Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas is telling Sami that all the women in town must be crazy. Sami writes that Cassie dumped Lucas and Lucas says that no one dumps Lucas Roberts. Sami is frantically writing as Lucas tells her that he doesn’t’ care what she is writing and that losing her voice hasn’t slowed her down, she’s still a bitch. Sami reveals that she wrote that Cassie isn’t as dumb as she looks.

Cassie arrives at Club Echelon. She walks up to the bar and orders a Tequila Sunrise. Cassie tells the bartender that the women there are pretty and the bartender says that is what keeps the men coming back. Cassie asks the bartender if she thinks Cassie has what it takes to be a hostess at Echelon.

Hope and Bo arrive at Echelon. Tommy tells Bo and Hope that he is meeting Jesse any time now and mentioned that he told Jesse he was looking for some hot new wheels. Tommy tells Bo and Hope to get lost so Jesse won’t see them. Hope says she has a perfect way to hide inside the club and will see them later but Bo stops her to ask what she is doing. Hope points out that she fit into Echelon perfectly before but Bo says he doesn’t want her in there by herself. Hope asks Bo if he doesn’t trust his partner and Bo says that he doesn’t trust the customers. Hope says to trust her because she knows what she is doing and will be right back. Bo goes to object but Hope silences him and leaves. Tommy says that Hope is some woman and Bo says that yeah she’s his woman.

Victor is sitting alone reading the paper. Brady walks in and says that it is quiet tonight. Victor mentions that it is the cook’s night off. Brady asks about Nicole and if everything is okay because Victor and Nicole fight a lot lately. Victor tells Brady that their marriage is none of his business and neither is Nicole.

Larry asks Nicole if it would be less suspicious if he shot Victor some place other than his own house. Nicole says that Victor won’t let her go out anywhere else. Larry points out that Nicole is going to be the one implicated since everyone thinks he is dead. Nicole tells Larry to be grateful that she got him out of jail and shut up for they are going to do it her way. Nicole explains that she is going to entice Victor out onto the pool area where Larry will have a clear shot. Larry puts his arms around Nicole but Nicole tells him to take his hands off and asks what he is doing. Larry says he is getting a sneak preview as Nicole tries to free herself from his grasp.

A bomb counts down inside the fruit basket as Tony eats dinner in his room on the yacht. John looks through the door of Tony’s room and creates a diversion by pulling the fire alarm. Tony leaves the room to see what is wrong. John peeks into the room again.

Nicole pushes Larry off of her. Larry reminds Nicole of their deal. Nicole says she didn’t forget their deal and asks him not to talk about it anymore. Larry tucks a paper with the address of a motel he will be staying at afterwards into Nicole’s blouse. Larry warns Nicole to not even think of not showing up because then the cops will get an anonymous phone call informing them that Victor’s widow hired a hit man to kill Victor. Larry adds that he will be expecting Nicole tonight. Nicole tells Larry not to get ahead of himself because he still has a job to do and she can’t wait another minute for that monster to die. Larry says that the gun is all ready and tells Nicole to lead Victor out.

Victor apologizes to Brady for taking it out on him and adds that he has very little patience for his wife lately. Brady points out that Victor saying “my wife” doesn’t sound very friendly. Victor says that he and Nicole are not friends. Brady asks why they are married then and since he lives there now, their marriage is his business. Brady goes on to say that he can’t wonder why they don’t just end it. Victor looks angry but doesn’t say anything. Victor says he doesn’t like this conversation and Brady asks if Victor wishes he had someone to talk to. Victor points out that Brady isn’t the one he should be talking to. Brady tells Victor that he wants him to be happy but Victor says no one can be happy all the time. Victor says that the only person that can make Brady happy is himself. Brady calls Victor Dr. Phil. Brady says he knows that a good relationship isn’t all that is needed to make someone happy but when two people make each other miserable but Victor interrupts to say that he and Nicole are not miserable. Victor says they argue and have their disagreements but they always make up. Brady says he has never seen them make up. Victor asks if it occurred to Brady that they make up in private. Brady asks where it all went downhill, that he treats Nicole like she is less important than Henderson. Victor says he can count on Henderson. Brady asks if it is the age difference, that maybe Victor can do some things that interest Nicole. Victor tells Brady that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Brady says that letting Nicole help manage the Blue Note will help get their relationship back on track. Victor says he isn’t going to hold his breath. Nicole joins them and Victor asks where she has been. Nicole says she has been working on her surprise for Victor and asks if he is curious. Brady goes to leave but Nicole apologizes for making him uncomfortable. Victor says that Brady is used to it. Nicole tells Victor that it is time for his surprise and she is going to go upstairs and slip into something more alluring and to meet her out by the pool. Victor says he has a few things to do and will meet her when he is free. Nicole is upset that Victor won’t meet her now. Henderson comes in and says that everything is ready. Nicole leaves to get ready and tells Victor not to wait for her, to go on out and start enjoying everything.

Hope has changed into her disguise and thanks the girl who was scheduled to pose in the box at Echelon for letting her take her place. The girl thanks Hope for the night off and wishes her luck with her research project.

The bartender points out the manager to Cassie and tells her that she has to show him what she’s got to get a job at the club.

Hope takes her seat in the box and puts the mike in her ear. Bo, on the other end of the mike, tells Hope that Tommy just heard from Jesse and asks Hope if she found a place where Jesse won’t see her. Hope says that Jesse would see her but wouldn’t know he’s seeing her. The manager comes out and gets upset with Tommy because he is socializing instead of doing his job. Bo says that Tommy was just showing him the ropes. Tommy covers and convinces the manager that the day manager hired Bo as Tommy’s new assistant. The manager tells them both to get back to work and goes back inside the club. Bo tells Hope that Jesse is going to be there any minute and is worried that Hope found a place that she won’t be recognized. Hope says that she is beautifully invisible.

Sami writes on her board that Lucas is a turn off to women. Lucas says he can have any woman he wants and tells Sami to stop writing on the board as he knocks it out of her hands. Sami is growing scared as Lucas asks her what the matter is because she can’t do anything but there is plenty he could do to her.

Tony talks on the intercom to the captain as he asks why the fire alarm went off. The captain says that they checked but there is no sign of a fire on board. Tony says he will check it out himself and leaves the room. John enters the room and checks out Rex’s laser. He puts away the laser and begins searching drawers. John helps himself to a banana from the fruit basket and goes to put the bunch back when he notices the bomb. He pulls it out to look at it and then scans the room.

Cassie finishes her drink as the bartender asks if she is ready. Cassie says she is ready and the bartender leads Cassie to the manager and tells him that Cassie wants to be a hostess. Cassie asks the manager if she is pretty enough. The manager tells Cassie that she is pretty enough and has the body too. Cassie asks if she’s got the job but the manager says he has to see Cassie in action. Cassie asks if he means an audition and the manager says it is an audition for him and to pretend he is a customer that she should make happy.

Hope asks Bo if Jesse is there yet. Bo says that Jesse just pulled into the alley in their SUV. Hope tells Bo to be careful and Bo says he will be careful when he messes up Jesse’s face.

Victor finishes some work and tells Brady that he is going out to the pool. Brady is listening to some music and asks Victor what he said and offers Victor to listen to a new band he’s discovered. Victor repeats that he’s going out to the pool to see Nicole’s surprise. Brady apologizes to Victor for not minding his own business about their marriage. Victor goes to leave as Brady asks why Victor asked him to live at the mansion. Victor says he thought it would be good for Brady and that it was close to work and that he wanted some company. Henderson comes in to remind Victor that he has a conference call with Tokyo. Victor says that he will take it upstairs and leaves. Brady asks Henderson if it would be alright if he went out by the pool to check on the construction for the recording studio. Henderson tells Brady that it would be alright because Victor will be tied up with the Tokyo people for a long while.

Larry is crawling around in the bushes around the pool, setting up to aim his gun at the door for when Victor comes out of the mansion.

Lucas tells Sami that her silence is a gift to this world because he finally gets to tell her what he thinks of her and she can’t say anything back to him. Sami is looking for a way out but Lucas tells her to not even try. Lucas goes on to tell Sami that he only tried to work with her because of Will but as a mother she sucks and she only cares about herself. He goes on to tell Sami that she pushed him to the point where he didn’t care whether he lived or died and he only has one regret in his life, that of all the women who could have been his son’s mother, he had to get stuck with her. He adds that if he had one wish, he would wish that Sami wasn’t Will’s mother.

Cassie tells the manager that she’s been told that she makes men really happy. The manager tells her to hold that thought as he will be right back. He notices Hope in the box and asks what she is doing there.

Bo realizes that Hope turned off her mike. Tommy urges Bo to leave before he gets his head bashed in.

Hope makes up a story for the manager about Roxy, the other girl, having a migraine and calling her up to cover for her tonight. The manager tells Hope to let him know if she wants a permanent position. Hope thanks him and the manager walks away.

Bo hides around the corner as Jesse comes up to Tommy.

John is examining the fruit basket and the bomb. He gets up to leave the room and ship when Tony and one of his men burst in and Tony asks what John is doing there.

Lucas is telling Sami that she is evil and brings out the worst in people. Lucas is saying that he can’t believe he ever agreed to share custody and Lucas should take Will someplace that Sami could never find him but then realizes that he has his job here and Will is settled and has his friends here. Sami writes that Will loves her. Lucas says that Will loves her because he doesn’t know that his mother is no good. Lucas adds that he is going to be the one to tell Will and they are going to start their own I Hate Sami club and when he’s done wising Will up, Will is going to hate Sami’s guts. Sami smacks Lucas with the writing board and then starts to attack Lucas.

Cassie is standing by the bar as the manager walks up and asks how old she is. Cassie says if she can drink here, she can work here. He asks why she wants to be an Echelon hostess. Cassie says she likes men, they’re her favorite animal. The manager asks if she has a criminal record and Cassie replies by saying she couldn’t have one with the face she has. The manager says that Cassie is saying all the right things but now it is time to show him a good time.

Hope is watching the manager and Cassie as she asks Bo if he is still there.

Bo is watching Jesse and Tommy. Tommy asks Jesse what he’s got and Jesse says he has a hot SUV.

Larry peeks through the bushes to see what he believes to be Victor but is really Brady standing out by the pool. Larry cocks his gun.

Nicole is now in a more elegant dress and asks herself why Victor isn’t down by the pool yet. She overhears him outside of her room saying that he has the bastard right where he wants him and to let him try and shoot Victor down. Nicole thinks that Victor is talking about Larry and starts to get worried.

Tommy asks how hot the SUV is and Jesse says it is burning. Tommy is worried that he will be pulled over for driving a stolen car. Jesse says the SUV has been stripped of ID and that it is brand new. Jesse tells Tommy to think about it while he has a drink inside the club. After he leaves Bo comes out from hiding. Tommy asks what Hope is doing inside Echelon. Bo says that Hope didn’t have time to tell him but they have a plan but don’t have much time.

The manager asks Cassie to turn around nice and slow so he can see what she’s got. Hope looks up to see Jesse come in. The manager tells Cassie that she knows just what to do and is going to make the other hostesses look like old news as he leans in to kiss her neck.

Lucas tells Sami to hit him because it won’t change a thing. As Sami struggles against Lucas holding her arms, Lucas has a flashback to Tony and Sami in the same situation at the DiMera mansion when Sami fell through the French doors. Lucas comes back to the present and urges Sami to stop. Lucas notices that Sami is bleeding through her bandage.

Tony’s henchman holds a gun on John and tells him to freeze. Tony wants to know why John is on his yacht but John tells him to shut up because his yacht is getting ready to blow like Mt. St. Helen’s.

John is telling Tony that he is not the enemy and whoever sent Tony the fruit basket planted a bomb. Tony is telling John not to move or he will be shot. John continues to try to convince Tony that there is a bomb in the fruit basket.

Lucas tells Sami that her throat is okay and that she is not bleeding that much as Sami rushes to look in the mirror. Lucas convinces Sami to lie down on the couch and to let him look underneath the bandage. He starts to lift the tape off of Sami’s bandage.

Nicole comes out of her room to find Victor talking on the phone. Victor is telling the caller to tell the Tokyo businessman that he is dead serious. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief and tells Victor that he better hurry up and get down by the pool or he’ll miss his surprise.

Larry watches Brady through the bushes and gets ready to shoot still believing Brady to be Victor since Brady has his back to Larry.

Victor tells Nicole that he is on a business call and will be down when he is done and to leave him alone. Nicole goes back inside her room to the window and notices that Brady is down there. Nicole rushes down to the pool.

Brady takes a bite from a strawberry as Larry tells Victor to say goodnight and shoots Brady in the back. Brady falls into the pool as Nicole arrives and shouts Brady no!

Bo checks his gun as he looks toward Echelon and walks away from the club.

Inside Echelon, the manager is kissing Cassie’s hand and leads her away. Jesse is watching Hope in the box. Hope occasionally glances at Jesse. Hope gets up to leave the box and Jesse leaves the room. Tommy notices Hope and comments on her disguise. Hope asks where Bo is and Tommy says that he has been looking for him too because he found Bo’s mike outside. Hope is worried that something has happened to Bo but Tommy says that Bo will be okay. Hope tells Tommy that she hopes he is right.

Cassie suggests that they get to know each other better and the manager sits down at a table as Cassie sits on his lap. Cassie tells him to feel her hair and compliments him on his body. The manager says she is a natural and she is a hired. They stand up and the manager tells her that she is going to raise the bar and the customers are going to eat it up. Cassie says she can’t wait to get started and thanks him as she hugs him.

Lucas is putting a fresh bandage on Sami’s throat as he asks if he is hurting her. Sami shakes her head no. Lucas assures Sami that she should be fine now and jokes that his bill is $100 but Sami doesn’t feel like laughing. Lucas says he doesn’t blame her because he said some horrible things to her and he’s sorry. Sami is shocked that Lucas is apologizing as Lucas says that having that dinner with Sami and Will would have been nice. Lucas gets up to leave and writes a note to Sami on her board and hands it to her as he leaves. Sami watches him leave and then reads the board to see that he wrote “I’m sorry.” Sami looks up towards the door.

John is still trying to convince Tony that the yacht is going to blow. Tony checks out the fruit basket himself and notices that the timer on the bomb has only seconds left. He yells that they should get out and the three of them run out of the room. The camera switches to a shot of the outside of the ship in the water as it blows up.

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