Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Brady thanks Victor for keeping the attempt on his life out of the paper. Victor says he is having the top private investigator investigate the case. He says he is determined to find out who did this and Nicole chokes on her drink, spilling it.

Philip runs into Cassie outside of the Brady Pub. Cassie gives Philip an attitude and Philip tells her to stop because he is trying to do her a favor. Cassie says she doesn’t want him to do any favors.

Marlena and John hug inside the Pub. Marlena says she was worried sick but John says that thinking about this moment is what got him through. They decide to sit down. John explains that the ISA had him questioning suspects but all he could think about was getting back to her and the kids. Marlena asks about Tony and John tells her that he thinks that the feud with DiMeras is over.

Sami and Lucas are lying in bed. Lucas rolls over in his sleep and puts his arm around Sami. Sami dreams about Lucas telling her that he loves her and he wants her. In the dream, they begin to make love. Sami wakes up shocked to find Lucas in her bed. Lucas realizes that it is late but tells Sami that her medicine conked her out and all he did was bring her to bed to make sure she was okay. Lucas tells Sami about how odd it would be if Will saw them like that and Sami pushes him off the bed. The doorbell rings. It is Tony who sees that Lucas is there and asks if he has interrupted something.

Nicole gets up to clean up the drink she spilled and Victor asks if him hiring a PI upsets her. Nicole notices that she got some on her blouse and leaves to change. Victor tells Brady that he has long given up on trying to figure out Nicole. Larry is outside in a chauffeur outfit. Nicole meets him and tells Larry about Victor hiring the PI. Larry says it all the more reason to kill Victor now and there is no way of getting out of this deal now.

Philip tells Cassie that he wanted to return her compact that he found at the police station. Cassie loses the attitude and tells Philip that she’s had a lot on her mind lately. Philip mentions that his job is a lot of stress but Cassie says her new job is the only place that she feels good because Echelon is the only place she can feel sure of herself. Philip says Cassie is more screwed up then he thought.

Marlena asks John to clarify what he meant. John says that he and Tony made peace. Marlena asks if it is a ploy to get Tony to trust him.

Tony asks if Lucas and Sami are having a visit but Lucas says he was just checking on Sami. Sami writes to Tony to ask if he is okay, with a side comment of “as if I care” and Lucas explains that they heard about the yacht explosion. Tony says he is fine. Tony says that the only thing that died on that boat is the hatred between him and John. Lucas and Sami can’t believe it but Tony says that when facing the end, it gives an interesting new perspective. The doorbell rings again and it is a flower deliveryman for Sami. Tony says the flowers are from him and before he left the country he arranged for flowers to be sent to Sami everyday. He tells Sami that it was important for her to know that he was concerned and how much he cares. Tony tells Sami that when he was underwater and thought it was the end, his only thoughts were of Sami.

John tells Marlena that it isn’t a ploy. He explains that they had time to talk about their lives and it was no use to attack each other for they had bigger things to deal with. Marlena still doesn’t believe it but John explains that he hasn’t been able to link Tony to any real crimes so he doesn’t want to go on the rest of his life fighting with his half brother. Marlena asks about what John thought Tony was doing with the yacht and John says he couldn’t find Tony doing anything illegally and he can’t go around trying to steer Tony’s moral compass. John tries to convince Marlena that he has got to let the hatred for Tony go.

Cassie gets upset at Philip for judging her. Philip tries to tell her not to base herself on the opinion of some man in a club. Philip tells Cassie that he knows what it is like growing up in a rich family but Cassie doesn’t want to hear it. Philip tells her that he’s figured out that when he’s given so much, it makes him feel unworthy so he did stuff to try and give himself more self-confidence. Cassie wants to know the point. Philip explains that whatever he did, he knew that Victor was his safety net that would always bail him out and it wasn’t until he let go of that family tie, he was finally able to figure out who he is. Cassie asks Philip if he is suggesting she join the Marines. Philip says no but she’s not going to find that in some nightclub. Cassie says she will never give up her job at Echelon and tells Philip to go to hell.

Nicole asks Larry what will happen if Victor’s PI finds out about what Larry plans to do. Larry says it is too risky to shoot Victor on his own property so Nicole needs to lure him out in public. Nicole tells Larry about working at the Blue Note. Larry tells Nicole to have Victor come to the Blue Note to meet her and then he’ll kill him. Nicole says that Victor is not interested in coming to the Blue Note because he hates the place but Larry tells her to just do it and leaves. Victor comes out and asks Nicole what she is up to now.

Victor says he heard voices and asks Nicole whom she was talking to. Nicole lies and says she was talking to the gardener about trimming the hedges. Victor says that it was the gardener’s day off and asks if she was going to change her blouse. Nicole says she was. Brady comes out and Nicole asks if he is going to work. Brady says he is going in early to take care of something and Nicole offers to help. She goes up to change her blouse.

Cassie comes into the Brady Pub and tells John that she is glad he is okay. Marlena asks how Cassie is. Cassie asks Marlena if they could talk. John tells them to take their time and gives Cassie his seat. Philip comes in and they exchange glances. John says he will be back in a little while and leaves. Cassie sits down and asks Marlena why she has dropped out of her life. Marlena wants to know what Cassie means and Cassie says that Marlena doesn’t come over or invite her and Rex to dinner. Marlena tells Cassie that if she wants to see her, she just needs to answer her calls. Cassie says that she needs a little reassurance. Marlena apologizes to Cassie for hurting her and says that she thought Cassie was the one who backed off and thought it might be uncomfortable because of Tony. Marlena promises to do better and Cassie says that it isn’t important. Marlena says it is and she tells Cassie that she wants her to know that she is important and loved and will do better. Cassie tells Marlena that she needs her help. Marlena asks what she can do and Cassie asks Marlena to talk to Tony and let him know that she is an adult and can make her own decisions. Marlena asks Cassie if she is doing something that Tony wouldn’t approve of.

John gets upset at Philip for involving Belle and having a civilian like Shawn is the one who completed the job. Philip says there is a bigger issue and he doesn’t understand why they aren’t focusing on that. John asks what he is talking about and Philip asks John if he is backing off of Tony because he is John’s brother.

Tony tells Sami that his thoughts and regrets were with Sami when he thought he was dying. He tells Sami that she is an amazing woman with fire, focus and energy. Tony says he would like to have someone like her in his life and offers to have dinner tonight with her so they can talk about the future.

Brady is talking on the phone at the Blue Note trying to get an artist to come perform at the club. Nicole arrives. Brady hangs up and tells Nicole that sometimes you have to hustle for your supper. Nicole says she is learning a lot from him. Brady says they have to stay focused on improving their image. Nicole says to herself that if only they could get Victor interested.

Lucas thinks it is too soon for Sami to go out but Sami accepts the invitation and Tony leaves. Lucas and Tony are out in the hall and Lucas asks Tony what he is up to.

Philip tells John that the fact that Tony is John’s half brother is clouding his judgment. John lays into Philip about talking to his superior like that and if he ever works again he will leave Belle out of the spy business.

Cassie says that she is doing something Tony doesn’t approve of and Marlena asks what it is. Cassie won’t tell Marlena because she thinks Marlena doesn’t care. Marlena tells Cassie that she doesn’t pretend to care about Cassie, she doesn’t care what anybody else thinks after Cassie accuses her of putting on a show by caring about her husband and other kids and her fancy career. Cassie says this was a mistake but Marlena tries to convince her otherwise. Cassie asks why Marlena would be interested now when she wasn’t there before and leaves. Marlena tries to call after Cassie. John sees Cassie run out of the Pub and asks Marlena if their talk didn’t go well.

Philip catches Cassie outside of the Pub and asks if she told Marlena that she was working at Echelon. Cassie asks Philip why she would do that because Marlena is not her mother.

Marlena tells John that she should go after her but then decides that Cassie is far too emotional and so is she. John suggests that they sit down and fill him in on their talk. Marlena tells John about how Cassie was going to confide in her and how she wants to help her. John says that Cassie is trying to push her away and Marlena says that she shouldn’t let Cassie do that.

Philip asks what Cassie means and Cassie covers by saying that Marlena wasn’t there when Cassie was young so she doesn’t want to be now. Philip tries to stick up for Marlena but Cassie asks him to leave her alone.

Tony tells Lucas to show him respect since he works for her. Lucas says this isn’t’ about business but about Sami. Tony accuses Lucas of being jealous but Lucas denies it and says he is worried about Tony taking advantage of Sami. Tony tells Lucas to be wise and listen and watch the master and learn from Tony. Tony leaves and Lucas goes back into the apartment. Sami is looking at the flowers Tony gave her and Lucas tells her that she is making a huge mistake.

Lucas tries to convince Sami not to have dinner with Tony. Sami writes that she is fine. Lucas asks what does she think would come next after flowers and gifts. Sami writes not to go there and Lucas asks what Sami’s parents would think about Sami seeing Tony. Sami gets upset at this comment but Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t want Tony to hurt her again.

Tony is back at home and Bart brings him some papers to sign. Tony tells Bart that he is concerned about Cassie and asks Bart if he has seen her. Tony tells Bart to go look for her but Cassie comes home at that moment so Tony tells Bart to never mind and Bart leaves. Cassie tells Tony that she won’t leave Echelon. Tony shows Cassie the papers he just signed and tells Cassie that he is selling Echelon with the condition of sale being that Cassie can’t work there. Cassie accuses Tony of being crazy and Tony says he is no longer a hypocrite by owning a club like that and not letting her work there. Cassie says she will find a job at a club that he doesn’t know about. Tony yells at Cassie saying that he is her father but Cassie says she doesn’t need a father like him and storms out.

Brady and Nicole are talking about the Salem bicentennial and plan what the Blue Note can do to celebrate the event. Brady leaves to prep the sound system before the sound guy arrives. Nicole says she will stay here and has a flashback of Larry’s call where he said he wanted the pleasure of seeing Victor’s lights go out. Nicole comes back to the present and calls Victor. She tells Victor that she has a favor to ask and that it would mean a lot to Brady if Victor showed up to see Brady’s work with the Blue Note. Victor says that tonight is not a good night. Nicole tells Victor that Brady chose a song as a tribute to Isabella and tells Victor that she won’t tell Brady that Victor was part of getting Chloe to leave town. Victor asks Nicole what she wants and Nicole says she wants Victor to come see Brady and all his hard work at the Blue Note tonight. Victor agrees to come and they hang up.

Nicole calls Larry to tell him that Victor is coming to the Blue Note. Larry wants to know how Nicole did it but Nicole tells Larry not to worry about it and just do his plan. Brady comes in and asks who Nicole was talking to.

John wants to plan a special evening for him and Marlena. He tells Marlena that her and Cassie’s relationship is going to be okay and Marlena is going to find a way to make it right. Marlena says she has to because Cassie is her daughter.

Cassie runs into Brad outside of the Brady Pub who tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her. Cassie asks Brad to leave her alone and leaves. Philip comes out of the corner and tells Brad to do as Cassie says and leave her alone. Brad gets on the defensive but Philip says he isn’t someone he wants to mess with and not to talk, just go. Brad goes into the Pub.

Lucas asks Sami if she is really going to have dinner with Tony.

Tony dictates to Bart what he wants to have for his dinner tonight with Sami. The camera shows a split screen of Sami and Tony with a lightning bolt between them.

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