Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Bo are dining in the Brady Pub. Hope is holding Zack and asks him if she is holding him too tight. Zack wants to get down and play so Hope lets him down but tells him not to go too far. Bo reassures Hope that Zack will be fine. Hope says she hates being away from Zack. After Zack leaves Hope tells Bo that getting criminals off the streets she likes but can’t imagine having Zack and Shawn grow up without parents. Bo tells Hope that it is fine if she wants out of the bounty hunter business. Hope says she doesn’t want out but asks Bo to promise no more risk taking. Bo promises as Victor walks into the Pub. Victor says he is glad he found them and asks why Bo and Hope have such long faces given the news of the day. They ask what Victor is talking about and Victor explains that Larry Welch is dead as he shows them the paper. Hope takes the paper and looks at the story.

Larry is in the barn filing his nails.

The gun supplier uncovers the gun for Nicole. Nicole goes to take it but the supplier says he wants the cash first. Nicole asks how she can be sure that it shoots but the supplier says he doesn’t think she wants him to do a demo. Nicole reaches into her purse and hands him the money as Brady watches from behind some boxes.

Roman and Kate arrive at Sami’s apartment. Kate doesn’t want to go in because Sami won’t want to see her. Roman tells Kate that he loves her and as soon as Sami accepts that, the better it will be for all of them.

Sami is arranging the table for dinner as Will complains that he doesn’t like mousse and asks Sami if she could have made something everyone likes. Will asks where Lucas is and why he isn’t there by now. The doorbell rings. Sami opens the door expecting Lucas but finds Roman and Kate standing there. Roman asks if he woke Sami and says welcome home as they hug. Roman pulls Kate close and asks Sami if it is okay if they come in.

Lucas and Cassie arrive at a motel, room #4. Lucas unlocks the door and then puts the do not disturb sign on the door. Cassie looks around the room and asks if they have any better rooms. Lucas says it is fine because it has a bed and he’s sorry he had to take her to a no tell motel but that’s how it had to be if they don’t want anyone to find out about them. Cassie asks about going to Lucas’ place but remembers that Will would be there. Lucas says they don’t have to do this but Cassie says she doesn’t want to wait. Lucas is worried about this not being special enough for Cassie’s first time but Cassie says it is special being there with him and they kiss.

Mimi walks over to Rex’s desk covered in only the sheet to ask him what is wrong and if he still doesn’t know who his mother is. Rex looks at the computer screen and says oh no.

John checks out the box on Tony’s yacht and tests the lock. He gets ready to try and pick the lock but hears Tony coming down the hall. Tony starts to unlock the door to the room that John is in.

Tony and the captain go into the room as Tony tells the Captain that he doesn’t want to alert the coast guard to any inspections. The Captain says he knows where to expect patrols and won’t do anything to draw attention to the yacht. Bart brings the rest of Tony’s luggage onto the ship and assures Tony that he will watch over his household and asks if he should call Tony if something goes wrong. Tony says he is going to be out of the country and Bart should make sure that nothing goes wrong. Tony tells Bart to send Sami flowers everyday from him to raise her sprits. Bart asks what kind of flowers but Tony just looks at him so Bart says he should send charming but expensive but nothing that says I love you, I hate you or I’m going to kill you. Tony agrees and Bart leaves. The Captain asks Tony if he’d like to join them on the bridge but Tony refuses and the Captain leaves letting Tony know to let him know if he needs anything. Tony sits down and pulls a folder out of his briefcase. John is hiding behind the door as he turns on an alert. Tony rushes up to the deck as John sneaks out of the room and into another room across the hall.

Maya and her accomplice are at the Brady Pub. Maya is upset that her accomplice is having a leisurely lunch and not doing his job of tailing Tony. The accomplice asks if Tony going on vacation meant that he could get a vacation but Maya doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The accomplice realizes that Maya doesn’t know anything about Tony’s boat trip and Maya tells him to tell her everything he knows.

Bo asks Victor what caused the explosion. Victor says he isn’t sure. Hope asks if there is a body and Victor says there was as Bo points out that it was probably burned beyond recognition. Victor confirms as Hope asks if Larry could have staged this whole thing to come after them again. Victor says that Larry doesn’t have any friends who could help him pull this off and that if he tried something like this, he’d be very sorry. Hope starts talking about what if Larry had gotten out of prison but Bo interrupts and tells her that it is going to be alright.

Brady is still hiding around the corner watching. The gun supplier starts telling Nicole about the characteristics of the gun but Nicole says she doesn’t care as long as it shoots straight and has a silencer. The supplier says that this gun doesn’t have a silencer. Nicole says she needs one now and the supplier asks Nicole to just get her bodyguard to do the deed as he nods to Brady. Nicole turns around to see Brady and tells the supplier thanks and that her husband will enjoy the surprise. Brady comes up behind Nicole as the supplier leaves. Nicole turns around and calls Brady a jerk as she asks if he is following her.

Cassie throws Lucas down on the bed and climbs on top of him. Lucas tells her to slow down and Cassie asks why. Lucas climbs out from under Cassie and tells her that she has to relax or it won’t work. He grabs the champagne and says he wanted to make a toast but forgot the glasses. Cassie grabs the complimentary motel room glasses and brings them to Lucas. Cassie thanks Lucas for being patient with her and for treating her like she is special. Lucas tells Cassie that she is special, beautiful and an amazing woman. Lucas pours them some champagne as Cassie says that when she first came to Salem she was like a baby, she had never seen mountains or snow or never even tasted champagne. Lucas says he can fix that and hands her a glass. Cassie goes on to say that she never had a friend and being with someone and meaning something to someone is so important for a woman and now she is a woman who couldn’t be happier to be spending tonight here with Lucas. They touch glasses and drink to that.

Rex tells Mimi that there is a match and his mother is Kate Roberts.

Kate tells Sami that she is looking very well. Kate notices Will is there and they hug. Will asks if they came for dinner. Kate says they didn’t know she would be eating so early. Roman tells Sami that he is glad that she is taking care of herself and asks if she cooked. Will says they are celebrating Sami coming home from the hospital and asks if he can go to Jorge’s until dinner is ready. Sami nods that it is okay and Roman says they’ll call when dinner is ready. Will thanks him and leaves. Roman gives Sami a bell to ring that she can use in an emergency if she needs to call Marlena or Roman and ring the bell and they’ll know what it means. Roman asks if Sami would like to try it out and Sami writes that they should go home and she’ll try it. Roman asks if Sami is trying to get rid of them and Kate notices that the table is set for 3 people and asks Sami if she is expecting someone.

Mimi is saying that Kate isn’t so bad even though she’s abandoned 4 of her kids and starts rattling off the names of Kate’s children. Rex realizes that Lucas is now their half brother and Mimi continues rattling off the rest of Kate’s children and begins naming Roman’s children as Rex has a flashback of Cassie and Lucas kissing. Rex frantically starts dialing the phone as Mimi asks who he is calling. Rex says he is calling Cassie and has to stop her.

Lucas pours Cassie another glass of champagne. Cassie takes a drink and says the bubbles tickle. Lucas asks if she likes being tickled as he kisses her neck and down her arm. Lucas tells Cassie that she is so sweet and Cassie says no one has ever told her that before. Cassie gets up from the chair as Lucas sits on the bed. Cassie says she doesn’t care about the room and thanks him for bringing her someplace where people won’t be watching her waiting for her to do something wrong. Cassie says she feels like a woman here and she doesn’t have to answer to anyone and the only person she needs to please is Lucas. Lucas says they have all night and to take as long as she wants. Cassie turns off the ringer on her cell phone so no one calls her and returns to stand in front of Lucas as she says that no one is going to interrupt them this time. Lucas says they better not as Cassie leans him back onto the bed and begins kissing him. The camera shows Cassie’s cell phone getting an incoming call that they don’t hear since the ringer was turned off.

Brady asks Nicole where her horse is because she said she was going riding and she lied to him. Nicole says Brady is not her keeper and is just like Victor. Brady asks what that means but Nicole says it means nothing and tries to leave but Brady moves to stand in front of her. Brady asks who the guy was and Nicole says somebody. Brady says that Nicole bought something from that somebody but Nicole says it is none of Brady’s business. Brady looks down at Nicole’s purse and asks what she has in her purse. Nicole says nothing as Brady tries to grab the purse and asks if Nicole is on drugs. Nicole holds on to her purse and tries to get Brady to let go of it.

Nicole gets her purse back and accuses Brady of wanting to strip search her. Brady says he is worried about her and Victor. Nicole tells Brady that she bought a surprise for Victor but was trying to keep it a secret. Brady asks Nicole if she buys presents from strange guys in alleys. Nicole says she has been trying to get something special for Victor so he will treat her like a human being. Brady asks if this is bribery. Nicole says that Brady sees how horrible he treats her and calls them both socialist pigs. Brady says he doesn’t know Nicole but Victor isn’t the type of person to try and make women feel unhappy. Nicole says that isn’t what she thought when she first married him. Brady says that their marriage is none of his business and Nicole says that they finally agree on something. Brady says he butted in because Nicole asked him to and if she is still interested in managing the Blue Note with a pig like him, Victor said it was okay and that is what he came to tell Nicole. Nicole is excited at this news and asks when she starts. Brady says tomorrow night and Nicole says she’ll be there. Brady leaves. Nicole checks out the gun in her purse and says all set.

Hope takes Zack to get him ready for a play date. Victor tells Bo that he heard about the Fancy Face being for sale and offers to set up a loan. Bo refuses the offer and says it feels right to sell the Fancy Face and they already sold the boat. Victor says that it is Bo’s decision. Bo says he hasn’t told Hope because she’s been having a hard time with this. Victor says that Bo is having a hard time too. Bo says when trying to build a future you have to let go of a piece of the past. Victor says that there aren’t many jobs more dangerous than being a cop except for being a bounty hunter. Bo says that danger seems to follow them wherever they go. Victor says that they don’t have to go and look for it either. Bo adds that they can’t sit around and wait for it to find them and right now this is what feels right. Victor says he is proud of Bo and offers Bo to let him know if he needs help. Bo thanks him.

Rex says Cassie never turns off her cell phone. Mimi says that Lucas works for Tony and he wouldn’t jeopardize that by getting involved with Cassie and that he doesn’t have much patience for obnoxious women. Rex says that Lucas has no patience because he was already kissing Cassie. Bart opens the door and says that he sees everyone is accounted for and fully dressed. Rex says Cassie isn’t accounted for. Bart says that Cassie went out with Lucas. Rex shuts the door on Bart mid sentence. Mimi asks what he is doing and Rex says he is trying to reach Cassie. Mimi remembers the telepathy thing and wishes Rex good luck as she says she is going to try and find Cassie at Lucas’ apartment and leaves. Rex says to Cassie telepathically to listen to him wherever she is.

Cassie and Lucas continue making love. Cassie stops for a second and says Rex’s name. Lucas asks what she said but Cassie covers by saying she can’t believe she’s about to have sex with Lucas and they continue.

Roman asks if Marlena is the one having dinner with Sami and Will. His phone rings and Roman says it is the station as he asks to take it in Will’s room. Roman leaves and Kate notices the fresh cut flowers and the fancy folded napkins on the table. Kate guesses that Sami went to the trouble for Lucas. Kate says that Roman blames Lucas for Sami’s accident but they both know that that isn’t true. Kate tells Sami that she is sorry for her pain but she can’t have it both ways but they both know that she is the same old Sami and whatever her plan is, it isn’t going to work because it looks like he stood her up. Sami gives Kate a mean look and starts ringing her bell in Kate’s face. Kate is telling Sami to stop as Roman comes in and asks what is going on.

Bo is looking out of the window as Hope comes back. Bo tells Hope that Victor offered them financial help and Hope says she knows he couldn’t take it like she couldn’t take it from Alice. Hope suggests they put in their insurance claim but Bo says Jesse would want to sell the SUV in one piece so there is a chance that they could still get it back. Bo adds that if word gets out that they got ripped off, nobody else would hire them. Hope says she didn’t think about that. Bo asks Hope what she wants to do.

Maya says that Tony doesn’t realize that it’s her job to double deal. She adds that Tony’s little trip is going to end their working relationship on a permanent basis. Maya tells Sal that lunch is over and whispers in his ear what he is going to do.

Tony is checking out the laser as John having changed into regular clothes, comes out of the other room. He peeks into Tony’s room and sees him in there with the laser. Tony has his back to John so he doesn’t see him. John walks down the hall and into another corridor and contacts Tek and tells him that he’s on board and they are getting ready to shove off. John tells Tek that Tony has a piece of high tech equipment in a steel crate that he is trying to keep under wraps which may be the key to his whole operation.

Nicole comes back into the barn and finds Larry sleeping in the stall. Larry says he is bored and Nicole was supposed to be entertaining him. Nicole pulls the gun out of her purse and asks how this is for entertainment. Larry takes the gun and smiles as he says what a pistol. Nicole says she got a bad deal from Larry because the gun doesn’t have a silencer. Larry says he wishes Nicole had a silencer as he opens the cartridge to find that there aren’t any bullets in the gun.

Nicole asks Larry if he shouldn’t have arranged for bullets when he arranged for a gun. Larry complains that this whole thing was Nicole’s idea so Nicole agrees to get the bullets. Nicole is worried that it could still be traced to her. Larry suggests that Victor has many guns that Nicole could get a bullet from, probably even one with her name on it. Larry adds that it would be delicious to kill Victor with his own ammo and Nicole says that it would be delicious to have Victor dead no matter what. Nicole says she will be right back and tells Larry to hide.

Roman stops Sami and tells her that she can’t get upset and to not try to talk. Kate says she doesn’t know what happened and suggests that she should leave. The doorbell rings and Sami answers it to find Mimi at the door. Mimi asks Sami how she is feeling and remembers that Sami can’t talk and then notices that Roman and Kate are there too. Mimi says that she is looking for Lucas and he isn’t in his apartment and asks if they’ve seen him. Kate says they haven’t and asks why Mimi is looking for him. Mimi explains that Rex is looking for Cassie and thinks she would be with Lucas. Kate makes fun of the fact that Lucas stood Sami up to be with Cassie and Roman asks Sami if Lucas was the one Sami was expecting for dinner. Mimi says she is sorry to bother them and leaves.

Lucas stops and asks if Cassie is okay. Cassie says she is fine and suggests that Lucas pour them some more champagne. Lucas is worried that something is wrong but Cassie assures him that it isn’t him but she can’t stop thinking about Rex. Lucas can’t believe Cassie is thinking about her brother and Cassie explains that she is distracted by their twin psychic connection and would feel better if she knew he was okay. Lucas suggests that Cassie use a telephone instead and hands her his cell phone.

Rex is still telepathically trying to contact Cassie when the phone rings. He rushes to answer it assuming it is Cassie but it is Tony. Tony wants to go on and on about the laser operation as John comes back into the hallway and overhears Tony talking on the phone about the future of the DiMeras never being brighter.

Hope says she wants to go to the Fancy Face but Bo stops her to tell Hope that he sold the Fancy Face.

Nicole is rummaging through drawers trying to find bullets. Brady comes in and watches her search as he asks what she is looking for.

Cassie holds the cell phone and decides that she isn’t going to call Rex as Lucas downs the rest of his glass. Lucas suggests that they go home but Cassie wants to stay there with Lucas. Cassie says she is sick of being a freak. Lucas tells her she isn’t a freak but Cassie says that Rex is the only person she’s known for most her life but it’s time to cut the ties. Cassie adds that it feels different, not like he’s in trouble but more like he’s worried about her. Cassie tells Lucas that this feels right and pulls him close again.

Mimi returns to Rex’s room and is glad to see he is still there. Mimi informs Rex that Lucas wasn’t at his apartment and Kate didn’t know where he is. Rex asks Mimi if she has heard of the Dew Drop Inn. Mimi says she’s never been there but knows where it is. Rex tells Mimi that Cassie is there and Mimi asks why Lucas would take Cassie to a dive like that but then realizes why and grabs Rex to leave for the Inn.

Cassie and Lucas have stripped off all their clothes and are under the sheets. Cassie is still thinking about the feeling she is getting telepathically from Rex but Lucas doesn’t notice.

Nicole tells Brady that he scared her. Brady apologizes but Nicole says he isn’t sorry and asks what he is doing here. Brady says he lives here but Nicole accuses him of following her. Brady says that Nicole loves to flatter herself. Nicole says being pursued by Brady isn’t her idea of flattery. Brady says if he didn’t keep finding her meeting up with scumbags in alleys he wouldn’t even notice her and she keeps jumping out of her skin every time he sees her. Nicole says it is because Brady keeps creeping her out. Brady asks Nicole to tell him why he would want to work with her and Nicole asks why would he. Victor overhears this and asks what they are talking about.

Hope asks how Bo could have sold the Fancy Face without her and Bo says he got a great offer and wanted to make it easier on her. Hope makes Bo promise to consult her on everything from now on. Bo agrees and gets a call from his informant Tommy Thompson who tells him that he has word that Bo and Hope’s SUV is on the market in one piece. Bo and Hope go to Tommy to check it out.

***At this point my local station broke in to cover the mayor announcing the winner of the mega million dollar lottery jackpot for the remainder of the show.***

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