Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Larry is in the barn aiming the gun. He opens the barrel to see that there are still no bullets and tells Nicole to hurry up with the bullets so they can get the show on the road.

Victor asks Brady and Nicole to tell him what is going on. Brady tells Victor to ask Nicole. Victor asks Nicole what she is up to.

Belle and Shawn are dining at the Brady Pub when Philip arrives. Philip asks what is up but Shawn says he is hoping that Philip could tell him. Belle tells Shawn to be nice but Shawn goes on to say that Philip has spent more time with Belle this past week than he has and asks Philip if he likes spending time with his girlfriend. Philip tries to explain but Shawn tells him to save it because he knows exactly what is going on.

Kate and Roman arrive at the Brady Pub. Kate is telling Roman that she is trying to be nice to Sami but she’s hurt Lucas so much in the past. Roman asks Kate if Lucas standing Sami up wasn’t hurtful. Kate says that Cassie is an even bigger mistake for Lucas than Sami but Roman says not to compare them because they aren’t even in the same universe.

Sami is sitting alone at the table she set up for Lucas, her and Will and is crying. Sami gets up and throws the dinner into the trash. Sami starts to write on her board but scratches it out and throws it across the room. Sami lies on the couch and cries into a pillow.

Cassie asks Rex and Mimi what they were doing, knocking down their door, they scared her to death. Lucas orders them to get out of their room. Mimi tells Rex that they are too late. Lucas starts to call them “a son of.”

Sami is cleaning up the dishes from the table. She stops and sits down at the table. Sami searches through a drawer for some paper. Finding some she sits back down at the table to write a note to Lucas.

Rex tells Lucas to take his hands off of Cassie. Lucas tells Rex to get out of here right now. Cassie asks Rex what is wrong. Rex is saying that this is a nightmare as he turns toward the door. Mimi starts to comfort Rex. Lucas tells Rex to leave again but Rex tells Lucas to shut up. Mimi suggests they get some fresh air and give Lucas and Cassie some privacy. Rex says he isn’t going anywhere until he talks to Cassie. Lucas tells Rex that he isn’t going to be talking to anyone as he gets up from under the covers. Mimi is embarrassed at the sight of Lucas naked and leaves the room. Rex tells Cassie that she needs to hear this. Lucas is covering himself as he tells Rex to get out and pushes him. Rex pushes Lucas back and accuses them of being drunk. Cassie says they just had a little champagne. Rex accuses Lucas of getting Cassie wasted to have a good time. Lucas says that Cassie is a big girl and can take care of herself. Rex accuses Lucas of having the whole night planned out and calls him sick. Lucas offers to fight Rex but Cassie steps in between them as he tells Rex that Lucas didn’t force her to do anything. Rex doesn’t believe her so Cassie says she’ll talk with him but asks to be able to get dressed first. Mimi leads Rex out of the room and Lucas slams the door behind them. Lucas asks Cassie what is going on.

Kate apologizes to Roman for her remarks about Cassie and Sami. Roman asks that they not talk about it anymore. They enter the Pub and Kate notices Philip. Kate tells Philip that she is glad that Philip is at home safe. Roman offers that he and Kate get a table. Kate leaves to join Roman at their table after confirming that Philip will be coming over for dinner.

Philip sits back down asking if they have ordered yet. Shawn asks Philip what is going on. Philip tells Shawn that his life isn’t an open book. Shawn says that his Dad being a merchant marine he knows about the code of honor. Philip says that is great and tries to change the subject by asking about what they’d ordered. Shawn asks what a US Marine is doing snooping around a ship. Philip says it is none of his business but Shawn says it is his business when he involves his girlfriend. Philip reluctantly tells Shawn that he’s been tracking Tony DiMera. Shawn loudly says Tony’s name and asks Philip what he was doing dragging Belle into this because she could have been killed.

Philip says that Shawn should be mad at Belle because she’s the one who followed him and he told her to leave. Belle is getting angry about this as Philip tells Shawn to tell Belle to leave him alone because then maybe she’ll listen to him. Belle asks if she is supposed to take orders now. Shawn asks that they not do this because it isn’t worth it. Philip says it is worth it because Shawn wants to keep Belle safe. Shawn agrees and Philip tells Shawn to tell Belle to leave him alone because he can’t do his job and keep tabs on Belle too. Belle accuses Philip of thinking that because she is a woman she can’t defend herself.

Roman tells the waitress that all they need is two iced teas. Kate is saying how amazed she is that Philip is so mature since joining the Marines. Roman comments that that is what the Marines do. Kate says that she wishes Lucas would show some maturity because he keeps making one bad decision after another. Roman adds the example of going to work for Tony. Kate adds that any relationship with Cassie is just going to lead to disaster.

Lucas and Cassie are getting dressed. Lucas is complaining that their romantic evening was ruined by Rex barging in like Rambo. Cassie says she doesn’t know what is wrong. Lucas blames it on a chemical imbalance. Rex and Mimi come back in and Rex asks if he and Cassie can go someplace private. Lucas says that the last thing Cassie needs is a lecture from her overprotective brother. Rex says that is what a brother does is protect his sister but what Lucas did was disgusting. Lucas says that Cassie didn’t think so. Rex asks if they can just talk alone. Lucas asks Cassie if that is okay or if he should stay. Cassie says she is fine and Lucas calls this a big mistake and leaves. Mimi asks if Lucas doesn’t have a right to know. Cassie asks right to know what but Mimi says she has already said too much. Cassie says that they are scaring her and asks for someone to tell her what is going on. Rex and Mimi exchange glances.

Larry is getting impatient waiting for Nicole to come back with the bullets. He is polishing the gun as he says to never send a woman to do a man’s job. He opens the barn door and sneaks out.

Victor asks Nicole what the surprise is. Brady points out that it must be important because she is in a hurry to find it. Nicole says she puts a lot of thought into her gifts for Victor but they’re for Victor so it isn’t any of Brady’s business. Victor says he is a lucky man to have such a devoted wife and kisses her. Brady goes to leave but Nicole pulls away from the kiss and begs Brady not to leave.

Nicole rephrases by telling Brady not to leave on their account. Nicole makes up an excuse about having to call about the rose bushes and makes a quick exit. Victor points out that Nicole is high strung tonight and Brady agrees that she is hard to read sometimes. Victor asks Brady if he has checked out the progress on the recording studio yet. Brady says he can’t check it out now because he has another surprise of his own to attend to. Nicole arrives at the barn talking to Larry about having to find their own ammo when she realizes that Larry isn’t there.

Belle is going off on Shawn and Philip about being guys and never messing up and asks about both of them going after Maya and not being able to nail her. Philip retorts that this isn’t Charlie’s Angels and Belle isn’t Cameron Diaz. Belle asks Philip how long it took him to come up with that. Belle’s phone beeps and Belle checks it as she tells Shawn and Philip that they will have to find someone else to pick on because she is out of there. Shawn asks where she is going but Belle says that maybe his little spy friend can figure it out for him.

Sami is sitting on the couch looking through a magazine still angry when she hears Lucas walk by on his way to his apartment. Sami throws open the door to her apartment. Lucas begs her not to bother him tonight because he has had a bad night and wants to go crash at his apartment. Sami forces Lucas into her apartment and points out the table. Lucas says the table looks great but asks what that has to do with him. Sami hands Lucas the note she wrote him. Lucas reads it and accuses Sami of kidding him.

Rex suggests that Cassie sit down. Cassie accuses Rex of stalling and Mimi tells Rex that she’ll be outside if he needs her and leaves. Cassie asks what was so important that Rex barged in there. Rex says he wished he had come sooner. Cassie asks what Rex has against Lucas because he makes her feel beautiful and Rex should be happy for her. Rex repeats that she can’t be sleeping with Lucas. Cassie thinks it is because Rex and Tony don’t approve and she can be with any man she wants. Rex says she can’t be with Lucas and finally tells her that she just slept with her half brother. Cassie looks at Rex shockingly.

Lucas reads the note Sami wrote to him aloud. It reads about how Sami invited Lucas to dinner so that they could be together as a civilized family. Lucas apologizes and says that he didn’t get an invitation. Sami writes that she wrote Will a note. Lucas says that Will didn’t give him the note. Sami doesn’t believe him so Lucas gets angry that they were making progress. Sami writes that it is Lucas’ fault. Lucas says he isn’t the one who wrote the nasty letter and finishes reading the letter full of insults to Lucas including that Lucas has no morals. Lucas yells at Sami about her not having any morals so Sami throws a pillow at him. Lucas goes on about if Sami had her way she’d be married to Austin and he’d never know that Will was his son. Sami starts trying to speak a response but realizes she can’t talk. Lucas hands her the writing board and tells her to write her way out of it. Sami tries to write but Lucas teases her about not being able to write a retort fast enough. Lucas goes on to say that he thought they could get rid of the bad blood between them but she keeps bringing up the past and if he had known, he would have been there for their family dinner. Sami writes that Lucas is a liar. Lucas starts to claim that Sami is the liar but Sami writes Cassie’s name on the other side of the board.

Rex tells Cassie that it is true that Lucas is their half brother but Cassie doesn’t believe it. Rex says he wishes he got there sooner. Cassie still doesn’t believe it but Rex says that he has the tests to prove that Kate is their mother. Cassie says that she and Lucas didn’t have sex.

Shawn wants to go find Belle but Philip holds him back. Philip tells Shawn that they need to keep Belle out of this ISA stuff. Shawn asks what Philip needs him to do. Philip tells Shawn to keep an eye on Maya but that he can’t tell Belle.

Roman says that if worrying about something helped, they should just knock themselves out worrying about Sami, Lucas, and Cassie but worrying is just going to make them old before their time. Kate asks if they can really be happy when their children’s lives are in turmoil. Roman says that if he and Kate have a good relationship than maybe their children will find that too. Kate says that Lucas will never have that with Sami. Roman takes offense at that. Kate says that Lucas and Sami don’t do well together as Roman asks who Lucas goes well together with. Kate asks Roman if he is going to pretend that Sami isn’t very troubled and needs to straighten herself out before she can be with anyone. Roman points out Lucas’ faults and Kate says that that is very cruel. Roman points out that what Kate said about Sami was cruel also and tells Kate to not pretend to have tender feelings for her and tells her to admit that she can’t stand Sami.

Belle arrives at Brady’s old loft. Brady says that she got there fast. Brady says he is still disoriented living with his grandfather but he’ll get used to it. Belle says it doesn’t look like he’s even moved out of the loft because his stuff is still here. Belle asks Brady why he wanted to meet there and Brady says that John still owns the place and he thought she might not want to live in the dorms next fall. Belle asks if Brady is asking if she wants to live at the loft and Brady says yes. Belle says she would love to and hugs Brady.

Belle says she can’t believe that this is going to be her place. Brady teases Belle about not having enough closet space for all her clothes. Belle says she has to call Mimi but Brady informs Belle about the cable and the phone still being hooked up but warns Belle not to spill anything on his furniture. Belle is shocked and overjoyed at this as she flops down on the couch. Belle promises to be extra careful and Brady hands over the keys. Belle is worried about having to ask Marlena and John if they can do this and Brady says he already talked to them and that Belle is mature enough to live on her own. Belle says that Brady is sweet but Brady points out that Belle is an adult and can take care of herself. Belle says that she wishes some people thought that but she doesn’t want to talk about that. Brady says that no one messes with his little but then corrects himself and says grown up sister. Belle asks how Brady is doing now that Chloe is gone. Brady says he isn’t doing great and everything at the loft reminds him of her. Belle asks if Brady has talked to her. Brady says he has picked up the phone a dozen times to call her but can never follow through. Belle asks why not and Brady says he would never know what to say. Brady adds that Chloe needs her space and the last thing she needs is a distraction like him. Brady tells Belle that he knows he made the right decision and asks Belle to never let him fall in love again because it is a colossal waste of energy. Belle tells Brady that just because a relationship doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it is a waste since life doesn’t last forever but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. Brady says that if he had his relationship with Chloe to do over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Belle and Brady hug and Belle asks Brady if she can invite Shawn over. Brady says that it is Belle’s place and to go ahead. Belle reaches for her cell phone and looks over at Brady and smiles.

Shawn and Philip sit back down in the booth. They talk about Belle wanting to be in on all the action while they were in Puerto Rico. Shawn goes to call Belle but notices that she has left a message for him to have them both meet her at Brady’s loft.

Larry returns to the barn. Nicole asks where he was and Larry says that he swiped the bullets from his dealer. Larry tells Nicole that she may be easy on the eyes but she’s not easy to work with. Nicole says she has never planned a murder before. Larry tells Nicole to relax. Nicole asks Larry what she has to do. Larry tells Nicole to lure Victor out into public so he can get a clear shot at him. Nicole says that isn’t going to happen.

Rex tells Cassie that he thought for sure that she and Lucas had slept together. Rex leans out the door to tell Mimi that they got there in time. Cassie says that the whole time she felt that something was wrong and realizes that it was Rex trying to tell her that something was wrong. Mimi says that everything is cool then. Cassie says it isn’t because you can’t just black it out and pretend it never happened. Rex tells Cassie to not let one mistake change the way she feels about herself. Cassie says she has to get out of here but Rex offers to drive her somewhere. Cassie says she has to deal with this on her own and Rex begs her not to tell anyone or their lives with the DiMeras will be over. Cassie leaves and Mimi asks Rex if he thinks Cassie will keep her mouth shut.

Nicole asks how she is supposed to lure Victor out in public when he keeps her locked up. Nicole says that if it is going to happen, it’s got to happen in Victor’s own backyard. Larry says that that might work since Victor has been the target of hit man before and they just have to make it look like a hit man got on the grounds and put one right in his head. Nicole doesn’t like this so Larry asks if she is having second thoughts because once Victor hits the ground, she’ll be the merry widow and all of the riches will be hers. Larry adds that Nicole will then be all his and kisses her.

Shawn and Philip arrive at the loft and Belle hugs them both. Brady asks if Belle wants to tell them or should he. Belle says welcome to her new place. Shawn says that this is sudden and Belle points out that Brady moved out suddenly and Marlena and John are okay with it. Shawn is worried about Brady not wanting to stay at the Kiriakis mansion forever. Brady is getting upset that Shawn is not cool with the idea. Belle tells Shawn that she is excited about it but Shawn is acting grim about it. Shawn starts to find new things to complain about the place but Brady and Belle shoot it all down. Belle tells Shawn to be happy for her and Shawn says he is. Philip tells Belle that she now has her own bachelorette pad and Belle jokes about having to put up her Justin Timberlake poster but Brady doesn’t like that idea. Belle offers to cook for Shawn and watch TV together and share her dreams with him. They kiss.

Lucas tells Sami that he didn’t sleep with Cassie. Sami writes to ask who says he did and Lucas says it is no business of Sami’s who he sleeps with anyway. There is a knock on the door and Lucas says he will get that on his way out. He answers the door and it is Cassie who says she heard his voice. Lucas asks Cassie what is going on and Cassie says that there is something Lucas needs to know.

Brady is telling Belle about a neighbor who is nice and that he will be taking off. Belle wants him to stay but Brady says Victor is expecting him. Belle and Brady say goodbye. Belle tells Shawn and Philip to say hello to the independent woman. Shawn tells Belle that he likes taking care of her and he’s sorry if that bothers her but is because he loves her and they kiss. Philip sneaks out of the loft to leave them alone.

Kate tells Roman that she has been trying to make a great effort to be fair to Sami. Roman humors Kate but Kate says that if they can’t be adults about it, then they should stop seeing each other. Roman tells Kate that they can both be defensive about their kids and that’s fine. Roman offers that he and Kate agree that unless they have something positive to say, they stay off the subject of their children entirely. Kate agrees to the deal as Roman takes Kate’s hand in his and kisses it.

Mimi is consoling Rex that Cassie will get over it real soon. Rex is upset that Cassie is going to do something stupid and he hopes it doesn’t involve Lucas.

Cassie is telling Lucas that what happened tonight can never happen again and if he ever touched her again, she’d be sick. Lucas accuses Cassie of throwing herself at him. Cassie denies that she ever threw herself at him. Lucas says she did but Cassie says to forget it and leave her alone. Sami is listening to all of this looking smug. Lucas says it would be his pleasure to leave Cassie alone and slams the door in her face. Cassie leans against the door and begins to cry. Lucas notices Sami’s expression and tells her she can go to hell.

Nicole pulls away from Larry’s kiss saying that they should wait until they really have something to celebrate. Larry says then they should rock ‘n roll because tonight is the night as he aims the gun toward the barn door. Nicole follows Larry’s arm back to his face. The show ends on Nicole’s worried face.

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