Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is waiting outside the Brady Pub. Hope arrives and Bo says they have something to celebrate tonight. Hope asks what they are celebrating and Bo holds up some car keys. Hope tries to take the keys from Bo but Bo playfully keeps them from her until Hope grabs them. Hope looks at the keys and smiles.

John asks Cassie to repeat that Marlena is not her mother. Cassie confirms this and tells John that she bets he’s relieved.

Tony tells Lucas that he will take Rex’s laser on his yacht and will be producing diamond clones before anyone knows he’s left the country. Tony adds that Maya won’t know what hit her.

Maya tells Shawn that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Maya asks Shawn to put it to the test as she feeds him a chocolate covered strawberry.

Belle and Philip climb out of the water onto the pier. Belle asks if the men are still following them. Philip says they are safe and Belle asks how they are going to get home dressed like this. Philip says they’ve made it this far and they’ll think of something.

Marlena is sitting with Sami while she sleeps. Sami dreams that Tony’s hand brushes the hair away from her face and takes her hand in his. Then Sami dreams that Tony tries to attack her and she runs out of the hospital room into Lucas’ arms who tells her that she is safe now and they kiss. Sami wakes with a start and Marlena asks her what is wrong. Sami hugs Marlena so Marlena realizes Sami had a bad dream and rocks her as she tells Sami that she is safe now.

Marlena continues to rock Sami as she tells her that she is there and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Marlena offers Sami some water as she asks Sami to write down what is upsetting her. Sami writes down to have Marlena call Lucas because she needs to see him right now.

Lucas asks Tony why he wants to take a risk for diamonds because it isn’t like he needs the money. Tony says that the promise of absolute empowerment is irresistible. Lucas adds that there is the added bonus of getting back at Maya. Lucas’ phone rings and it’s Marlena who tells him that she’s at the hospital with Sami. Lucas asks if everything is alright. Marlena says she isn’t sure and Sami wants to see Lucas as soon as possible. Marlena warns Lucas not to upset Sami because she is supposed to go home tomorrow and is still fragile. Lucas says he understands and Marlena asks Lucas to call her at her office when he’s done with Sami. Lucas hangs up with Marlena and explains that Sami wants to see him to Tony. Tony offers to bring the car around and go with him but Lucas says he doesn’t have to do that. Tony says he wants to do whatever he can to help. Lucas accepts.

Cassie tells John that Marlena is not the mom they thought she was. John doesn’t understand. Cassie says Marlena has been their mother in every way but one. John assumes that Cassie means that Marlena wasn’t there to raise Cassie and Rex when they were young. Cassie says that if she and Rex had grown up with a mother and a father like Belle things would be different since Belle didn’t grow up like a lab rat. Cassie says no wonder she turned out to be a freak. John tells Cassie that she is not a freak but a young woman who is trying to cram 19 years of life experience into one. Cassie says that Tony calls Cassie a blight on the name of DiMera. John points out that the DiMera house has had a lot more problems before Cassie came along. Cassie laughs and John says he likes to see her laugh. Cassie says she never thought she’d talk to John like this and John says he cares about her but no one is more caring than Marlena. Cassie says she knows and that Marlena is perfect. John tells Cassie that Marlena would have moved heaven and Earth to find Cassie and Rex if she had known and even now there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them. Cassie is tearing up so John says the point is that they know who their mother and father is and they’d do anything for them and that is what is important. Cassie says she is fine as John offers to have coffee with her. John’s phone rings and it is Philip.

Philip calls John to let him know that he and Belle got off the freighter and they could use his help. John asks how they managed it and Philip tells him that they swam. John says that Belle better be alright. Philip tells John that his daughter is a force to be reckoned with. Belle realizes that Philip called John and gets mad at Philip for calling John. Philip covers by saying he thought someone in Belle’s family should know. Belle doesn’t believe him and realizes that they are working together in this as she tells Philip to let her talk to John. John tells Philip to give it up because he isn’t going to win. Philip hands Belle the phone and John asks Belle how she got mixed up in this. Belle asks John to bring some dry clothes but John tells Belle to have Philip bring her home. Belle tells John that she is in no condition to go anywhere because she is here but her clothes aren’t. John starts yelling but Belle pulls the phone away from her ear and says goodbye to John. Philip says that dealing with John will be worse than dealing with those thugs. Belle tells Philip that it’s time to tell her his big secret about how John got involved in Philip’s undercover work.

John tells Cassie that he has to go and tells the bartender to get Cassie a cup of coffee and call a cab and make sure Cassie gets in the cab. The bartender tells John that he’ll take care of it. John starts to leave but pauses. Cassie asks John if he was leaving. John says he is but he has this feeling that Cassie shouldn’t be alone. John says that Cassie needs to see Marlena and she is in the hospital. Cassie says Marlena is at Sami’s bedside but John says Marlena can be there for Cassie too, that she’s good at that so get in a cab and go see her. Cassie says she’ll think about it but John tells Cassie to do it and Cassie says she will. John tells Cassie to remember that there a lot of people who care about her and leaves. Cassie has a flashback to when Rex visited her in jail.

Bo carries Hope to the car. Hope asks if this is theirs and Bo says that he was going to get a sidecar for the motorcycle but he figured this was more Hope’s speed. Hope wants to get in and check it out. Bo says it doesn’t have all the technical stuff he wanted. Hope says it has Bo in it and he’s perfect. They kiss and Hope tells Bo that he’s vibrating. Bo realizes that is his phone and he answers it. After hanging up, he tells Hope that they have a stray and this could be a big one. Hope says to put their seatbelts on and Bo starts the car and they drive off.

Hope calls Maggie to let her know what they are doing and that she doesn’t have to stay with Zack overnight, they should be done before then. Hope hangs up the phone and Bo tells her that Jesse not only jumped bail but has beaten the system a couple times. Hope points out that that is like Vin Ramsel. Hope asks if they were offered this job because of their success with Ramsel. Bo says Abe told the head guy about their success with Ramsel. Hope goes to kiss Bo but can’t reach because of the seatbelt. Bo leans over so Hope can kiss him. Hope says they are famous and asks for Jesse’s police record. Bo hands her the report and Hope says he is a repeat offender and dangerous. Bo says he is going to be hard to find being always on the move. Hope notices that he uses the same lady friend as an alibi and suggests he might be hiding there. Bo says it is worth a shot and asks for the address. Hope reads off the address but tells Bo they need to make a stop first. Bo is surprised at the request and Hope says it is important.

Shawn offers to get some cognac but Maya says Shawn is the only stimulant she needs. Shawn reminds Maya that Belle’s brother runs this place and he doesn’t want Brady to see them. Maya asks what it is going to take to get Shawn to relax. Penny walks up to them and asks where Belle is. Shawn explains that he and Maya are there on business so that he’ll catch up with his friend Penny later. Penny asks if Shawn is still going to volunteer at a fundraiser and Shawn says he is. Shawn starts to tell Maya that Penny is an old school friend of theirs but Maya figures out that Shawn had no intention of ending things with Belle.

Belle wonders why John hasn’t arrived yet and asks Philip again why John is involved with Philip’s undercover work. Philip says she is going to have to ask John about that. Belle asks why Philip is following Maya but Philip says he can’t answer that. Belle says she knows Philip is on an undercover mission because he told her when they were in Victor’s attic. Philip adds that he told Belle while they were on the freighter that he was working as an agent. Belle says she is owed more of an explanation than that because this is the second time that she’s ended up in her underwear trying to help Philip out. Philip says Belle means spying on him but Belle says Philip is the spy not her. Philip says he does owe her because if she wasn’t there, those guys on the freighter would have wiped him out. Belle asks Philip if John is in danger like he is. John comes up behind them and tells Belle to ask him that question. They get up and Belle takes the clothes from John as John says that Belle’s old man is a spy just like Philip.

Hope and Bo arrive at the address and Bo says they may be there awhile. Hope pulls out the bag of donuts and says enjoy them while they last. Bo says he can’t believe that she made him stop at Earl’s donuts on the way. Hope asks what a stakeout would be without donuts. Bo points out that it would be a few thousand less calories so Hope says they can work it off later as the backseat looks promising. Bo says Hope is bad and Hope says she is very bad as she offers Bo a chocolate sprinkled donut. Bo takes a bite and they kiss as Bo notices there is someone coming out of the apartment house. Hope notices that he is carrying a suitcase and looks at him through binoculars. Bo asks Hope if she can ID him. Hope describes the guy’s physical characteristics and Bo says that sounds like the guy they’re looking for. Hope says the guy is getting into a car and Bo starts their car to follow him.

Belle asks John if anyone at Basic Black knows John works for the ISA. John says no and Belle asks if Kate knows. Philip says no because she freaked out when he went to boot camp. John adds that Kate wouldn’t be able to keep it to herself and Philip adds that she would go to Victor and they can’t have that. John tells Belle that she can’t tell anyone, not even Shawn. Belle says she understands. John says he is sorry she had to get involved in this but Belle says she isn’t. John says he is trained for this kind of work but Belle could have been killed by Maya’s goons or drowned. Belle says she didn’t and is okay and John says thank God for that. They hug but Belle pulls away and asks if Marlena knows about this and John says Marlena is the only one outside of the ISA who does. Belle says she can’t believe John kept this from her for so long. John says he did it for her protection but Belle says she doesn’t need protection. Philip tells John about how well Belle sprung to action on the freighter. John says Belle should have never been in this situation in the first place. Belle says Philip didn’t know she was there but John says that doesn’t matter, Philip should have bailed on the mission. Philip says there was no way that he could have done that or Maya would have known about what they were doing. Belle remembers that Shawn made a date to meet Maya and he doesn’t know who she is. John tells Belle that she can’t tell him but Belle says she has to discourage him from doing business with her. John gives Belle the use of his car and driver telling her that she can use the phone in the car and the driver will take her anywhere she wants to go. Belle thanks John and hugs him. She tells John to take it easy on Philip because she saved his life. Philip and Belle hug as Philip tells Belle to stay out of trouble. Belle leaves. John tells Philip that he has a lot of explaining to do.

Tony and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Tony asks the nurse if Sami is alright and the nurse says that Sami is alright now because she finally fell asleep. Lucas tells the nurse that Marlena called him to come down here and said it was urgent. The nurse assumes that it was about the board of director’s problems. Lucas says it was about Sami and Tony says they got the impression that something is wrong. The nurse says that whatever it was Marlena must have handled it. Lucas says he should check with Marlena and the nurse asks Lucas to also call the board of directors to get him off their backs. Tony tells Lucas to go ahead and take care of that and the nurse and Lucas leave. Tony goes into Sami’s room. Sami wakes up to see him there and backs away as Tony extends his hand.

Bo says they should have gotten the guy while he was still at the apartment. Hope says he has to stop sometime. Bo says if he was still wearing the badge, he could use his lights and sirens. Hope tells Bo that he is better for this because her driving skills are no match for his. Hope tells Bo to watch out because he runs a red light. Bo swerves and tells Hope to hang on.

John and Philip are in a shouting match on the pier. John asks Philip why he didn’t call for backup. Philip says protecting Belle was his first priority and using his phone was risky. John tells Philip that involving a civilian is breaking the first rule of ISA. John tells Philip that he is not cut out for this kind of work and Philip is off the case as of now for good.

Shawn asks Maya if she thinks he would plan this evening if he wasn’t interested in her and Maya says she is beginning to. Shawn says that Belle is fragile and if Penny beat Shawn to tell Belle about him and Maya and adds that Maya knows how Belle was when she and Belle met. Belle is in the bar area of the Blue Note and sees them at the table. Maya says that is the night Belle came out of the closet so to speak. Shawn says he would never want to hurt Belle intentionally but he is not the kind of guy who would see another girl behind his girlfriend’s back. Maya says all men are the type who cheats. Shawn says that may be right to some extent but to just give him some time to set things right. Belle walks up then and asks Shawn what is going on here.

Philip tells John that he can’t have her thrown off the case. John says that no one endangers Belle’s life. Philip says that no one tells her what to do or where to go either and Belle is a lot like John in that she’s stubborn and pigheaded and one hell of a fighter. John says Belle is short on good judgment. John tells Philip that he will make sure he gets a job sitting behind a desk pushing ISA paperwork but Philip says John doesn’t have that kind of authority over him. John asks Philip if he wants to bet as he turns on his cell phone.

Bo and Hope sneak along a fenced in area. Bo opens the gate and they go inside. Bo turns the latch on the door and pulls it open as they rush inside.

Sami starts to wave her writing board at Tony in an attempt to hit him. Tony backs away and tells Sami that he didn’t mean to startle her and he wants to help her so anything she needs or wants is hers.

Lucas is hurrying back to Sami’s room but Cassie intercepts him and says that he can’t stay away from her. Lucas tells Cassie to go have a heart to heart with Marlena. Cassie says she will tell Marlena that he led her on and then wouldn’t go away. Lucas says he doesn’t have time for this and Cassie tells him to make time as she kisses him.

Tony asks Sami if there is any way he can make things right between them. Sami writes for Tony to kiss off but Tony says that isn’t very tasteful. Tony tells Sami that he will send Lucas in but she hasn’t seen the last of him, not by a long shot.

Belle asks Maya to excuse them because she needs to speak to her boyfriend alone but Maya hesitates to get up until Shawn asks her to excuse them. Maya gets up and says no problem as she kisses Shawn on the cheek as she leaves. Shawn says he can explain but Belle asks how he could do this to her, to them.

John dials his phone and tells Philip that he is not up for this kind of work. Philip asks who John is calling. John asks for Shane Donovan. Philip says that Shane hand picked him. John says they all make mistakes and Philip says that John is making a big one as he pulls out the pouch of diamonds to say that inside of there is proof that his mission is a complete success.

Lucas pulls Cassie away and says he has all he can handle right now between Sami and Will and doesn’t need another headache. Tony comes out and asks if there is a problem but Lucas says everything is fine. Lucas excuses himself to go check on Sami. Tony asks Cassie why she is there and Cassie says she came to see Marlena. Tony offers to wait but Cassie says she’ll be a while.

Lucas tells Sami not to worry about Will because he is fine except for worrying about his mom and not being able to wait for her to get home. Lucas goes to sit next to the bed but Sami stops him and asks him to sit on the bed with her. Lucas tells Sami that he usually is the last person that Sami wants to get close to and asks what is going on. Sami writes that Lucas saved her.

Marlena is working in her office when she has a series of flashbacks to past times of Marlena and Sami’s interactions. When Marlena comes back to the present, Cassie walks into her office. Marlena asks Cassie what is wrong and Cassie starts crying as they hug and Cassie says that she just needed to see her.

Hope asks what this place is as they wander around in the dark and Bo says it is a chop shop. The lights flip on and the guys tell them to drop the guns and freeze. Bo says you first and Jesse comes up behind them to tell them to drop the guns. Hope says that he must be Jesse and Jesse says to drop the guns and then the intros. Bo and Hope drop the guns and Jesse tells them to kick them away and then tells his guys to pick up the guns. Hope says all they want to do is talk but Jesse doesn’t believe that. Jesse puts a gun to Bo’s head but Bo punches Jesse and breaks free as he moves to punch out another guy. Hope grabs the guns from the rest of the guys and tells Bo that Jesse is getting away. Bo goes after him but Jesse comes up behind Bo and hits him with a block of wood. Jesse holds the gun on Bo who’s passed out on the ground and tells Hope to drop her gun or lover boy is history. Hope reluctantly drops her gun.

Cassie says she probably shouldn’t have come but Marlena says she is glad Cassie is here and asks Cassie what is upsetting her. Cassie says she feels lost, that things she thought she could trust turn out to be not real. Marlena says that Cassie has had a rough week and Cassie says it is thanks to Roman throwing her into jail. Marlena tells Cassie that after a bad day, people often question themselves but Cassie should never question Marlena’s love for her because no matter what that is never going to change. Cassie begins to cry and hugs Marlena. Marlena says she wishes she could hold Cassie like this when she was small but they are mother and daughter and that is never going to change.

Lucas says he didn’t save Sami but if there was anything he could have done to stop that, he would have done it and begs Sami to believe that. Sami rubs her hand on Lucas’ cheek to let him know she does believe that and he thanks her. Sami leans in close to him.

Shawn tells Belle that he wouldn’t be there with Maya if it wasn’t for her. Belle asks if Shawn is saying this is all her fault. Shawn tells Belle that he had to do something to keep her from closing in on him and Philip. Belle doesn’t understand what Shawn is talking about. Shawn says he saw Belle and Philip on that ship and thinks it is time that Belle tells him what is going on between them.

John tells Philip if this is a stall he has five seconds. Philip says this isn’t a stall and spills out the contents of his pouch. John hangs up the phone and checks out the diamonds. Philip also pulls out the lipstick case and says that this is what the ISA is after. John goes to open it but Philip says he shouldn’t open it that close to his face. John asks if it is toxic and Philip says he doesn’t know but since Maya didn’t freak out when she dropped it, he doesn’t think they need a Hazmat team but if they get it analyzed they will know what Tony is up to.

Tony is running his hand along the new glass in the French doors as the maid comes in and tells him that Maya is here to see him. Tony tells the maid to send her in. Maya tells Tony that she’s had a fabulously successful evening. Tony offers her a drink but Maya says after he congratulates her on having what he wants as she hands him a vial. Tony tells Maya that she never ceases to amaze her. Maya suggests they drink a toast to the future.

The guys chain Bo and Hope back to back. Hope urges Bo to say something so she knows he’s alive as she hits his back with her head. He comes to and asks what hit him. Hope informs him that it was a 2x4. Bo asks where Jesse is and Hope says they are at they are at the other end of the place. Hope asks what they are going to do to us and Bo says they would have killed them by now if that was their plan. Hope sarcastically says that that is good news. Bo says he doesn’t know how they are going to get out of the chains.

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