Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/03

By Justin
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Today: Belle follows Philip to the pier, where he spies on Maya...Lucas and Tony visit Sami...Brady catches Nicole meeting with one of Larry's henchmen...Rex comforts Cassie while Roman and Kate keep an eye on them.

Cast: Belle, Philip, Shawn D., Lisa, John, Maya, Man, Lucas, Tony, Sami, Nurse, Roman, Kate, Benny, Cassie, Rex, Nicole, Brady, Russell, Rolf.

At the hospital

Lucas walks through Sami's door and says "I love you, Sami." Sami wakes up, jumps up, and looks over at him, to find that he is just reading a book (It was a dream). Tony walks in and they both ask each other why they are their. Lucas says that Will is worried about her. Tony says that he came to see her because he didn't want to run into Marlena, her children, or the Brady's. Lucas says that he has to avoid Roman too and they talk about how Sami can't talk. They discuss the night Sami fell through the glass doors and Tony says that it wasn't his fault, it was an accident. Lucas says that they can't be seen together and Tony says that Sami won't see them, because she is pumped with painkillers and medication. Tony tells Lucas that Maya is handling another shipment and he asks Lucas to make sure the diamonds go where they're supposed to as he doesn't trust Maya. Sami tries to listen as Lucas says it must be tough not to talk and Tony orders him to leave. After he leaves, Tony finds Sami glaring at him and he gets the nurse, who gets a white board for her. Sami writes "Go to Hell!"

At Mickey's office

Shawn meets with Maya, but she thought Mickey was supposed to meet her. Shawn tells her that Mickey is in court, but he has decided to represent her. Maya tells him that he will be seeing a lot more of her from now on. Shawn has Maya sign papers to officially make her one of Mickey's clients. Maya says she trusts Mickey and him, but asks if he trusts her. Maya starts to come on to him. He has her sit down, so he can tell her what Mickey really had to say about her. Shawn tells her that Mickey said that he wouldn't trust her and he should watch his back. Maya takes that as a compliment.

At the docks

Philip and John meet up to discuss the mission. They argue about Belle's safety and Philip says that he knows what he's doing. John thinks Philip should cool his friendship with Belle for awhile, but admits he did do a good job eavesdropping on Tony and Maya about the diamonds. Philip says that he has to use his best friend in the world to get info on Maya. He tells him about Maya being one of Mickey's clients, who Shawn is helping out and Maya has the hots for Shawn. Shawn is Belle's boyfriend and John doesn't want his kid in danger. John finally agrees, but tells him to keep his daughter out of it. Philip asks why he had to surveillance his own father's party, yet he doesn't want his daughter involved. John thinks Victor is involved with Tony and Maya and shows him a list of the boats that shipped diamonds and they all went out on Kiriakis ships. John thinks Victor is the big crime boss behind the diamond smugglings. Philip defends his dad, saying that he isn't a criminal, but John says they can't rule him out. Philip is either working with the ISA or he is protecting his father. Philip talks about his mom being upset when he first signed up, not sure why he was doing it, and then he got recruited to the ISA. He says that if he discovers that Victor is involved, he will turn him in. John says "Let's get to work." Later, Lucas arrives and spies on Maya, who is meeting with some guy.

At the police station

In jail, Rex arrives to visit Cassie. She asks the guard to let him in, but Rex has to stay outside. Cassie complains about the bed being hard and only getting one pillow as Rex tells her that he will pay bail after the arraignment and tells her that she has something to tell her grandchildren about. Cassie asks him to tell her that Roman Brady is not their father. Cassie asks if he could've made a mistake, but he says that DNA doesn't lie and it proved that they were related to Sami, she is their sister, in turn, Roman is their father. He tells her that Marlena was just their surrogate mother. Cassie was happier when they first came to Salem, when they didn't know who their parents were and Cassie flips when she thinks Rex isn't her brother. He tells her that he is her full brother and she is happy. Cassie asks Rex never to leave her and he promises.

Up in the station, Kate arrives with coffee for Roman and he is happy to see her. Kate asks why he called her and he tells her about Cassie being arrested for soliciting and tells her about Cassie calling Lucas more than once. Kate wonders why she was calling Lucas and vows to get Lucas away from all the DiMera's. The guard brings Cassie up for her questioning as Cassie mutters "my father." Roman offers to call Tony, but she doesn't want him too. Rex tells him that she is just confused as she was accused of a crime she didn't commit and he forced her to spend the night in prison. He says that if Sami were in the same situation, he wouldn't put her in jail. Kate asks Cassie why she called Lucas last night and Rex tells them to stop beating up on his sister and tells them to leave her alone. Roman tells Rex that they can find him a nice cell next to his sister's. Cassie asks him to let her go, but he tells her they can't until Marlena arrives and she is arraigned. Cassie doesn't want Marlena there, only Rex as he is the only one she can count on. Roman tries to convince her to let Tony and Marlena come down to the station, but Cassie tells them no. Rex asks to talk to her alone, so Roman has an officer, Benny, escort them to the office. In the office, Rex tells Cassie to hold it together. They can't tell anyone that Marlena and Tony aren't their parents, especially Roman Brady. Outside, Kate and Roman talk about Cassie and Rex. He says that it always seems like they have a big secret they are hiding.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor is reading the paper as Brady comes down. When Nicole arrives, Brady leaves. Victor tells Nicole to put the croissant down or she'll get fat.

Later, at the stables, Nicole is screaming "I hate him!" Larry's henchman, Russell, arrives to meet with Nicole. Russell asks if the deal is still on and Nicole says yes that the deal is more on than ever. Russell asks about the body he has to dispose of and Nicole takes him into the stable where Rolf's body is. He asks for the payment, so she gives him a bag of diamonds. Nicole hopes they can get Rolf's body out and spring Larry. Nicole is hurrying him as she doesn't have a lot of time as Brady walks in, asking her what is going on there. Nicole thanks Russell for delivering the feed as Brady asks what Victor would say if he caught her out here with the feed guy. Nicole doesn't care. Brady asks why she stays with his grandfather. Nicole has a flashback of many arguments with Victor. Brady accuses her of being after Victor's money and planning on becoming a rich widow. Nicole orders him to stop spying on her and as he leaves, he tells her that he will find out what she is hiding. Russell returns and asks her if she wants him to take Brady out. Nicole says "I wish," and says that Brady thinks she is having an affair. She says they need to get the body out before someone else comes in. Later, Brady returns and finds the stable where Rolf was.

At the Brady Pub

Belle arrives, 15 minutes late for breakfast with Shawn, and discovers Shawn is not there. She sits down and talks with Lisa. Belle says that she will find Shawn. Later, Shawn arrives and tells Belle that he was meeting with Maya. They discuss the night before. Later, when Belle is in the ladies' room, Philip arrives and tells Shawn that since Belle is gone, that gives them a chance for a little one on one. Philip talks about how some guy was staring at Maya in a miniskirt and crashed his car through a window and Shawn says she does have great legs. Philip tells Shawn that Maya is hot for him and asks if he can make that work out for himself. Shawn asks Philip if he is trying to push him at Maya, so he can have Belle.

At another table, John arrives and talks with Belle about the night before. She tells him about the party being boring. Later, outside, John calls Tek and tells him that he doesn't trust Philip, because he is spending to much time with his daughter.

Back at the other table, Belle returns and Philip leaves the table. Shawn tells her about Philip trying to push him at Maya and she goes to the bar.

At the bar, Belle runs into Philip and asks if he is deliberately trying to lose his best friends. Belle yells at him and asks what he is up to. She tells him to spill the secret as the camera closes on Philip's face. The previews roll...


*Bo is talking to Vin. Vin says that if anything happened to him, no body would care. Bo says "You had your chance."
*Lucas asks Tony what he and Maya are trying to buy with the diamonds. "Eternity," Tony says.
*Nicole, in a dark wig, says "Showtime!"

The End.

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