Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady is lying in bed with an ice pack on his head. Nicole knocks on the door and asks if she can come in and how Brady is. Brady says he has a monster headache but lets Nicole in. Nicole brings Brady a glass of brandy to help him sleep. Brady takes it and thanks her. Nicole says that the grounds are still crawling with cops and asks Brady if he is okay again. Brady says that what happened doesn’t make any sense. Nicole says that she doesn’t know who would this to him but she’s sorry. Brady asks why she is sorry saying that it’s not like it was her fault.

Lucas is pacing around his apartment. He picks up a bottle and is about to pour himself a drink when there is a knock on the door. He quickly puts away the bottle and answers the door. It’s Sami who gives him a note to call Will. Lucas assures Sami that Will is fine but that it is lights out at camp and they can only call once a day. Lucas tells Sami that he knows she is missing him a lot and he misses Will too. Lucas adds that Will is at the age where he doesn’t miss them as much as they miss him or would even admit it. Lucas suggests that Sami come over tomorrow in the morning and they’ll phone him together. The phone rings and Lucas hurries to answer it. It is Bart informing Lucas of the yacht explosion. Sami is about to leave when she hears Lucas’ end of the conversation and decides to stay to find out what the phone call was about. Lucas hangs up and tells Sami the news.

Maya and Sal are drinking a toast to the yacht explosion. Maya is saying that the explosion sent Tony right where he belongs, to hell.

What is supposedly John and Tony’s bodies are lying in the morgue when a doctor walks in and closes the curtain around them. He hands a nurse two envelopes. One says DiMera and the other bears the name Black. He tells the nurse that the two men must have been through hell and the nurse asks if she should contact the next of kin.

Belle is crying as she tries to reach Marlena on her cell phone. Marlena isn’t answering because she is on her way to Belle’s new loft. Marlena hollers for Belle to help her with the door because her arms are full with bags. She makes her way in and sees Belle’s face covered in tears. Marlena drops the bags where she was standing and asks Belle what is wrong.

Belle rushes over and hugs Marlena. Marlena tries to comfort Belle by saying its alright. Belle says it is horrible. Marlena begs her to tell what is wrong but Belle doesn’t say anything. Marlena notices that Tek is there and asks what he is doing there. Tek and Philip tell Marlena about the yacht explosion but Marlena doesn’t want to believe that John is dead. She tells Tek that if John were dead she would know it. Tek leaves to go see what else he can find out. Marlena tells him to do that and come back with news that John is alive. Tek leaves and Marlena pulls Belle close.

The doctor tells the nurse to lock up their wallets and personal effects and the Coast Guard is handling all calls. The nurse leaves and the doctor pulls back the curtain to reveal John and Tony each lying on a bed. The doctor goes to Tony’s bedside and then to John’s bed. He puts his hand on John’s forehead for a few seconds and John’s eyes pop open.

Brady says that whoever tried to kill him is long since gone and asks Nicole why she is so jumpy. Nicole says she is a high strung sort of girl and insists on looking at Brady’s head. Brady says the shooter was a lousy shot. Brady doesn’t understand why the bands at the Blue Note would want to kill him for canceling a gig and asks who else would have a motive.

Lucas brings Sami some water and sits down on the couch with her. Lucas tells Sami that John was on board too. Sami starts to cry and Lucas tells her that John was a pretty good stepfather. Sami nods. Lucas says he can understand why she’s upset but he bets she is glad that Tony is gone. Sami looks at him completely shocked.

John tries to get up but the doctor tells him to take it easy. John asks where he is and the doctor explains that that helicopter rescued them. John remembers that they almost broke his rib giving him CPR. The doctor assures John that the rib is only bruised and they came as close to drowning as one can. Tony comes to and remembers the diamonds. Tony tries to get up but the doctor tells him to stay where he is. The doctor tells them to count their blessings and give their bodies a chance to heal. Tony asks about the yacht’s crew and the doctor tells him that the coast guard fished several of them out of the water. John tries to get up again saying he has to go home but the doctor tells him that he has run some tests and when he gets them back, he’ll let them know how long they need to be kept there. John thanks the doctor and lies back down. The doctor tells them to rest up and leaves. John says that it must be true that only the good die young and Tony asks what that says about John. John reminds Tony of what they said while they were trapped and asks Tony if he wants to recant what he said. Tony doesn’t understand what he’s talking about so John asks if they really made peace or was the oxygen deprivation causing a lot of cheap talk.

Nicole says she doesn’t know what to tell him but she is glad they missed. Henderson knocks on the door and tells Nicole that a Mr. Ed insists on speaking with her. Brady assumes Mr. Ed is a repairman and wonders why he is calling so late and grabs the phone from Nicole.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t think Tony meant to hurt her but it happened all the same. Sami is still crying so Lucas asks if she is crying for DiMera and says that he bets she wishes she sunk that boat herself. Sami gets upset at that statement and gets up to go but Lucas quickly apologizes and says he isn’t thinking straight, that he keeps forgetting that they’re mortal. Sami starts to sob harder so Lucas pulls her close.

Belle says she was so scared. Marlena tells Belle that John is trained to handle anything. Shawn and Philip walk across the room to talk privately. Shawn asks Philip if it’s possible that John could have survived. Philip doesn’t think Tek would have shown up otherwise but Shawn says that Marlena seems convinced. Philip says that Marlena must be in denial but Marlena says she heard that and that this is not his area. Philip says yes ma’am and Marlena tells him that John has been doing this since before Philip was born. Philip tells Marlena that if anyone could survive this it would be John. Marlena says alright then and puts her arm back around Belle as they walk behind the kitchen counter. Philip tells Shawn that he wonders what caused the explosion and Shawn has a flashback to Maya’s phone call about a boat. Philip asks what he is thinking and Shawn tells Philip that it is Maya that is behind this and that he is going to go find her. Philip tells Shawn to be careful and Shawn asks Philip to stay here because he hates to have to leave Belle. Belle notices that Shawn left and asks Philip where he went.

Sal gets off the phone and tells Maya that there has been a hitch. He tells her that the Coast Guard picked up Tony and his crew alive. Maya is worried that Tony is going to figure out it was her and come after her. Sal suggests that Tony would try and pin it on John but Maya says that Tony isn’t as stupid as Sal. Sal gets upset at that remark but Maya just orders him to keep the jet on standby. She starts to pack.

Tony tells John that he isn’t cheap. John says that it looks like Tony is going to stand by his famous last words. Tony asks if John is. John points out that they have done some pretty lousy things to each other. Tony agrees but asks if they wanted to, how they end it. John says they should just stop keeping score.

John tells Tony that he asked about Tony when he first came to in the helicopter. Tony laughs and then clutches his side from the pain that laughing caused as he tells John that he did the same thing. Tony tells John that he saved his life but John says he was just returning the favor. John extends his hand and Tony hesitates but then takes John’s hand and shakes it.

Philip tells Belle that Shawn went to get some more information but Belle says it wasn’t like him to leave without saying goodbye. Philip goes to check on the groceries that Marlena dropped as Marlena’s phone rings. Philip hands Marlena her purse from the floor and Marlena answers it to find that it’s John calling from the hospital. Marlena holds the phone out so that Belle can hear too. Marlena asks if John is okay and John says he is okay but waterlogged. Marlena asks if he was in the boat when it sank. Marlena asks John to tell her everything but John says he will later and asks if she is going to ask about Tony. Marlena does and John says that Tony is okay and here in the hospital too. Marlena tells John that she was sure they’d both survive but she wasn’t sure that John and Tony wouldn’t kill each other jokingly. John says things change and Marlena asks what he means. John says nothing and Marlena offers to come to him. John says not to bother, that they’ll have him home in a few days. Marlena says that she knew John would never leave her and John says never sweetheart. The nurse wants John for another checkup so John says he has to go and that he loves Marlena. Marlena says she loves him too and John hangs up.

Maya is packing as Sal gets the phone call that the jet is ready to go. He pulls out a gun and says no one is going to stand in their way. Maya tells him to get the rest of her stuff and throw it in the back of the car. He doesn’t move fast enough so Maya gets upset. Shawn is walking up to the room as he overhears Sal say he is sorry that Maya’s bomb missed DiMera and Maya says not half as sorry as she is. Maya says she isn’t going to stand around and wait for Tony or the ISA to show up. Shawn calls Philip while standing outside Maya’s door and tells him that she is getting ready to run and asks what he should do. Sal drops the suitcase and Maya drops to the floor to repack it as Shawn knocks on the door. Maya asks who it is and Shawn calls that it is him. Sal pulls out his gun and hides. Maya opens the door and tells Shawn that she was just about to leave. Shawn says he has to talk to her but Maya says she is out of time and goes back into the room but Shawn grabs her and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere.

Brady yells at Mr. Ed about calling the house this late. Larry hangs up on him without saying a word. Brady hangs up and tells Nicole that Mr. Ed won’t be bothering her for the rest of the night. Nicole says she hopes not.

Lucas offers to get Sami a tissue. He asks Sami if she is okay and Sami shakes her head no. Lucas asks if Sami took her medicine and Sami shakes her head no so Lucas hands her her medicine. Lucas offers to take Sami home and put her in bed as Sami’s phone rings. Lucas offers to answer it and it’s Marlena. Marlena thinks she has the wrong number but Lucas says that Sami is right there and he’s handing her the phone now. Sami listens and Marlena tells her that John and Tony are both okay. Sami hands Lucas back the phone and mouths for him to listen.

John comes back to the hospital room and Tony asks if he reached Marlena. John says he had to let Marlena know he was alright and Tony says he reached Lexie and the twins. John says that is good because family is everything. Tony says that not only did he find out he had two grown children but a brother as well. John says that now they are beginning a new chapter in their lives and asks Tony to tell him about the jewels. Tony comments about that being the end of the cease fire. John tells Tony to relax because he isn’t accusing him but he figures that’s the reason someone would send him a bomb. Tony stalls by asking about something to eat but John interrupts and asks what he is involved him that someone wants to kill him. Tony leans back on the bed and sighs.

Maya asks Shawn what he means. Shawn says she isn’t going anywhere until she tells him when he can see her again. Sal pockets his gun and looks for a way to get out. Maya tells Shawn that he’s cute but he’s too late. Shawn says it is never too late but Maya says their moment has come and gone. Shawn asks if this trip is temporary but Maya says she can’t say when she’ll be back. Shawn says he has been thinking about the two of them together but Maya says to take her advice and not put a woman on hold when she comes on to him. Shawn says he admits that he was a little slow on the uptake. Maya says she’ll remember him in her dreams and goes back into the room. Shawn follows her in saying he can’t leave her. Maya tells Sal that they are leaving but Shawn starts caressing her as he asks if they can be alone for a little while and asks Maya to call off her guard dog. Maya tells Sal to leave and pulls Shawn to the bed. Shawn says he wants to take her someplace else and Maya says that Shawn is up to something. Shawn says she is right, he is up to this and kisses her.

Brady asks Nicole what kind of name is Mr. Ed. He suggests that he should call back and make sure that the guy is legit. Nicole tells Brady to give her back the phone. Brady asks Nicole if she thinks he overreacted but at least his headache is gone. Nicole says that is great and tells him that she will go and let him get some rest. As she leaves she asks if Brady is sure he’s alright. Brady asks why Nicole keeps asking him that. Nicole starts to say why but adds that she’s right down the hall and to holler if he needs anything. Brady says he is fine and thanks Nicole for the brandy. He tells Nicole to go on and not lose sleep over what happened. Nicole closes the door behind her as she leaves.

Lucas is saying that John and Tony are like cats with nine lives who will probably outlive them all. Sami gets up to pick up Will’s catcher’s mitt from the floor and stumbles. Lucas catches her and says the last thing she needs is another accident. They sit back on the couch and Lucas asks Sami is she is okay. Sami hands Lucas the bottle of pills she just took and Lucas reads that the pills cause extreme drowsiness. Lucas offers to take Sami back to her apartment and put her to bed. Lucas leads Sami back to her apartment and helps her unlock her door. He helps her into her apartment and shuts the door behind them.

Belle and Marlena are hugging as Belle says they are going to have a real celebration when John gets home. Marlena suggests they spread the word so nobody hears about the explosion secondhand and goes through what they went through. Belle says Marlena is right and the she loves her and they hug. Marlena tells Belle she loves her too and leaves. Philip apologizes for jumping the gun about John and asks if Belle is mad at him. Belle says she can’t be mad when she is this happy and hugs Philip. Philip gives a sigh of relief.

John and Tony are sitting on their beds as Tony accuses John of interrogating him. John says that some questions are too important to go unanswered. John asks if this enterprise Tony is involved in will hurt him or anyone in his family and Tony says no. John asks if it is illegal. Tony laughs and says that if he was arrested and had the right lawyer, then he would not be convicted. John says then it is murky but Tony says the law is always a bit murky and there are some things that are legal that he finds unmoral. John accuses Tony of changing the subject and Tony says he will not be monitored by John or anyone else. John says that Tony’s morality is his own business. Tony asks John if that means he is going to layoff. John offers a deal to Tony of leaving him and his family alone and operate within the murky parts of the law and he won’t bug him anymore but that doesn’t mean that the authorities or the ISA won’t have their questions.

Shawn and Maya are in the car. Shawn checks his phone messages where he listens to one from Belle telling him that John is alive and to hurry back to the loft. Maya is upset that Shawn had to check his messages but Shawn says he had to make sure that they weren’t disturbed. Maya asks where they are going as she starts to kiss his neck. Shawn says that depends and as Maya asks on what, he puts handcuffs on her. Shawn tells her that it depends on her and asks if she wants to go to the DiMera mansion to wait on Tony or go to the ISA. Maya asks for a third option of going to the airport where she and Shawn could fly away to another country and she would make his every dream come true. Shawn pushes her back onto her seat and tells her to make a choice. Maya says she’ll take her chances with the ISA. Shawn starts the car.

Brady sniffs the brandy glass as he sits on his bed.

Nicole calls Larry back. Nicole tells Larry that they should call the whole thing off that she would rather live here in hell with Victor than risk hurting anyone else. Larry asks Nicole if she is growing a conscience now. Nicole says she is calling off the hit but Larry says that it is too late and she’s not the only one who Victor has tortured. Nicole asks if Larry’s freedom isn’t enough and Larry says he wants revenge. Nicole offers Larry some money to call off the hit and leave. Larry says she can’t buy him off but instead he wants to see Victor dead and he wants Nicole lying next to him. Nicole says that is never going to happen and Larry says he will be over tomorrow so be ready for plan B and hangs up. Nicole hangs up and starts to cry.

Lucas leads Sami to her bed and helps her lie down. He takes off her shoes and pulls the blanket over her. He watches Sami sleeping holding Will’s catcher’s mitt.

The nurse is taking Tony’s temperature as the doctor tells John that his tests look good and after he fills out some paperwork he can go home effective immediately. John thanks the doctor and says he owes him one as he leaves. The doctor tells Tony to hang in there, that it will just be a few moments as he leaves. Tony takes out his thermometer, looks at it and laughs to himself.

Shawn brings Maya back to the loft where Belle, Philip and Tek are waiting. Shawn tells Philip and Tek that he overheard Maya saying she blew up the DiMera yacht. Philip congratulates Shawn on getting a confession. Tek calls Maya beautiful, rich and bad to the bone. Maya asks Tek if he likes what he sees but Tek says he wouldn’t dream of taking her on, he knows his limits. Maya throws her handcuffs hands around Shawn and tries to kiss him, saying one for the road. Shawn pushes Maya away as Philip tells Maya that they are going to go. Maya tells Philip that she will go anywhere with him. Philip grabs Maya’s arm and leads her out the door as Tek follows.

John returns to the hospital room with the intention of bringing Tony a candy bar from the vending machine. He pulls back the curtain to find Tony gone and a note on his bed reading “See you at home brother.”

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