Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas arrives at Sami’s hospital room. He tells Sami that Brenda just called and told him she wanted to see him right away. Lucas asks Sami what is wrong. Sami holds up her writing board which reads “I need you.”

Marlena and John are having coffee. Marlena is lost in thought as John asks her if she is okay. Marlena says she wishes Cassie would call but she doesn’t want to hound her and she doesn’t want Cassie to worry about going to jail. John says that Tony won’t let the charges stick. Marlena says that Cassie didn’t know what she was doing when she was discussing money with the undercover policeman but she is more concerned that Cassie was coming on to him. Marlena asks John why Cassie was on the docks that late by herself. John takes Marlena’s hand as he says if anyone can help Cassie. Marlena interrupts to say that she can’t help Cassie if she won’t let her. Marlena says she doesn’t know why Cassie or Sami won’t reach out to her and why they go to Tony.

Cassie and Tony are sitting in the DiMera living room. Cassie asks Tony if he spoke to their lawyer. Tony says he has and Cassie says good and that they are going to sue the Salem P.D. for false arrest and Roman Brady for he needs to pay for what he put her through. Tony says no.

Rex is in his bedroom working on the design for his laser as he dictates into a tape recorder about the new laser being better than the first and that experts won’t be able to tell the difference between these diamonds and the real ones. Mimi walks in the room with a tray of food and asks Rex what he is doing. Rex is surprised to see her.

Victor and Brady are sitting in the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asks Brady if he is all settled in. Brady says everything is great but he isn’t used to being waited on hand and foot because having the upstairs maid draw his bath makes him feel like a five year old again. Victor tells Brady to get used to it and to let them know if he needs anything. Brady thanks Victor but says he is fine but feels guilty because there is so much of everything; it’s like living in a palace. Victor laughs.

Nicole is rushing Larry into the barn. Larry asks what is the rush and Nicole says that no one can see him because he is dead and to make himself comfortable. Larry looks around the barn and laughs as he tells Nicole that he isn’t going to stay in here. Nicole says that Larry doesn’t get to choose so he should pick a stall and hide.

Maya unlocks a door on the docks and goes inside. Philip comes in behind her and peeks in the room. Belle whispers to Philip. Philip turns around to see Belle and says Damnit! Shawn is looking around on the boat when a voice tells him to freeze.

Tony tells Cassie that he made some inquires but it makes him upset that Cassie tries to blame someone else for her irresponsible behavior. Cassie says that Roman Brady wanted her punished because he hates Tony by making her stay in the cage all night. Cassie tells Tony that he promised her that Roman would pay. Tony tells Cassie that being a DiMera has its privileges but also has responsibilities and asks Cassie what she was thinking by propositioning the officer. Cassie says she is not a little girl. Tony raises his voice as he tells Cassie that she is acting like one and while she may think she is a grownup but her life experience is that of a child. Tony tells Cassie that she is intelligent enough to know what is expected of her but he won’t tolerate this kind of behavior and bids Cassie good night as he leaves the room.

Sami holds up the writing board as Lucas tells Sami not to scare him like that. Sami doesn’t understand what he means so Lucas says that he was afraid that she meant something else but tells her never mind. Lucas changes his attitude as he tells Sami that he’s glad she finally realized that she needs him. Sami turns over the board to the side that tells Lucas to take a note to Will. Lucas reads the note and tells Sami that Will can stay with him as long as she needs him to but Sami isn’t going home to recuperate, she isn’t going anywhere. Sami is shocked at this news.

The business associate of Maya’s holds a gun on Shawn as he tells Shawn to put his hands up. Shawn puts his hands up as the guy asks Shawn who he is and what he is doing here. Shawn says he got lost; he was just looking for the shipping department because he wanted to send a guitar to his friend overseas. The guy asks where the guitar is. Shawn says it is over there and he didn’t bring it in. The guy doesn’t believe Shawn and tells him to move it. Shawn asks where they are going but the guy won’t tell him. Shawn turns around and punches out the guy and then drags him into another room. Shawn unloads the gun and throws it into the room as he closes the door.

Philip tells Belle that she has got to stop following him. Belle says she will stop following him when he tells her what he is doing. Philip tells Belle that she needs to go now. Belle tells Philip that she is worried about him. Philip starts telling Belle how to get out of there but realizes that Belle might get caught on her way out. Belle says that the only person that’s been caught here is Philip. Philip tells Belle to stand there and not make any noise. He looks in and watches Maya. Maya takes a vial out of a crate and smiles as she looks at it. A squeak is heard and Maya drops the vial on the ground as it shatters. Maya closes the crate and runs out of the room as Philip and Belle run out of the hall and hide behind a wall.

Maya looks out into the hall to see if there is anyone there. Finding no one, she closes the door to the room and puts the container of vials into her bag and then seals the crate before hurrying out of the room. Philip and Belle wait for her to leave and then Philip picks the lock on the door and they go in the room. Philip opens the crate and checks out a vase that was in the crate. Belle asks Philip if all this sneaking around was for that. Shawn follows Belle and Philip to the room and watches through a crack in the door.

Rex folds up the laser design as he lies to Mimi about it being one of Tony’s infrared cameras that he was asked to fix. Mimi says it must be nice to have a genius around the house because all she can fix is a sandwich. Mimi mentions that the DiMera kitchen is huge, she snuck by three maids and a cook before she got caught. Rex asks Mimi what he did to deserve her. Mimi says she keeps asking herself the same thing about him. Rex tells Mimi that he has to ask her something important. Rex says he has another big favor to ask of Mimi.

Victor tells Brady that his house is hardly a palace but Brady should find it very comfortable. Brady says he’s sure he will but after living alone in a loft, it is weird never to be alone and asks Victor how many servants he has here. Victor says he couldn’t tell him. Brady says he appreciates Victor’s hospitality. Victor tells Brady that he is not a guest; his home is Brady’s home for as long as he wants to stay and if Chloe would ever want to visit, she’s welcome to. Brady says he appreciates that. Victor tells Brady that it is nice to have family around since Philip left. Brady asks Victor if Nicole counts as family too.

Sami writes on her board to ask Lucas why she can’t leave. Lucas tells Sami that she can’t live alone because she isn’t ready; she needs more time to get better. Lucas points out that Sami wouldn’t be able to call 911 in an emergency because she can’t talk and asks who would take care of her. Tony comes in and says he will. Lucas and Sami look up to see Tony standing there.

Rex asks Mimi to tell him if he is asking too much of her. Mimi says she loves him and would help him. Rex says he wants to find his real mother and Rolf told him that she was in Salem and that only a fraction of the population would have been at childbearing age when their eggs were harvested, that narrows it down. Mimi asks Rex what he wants her to do. Rex says he needs her to get DNA data on every Caucasian female in Salem between the ages of 36 and 55. Mimi looks at Rex in disbelief.

Tony says hello to Lucas and asks Sami how she is. Sami writes on her board to tell Tony to get out. Tony says it is good to see Sami feeling better. Tony tells Sami that she needs to accept some help because he just feels terrible about what happened but Sami brought it upon herself and he feels partly responsible. Sami lunges for Tony but Lucas stops her and tries to get her calmed down. Lucas tells Tony that this isn’t helping and Tony says he will come back when Sami has calmed down. Marlena comes into Sami’s room and tells Tony that he won’t be coming back.

Victor tells Brady that of course he considers Nicole part of the family but to have his children and grandchildren there is something different. Brady says he feels uncomfortable because they are newlyweds and if they decide that it’s better if Brady isn’t there. Victor says he won’t. Nicole sneaks down the stairs with a blanket and some food. Victor calls out to ask Nicole where she thinks she is going with that. Brady eyes Victor suspiciously.

Shawn continues to watch Belle and Philip through the door. Philip uncovers a small pouch and empties the contents into the palm of his hand. It is diamonds and Belle gasps as she asks Philip if that is what Tony and Maya are smuggling. Philip says yes as he puts them back in the pouch. He notices the broken vial on the ground and asks Belle if she has anything in her purse that he can use to contain what was in the vial. Belle pulls out some lipstick from her purse and Philip breaks off the lipstick part and hands it to Belle. He then fills the container with the liquid from the vial. Philip calls John to let him know that he has followed the suspect onto the ship and uncovered the contraband as he finishes putting away the items. John tells Philip to meet him in two hours but Philip says that there is someone with him. John guesses that it is Belle and Philip says affirmative. John gets upset but Philip says he has to terminate the connection. Philip tells Belle that they need to get out of there so Shawn moves to hide behind a wall so they don’t see him when they come out. Philip and Belle start to leave but they hear Maya coming back so they hide behind some crates. Maya notices that the door is open and goes inside the room. Shawn returns to the door and peeks inside.

Mimi can’t believe that Rex wants her to get DNA samples from half the women in Salem. Rex tells Mimi that he doesn’t need samples, just data. Mimi asks if he means medical records and realizes that Rex asked her because she used to be a candy striper. Rex points out that a lot of people took part in the bone marrow drive for Chloe. Mimi is worried that this is illegal but Rex says that parking Rolf in the hospital morgue is illegal too. Mimi says that once you cross that line, there’s no going back. Rex says that what Rolf did was criminal but what Mimi is doing won’t be hurting anyone, only helping. Mimi tells Rex that when he says it like that and they kiss.

Nicole comes into the room and tells Victor that she was going to the stables to feed her horse and was bringing him some apples. Victor says they have groomsmen for that but Nicole says she likes to do it. Nicole says she knows but it’s one of the few pleasures she has left. Victor says alright but tells Nicole not to be long. Nicole says she sure won’t and leaves. Brady gives Victor a strange look. Victor tells Brady that Nicole and he are deeply committed to each other. Brady says Victor doesn’t have to explain that to him. Victor says he wants to put Brady’s concerns to rest and that they have a prototypical May-December marriage. Victor says that Nicole doesn’t go golfing with him and he rarely goes riding with her and that Nicole has yet to adjust to married life in the mansion with the feeling of servants watching their every move. Victor adds that Brady living here would be a good thing for Nicole for having somewhere here her own age that could share common interests. Brady says that he doesn’t think he and Nicole have many common interests.

Lucas is trying to calm Sami down by telling her that Tony is gone. Marlena and Tony go outside Sami’s hospital room. Marlena tells Tony to stay away from Sami because he is the reason she almost died and he is the reason she may never speak again. Marlena continues to say that if she had her wish, Tony would stay away from both her girls because they are both in terrible pain now because of Tony. Tony points out that Sami lied to her fiancé, cheated and stole and then dramatically threw herself through the glass doors. Tony goes on to tell Marlena that she should check the way she raised her own family before suggesting that Cassie needs a firm hand. Marlena says she doesn’t have the energy interest or time to debate Tony and her daughter needs her so she excuses herself from Tony.

Lucas tells Sami that he will make sure Tony doesn’t come to her room again if it bothers her that much. Marlena returns to Sami’s room and tells Lucas that Sami needs her rest and that she will sit with her until Sami sleeps again. Lucas tells Marlena that he is glad she is here and says goodbye to Sami. Marlena tells Sami that she is here and Sami doesn’t have to see anyone she doesn’t want to for Marlena is here to take care of her and she’s not going anywhere. Sami smiles.

Philip and Belle are hiding behind a crate when Maya gets a phone call. They listen in as Shawn calls her asking to meet while he pretends he is at the Brady Pub but is really out in the hall. Maya agrees to meet and leaves the room. She is approached in the hall by her business associate who informs her that there is an intruder on board. Maya tells him to take care of it because she has an appointment to go to and to start in that room because the door was open when she went in. Maya leaves and the associate opens the door to the room with gun drawn. Philip and Belle wait anxiously crouched down behind the crate.

Rex and Mimi continue to kiss. Rex tells Mimi that he will be eternally grateful if Mimi helps him find out who his biological mother is. Mimi says she likes the sound of eternally and they kiss again. Mimi pulls away and says she has got to go because she is on a mission. Rex holds the door open for her and Mimi leaves. Rex goes back to his laser designs.

Cassie helps herself to a drink from the bar while she’s alone in the living room. Mimi comes down the stairs. Cassie calls out to Mimi but Mimi tells Cassie that she is in a hurry and has to go. Cassie says she just has a question and asks Mimi what is next after being arrested while she’s innocent. Mimi says that all they want to do is teach her a lesson and she’s learned hers from cleaning toilets at Salem High. Mimi tells Cassie that for a smart chick she seems pretty dense in the real life department. Mimi adds that since Rex loves her, she doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to her but the longer she acts like a slut and a shrew; the harder it will be to get rid of that rep. Mimi adds that Cassie should care about being free and alive and not giving her brother a heart attack.

Tony and Lucas arrive back at the DiMera mansion. Before going in Tony asks Lucas why every time he goes to see Sami, Lucas is there. Lucas tells Tony that Sami asked him to come. Tony tells Lucas that he thought he hated Sami. Lucas says he does hate Sami with a passion. Tony says he doesn’t think so but then Tony’s phone rings. It’s John at the Brady Pub who tells Tony that he needs to see him right now.

Marlena tells Sami that she wants her and Will to stay with them at the penthouse. Sami writes that she wants to go home. Marlena says she doesn’t think that’s a very good idea because she’ll need someone to look after her for a while but doesn’t think Sami wants the stress of Lucas being next door wandering in and out to deal with Will. Sami writes that she wants to go home and underlines it.

Larry is upset that Nicole only brought him a peanut butter sandwich and some apples. Nicole says she couldn’t exactly invite him to dinner and after he eats, he needs to make a hiding place for himself in case anyone comes in the barn. Larry says he’s done enough hard labor in his life and tells Nicole to do it herself. Nicole refuses so Larry says he will take his chances out of hiding. Nicole starts making a hiding place herself as Larry eats an apple and watches Nicole as he says he loves that forbidden fruit.

Nicole finishes making the hiding place and tells Larry to get back there and stay put. Larry says he won’t be hiding for long because he doesn’t like the accommodations and if Nicole was smart she’d get him a gun real soon. Nicole says she is going to but has to get back and clean herself up before Victor catches her. Larry suggests that Nicole strip down right there and he’ll hose her off but Nicole tells Larry to go to hell and leaves.

Victor pours himself a drink and offers some to Brady. Brady refuses and asks Victor if he is happy. Victor says he and Nicole are going to stay together till death do they part. Nicole comes in and runs up the stairs. Victor calls out to her but Nicole keeps running up the stairs. Victor goes to the stairs and yells for her to answer him. Brady looks confused and concerned.

Marlena asks Sami if she is sure that she wants to go home and not stay with John and her. Sami nods so Marlena says alright and that she knows better than to try and change Sami’s mind. Marlena tells Sami to accept the fact that she will need some help and Sami nods so Marlena tells Sami to get some rest and they hug. Marlena leaves and Sami clutches the writing board close to her.

Cassie asks Mimi why she is being mean to her. Mimi asks Cassie why she is being mean to everyone. Mimi tells Cassie that she’s sure Tony’s lawyers will make sure that Cassie doesn’t go to jail. Cassie says that Mimi is right, she is mean to everyone and no one likes her except Rex and Tony but that’s only because he thinks he is her father. Mimi says she doesn’t think that is true about Tony. Cassie says it is so Mimi asks about Marlena. Cassie says Marlena has enough problems without her but she is the best mother Cassie could ever hope for. Cassie adds that the sad thing is she didn’t want Marlena even when she thought she was her mother. Cassie says that Rex says they don’t need a mother but she wants to be able to make that decision for herself. Mimi tells Cassie that she might be able to.

Tony says he can’t meet John right now and asks what is so important. John tells Tony to be at the Brady Pub in 15 minutes or he’ll come and find him. Tony tells Lucas he has to go and Lucas offers to take care of it but Tony says this is something he has to do himself.

Maya and Shawn arrive at the Brady Pub. Maya tells Shawn she is glad he called and Shawn says there are a few things they need to clarify about the law suit. John watches them from across the room. Maya wants to know what is really going on because she gets the feeling that Shawn doesn’t really want to talk about the case.

Philip sneaks away from Belle. The associate aims his gun in Belle’s direction as he tells Belle to come out or he’ll shoot. Belle considers what to do.

Nicole is taking a shower. Brady comes into the bathroom ready to take a shower and asks Nicole what she is doing in his shower.

Victor comes into the barn looking for Nicole. He looks around and says that Nicole is not in the bedroom and not in the barn and asks where Nicole could be. He leaves the barn. Larry comes out and says that if he had a gun Victor would be dead already.

Rex looks over his laser design and says that his sperm donor father would lock him up if he knew about his laser because Roman Brady would never appreciate who he is, would just be ashamed of him. Rex wonders if Tony would be ashamed of him too. Rex asks why he couldn’t just be a DiMera, and that he didn’t have a mother and father all these years because they turned their backs on them. Rex has a series of flashbacks of their encounters with Roman from their first meeting until the present situation.

Cassie asks Mimi if she and Rex know who their mother is. Mimi says not yet but they have some clues but she doesn’t want to get Cassie’s hopes up and she has to go. Mimi leaves as Lucas comes in. Lucas asks Cassie how she is and Cassie says she is fine with the exception of possibly going to jail. Lucas tells Cassie that the cops aren’t knocking down her door yet. Cassie takes a drink and Lucas says he could use one of those himself so Cassie tells him to help himself and Lucas does. Lucas tells Cassie that he just came back from seeing Sami so Cassie asks how Sami is. Lucas says that Sami is upset but since she can’t talk, they don’t know what she really needs but he knows she wants out of that hospital. Cassie tells Lucas that he is a caring guy and she feels really lucky that he spends so much time there. Lucas puts down his drink and takes Cassie’s face in his hands. He then leans in to kiss her and Cassie reciprocates.

Sami dreams that Lucas has come to her hospital room and she has totally recovered. Lucas is telling her that he loves her and that he wants her and he knows she wants him. Sami says she does and that Lucas is the only one who ever really understood her and begs him to make love to her. They start to make love and Sami wakes up with a start.

John and Tony meet outside the Brady Pub. Tony says this is the last time he’ll answer to John’s summons. John says Tony is late so Tony asks if he’ll get a demerit. Tony asks to go inside but John says they have to stay outside so they won’t be seen. Tony wants to know why they can’t be seen so John asks Tony if he sees the woman sitting with Shawn and tells Tony that he knows what he and Maya have been up to.

Shawn tells Maya that he did call her about business but he would like to get to know her better. Maya says she would like to get to know Shawn better too but the Brady Pub isn’t her speed. Shawn warns Maya to watch what she says because his family owns the Pub. Maya suggests that they go someplace else.

Belle stands up from behind the crate with her hands up. The associate asks who she is and where the guy that’s been following her around all day is. Philip comes up behind him and knocks him out. Philip grabs Belle and leads her out of the room but they encounter another guy with a gun.

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