Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Danielle
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Hope is telling Tommy that something has happened to Bo. Tommy tries to reassure Hope that Bo is okay, that maybe he just dropped his mike. Hope says it isn’t a coincidence that Jesse shows up and Bo just disappears. Hope says she has to find Bo.

Lucas arrives at Echelon. He tells a line to a turned around Cassie believing her to be just one of the Echelon girls and is shocked when she turns around to face him.

Bo is hiding in the back of the SUV.

Nicole pulls Brady out of the pool as she tells him that he is not dying on her. Larry pulls back his gun and realizes that Brady isn’t Victor. Victor comes out of the house asking what happened. Nicole tells him that Brady has been shot and to do something quick. Victor dials 911 on his cell phone as Nicole gives Brady CPR.

Shawn is talking to Philip on his cell phone telling him that he is outside of Maya’s office now and will find out everything he can and not to worry. Shawn hangs up the phone.

Maya is inside her office when the phone rings. She answers it but is vague in her end of the conversation by only saying yes and alright and good. She asks the caller about the boat and tells them to get back to her as soon as they know anything. Maya hangs up the phone as Shawn walks into her office. Maya says hello and Shawn asks what boat she was talking about.

The captain brings Tony a fruit basket. Tony reads the card that says the basket is from Bart. The camera pans down to a see through shot of the basket revealing the bomb. The next scene shows John finding the bomb in the fruit basket and trying to get out as Tony finds John on the ship. The ship is shown exploding again as the camera switches to Tony and John in the water but still trapped inside the boat. Tony comes to and sees John unconscious floating in the water. He calls out John’s name.

Tony pulls John’s head above water and realizes that he isn’t breathing but has a pulse. Tony starts yelling at John about bringing this upon himself but then realizes that John did warn him about the bomb which he deduces was sent to him by Maya. Tony starts slapping John’s face telling him to snap out of it and then tries to squeeze the water out of John’s lungs. John comes to gasping for air. He swims over to hold on to the wall of the ship and asks where he is. Realizing where he is he asks Tony if he is alright. Tony says he is fine and asks John if he is okay. John says he doesn’t know but he has one question. He asks Tony why he saved him.

Maya tells Shawn to come in. Maya asks what brought Shawn here. Shawn says he wants to learn more about Maya and her business for the case. Maya asks which does Shawn wants to learn more about first. Shawn clears his throat and asks for some water. Maya pours him some water as Shawn asks what kind of boat that Maya was talking about. Maya asks Shawn why he is so interested.

Lucas pulls Cassie aside and asks what she is doing here. Cassie says she works here. Lucas says like hell that Cassie works there because Tony owns Echelon. Lucas asks Cassie what she thinks Tony would do if he found out she was working there and Cassie says that Tony would be mad. Lucas says that Tony would be furious but Cassie says he will get over it because she really wants this job. Lucas points out that Cassie’s track record isn’t good when she wants something and brings up their night together. Cassie says that that was different. Lucas asks how it is different but Cassie doesn’t want to talk about it and turns to leave. Lucas asks if they are going to act like nothing happened but Cassie says that nothing did happen. Lucas says that is his point as Cassie begs Lucas not to tell Tony. Lucas asks Cassie to give him one good reason but another Echelon girl comes up to Cassie and tells her that a table is waiting to order. Lucas tells Cassie to take their order but then come right back. Cassie leaves.

Tommy notices Jesse approaching and warns Hope to leave before he sees her. Hope leaves as Jesse comes up to Tommy and asks who he was talking to. Tommy lies to Jesse about Hope being an Echelon girl who wanted Tommy to check on her car and asks Jesse why he wanted to know. Jesse says that Hope looks familiar.

Victor is telling 911 that there has been a shooting and gives the address. Nicole is giving Brady CPR as she tells him that this wasn’t supposed to happen and is all a big mistake. Victor hangs up and hears Nicole say this and then tells Nicole that police and paramedics are on their way. Nicole implores Brady to not leave them as Brady comes to. Victor says thank God. Brady tries to sit up but Victor tells him not to move because he has been shot and somebody has tried to kill him. Larry is watching all this from the bushes.

Brady still tries to get up as Victor continues to tell him that he’s been shot and not to move. Brady says he isn’t shot. Larry is talking to himself as he says that it is good that he didn’t hit Brady but bad that is aim is so off. Brady repeats that he isn’t shot; he just smacked his head on the pool. Victor says that he heard a gunshot and Brady explains that he did too. Brady adds that he was startled so he spun around, slipped and fell into the pool hitting his head. Victor tells Brady that he was out cold and Nicole had to jump in and pull him out. Brady thanks Nicole as Nicole says she was right here, it was the least she could do. Victor asks where the shot came from and Brady points out that it came from in the trees. Victor goes to search the area as Nicole looks worried about what Victor might find.

Shawn tells Maya that he is fascinated by the antique business. Maya asks her question again about Shawn’s interest in boats. Shawn says that he was hoping she was getting a shipment in and that he was hoping to see it. Maya says that she has a customer who collects antique models of sailing ships and she thinks she may have found one in a village in Vietnam as she asks if Shawn is familiar with the place. Shawn says he isn’t so Maya explains the legend that if an exact model replica of the real ships were kept safe and dry, then the real ship would return safely. Maya asks Shawn to tell her again why he is here. Shawn says he wanted to get to know Maya better and Maya moves in closer telling Shawn that she wants to get to know him better too.

Jesse is telling Tommy that he knows her from somewhere. Tommy says that Hope has been working at Echelon for a while and Jesse must have seen her here. Jesse asks Tommy if he still wants the SUV and Tommy says yes. Jesse and Tommy leave to go check out the SUV. Hope starts to follow them as Lucas recognizes her and stops her.

Tony says they don’t have a chance working out a solution using two brains. John asks who sent him the fruit basket and why. Tony says they shouldn’t discuss that now. John asks where the passageway leads that they are stuck in. Tony describes the layout of the ship for John and John tells Tony that he won’t leave the ship without him as he ducks under the water in an attempt to find a way out.

Bo lays low in the back of the SUV as he hears Jesse and Tommy get in. Tommy says that the SUV looks and feels great but asks how the car runs. Jesse hands him the keys as Bo sits up with a gun on Jesse and says not so fast.

Victor searches the trees behind the pool area with his own gun drawn. Victor comes back to say that there is no one there and that if that is where the shot came from, they are gone. Nicole asks Victor where he got the gun. Victor says he heard a shot and wasn’t going to come out unarmed. Sirens are heard as Brady tries to convince Victor that he doesn’t need paramedics. Victor says that at least the police are going to need to take a statement. Nicole tries to convince them that it may not have been a shot, might have been a car backfiring or some fireworks. Brady says he is sure that it was a gunshot. Victor asks Nicole what she meant when she told Brady that this wasn’t supposed to happen, that it was a mistake.

Shawn asks Maya to tell him about her life, where she is from and what her childhood is like. Maya says she was born in Malta and was one of the silver spoon babies. Shawn asks about Maya’s parents and Maya tells Shawn that her mother disappeared when she was young and everyone was convinced that her father had killed her.

Bo tells Jesse to get out of his truck very slowly and to get on the ground. Jesse pulls out his own gun and aims it at Tommy as he tells Bo to give him his gun or he’ll kill Tommy. Bo reluctantly drops the gun next to Jesse and says he isn’t going to get away with this but Jesse says he has already gotten away with all sorts of things. Jesse tells Tommy to start the car and drive. Tommy says no problem and starts the car.

Hope tries to give Lucas the brush off but Lucas wants to know what Hope is doing at Echelon. Hope says she doesn’t have time to talk and Lucas assumes that Hope is working there to help pay the bills. Hope walks away from Lucas and rushes out just in time to see the SUV driving away.

Tony calls out to John. He dives underneath the water to look for him but eventually comes up with no luck. Tony accuses John of having left him to die.

Tony is talking to himself as he says he should have never saved John’s worthless life. John resurfaces and Tony asks where he was. Tony says that he was worried something happened to him and asks how bad it is. John says it is bad, the doors are buckled and jammed. Tony says there has to be a way out and John asks how long Tony can tread water.

Lucas tells Cassie sit down with him. Cassie says she has customers but Lucas orders her to sit down this time. Cassie says he has no right to speak to her like this, that he should speak to her civilly. Lucas says that won’t work with her because one minute she’s saying she needs him and the next it’s leave her alone. Lucas tells Cassie that she has a lot of issues and she needs to work on them. Cassie says she already has one big brother she doesn’t need another one but stops herself before finishing the sentence. Lucas asks Cassie what she was about to say but Cassie won’t tell him. Lucas threatens to tell Tony but Cassie begs him not to.

Nicole says that it was a mistake telling Brady to go to hell or drop dead and she never wanted them to happen and she didn’t want Brady to die before she told him she was sorry. The paramedics and Abe arrive by the pool. Victor tells the paramedics that Brady fell into the pool and hit his head. Abe asks if that was all that happened. Victor explains about Brady hearing the shot and falling into the pool. Abe asks Victor if Brady was the real target.

Shawn asks if Maya’s father killed her mother. Maya says that she said the police thought that and they were wrong because her father was lost without her. Shawn asks if Maya’s father raised her after that. Maya says yes and it was wonderful because they traveled and she went everywhere with him. Shawn asks why Maya decided to settle in Salem. Maya says she never settles anywhere, she’s right here, right now. Shawn asks if Maya being in Salem isn’t for forever and Maya says nothing is forever. Shawn says love is forever but Maya says not even that and anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar.

Hope is trailing Bo, Jesse, and Tommy in the SUV. She pulls off her wig while driving. Jesse is telling Bo that he can’t believe that Bo and Hope got out of the warehouse. Jesse is making Tommy repeat what he said about Hope and tells Bo that Tommy must have a thing for Bo’s wife. Bo tells Jesse that this is between him and Jesse and Tommy was only doing what he told him to do. Bo tells Jesse to let Tommy go.

Maya is telling Shawn that it must be interesting having two very different women in his life, on one hand there is innocent inexperienced Belle and on the other there is Maya. Shawn tells Maya that she isn’t in his life the way Belle is because she is the one for him because he loves her. Maya tells Shawn that he didn’t come to see her to talk about Belle or her childhood. Maya tells Shawn to tell her the truth and Shawn tells her that he is there to spy on her.

Lucas asks Cassie for the truth as to why she is working at Echelon. Cassie says she likes it here. Lucas can’t believe that Cassie likes having men oogle and drool over her. Cassie says she likes feeling their stares. Lucas says they only want a quick wam bam thank you ma’am and then it’s back to their girlfriends or wives. Lucas tells Cassie that he wanted her and he thought she wanted him too. Cassie says it wouldn’t have happened between them because it wasn’t real. Lucas says that every guy there is pretending to be someone they’re not, they only like the girls because the girls tell them what they want to hear and the only reason the girls like the guys is because they’re being paid to. Lucas adds that this is what Echelon is about, it has nothing to do with the outside world or real love. Cassie tells Lucas that he doesn’t know anything about real love either.

Brady in dry clothes brings Nicole a jacket. Brady tells Victor that he sent the paramedics away because he didn’t want to go to the hospital. Victor says he should have gone because he could have a concussion. Abe asks Brady if he can think of anyone who would want to come after him. Brady says that now that he thinks about it, there may be a few people who want him dead.

Bo tells Jesse to let Tommy go but Jesse tells him to shut up or he’ll just start capping people right now. Jesse tells Tommy to turn right into an alley and Tommy asks where they are going. Jesse says they are going to a good place to dump a couple bodies. Hope is following the SUV and asks where they are going. Hope reaches for the gun in her dashboard and says that she wishes she knew where Bo is.

John tells Tony that if they make it out of there, they are going to have to tread water for a long time or they’ll drown. Tony says that the water isn’t rising so they can just wait there for the coast guard to find them. John says that there is a limited amount of oxygen where they are trapped, once they use it up, they’re going to black out and drown. Tony is getting upset and John tells him to calm down because he uses more oxygen when he is agitated. John says he only came back for some air and he is going back down. Tony says he will go back down this time and John tells him not to forget to write. John laughs and Tony dives down.

Lucas tells Cassie that real love is being sick as a dog and still getting up in the middle of the night to take care of your kid and having no money and still figuring out how to pay your bills and having a smile on your face no matter how tough things get. Lucas adds that that is what soul mates do; they stick by each other no matter how bad it gets, through the joy and pain, through the rewards and the struggles. Cassie asks if he has that yet and Lucas says no but he has plenty of time. Cassie says that time is wasting and he should get started. Lucas tells Cassie to worry about her own life. Cassie says she has and this is the only place where she can feel good about herself. Lucas says that is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. Cassie begs him so Lucas lets her finish her shift because they don’t have any women to cover for her but he’ll be keeping his eye on her. Cassie thanks him and walks away as a table of guys calls out to her. She stops and flirts with them.

Abe asks Brady who would want to see them dead. Brady says that some bands he fired from the Blue Note made some threats but he never took them seriously. Abe says they will need their names and phone numbers. Brady says he will get them from the club. Abe says he will have his people search the grounds. Abe asks what the setup of food etc is about. Nicole explains that she and Victor had planned to meet out by the pool and that she was changing in her room when she heard the shot. Victor remembers that Nicole had a surprise for him and asks Nicole what that surprise was.

Shawn tells Maya that Mickey wants to make sure there are no surprised with any of clients. He is supposed to check for skeletons in the closet and count them and catalog them. Maya says she has nothing to hide and Shawn says he’ll take her word for it. Maya asks for any other questions and Shawn asks Maya if she knows he has a girlfriend why does she keep coming on to him.

John realizes that Tony has been underwater too long and goes looking for him. He pulls Tony up and Tony tells John that his trousers got caught. John tells Tony to take it easy and catch his breath. Tony tells John that he pulled him free, that he saved him and thanks John. John says that makes them even.

Jesse tells Tommy to get out of the SUV and to close the door and stand against the car. He then tells Bo to get out of the car slowly but Bo uses the car door to knock the gun out of Jesse’s hand. Bo holds the gun on Jesse but Jesse puts another gun to Tommy’s head and tells Bo to drop the gun. Bo drops the gun and Jesse tells him to get on his knees and talk to his maker.

Cassie continues to flirt with the three men at the table. A staff member tells Lucas that the guys love the new girl that they can’t seem to get enough of her. Lucas says that that is what worries him.

Nicole says she was going to surprise Victor with a private party and some Havana cigars. She asks Abe if she is going to get into trouble for having the cigars. Abe pretends that he didn’t hear her say anything about cigars. Nicole’s phone vibrates in her coat pocket and she excuses herself by saying she is going to get more towels. Victor asks Brady if it really could be someone from the club. Brady says it is all he can think of unless the shot wasn’t intended for him at all and that would only leave Victor.

Nicole goes back inside the mansion and answers the phone. It is Larry who is now at the motel they agreed to meet at after the shooting. Nicole tells Larry that he almost hit Brady. Larry says that that is what he gets for working with amateurs. Nicole pleads with Larry for more time but Larry says they have to do it fast so he’s going to shoot Victor tomorrow. Nicole hangs up.

Hope flashes her lights and honks her horn to distract Jesse. Bo takes the opportunity to knock the gun away from Jesse and punch him out. Hope joins them and Bo thanks her for the distraction. Hope gives Tommy the handcuffs and asks if he’d like to do the honors. Bo apologizes to Tommy for what just happened but Tommy says he wasn’t scared. Bo says that they have their SUV back. Hope agrees and they hug.

Maya says that Shawn would be the stud muffin on a pastry cart. Shawn says that that isn’t very romantic but Maya says that no one was talking about romance. Shawn says he has to go as Maya says that it has been swell and to come spy on her again sometime. Maya’s phone rings and she tells Shawn bye and to close the door behind him. The caller tells Maya that the bomb went off and she asks about the yacht and says that that is perfect.

Tony asks John how long he thinks they have. John says he would be able to answer that if he could get some oxygen to his brain. Tony says that that is comforting as John says that he knows how to make the air last twice as long if only one of them breathes it. John asks Tony why he saved him and Tony asks the same of John. John says he wasn’t thinking and mentions that this is ironic. Tony says he’d rather have this conversation about retribution and guilt another time but John says he doesn’t think there is going to be another time.

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