says she has but didn’t believe him. Brady tells Belle that Shawn doesn’t deserve her but Belle says that he has to say that because he’s her brother. Brady says any guy who knows her would say that and Belle says that means a lot to her.

There is a knock on Sami’s door. Sami is hesitant to open it. Lucas tells Sami from behind the door that he is sorry about what he said earlier and asks her to open the door. Sami opens the door. Lucas tells Sami to go ahead and throw another magazine at him if it would make her feel better. Sami just scowls and looks away. Lucas tells Sami that she is so hot, gorgeous and begs her not to go out with Tony but to go out with him. He tells Sami that he wants her and is in love with her. He adds that it isn’t because she is Will’s mother or has a body to die for, it’s the way she makes him feel, she makes him feel so alive and no woman has ever made him feel that way. He tells Sami he loves her as Sami starts tearing up. Lucas strokes Sami’s face and kisses her. Lucas adds that he loves only her and they begin to kiss passionately.

Lucas and Sami continue to kiss. Lucas tells Sami that he loves her and he knows she loves him because he can see it in her eyes. Sami begins to stroke Lucas’ face when it all disappears to show that it was all a fantasy. Sami’s phone rings and the machine picks up. It is Tony who tells Sami that he is looking forward to their date.

Lucas is at Tony’s mansion and asks if he is really going through with the date. Tony shows Lucas the papers for selling Echelon but Lucas doesn’t understand why he would want to sell such a business that is doing so well. Tony explains that he did it for Cassie whom he found out was working at Echelon. Lucas tries to make a quick exit by saying he will take the papers to Tony’s lawyers. Tony asks Lucas if he knew anything about Cassie taking the job at Echelon.

Roman meets up with Kate and Philip at the park. Roman asks Philip about having a date and Philip gets angry and walks off. Kate tells Roman that ever since Philip came back, he has been secretive.

Belle is trying to convince Brady to get up on stage and sing tonight but he won’t. Belle’s phone rings and it’s Shawn who is at the park. He asks Belle how soon she can get there and they agree to meet in 20 minutes. Belle hangs up and tells Brady that Shawn just called and wants to meet her. Brady tells Belle to go and Belle leaves. Nicole walks by and Brady asks where she has been. Nicole says she had a few last minute details to take care of so tonight will go out with a bang.

Lucas tells Tony that he would have informed Tony if he knew Cassie wanted a job at Echelon. Lucas asks about Tony’s business with Maya but Tony says that any business with Maya has been put on hold. Lucas offers to ask around about the testimony that Maya is giving. Tony agrees to that and asks Lucas to leave while he makes dinner arrangements. Lucas goes to leave but stops to listen to Tony’s phone call.

Nicole orders a vodka straight up but Brady tells the bartender to make that two with orange juice but hold the vodka. Brady starts trying to go over the set list for tonight’s performance with Nicole but Nicole isn’t paying attention. Nicole says that Victor is supposed to show tonight but he hasn’t and she is worried. Brady says that Victor is authoritarian and old school and Nicole adds a bully. Brady teases Nicole and finally makes her smile.

Lucas and Mickey meet at the park. Mickey says that Maya’s civil suit was dropped when she was arrested so Lucas asks if Mickey will be taking Maya’s criminal case. Mickey gets wise on Lucas’ attempt to pump him for information.

Belle sees Philip at the park and asks if he has seen Shawn. Philip apologizes for causing any problems between her and Shawn. Belle says that Philip was never a problem, Maya is the problem that she sucked Shawn in. Philip asks if Belle is having doubts about Shawn but Belle says that they love each other with their whole heart and soul. Belle adds that they aren’t kids anymore and the physical part of love is important to. Philip asks Belle if she is wondering if she should sleep with Shawn to hold on to him.

Belle says that she doesn’t want to discuss this with Philip, it is between Shawn and her. Philip offers to help with anything that is upsetting her. Philip says that no guy would pressure Belle to sleep with him if he really loved her and he knows Shawn loves her. Belle is still worried about women like Maya who could lure Shawn away. Philip starts laying comments on Belle but Belle interrupts saying that Philip is starting to sound like Brady. They hug and Shawn approaches them asking what they are up to this time.

Lucas tells Mickey that he isn’t breaking the law and shouldn’t have to defend himself. Mickey says that if he changes employers, there won’t be anything to defend. Lucas gets angry and starts to walk off but Mickey reminds him that he is the one who asked for this meeting. Lucas says it is his life and he knows what he is doing. Mickey tells Lucas that Maggie is worried when Lucas doesn’t return her calls and Lucas says he’ll call soon.

Sami is dressed for her date and waiting on Tony as she has a flashback to her fantasy with Lucas. There is a knock on the door and it is Tony. Sami lets Tony in and shows him where she wrote to ask where they are going. Tony laughs and says it is a surprise and leads her out of the apartment.

Brady reminds Nicole that Victor didn’t leave her side when she was in a coma in the hospital and Nicole points out that he liked her a lot better then. Nicole’s phone rings and it is Larry who says that everything is ready. Nicole tells Larry that it may be a while because Victor isn’t here yet as she glances at Brady. Brady asks who Nicole is talking to and why they are so interested about when Victor would be arriving.

Philip tells Shawn that all Belle talks about is him.

Kate and Roman are watching Philip, Shawn and Belle and Kate is worried that there might be a problem. Roman asks Kate about it and Kate says that they aren’t kids anymore. They make a pact not to worry about their kids today and they kiss.

Shawn tells Belle to be patient and she will find out what he has planned for her as he leads her to a secluded area of the park. Philip watches them walk away.

Lucas watches as Tony brings Sami to another secluded area of the park where he has set up a picnic. Sami wonders if it is for her and Tony says yes and suggests they sit and have some champagne. As Lucas watches through the trees, he has his own fantasy about it being him and Sami having that picnic and making love on the blanket. He comes back to the present saying he needs a drink.

Tony hands Sami a glass and they drink to Sami being as happy as she is now.

Nicole tells Brady that the phone call was a business associate of Victor’s that she invited to see the show tonight and returns back to her phone. The bartender tells Brady he has a phone call. Nicole tells Larry not to call her again and Larry says that she is about to become very rich but Nicole says that all she ever wanted out of this was her freedom. Brady hangs up his phone call and tells Nicole that the call was Victor and he is on his way. Nicole asks Larry if he heard that and Larry neighs in response. Nicole hangs up the phone and Brady asks why Nicole is tense at the idea of Victor coming. Nicole says it is going to be a bang up night and laughs nervously.

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