Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and Roman arrive at Tuscany. Maggie greets them and asks Roman how Sami is doing. Roman says that he thought it too soon for Sami to come home and live alone. Maggie asks about Sami’s voice and offers her prayers as she confirms that they are a party of four. Roman jokes about being stood up as Lexie and Abe arrive to join them. Everyone greets each other as Maggie asks about Theo. Lexie explains that Celeste wanted to spend some time with the baby and practically ordered them out of the house. Roman comments that there is nothing like a new child coming into your life.

Rex and Mimi are in Rex’s room. Rex is worried about Cassie’s whereabouts. Mimi tries to reassure Rex that Cassie is fine, probably just needs time alone. Mimi tries to convince Rex that he should be proud of himself that he stopped Cassie and Lucas in time. Rex is still worried so Mimi brings him over to the bed and tells him to use their psychic connection to track Cassie down as she begins to massage his shoulders. Rex thinks of something and rushes to his computer and begins typing. Mimi asks what is wrong and Rex says he’s got the answer to everything.

Belle is carrying a huge load of clothes as she tries to get her key out. She drops some clothes and Philip comes up to pick them up for her. Belle asks Philip what he is doing there and Philip says he couldn’t wait until tomorrow and helps her bring in some of the stuff she had piled up outside the door. Belle opens the door and they bring the stuff in as Belle tells Philip she is glad he is here. Philip pulls out a bouquet of flowers for Belle to help brighten up Brady’s old bachelor pad. Belle hugs him just as Shawn arrives to see them through the open door.

John and Tony are still trapped in the ship’s wreckage. Tony says that someone would have seen them going down and called the coast guard but John says that no one would have seen them at night. Tony says that the air pocket is not going to last forever and John laughs as he says that that is one thing he and Tony both agree on. Tony wants to take another dive to try and get the doors open but John says they already tried that. Tony asks what John suggests and John suggests making peace with the maker. John adds that short of a miracle they are about to sleep with the fishes.

Shawn shuts the door behind him and comes in. Belle and Philip turn toward the sound and greet Shawn. Belle explains that she was hugging Phillip because he gave her the flowers. Belle goes to put the flowers in water and Shawn fills Philip in on his meeting with Maya. Belle calls out an offer for snacks and the guys accept and go back to talking about Maya as Belle makes the snacks. Philip is telling Shawn that he has to make another date with Maya as soon as possible when Belle walks up and overhears them.

Tony says that he never thought it would end like this, thought that he would always go out in a blaze of glory many years from now. John says it is ironic that they are side by side in a situation neither of them created about to die like comrades in arms instead of mortal enemies. They laugh and Tony says that God has a sense of humor. They both grow quiet for a few moments.

Mimi is looking through the paper as she pretends to read a story about Cassie’s body being washed on shore to get Rex’s attention. Rex is still wrapped up in his work on the computer. Mimi asks him what he is working on and Rex says that he is working on a new laser because Mimi gave him the idea when she was stimulating his nerves connected to his cerebellum. Mimi starts going on about how Rex isn’t paying attention to her and thinking about other things while she’s kissing him. Rex says he has to finish and that it is important. Mimi asks if she isn’t important, because one minute he’s making love to her and the next he wants her to leave. Mimi says heaven forbid the brilliant Rex would want to spend time with his girlfriend as she collapses onto the bed. Rex asks why she has to get like that as Mimi says she doesn’t get why Rex keeps pushing her aside like she doesn’t even matter. Rex tells Mimi that he doesn’t think of her as a diversion but sometimes Mimi had something she was passionate about and she didn’t feel so bad when he needed to be alone and asks if she doesn’t have something better to do. Mimi says she does and goes to leave but finds Cassie at Rex’s door.

John asks Tony if he had anyone tracking his boat. Tony says no. John asks if Tony has any thoughts on who put the bomb in his fruit basket. Tony asks if that matters now and John says that he doesn’t like loose ends. Tony agrees. John asks if Tony ever wonders what it would have been like had they known they were brothers from the start. Tony says they would have been rivals from the start. John suggests that they wouldn’t have been enemies and Tony comes back to ask if John wouldn’t have stolen his wife. John says he guesses they are going to die as enemies and Tony agrees. John suggests forgiveness. They point out that they each have admirable qualities and John says that Tony used his to follow in Stefano’s footsteps. Tony warns John not to speak ill of Stefano because he could be waiting for them on the other side to greet them. They laugh.

Lexie and Kate go into the ladies’ room. Lexie calls Celeste to check on Theo and tells Kate that he is sound asleep in Celeste’s arms because she can’t bear to put him down. Lexie is sad that this is the first night they haven’t been there to put Theo to bed. Kate tells Lexie about how in love they look and have moved past major obstacles. Lexie says Abe deserves all the credit for giving their marriage a second chance. Kate worries that something is going to happen to mess everything up for her and Roman. Lexie says she knows how Kate feels but then she wakes up at night to see Abe lying there and hear Theo breathing and she remembers how lucky she is. They talk about what Lexie did to Sami. Kate tells Lexie about Sami trying to turn Roman against Kate from the very start. Kate admits to Lexie that she is scared.

Roman and Abe remain at the table. Roman tells Abe that seeing him and Lexie together gives him a lot of Hope. Abe brings up Roman’s behavior when Kate told him that she loves him over the police radio. Roman admits that he screwed up then. Roman says that having a kid together brings people closer but Abe says that isn’t always the case. Roman adds that the worst thing people can do is think that if they have a kid, that they will be able to stay together. Abe points out that he knew there would be a lecture and Roman says he has been listening to the best shrink of all in Marlena Evans. Roman adds that he doesn’t know why he’s talking about kids and Abe asks if Roman is thinking about having more kids himself. Roman says he doesn’t know but it is too early to think about that with him and Kate, that they haven’t even discussed the possibility.

Mimi tells Cassie that Rex doesn’t want to be disturbed but Cassie tells Mimi to get out of her way. Cassie comes in the room and Rex and Cassie hug. Rex asks Cassie where she went and tells her that they should act and think like DiMeras and everything will be fine. Cassie informs Rex that she just broke it off with Lucas. Rex is worried that Cassie told Lucas that he’s their half brother but Cassie tells him that she didn’t tell Lucas but she doesn’t want to see Lucas ever again.

Belle asks about what Philip just said. Shawn tries to cover by saying it was a joke but Belle says she isn’t laughing. Shawn tells Belle that he was with Maya tonight. Philip says he asked Shawn to see her to get information for ISA. Belle wants to know why they didn’t tell her. Philip says he wanted to protect her but Belle says she doesn’t need protecting. Philip tells Belle to convince John of that. Belle reminds them about their time on the island when they were the 3 musketeers. The guys agree that Belle has a point and they agree to have no more secrets. They all put out a hand in the center and make the pact. Philip’s phone rings and it is Tek who asks where he is. Philip says he is at the loft with Belle and Tek says that what he has to say concerns Belle too and he’ll be right over.

Tony points out to John that tonight could have been different for him if he wasn’t so intent to destroy him. John says he was pursuing Tony to protect all the people he loved. Tony asks if he is sacrificing himself for them and points out that the bomb was meant only for him. John thanks Tony for the brotherly love.

Kate is worried about trouble in her relationship with Roman but Lexie says that Roman adores her. Kate says that she really loves Roman but Sami is using her accident to reel Roman in. Lexie says that Roman has his priorities straight, he loves his daughter but he knows she has problems. Kate is worried that Sami is getting her claws back into Lucas again. Kate is worried that she and Roman’s differences over their children may mean the end of their relationship.

Mimi hands Cassie a tissue and asks if she is okay. Cassie says that she will be if she never has to see Lucas again. Rex points out that Cassie will see Lucas every day as long as he keeps working for Tony. Rex suggests they find a way for Tony to fire Lucas but Cassie doesn’t want that because he has a son to support. Cassie is worried that Rolf will spill their secret and Mimi says that Rolf is dead. Rex covers by saying that Rolf is dead to the DiMeras because Tony threw him out. Rex points out that they aren’t helpless locked away in a room; they are in control of their lives and destiny. Rex says what he is working on will give them unlimited power and they will be invaluable to the DiMera empire. Cassie doesn’t understand but Rex says he can’t explain it but they will be DiMeras forever because no one can take that away from them and they all have to believe that.

Tony comments that he won’t be around to see Cassie and Rex develop and come into their own. John tells Tony that he is a pretty good father. Tony is worried about having to break his promise of making up for all that lost time with them and never having that chance again.

Tek arrives at the loft. Tek is worried that Shawn is there but Philip convinces him that Shawn is okay and John has allowed Shawn’s involvement. Tek explains that he received a report and that it is bad news.

John tells Tony that Marlena will make sure that Cassie and Rex get everything they need. Tony says that Rex will be okay but Cassie is so fragile and she needs more than anyone he’s ever known. John points out that that is just like Sami. Tony worries about Sami suffering right now because of him. John asks if it was really an accident. Tony says that it was and he wishes he had the chance to make it up to her.

Kate and Lexie come back to the table to overhear Roman tell Abe to forget about it. Kate asks if they are fighting but Abe says they are kidding around. Kate asks Roman what he was talking about.

Cassie is worried that Tony is going to throw them out when he finds out that he isn’t their father. Rex says that Tony will want them. Mimi points out that Tony and Marlena’s love won’t stop. Cassie says that she has a bad track record with love and some people just get the short end of the stick when it comes to happily ever after. Rex suggests they go downtown to get their mind off of this but Cassie says she is just going to crash. Cassie and Rex hug and she leaves.

Tek tells them that Tony left today on his yacht but the ISA isn’t the only one trying to put a stop to Tony’s smuggling operation. Tek adds that he received a report that there was an explosion and the yacht sank almost instantly. Shawn asks if there were any survivors. Tek says no and Belle says that Tony is her uncle. Tek says he is sorry and Shawn leads Belle across the room to comfort her. Belle says they should call Cassie and Rex to let them know about Tony. Tek tells Belle that Tony wasn’t alone on the yacht.

Tony tells John that he will see him on the other side unless they’re going in different directions. Tony goes unconscious and slips under the water. Shortly after John goes unconscious and starts to slip under the water as well.

Roman and Kate and Abe and Lexie are enjoying dessert as Lexie says that she enjoyed tonight. Kate reminds them of what they walked in on and Roman says that they were fighting over who was going to pay the bill. Lexie says they have to go because Theo would be waking up soon and they say their goodbyes. Roman asks Kate if he should buy her a brandy or they should go home and start working on having a child of their own. Kate asks Roman what he is talking about and tells him to forget about it.

Cassie walks up to her room but stops outside of her door. She says that Rex doesn’t need her; nobody needs her and goes to sit on the window seat, puts her head in her hands and starts to cry.

Rex and Mimi are asleep in his bed when Rex wakes up. He kisses Mimi’s shoulder and climbs out of bed. He puts his shorts back on and returns to his computer. He thinks that what he is working on is going to revolutionize Tony’s organization and buy him a seat in the DiMera family business for life.

Belle asks Tek what he means by Tony not being the only one on the yacht and asks if Cassie or Rex were on the yacht. Tek starts to tell Belle but Philip insists that he does it. Belle tells Philip he is scaring her and Philip tells Belle that John was on that yacht. Belle screams.

John slips all the way down underneath the water as he loses consciousness. A helicopter can be heard overhead of where they are trapped.

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