Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas is working in the DiMera living room when Sami walks in. Sami tells Lucas that she’s found her voice and asks where his is. This turns out to be a daydream as Lucas comes back to the present to realize it was Cassie who walked in and asks Lucas if he was thinking about Sami again.

Sami is back home in her apartment and Marlena is helping take care of her. Marlena offers Sami something to eat but Sami writes that she is too excited to eat. Marlena reads Sami’s discharge instructions and they all say to rest. Marlena says that being with Will and being in her own home is the best medicine for her but taking care of her is what she wants to do. Marlena is worried that Will won’t be home and Sami will be alone but Sami starts to write something on her board. Marlena stops her and says no.

Nicole, Brady, and Victor are having breakfast. Nicole tells Victor that she is a working girl. Brady tells Nicole that he said he was going to be the one to tell Victor but Nicole says she knows. Nicole tells Victor about working at the Blue Note but Victor says the Blue Note is part of Titan and Nicole left Titan so she can’t work at the Blue Note. Brady is sitting within view of the window that Larry Welch is peaking in and says “oh my God, Larry Welch.” Nicole looks scared.

Philip and John are in John’s office at Basic Black. Philip apologizes for involving Belle. John says he is grateful that Philip protected Belle. Philip asks how Belle is taking the news that John is a spy. John says Belle is upset that Philip knew something and she didn’t. Philip says it is tough to keep Belle out of this when the case involves her. John asks how and Philip explains the Belle/Shawn/Maya/Tony connection and John says it all comes back to Tony.

Tony and Bart are in Rex’s bedroom. Tony hands Bart a vial. Bart asks what it is. Tony tells Bart to send it to the lab for analysis. Bart asks about the laser and Tony tells Bart to make sure to put the vial into something safe. Rex comes in as Bart leaves. Rex asks Tony what the vial is that Bart was carrying.

Philip says he doesn’t understand why a rich guy like Tony would smuggle diamonds. John’s phone rings and it is the secretary informing him that someone is here to see him. John says to send him in, that he is someone about his new fall line. While they wait for the other guy, John tells Philip that there must be some bigger payoff for Tony. Tek comes in and says he just came from the lab so John asks what they have for them.

Tony tells Rex that he won’t know what is in the vial until he has the results from the lab. Rex points out that Tony wouldn’t have it if he didn’t think it was valuable. Tony says he trusts Rex but until he knows, he wants to keep it to himself. Tony says he is grateful that Rex is his son. Rex says he likes his life the way it is now. Tony says he thought Rex would want to better his life because nobody’s life is perfect. Rex worries that he and Cassie are a burden. Tony says that Rex and Cassie are the best things that could have happened to him and not just because of the laser. Rex reminds Tony that his laser prototype reached a bad end and caused those earthquakes. Rex warns Tony to be extremely careful.

Sami writes that she wants to see Tony. Marlena asks why she wants to see Tony. Sami writes that Tony will pay. Marlena agrees but tells Sami that that is not her responsibility; she needs to get better and be around people who love her the most. Marlena tells Sami that if Lucas gives her a problem about seeing Will, just get a hold of them and they’ll take care of it. Marlena asks if Sami is hungry but Sami motions that she is tired. Marlena tells Sami that she will let her get some rest and they hug. Marlena says she’ll be back in a few hours to check on her and leaves. Sami draws a picture of her and Lucas together.

Lucas tells Cassie that he was thinking about her and calls her beautiful. Lucas and Cassie kiss as they hear Tony asks what is going on. Cassie and Lucas turn to see Rex standing there watching them.

Tek says they have a lock on the cargo ship Maya is using for transportation and that the DiMera yacht is getting ready to go out to sea too. John guesses that they are both going to the same destination. They talk about Victor being involved and Philip says he wishes Victor was clean in this. John says he hopes his brother is the only one in this and it looks like he and his brother will have to take a cruise to find out.

Tony is asking Rex what the lab is sending him as he examines a package in the foyer. Rex says it is some software as he takes the package from Tony. Tony says that is good because Rex will be busy while he’s gone. Cassie and Lucas come into the foyer as Cassie asks where Tony is going. Tony says he is taking a trip but hates to be away from them. Cassie and Tony hug and she tells Tony that he doesn’t have to worry about them. Rex tells Tony to have a good trip and he hopes it is as good as he wishes it to be. Tony asks Cassie and Rex to excuse him and Lucas.

Rex and Cassie go into the living room. Rex tells Cassie that he saw her kissing Lucas. Cassie points out that Tony didn’t. Rex adds that Lucas hurts people and Cassie says that people say she hurts people too so Lucas and her are perfect for each other.

Tony asks Lucas to keep a close eye on Cassie while he’s gone. Lucas agrees. Tony says he is surprised to see Lucas there and asks about Sami being released from the hospital. Tony is worried that Sami is home alone and Lucas asks Tony if he is worried that Sami is thinking of suing Tony.

Sami is writing “Sami & Lucas” on her writing board. She gets up from the couch and walks over to a picture of Will on a shelf. Sami looks at the picture and tears up.

Brady holds up the paper with the headline that says that Larry died in the explosion. Brady asks Victor if he has suspicions that Larry isn’t really dead. Victor says that Larry better be dead. Nicole excuses herself from the table with an excuse of going to take her morning ride and leaves. Brady asks Victor if he really wants his wife not to work. Victor says he wants Nicole here with him. Brady asks if he is going to keep Nicole locked up forever.

Nicole sneaks out of the house and calls for Larry. Larry comes out of the bushes and asks about some food. Nicole gives Larry the money Brady advanced her and tells him to go buy a gun so he can blow her husband away and then he’ll be able to satisfy all his desires.

Lucas tells Cassie that Tony said to keep a close eye on her. Cassie says they have his blessing then. Cassie starts to pour drinks but Lucas refuses. Cassie asks why and Lucas says it is too early to start drinking. Cassie says t relax because it is summertime and his boss is out of town and they are on vacation. Lucas repeats vacation as they kiss. Lucas says he will indulge in a little and downs the drink. Cassie asks Lucas what is wrong and asks if it is Sami he is thinking about. Lucas says that’s what he ends up doing, hurting people. Cassie tries to say he doesn’t but Lucas says this isn’t what Tony had in mind. Cassie asks Lucas if he is afraid of Tony. Lucas says he is afraid of hurting Cassie and she doesn’t need a man like him in her life. Cassie says he is exactly the man she needs as they kiss and Cassie starts to undo Lucas’ belt.

Rex runs down to let Mimi in at the front door. Mimi tells Rex that she downloaded the hospital computer’s mainframe and that the records can tell Rex who his mother is.

John walks into Marlena’s office at the hospital and inquires about Sami. Marlena says Sami is fine and will check on her in a little while. John says to tell Sami that he is thinking about her but that he has to leave.

Sami is holding Will’s ball and glove when there is a knock at the door. It is Tony knocking on the door and he calls out that he has a wonderful surprise for her. Sami open the door and lets him in but is obviously very annoyed. Tony hands Sami a small box with hopes that it would lift her spirits. Sami opens it and is shocked at what is inside.

Larry tells Nicole that he isn’t allowed out of the barn and can’t purchase a firearm because he is a convicted felon, not to mention being dead. Nicole says she can’t buy it and Larry tells her that she can just keep being Victor’s love slave for the next 50 years. Nicole asks Larry to tell her what she has to do. Larry says there is some guy who owes him a favor.

Victor warns Brady about getting involved with working with Nicole. Brady asks if that is why Victor wanted her to leave Titan. Victor talks about when work and personal life are one and the same and that is what happened with him and Kate. Brady points out that it wasn’t like that working with Chloe. Victor asks Brady why he is so concerned about Nicole’s future and feelings.

Marlena asks John where he is going and John says it is ISA business but that Marlena wouldn’t be displeased with where he is going. Marlena guesses that John means Tony and says that she doesn’t want anything to happen to John. John says he isn’t taking any unnecessary risks and he has every reason to be coming home safe to Marlena. They hug.

Sami holds up a diamond necklace and Tony says it is real. Sami tries to give it back but Tony says it is hers. Tony says he thought it would heal, not hurt because Sami is a beautiful diamond in the rough. Tony says he will be leaving town for a while but wanted to come by and tell Sami how he truly felt about her.

Brady says he doesn’t even know Nicole and Victor’s happiness as his grandfather is what matters to him. Victor thanks him but Brady thanks Victor for looking after him and he is the person that he counts on and respects. Brady says he knows Victor didn’t like that he and Chloe were together and respects that Victor was able to put his personal feelings aside. Brady says being in love reminded him of when Victor used to give him relationship advice and when Chloe got sick, it reminded him of Isabella and he had a dream that Isabella was worried about Victor. Victor says Brady is a wise man. Brady asks if he is wise, then why does Victor think he is crazy to want to work with Nicole. Victor wishes Brady the best of luck with working with Nicole and tells Brady to go tell Nicole the good news and Brady leaves. Brady steps outside to see Nicole speeding off. Brady starts to run after her car. Larry comes out of the bushes and watches Nicole’s car speed away as Brady chases it.

Marlena thanks John for loving them so much. John says he doesn’t know when he’ll be home. Marlena asks if he is leaving today. John says he came to say goodbye but Marlena says she won’t say goodbye, she’ll say I love you. John tells Marlena he loves her always and they kiss.

Sami looks at the necklace and grabs her writing board. She writes that she can’t accept the gift. Tony says he can’t take it back. Tony asks if Sami believes that she deserves good things in life and she must see herself in a different light after what happened. Tony goes on to say that he can’t apologize for what Stefano did to Sami as a child because he wasn’t part of that but it is healing to tell Sami that he forgives her for the pain she tried to inflict on Lexie and he hopes she can forgive him. Tony tells Sami that he wishes that he will hear the same words from her someday and in time all will be healed as he bids her goodbye and leaves Sami’s apartment.

Tony and Bart are on the ship. Tony is making sure a box is secure. Bart says it is and offers to get the rest of Tony’s bags. Tony tells Bart to look after Lucas, Cassie and Rex and make sure they don’t get into any trouble.

Rex and Mimi are in Rex’s bedroom. Rex is working on his computer as they try to find out who Rex’s mother is. Rex says it could take minutes or hours. Mimi says she knows a way to make the time go by and they move to the bed and start kissing.

Marlena uses her key and lets herself into Sami’s apartment. Sami quickly puts away the necklace. Marlena says she didn’t want to knock and wake up Sami in case she was sleeping. Marlena asks Sami how she feels and if she is hungry. Sami nods that she is fine and isn’t hungry. Marlena offers to go to Tuscany but Sami doesn’t want any food. She shows Marlena her writing board where she wrote that she wants to have dinner with Lucas and Will. Marlena says that she thought Sami would want to be alone with Will but if Lucas won’t allow that, she’ll talk to him. Sami shakes her head no and Marlena asks Sami if she doesn’t want to spend time with Lucas and tells Sami that Lucas is rejoicing in her misery and she doesn’t want Lucas to hurt her again. Sami writes that she is moving forward. Marlena says she hopes so.

Cassie tells Lucas that one day he is going to be a powerful and fun man. Cassie says that Lucas is handsome in this suit but she bets he’s even more handsome out of it. She goes on to tell Lucas that she wants him to know how she really is and wants to help him because they have so much in common. They kiss. Cassie asks if she is wrong and Lucas says no. Cassie says they can’t do this there in the living room. Lucas agrees and Cassie says later as she begins kissing his neck. Lucas says they shouldn’t do this but Cassie says they should and tells Lucas that he better not say no to her. Lucas asks what will happen if he does and Cassie tells him that he will definitely regret it.

Nicole arrives at a warehouse type place. She meets up with a guy and is nervous as she tells the guy that she has never done this before. He asks Nicole if she has the cash and tells her to give it to him. Nicole tells him to show her the gun first. Brady has followed Nicole and is watching their interaction.

Marlena tells Sami that she doesn’t mind stopping at Tuscany for supper for all three of them. Sami writes that she doesn’t need a babysitter. Marlena tells Sami that she believes in forgiveness but Sami doesn’t have to forgive what has happened between her and Lucas even though he’s asked for forgiveness. Marlena tells Sami about not being able to forgive Tony and she wants to make sure Tony could never hurt her again and is never around her again. Sami looks to the box she put the necklace in.

Mimi and Rex are lying in bed after making love as Rex tells Mimi that he loves her. Mimi is telling Rex she loves him too as Rex’s computer beeps. Rex jumps out of bed to his computer as Mimi asks if the results are in and if he knows who his mother is. Rex is shocked at what he is reading on the computer screen.

Lucas puts down his drink and he and Cassie kiss. Cassie asks if this is a yes and Lucas says it is a hell yes. Cassie says they should find a place where they can finally be together and leads him out of the living room.

Bart says he will keep an eye on them and he better get home to do it as he leaves to get Tony’s bags. The captain comes in and asks Tony if he has everything he needs. Tony says he does and Bart is getting the rest of his bags.

Philip asks Tek if he thinks John is on the boat by now. Tek says he should be and this is the most dangerous part of the mission because John is out there alone. Tek adds that if Tony finds him he doesn’t even want to go there.

Tony leaves a room on the ship and locks the door behind him. John comes out of another room and pulls off the hood of his wet suit as he watches Tony walk away.

Philip asks Tek if they should try to establish contact. Tek says they shouldn’t distract John because his every movement has to be very precise. Tek adds that they want this mission to be the end of Tony DiMera, not the end of John Black.

John picks the lock to the room Tony just left. He sneaks inside and looks around the hallway as he closes the door behind him.

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