Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope arrive at the Horton Cabin. Bo warns Hope not to trip but Hope says she could walk this cabin blindfolded and tells Bo where the lights are. Bo says he knows where they are but they are going to live primitively as he lights a lantern. Hope says that this is the first business retreat of Brady and Brady bounty hunters but Bo says he didn’t bring Hope here for business. They kiss.

Rex and Mimi are making love in Rex’s bed when there is a knock on the door.

Nicole brings a large bag of ice into the barn and uncovers Rolf’s body. Nicole apologizes to Rolf’s body and tells him he is really helping her out. Nicole checks his temperature and says that it isn’t good that it is rising and pours the ice over his body. Nicole realizes that she sounds silly talking to a dead guy but adds that she doesn’t know what Rolf did while alive but he’s doing her a favor dead. Nicole says she likes having a man that won’t order her around. She walks out of the barn and turns around to find Brady standing there.

Kate is trying to convince Roman to go home and get some rest. Roman says that as long as Sami is in intensive care, he isn’t going anywhere.

Mimi tells Rex to get rid of whoever is at the door. Rex puts on a robe and answers the door. A servant brings Rex his mail and tells him that he should always put his mail on his desk so he doesn’t miss any important letters. Rex says he doesn’t get any important letters. Charles, the servant offers to send Grace up to make Rex’s bed but he refuses saying he will mess it up again. Rex and Mimi continue to kiss but then Rex’s phone rings. It’s the hospital letting him know that Sami is awake. Mimi tells Rex that he should go to the hospital and she’ll go with him.

Kate is still trying to convince Roman to go home and rest because he sent Marlena to rest. Roman says that is all the more reason to stay. Kate says that they’ll let him know if anything changes. Roman still doesn’t want to leave. Kate tells Roman that even though Lucas was getting the best of care when he was in his coma, it still bothered her that he was so far away. Roman starts to talk to Kate about the two of them but Kate says that Sami getting well is all that is important right now. Roman agrees and suggests they go see Sami.

Lucas is trying to calm Sami down and tell her not to try to talk. Roman and Kate come in the room and Roman pushes Lucas aside. Roman tells Sami to calm down and not try to talk until the doctors fix her vocal chords. Sami is upset about this and Lucas says not now, not ever. Everyone turns to look at Lucas.

Brady asks Nicole whom she was talking to. Nicole asks if Brady was spying on her. Brady says that he was just walking by and heard someone in the stables. Nicole says Victor’s obsession with wanting to know what she’s doing all the time is sick but that is the way he is with all his possessions. Brady says that Victor is smart and if there’s a reason for keeping an eye on Nicole, then he must have a pretty good reason. Brady threatens to check out what Nicole is hiding in the barn.

Bo is lighting a fire in the fireplace when Hope notices a picture of the two of them. Bo comes up behind her to say the fire is set and that they had a lot of good memories on the Fancy Face. Hope says this might be a mistake to sell the Fancy Face. Bo says they need the money but they are having second thoughts Hope asks if there is a way to get the money without selling the boat.

Hope tells Bo not to say a word until he hears her idea. Bo says he hasn’t said a word but Hope says he has a look like he is going to negate anything she says. Hope suggests they consider her trust fund again. Bo says they aren’t going to touch that. Hope suggests their insurance. Bo says that that isn’t enough because it was based on a cop’s salary. Hope is still adamant about not selling the Fancy Face. Bo says they are a team. Hope tells Bo that he thinks this is the right thing to do. Bo explains that with this idea, the kids will have their safety net and they have a year or two to get their business off the ground. Hope looks into Bo’s face and notices how she can read how much he loves her in his face. Hope agrees again to sell the Fancy Face.

Roman tells Lucas not to make any more comments because Sami is going to be alright and he doesn’t have to be here pretending to care. Lucas says that Will is going crazy because his mom is in the hospital and he was there when it happened. Roman tells Lucas that he sounds sincere but they both know that if Sami could talk, they both know what she would say to them. Lucas says yeah and he and Kate step outside the room. Roman goes back to Sami’s bedside.

Kate asks Lucas if he feels as strange about this as she does. Lucas says he does and excuses himself, that he has to go to work. Kate asks Lucas if he likes these hours, going to work when everyone else is settling in for the night. Lucas says it isn’t the hours Kate doesn’t agree with, it’s that he’s working for Tony DiMera. Kate tries to warn Lucas about working for Tony again but Lucas says he can handle Tony.

Nicole tries to convince Brady that there isn’t any reason for him to go into the barn. Brady pushes past her anyway to see for himself. Brady starts to look into the barn but Nicole tears Brady’s shirt. He looks at Nicole as Nicole looks at Brady sheepishly.

Hope and Bo are enjoying a frozen dinner of mushroom casserole. Bo says he found a bottle and asks Hope if she remembers it. Hope remembers it as a gift from Victor from their wedding. Hope tells Bo not to open it but Bo tells her that it isn’t as valuable as the Fancy Face. Hope wants to save it for another occasion but Bo says that in the note Victor wrote with it, it says that they shouldn’t share it with anyone else. Hope says it doesn’t sound like Victor wrote that and it doesn’t seem that he and Nicole are very happy.

Brady is upset about his T-shirt but Nicole brushes it off saying that it is just a T-shirt and she has many of them. Brady tells Nicole to get out of the way but she refuses. Brady tears Nicole’ s top. Victor comes up behind them to ask what is going on.

Mimi and Rex arrive at the hospital. Mimi notices that Roman is in the room with Sami. Rex says he is going in there and asks Mimi if she minds waiting for him. Mimi says she doesn’t and watches through the window from outside the room. Roman notices Rex walk in and turns around to face him.

Rex tells Roman that he’d like to spend time with his sister. Roman corrects him and calls Sami his half sister. Roman tells Rex that he knows Rex feels that Sami is family because Marlena is his mother but he and Sami have never been close. Roman warns that Sami has been sedated to get some rest but to be sensitive.

Roman tells Kate that the way people are treating Sami is like stopping to gawk at a traffic accident. Kate asks what he means and Roman tells Kate that Rex came to see Sami. Kate asks if Sami had gotten to know the twins but Roman says they didn’t and there’s something that he doesn’t like about that kid.

Nicole tells Victor that it was her fault. Victor says he figured that. Nicole tells Victor that she was embarrassed about letting a horse out and didn’t want Brady to see the empty stall. Victor asks about the torn shirt and dress but Nicole covers by claiming that it was all an accident and she got a little forceful. Victor tells Nicole to ask for a needle and thread from the servants because he wants her looking her best for tonight. Victor asks Brady if he found a location for his recording studio and Brady says he has. Victor leaves and Nicole thanks Brady for covering for her but he says he doesn’t like being in the middle between Nicole and Victor. Brady accuses Nicole of having an affair and hiding the other man in the barn but Nicole says she is not having an affair and was talking to herself. Brady doesn’t believe her so Nicole asks Brady if he thinks she is as crazy as Victor does. Nicole asks about Chloe and Brady says that Chloe is gone. Brady doesn’t want to talk about it and tries to change the subject but Nicole keeps pressing, wanting to talk about love. Brady tells Nicole that she doesn’t know the first thing about love.

Hope and Bo return to a campfire after skinny dipping. They are wrapped in towels and try to warm up by the fire. Bo asks Hope if she remembers the last time they went swimming. They have a flashback of when they were kids on the island. Bo and Hope kiss and then toss some rocks out on the water.

Nicole tells Brady that he needs some advice, that he had a great girl and let her get away. Brady tells Nicole that selfless is not one of her qualities and she should get upstairs and fix her dress. Nicole says she hit a nerve and Brady doesn’t know a thing about love. Brady turns away and says that maybe he doesn’t.

Mimi tells Rex that she overheard Roman say that he doesn’t like Rex. Rex says he doesn’t like Roman either. Mimi suggests that Roman may know subconsciously that Rex is his son. Rex says it doesn’t matter because Roman doesn’t exist to him. Mimi asks Rex how Sami is and Rex says that Sami has been asleep the whole time but he’s glad he came and leads Mimi out of the room.

Kate tries to defend Rex to Roman and asks what he doesn’t like about him. Roman says it is just a feeling. Kate points out how Rex and Cassie grew up. Roman says he guesses even having screwed up parents is better than having no parents. Roman tells Kate that he sees in Sami the hurt that her childhood with screwed up parents has caused. Kate tells Roman not to blame himself and Sami needs to take responsibility for her own actions because she is lucky to have Roman for a father.

Mimi and Rex are laying out under the stars. Mimi says it is nice to relax but Rex says he can’t relax being around Mimi and thanks her for bringing him out here. Mimi asks Rex if he wishes on stars. Mimi says she does it every time. Rex asks Mimi if she ever gets her wish. Mimi says she didn’t used to and goes to make a wish on a star right then. Rex asks Mimi if she should wish on something closer to her heart. Mimi asks like what and Rex shows Mimi a huge diamond.

Brady tells Nicole that he had to let Chloe go for her own good but then asks why he is telling Nicole this because she doesn’t give a damn. Nicole says she does and as his step grandmother she has been trying to think of ways to ease his loneliness. Brady pushes Nicole away but Nicole tells Brady that this could be a very good night if he lets her help him get over Chloe as she moves up closer to him and looks into his eyes.

Roman is sitting at Sami’s bedside watching her sleep as Kate watches through the door.

Nicole waves around a bottle and tells him that it is top of the line stuff. Brady says no thank you and tells her that even when she sobers up, she is still a whore. Nicole is appalled at this but Brady asks what you call a woman as young as Nicole who marries a man as old as Victor. Nicole says smart. Brady leaves and Nicole takes a drink as she says she won’t be married to Victor for very much longer.

Hope wants to leave because they have a lot to do before they sell the boat but Bo doesn’t want to leave just yet.

Mimi asks what Rex is holding. Rex says it is a diamond in the rough like Mimi. Mimi tells Rex that he should just say his feelings, he doesn’t have to shower her with gifts. Rex is worried that Mimi doesn’t like his gift. Mimi comments about how well they’ve gotten to know each other. Rex tells Mimi that he wants her to be a part of his life. Mimi tells him to just try and get rid of her. Rex and Mimi make love on the blanket under the stars.

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