Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Here's a short summary...

Belle and Shawn D meet at Brady's club. He asks her why she was on the ship. She tells him that she can't tell him because she promised Phillip to keep his secret. He understands and forgives her. Belle doesn't understand how Maya can keep chasing after Shawn when she knows he's taken.

Nicole and the bartender talk about why the club is lacking in style and atmosphere. They tell Brady and he agrees that he should hire someone to fix it up. So he asks Nicole to do it. She doesn't think Victor will go along with that idea, but he tells her that he'll talk Victor into it.

Larry phones Nicole and tells her that he wants her to bring him some food.

Kate and Roman are upset to find Lucas and Sami hugging. Lucas tries to cover. Outside Sami's room, Kate yells at him but he denies having feelings for Sami. He tells Kate to butt out of his private life. Roman tells Sami that he's worried about Lucas and Tony being around her after what happened. Roman and Kate leave; they are both worried about their children but decide to have a nice dinner without talking about Sami or Lucas. Later, they head home to make love. Lucas yells at Sami because he's upset about having feelings for her. She is hurt. Outside, Lucas has flashbacks to times when he felt bad for Sami, like when he thought she had been electrocuted. Then he has a fantasy about going back in and telling Sami that he loves her, and they kiss.

The bad guy Jesse and his friends have Bo and Hope tied up in a garage. They gloat over having taken them down and plan to kill them. Bo points out that killing them will be a worse crime than anything he's done, but Jesse doesn't think he'll get caught, so he's willing to take the risk. They turn on the car's exhaust and leave them there to die. Bo and Hope manage to wriggle out of their bonds and escape. Bo finds that Jesse took their new SUV, so he is very angry now.

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