Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Paul
Pictures by Juanita

Cassie and Shawn are at Makeout Point. Cassie continues to hit on Shawn, repeating constantly that she can satisfy him. Shawn tells Cassie that he's not going to have sex with her. Cassie tells Shawn she needs him and he needs her as well.

John and Tek continue to fiddle about with the machines inside of the van trying to contact Philip. John is still upset over the fact that Philip has placed Belle in danger by involving her in the mission.

Belle and Philip are still up in the rafters and ceiling overlooking the room where Tony and Maya are speaking. Belle is still stuck and cannot get out. Philip tells Belle that he needs to unzip her dress to get her out. Belle shakes her head "No" at Philip. Philip, still trying to concentrate on the conversation below, overhears Maya tell Tony that none of her clients have ever complained about her service. She tells Tony that she has told him everything she knows, Tony seems a little reluctant to believe that. Belle again complains she is stuck, Philip, annoyed, slides over and tries to help her be quiet by putting his hand over mouth.

Victor is saying goodnight to some of his guests. Nicole walks over and begins to irritate Victor about Brady moving in. She asks if Victor trusts her with a hunk like Brady around the house. Victor reminds her that if she's not quiet and keeps on bothering him, he can send her to prison for quite a long while.

Brady walks out into the yard of the house. He takes off his shirt and goes for a swim in the pool. While taking laps, Nicole meets him and stands over him from outside of the pool. Brady asks what Nicole wants. Nicole tells Brady "Isn't it obvious!"

Henderson comes over to Victor asking where Nicole might be. Victor tells Henderson he will go and find her.

Brady tells Nicole he's not into games. Nicole tells Brady to get out of the pool because the guests don't want to see Brady in that state of undressed. They argue about Brady moving into the mansion. Nicole tells Brady she doesn't want him moving in. Brady snaps back asking if his moving in will ruin the love nest Victor and Nicole have going! Nicole tells Brady that the relationship between Victor and herself in none of his business. Brady says he's
looking out for Victor since he's family and that he would be sure Victor would be upset if he knew they kissed. Nicole says she was bored, drunk, testing him and that's the reason why it happened.

Tony tells Maya that in order to be in business together, he must be fully informed of everything, including why this lawsuit was filed. Tony tells Maya it's bad publicity and she doesn't need it. Maya tells Tony that she is owed money and will collect it from the bastard any way possible. Tony tells Maya that they're alike in many ways, but that undue attention isn't needed on their business. She tells Tony that he'll get his when it comes to the
diamonds. She also tells him that she's absorbing all the risks but they have a deal. Tony,
says they have a deal but doesn't answer Maya about the question she put forth about trusting her.

Philip slides over to Belle again and tells her that in order for them to get out she needs to take her dress off. This time Belle reluctantly agrees and Philip begins to slide it off her.

Cassie begins to rag on the purity ring Shawn is wearing. Shawn tells Cassie it means he loves Belle and is committed to Belle. Cassie tells Shawn she can remove it even for a short time and no one would know. She tells Shawn that everyone is having sex, so why shouldn't they! She then pushes Shawn down to the ground and starts to kiss him.

Philip slides Belle's dress off of her. Belle is visibly not happy about any of this.

Tony tells Maya that he's weary of her because she's following the footsteps of her father. Maya tells Tony that she wants to work with him because of the power he has. Tony proposes a toast for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Belle tells Philip that she's really embarrassed about this and hopes he won't tell anyone. Philip agrees, but in the process Belle lodges herself loose shaking a beam. Tony and Maya below both question the noise and look around.

Brady towels up as Nicole's cell phone rings. Larry Welch is on the other line. Larry tells Nicole that he is being transferred tomorrow to maximum security and that she needs to be ready to make her move. Nicole agrees, but tells Larry that she needs some help with the heavy lifting. Larry gives Nicole a number. In the background, Brady keeps a watchful eye on Nicole.

Nicole writes down the number. Larry tells her that the guy will help her but Nicole must take care of the rest. Nicole tells Larry she's sort on cash, but she will figure something out. While talking, Brady walks up behind and asks who's on the phone. Nicole hangs up and tells Brady it was no one. Brady, being nosey, tells Nicole she's hiding something in the barn and he's going to check. Brady walks towards the barn and in a last ditch effort to stop him, Nicole, fully dressed, jumps into the pool and pretends to be drowning, yelling for Brady's help.

Shawn pushes Cassie off him. He tells her that sex should be only for two people who care about and feel the same way about each other, that it's something that shouldn't be forced. Cassie asks then why hasn't Shawn done it yet. Cassie tells Shawn that she can get any guy she wants. Shawn tells her she can't get him!

Tony, still suspicious of the noise, tells Maya that the noise is odd. Maya believes it's the air conditioner. Still above, Philip leads Belle out from the ceiling. Maya decides to propose a toast, a toast to getting what they want in their business and private life.

Philip walks down the stairs, when the coast is clear he tells Belle to come down. Belle, still upset, needs to get dressed. Philip tells Belle that he'll get her a jacket. As he turns around to get one from somewhere, Victor walks in and upon seeing Belle and Philip, wants to know what the hell is going on!

With John and Tek listening in, Victor asks what happened to Philip's clothes and what happened to Belle. John continues to hassle Philip via earpiece. Victor says Philip seems distracted. Philip tells Victor he's distracted, but had car trouble, went under the hood and got dirty. Victor tells Philip to go and change and asked if he's seen Nicole.

Nicole, still pretending to drown, still screams for Brady to help her. When she sinks under, Brady waits a moment then jumps in to save her. He drags her out of the pool. Nicole thanks Brady for his gesture. She then tells him her ankle might have gotten twisted. Brady tells Nicole that he'll get her ice, after he heads to stables to say hello to the horses!

Tony asks Maya, "Just what is it you exactly want out of your personal life?". Maya says then it wouldn't be private if she asked. Tony says it has to be a man then. Maya describes Shawn to Tony without using his name. Maya tells Tony that Shawn's a keeper and she'll continue to work on him to get him in her life. Tony tells Maya that Victor must never know about their connection. Victor walks into the room and claims to be looking for Nicole. Maya leaves the room, leaving Victor and Tony. Victor tells Tony that he should keep his distance from her because she's just as powerful as her father was. Tony tells Victor that Maya and him have something in common and that he's in total control of the situation. Tony asks how well Victor knows Maya? Victor tells Tony that he knew Maya's father very well. That he was a dealer of fine arts that used Victor's lines to ship. Also, he added that when the father died, Maya took over the business. Maya enters the room again telling Victor that some of his guests are leaving. Victor leaves the room. Tony tells Maya that Victor knows nothing of the business deal and that they're using Victor's ships to move the diamonds.

Philip starts to talk to John and Tek again. Philip says it's a technical glitch and there isn't a problem. John tells Philip to get Belle out of there. John gets angered further when Philip tells him he can't find Belle. Belle exits from a closet and asks who Philip is talking to. Philip denies speaking to anyone yet again, except this time his earpiece falls out. He tries to tell Belle it's a Walkman, Belle isn't buying. She tells Philip he's a
horrible liar and wants to know the truth. Philip tells Belle that it's classified and he can't tell her anything. Philip tells her that she can't even speak to Shawn about this at all.

Cassie and Shawn are still on the blanket at Makeout Point. Shawn tells Cassie he wants her to leave. When she doesn't, Shawn says he's leaving. Cassie tells Shawn that Belle isn't coming, that she's partying with Belle. She goes on to anger Shawn by telling him that his relationship with Belle is nothing more that passionate commitments and nothing else. She reminds Shawn about Philip's kiss with Belle on Love is Blind, and also how Belle easily decided to go with the party tonight with Philip. She tells Shawn that he doesn't love her. Shawn goes nuts, he tells Cassie that he feels sorry for her, tells her no one will fall in love with her. Cassie tells Shawn that when Philip and Belle end up together and he's on the sidelines watching, she won't feel the least bit sorry for him!

Brady goes into the stable and begins looking around. Nicole follows him in and stops him.

Tony and Maya return to the party. Maya walks over to Victor. Victor asks if Maya is having a good time. He also tells Maya that Tony can be a ruthless businessman and she should be careful. Maya tells Victor that she can handle herself and that she'll be sending out two shipments later in the week.

Belle and Philip rush off into a closet when people start to leave the party. Belle tells Philip that this isn't the idea of the night she had planned. Belle tells Philip that she wants out of the closet and isn't staying there all night. Philip stops Belle from leaving and tells Belle to give it a minute to let people leave. Belle tells Philip that she wants to leave and get dressed and see Shawn. Belle asks again why she can't tell Shawn about any of this. Philip tells Belle that she's not even supposed to know about this assignment either. He asks if Belle trusts him, she says yes.

Shawn, now alone, calls Belle on her phone. When she doesn't answer, he leaves a message asking where she is and what's going on at the party.

Cassie walks down to the piers. She sees a man leaning over looking out over the water. She walks over to him and starts to small talk with him. Cassie starts to flirt with the man, who's name is Toby. The man asks if Cassie wants to score! Cassie tells him she's not into drugs, but wants to score another way. Cassie tells the man she doesn't come cheap. When the man tells Cassie that he only has $300, she tells him that it's no problem, it's okay, she doesn't judge a guy by the size of his wallet. She asks him if he wants to go somewhere more private! Toby, pulls out a pair of handcuffs and says "How about your own private jail cell!" Cassie gets arrested for prostitution!

Nicole walks towards Brady. Brady tells Nicole that her ankle healed pretty fast. Nicole tells Brady he never really thanked him for helping her out of the pool. Brady tells Nicole that she can pay him back by telling him what she's hiding. Nicole moves closer to Brady and says "Do you want to know what my secret is?"

Victor asks Henderson again where Nicole is, when Henderson doesn't answer, he grows more suspicious.

Tony makes sure everything is set for a shipment from Maya. When she says everything is set, Tony gets very pleased. He moves in close to Maya and stops short of a kiss.

Still in the closet, Philip and Belle decide it's time to leave. Philip exits the closet and Sean walks into the house. Belle exits the closet, half naked and sees Shawn, no one looks happy at all!

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