Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Bo and Hope take an interest in Maya's goop...John berates Philip for involving Belle in the ISA work...Rex experiences major headaches while Tony yells at Cassie...And Jack and Jen are finally on again...In the House!

Cast: Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, John, Philip, Maya, Tony, Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Jack, Jen, Emily, Barry, Man.

At the Deveraux's

Jack is furious with Barry for booking a wacko as their guest. As they go on air, Emily Cooper, the sex therapist guest arrives and Jack begins bashing her. He asks if she has got any lately. Jack tells her that they don't need a sex therapist, but Emily thinks he does. Jen tries to calm Jack down and he asks Emily how she can know anything personal about someone she's never met before. Jack begins playing along and says that whenever he's in the mood, Jennifer has a headache as Jen looks shocked. Emily pulls out a couple of Jack and Jen dolls to play the roles of Jack and Jen. Jen is about ready to kick Emily out when she asks what Jack says after Jen says good-night. Emily tells him to tell Jennifer exactly how he feels. Jack goes on and points out that Emily has never even went to college and he and Jen kick her out the door. After the show is over, we find Jack and Jen discussing the therapist. Jack and Jen kiss and fall onto the couch. Later, Jack and Jen are in the afterglow of making love.

At DiMera Mansion

In Rex's room, Rex and Mimi wake up in each other's arms as Rex gets a killer headache. Mimi goes to get him a cold wash cloth and asks if he has been to the doctor. Mimi begins rambling on, which makes his pain worst, so she leaves. He wonders what's wrong with him.

Downstairs, Cassie and Tony reunite as he promises to always be there for her. Tony explodes when he learns about her working at Echelon and orders her to quit. He doesn't want her exploited and she asks "by who? by you?" As Cassie and Tony argue, Mimi comes down and hopes she isn't interrupting anything. Cassie rushes out as Mimi asks where the asprin is as Rex has a killer headache. Rex rushes down and stops Mimi from leaving. He begs her to stay, so she does, but heads up to take a shower. Tony wants to talk to Rex. He tells Rex that he will find the bitch who tried to kill him. He also tells him that he and John called a truce and Rex thinks that is great.

At the ISA headquarters

Philip is questioning Maya, who comes on strong. Philip tells her that if she comes clean about Tony then the they might cut her a deal and she tells him that she's real good. He wants to know who she is involved with, but Maya wants to talk about his little girlfriend, Belle. She plants a kiss on him as John walks in the room and asks "What the hell is going on here?" Philip tries to explain, but John says he's taking over. John tells her that he takes it personal when someone tries to kill him or any member of his family. Maya starts to come on to John, but stops when he talks about the diamonds. John tells her that Shawn heard her confess to planting the bomb on Tony's yacht. Maya screams that she wants her lawyer now as John brings up the myserious goop Philip found. When John and Philip step outside, John orders Philip to file the paperwork and leaves. On his way out, Philip literally bumps into Cassie and her stuff falls onto the ground. He asks why she isn't flirting with him as he picks her stuff up. Cassie is in tears and tells him that he probably thinks she is a slut like everyone else does and she promises not to flirt with him anymore and she leaves. After Cassie is gone, Philip finds something of Cassie's on the floor.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

In the shower, Rex joins Mimi and they begin taking a shower together. Seems Rex no longer has a headache. Later, Rex is in his room and yells that his laser is gone as he rips up the blueprints. Mimi rushes in and says that she thought he was making another one.

Back downstairs, Cassie returns and continues arguing with Tony. He tells her that he will not put up with her attitude and Cassie says that she might not be there.

At the Brady Pub

Bo and Hope are feeding Zack as Bo comes across the Shawn/Maya headline. "Shawn Brady, son of former police officers Bo and hope Brady, is credited with apprehending international jewel thief, Maya Leano --" Bo can't finish reading it as Hope takes the newspaper off of him. Outside, Belle and Shawn are heading in as he confesses to kissing Maya. Shawn tells her that it wasn't a kiss to be jealous about and tells her that he loves her as they head inside. When they go inside, Hope rushes over and throws her arms around Shawn. Belle and Shawn sit down as they all discuss how he apprehended Maya. Belle tells them that no man is safe around Maya. Hope talks about how being stuck in the chop shop took her back to Larry Welch almost poisoning them and Belle tells them that sometimes she wakes up gasping for air and never wants to be in that kind of danger again. We return to find that Belle has told them about John's accident. When Bo learns of the goopy stuff involving Maya, he becomes interested. John arrives and Belle rushes into his arms, telling him never to scare her like that again. John congratulates Shawn on his heroic triumph as Philip arrives and says hi to everyone. John takes Philip off to talk while Bo thinks that Shawn would make a good bounty hunter, but Hope kicks him. Shawn tells them that this business makes him worry about them.

Elsewhere, Philip and John talk about him involving Belle and Shawn and tells him that maybe he is not cut out for the ISA business. John leaves.

Philip, Shawn, and Belle talk as Shawn and Belle invite him out with them, but he declines. On their way out, Belle and Shawn talk about how weird Philip is acting. Philip calls Cassie and asks to meet her.

Bo tells Hope that he wants to find out about the goop. She asks what makes him think they can figure it out. "Because we're good," he says, kissing her as the previews roll.


*Cassie tells Tony that he can't play god with her life and he says he is her father. "I hate you!" Cassie yells.
*Philip asks John why they are dropping the investigation against Tony.
*Lucas tells Sami that she is making a big mistake.
*Nicole wants to call the deal off, but Larry tells her that Victor's a dead man.

The End.

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