Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Belle and Philip fight the bad guys...Shawn distracts Maya...Tony tells Rex and Lucas of his plans...Cassie tells John that Marlena isn't her mother...And Nicole comes onto Brady, several times.

Cast: Belle, Philip, Shawn D., Maya, Dirk, Sal, Tony, Lucas, Rex, Cassie, John, Bartender, Man, Larry, Nicole, Brady.

At the DiMera Mansion

Lucas and Cassie are talking as she flirts with him. Cassie starts kissing him, but Lucas stops her. She tells him that she knows he wants her. Lucas talks about Tony's warnings and how he told him that she was off limits. Finally, Cassie just tells him that he had his chance and now it is someone else's

At the Brady Pub

Inside, Maya and Shawn are talking and she asks for the real reason he asked her out. Shawn lies about the problems he is having with Belle and Maya guesses that it's Philip Kiriakis. Shawn agrees and says that it is hard to break it off with someone who you have been for a long time. Maya offers to do it, but he suggests they go somewhere a little more quiet, so they can keep a low profile. Shawn tells her that he knows of a place they can go and she says that she'll make him forget all about Belle. He says, "Belle who?" Shawn suggests she go home, shower, put something sexy on, and meet him later. Maya heads outside.

Outside, John and Tony meet and Tony asks why he thinks he is involved with Maya. John suggests he call her outside. Tony tells John that he is touched that he is taking such an interest in his life and John brings up the meeting with Maya at the mansion. Tony figures out that he was spying on him again. John wonders who is playing who and he figures the lady. Maya comes out and is introduced to John. As she leaves, Maya whispers to Tony that she has what he wants and leaves. Before Tony leaves, John tells him that his business is his business too.

Back inside, Shawn goes to leave, but John stops him, asking why he was with that woman. Shawn tells him that Maya is one of Mickey's clients and it is just business. Shawn tells him that he is doing it to make Belle proud of him and rushes off.

Later, Cassie arrives and goes straight to the bar to order a margarita, but the bartender serves her with a Shirley Temple. A guy sitting next to her pays for it and they go off to chat at a table. After they talk a little bit, the guy suggests they go off to his place, but John sees them and stops them. John takes the guy's keys and tells the bartender to call him a cab. Cassie raises her hand a goes to slap John, but he grabs her. He tells her about the last time she was in a situation like this, she promised not to drink that much. John tells her that her mother would be torn up if she saw her like this and Cassie says she isn't her mother.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole is showering in Brady's shower as Brady walks in and asks her what the hell she is doing there. Brady thinks he knows what is going on and accuses Nicole of throwing herself at him. Nicole tells him that she was just singing and was hoping to get discovered just like Chloe did, but Brady doesn't buy it as her singing is a disaster. Brady shows her a pair of dirty pants and asks what she is really up to. Brady calls her mind sick and twisted and tells her that he has to go to work. Nicole stops him and opens her towel. Brady puts her towel back around her and tells her that guys aren't gonna be attracted to her physically and calls her smart and sensitive and tells her to come to him to talk anytime. Nicole begins to say something, but says "forget it" and leaves.

In the stables, Nicole confronts Larry, who says that he was talking to Mr. Ed. She tells him that she saw him roaming the grounds. Larry says that he got bored and Nicole says that he is supposed to be dead and dead men don't get bored (Kudos to Andrew Massett and Arianne Zuker). Larry tries to back out of the deal, complaining about living in a barn while she is living in luxury in the mansion. He tells her that he is getting the hell outta there before the cops figure out the truth that he isn't dead. Larry goes to leave, but Nicole threatens to call the cops. He talks about her being incriminated too and asks her to give him a reason to stay. Nicole asks what he thinks she is. A blonde bimbo, who throws her body at anyone to get what she wants. LOL as Larry says, "You could've fooled me." Nicole talks about Victor betraying him and hanging his ass out to dry and he may want him dead even more than her. Larry says that he needs a gun and she says that she is working on it. She tells him to sit tight and tells him that life in the mansion isn't all it is cut out to be. Nicole would rather be in prison.

Back in Brady's bathroom, Nicole finds him there and apologizes for how she behaved earlier. She learns that he is going to the Blue Note and begs him to take her. She asks him to ask Victor for her. Brady tells her that he will see what he can do.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

In Rex's room, Rex is talking on his recorder about Tony accepting him as a DiMera and it isn't everyday that a normal teenager creates a machine that makes diamonds. He vows not to lose the privledge of being a DiMera. Rex talks to Mimi on the phone, learning she is working at the hospital, and asks her to get the DNA data. Tony knocks on the door, so he hangs up with Mimi. Tony tells Rex that he wants to bring Lucas up to speed with the progress of the laser machine. Tony asks where Cassie is and Lucas says that she went to meet someone. Tony, Rex, and Lucas go into the den, where they discuss Rex's invention. They talk about Maya and Rex and Lucas ask what him and Maya are doing. "It will blow your mind," Tony says.

Later, at the Blue Note

Shawn and Maya meet up and Shawn is a little nervous as he mentions Brady owning the club. Maya's phone rings and she walks off to take it, which gives Shawn the opportunity to call Belle. Maya talks with Tony on the phone and tells him that she has what he is looking for as she looks at a vial of goop. Maya and Shawn argue about why he called Belle. A waiter brings out a bowl of fruit and chocolate as Shawn dips a strawberry in it and feeds it to Maya.

On the ship

Philip and Belle are held at gunpoint by Sal and Dirk, the two goons. Philip tells them that Belle was looking for Maya, her sorority sister and Belle goes on and on about being in the sorority. Sal says that he used to have a girlfriend in the same sorority and asks Belle what the pledge is. Sal isn't too happy when Belle makes up the pledge. Dirk begins flirting with her and asks if she has ever been with a man before. Sal tells Philip that if he doesn't tell them who they are, his girlfriend is dead. LOL as Philip says "We're Ben and J.Lo." The guy doesn't find it amusing. Philip hands Sal his wallet and tear gas comes out as he and Belle make a run for it. Belle is coughing from the tear gas and Philip argues with her about following him. Philip and Belle begin stacking crates to block them off, but it's too late, Dirk and Sal burst in. Belle is thrown and she gets knocked unconscious. Philip grabs Dirk's neck and threatens to snap it, but Belle wakes up and jumps on Sal's back. They run away and Philip pulls out the lipstick tube. Philip and Belle come to a hole, that leads to the Salem pier's river. Sal and Dirk are searching for Belle and Philip, so they have to strip down and slide down the tube. Philip jumps in after Belle as the previews roll.


*Belle asks Philip how her dad got mixed up in his undercover work.
*Jesse knocks Bo out and tells Hope to drop the gun or loverboy is history.
*Tony is leaning over Sami and she wakes up, rushes out into the hall, and into Lucas's arms.

The End.

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