Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/16/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/16/03

By Paul
Pictures by Juanita

Belle is sitting inside of the Brady Pub. Shawn enters, and he is drawn and hot from the recent bout of heat in Salem. He sits down with Belle and proceeds to drink some of Belle's drink. He sees something is wrong with Belle. When asked, Belle responds that she's still thinking about Sami and is upset that she turned down a chance to go to lunch with Sami last week for this day. Shawn assures Belle that Sami is strong and that everything will be okay. Belle then asks about Shawn's meeting. Shawn tells Belle that the meeting was "Interesting". Shawn, still sensing something is up with Belle, asks her what she has been up to? Belle responds by telling Shawn she has something to tell him and he's not going to like it.

Philip walks towards the Brady Pub. His phone rings and it's Tek. Philip tells Tek that he knows they have a meeting and that he'll be right in. Tek (Who is sitting inside of the Pub) warns Philip not to come in. Philip looks though the window and sees Belle and Shawn sitting together.

There is a quick cut to Sami's hospital room. Tony is inside and is holding Sami's hand. Sami still remains in an unconscious state throughout.

Lucas is sitting in the DiMera living room going over files. Cassie hobbles into the room. Cassie tells Lucas that he looks busy. Lucas says that he is. Cassie goes on to tell Lucas that he looks like the perfect picture of a ruthless, serious businessman, except for one part that is missing. Lucas asks what that might be and Cassie tells him "Me!".

Mimi and Rex are headed for Rex's bedroom. Mimi talks about the adventure they were just on. How they spent quality time getting a workout by rollerblading with a corpse. Also, how they spent time in the morgue disposing of Rolf's body. Mimi also tells Rex that the next time something like this comes up that she wouldn't be involved. Then she recants and smiles and tells Rex that she really can't say "No" to him and that she would help him all over again. Mimi seems nervous and she asks Rex to do something to take her mind of things, he leans in starts to passionately kiss her! (LUCKY GUY, lol!)

Nicole, dressed as a morgue worker, tries to sneak into the university hospital morgue. She stops at the door and appears uneasy and quite nervous about going in. After a short moment of trying to convince herself she can do it, she walks in, but starts to panic a little!

Bo and Hope are sharing a romantic moment in bed. They talk about the boat, and how much fun it was to make all of the memories they've had on it. Hope tells Bo that no matter what happens, she feels safe in Bo's arms.

Philip asks Tek why he shouldn't go inside of the pub. Tek tells Philip that it appears that Belle and Shawn are having a heart to heart and that Philip is still letting personal feelings get in the way of their business. Tek tells Philip that if this continues, he will pull rank and remove Philip off the case.

Belle tells Shawn that Philip asked her to a party. She tells Shawn that she didn't give Philip an answer either way, but is sure that Shawn could come if he wants to. Shawn declines, then tells Belle he has to escort Maya somewhere. Belle doesn't seem very happy, but Shawn tells her to go the party with Philip and that they'll catch up with each other later in the night. They kiss, and Shawn leaves the pub.

Nicole, now in the morgue, is still trying to settle herself and her fears down! She walks around a bit, then picks up a chart. She goes over to a body but backs away. Then a second body, that is a John Doe. She pulls the sheet on the body, looks at the face (It's Rolf's body), says that the body is Larry Welch material and then goes to get a wheelchair to transport the body. A noise rattles Nicole and she gets very nervous.

Cassie, still sitting next to Lucas, continues to flirt with him. She begins to rub Lucas' leg and flatter him. Lucas pushes off the advances of Cassie and tells her that play time is over and he needs to get back to business. Cassie tells Lucas that she's not playing and that she's interested in him.

Mimi and Rex break from their passionate kiss. Mimi tells Rex that all the weird and strange things that have happened over the past months, must have happened for a reason to bring them together. Rex agrees with Mimi. Mimi tells Rex, now that they're here right now, what should they do next. Rex says that he's not sure, especially when it comes to Mimi, since he's not sure how to feel around her. He thinks they should just improvise, Mimi agrees and
they return to making out! (ONCE AGAIN, LUCKY GUY!) After a short commercial break, the
scene continues with the two still kissing. When they break, Rex asks Mimi if she's having second thoughts? Mimi says "No thoughts, just feelings!". Rex begins to undress Mimi and they begin to kiss again romantically.

Bo and Hope, still in bed, remises about the first time Bo wanted to buy a boat. There is a flashback scene to when both are 10 years old. It shows Bo and Hope talking about how each are going to have a boat when they get older and what they plan on doing with it.

Tony sits down next to Sami. Tony has a flashback of Sami going through the doors in the house. Tony tells Sami that he's sorry he pushed her away from him, and what made him the arbiter of what was right and wrong. That he's done just as much wrong as Sami and that he's always convinced himself that the ends always justified his actions and that he never wanted to be like his father. Sami begins to wake up while Tony is speaking. Sami flashes back in
her mind about falling through the glass doors. Tony tells Sami to hang on and that he's going to get a doctor.

Nicole is scared by a body who sits up inside the morgue. She reaches for the body and pulls the sheet off. Still scared, she checks for a pulse, which the body doesn't have. She tells Rolf's body that dead people aren't supposed to sit up like that and rise from the dead.

Philip enters the pub. As he enters, he looks at Tek, Tek gives him an uneasy glance. Philip goes over to Belle. Philip asks Belle why she seemed weird over the phone. Belle tells Philip that it was nothing and that she will go to the party with him tonight and that she's all his!

Shawn enters the office. Maya is seated on the couch waiting for Shawn. She tells Shawn that she wants prompter service. Shawn apologizes and asks if he can make it up to her. Maya smiles and says "I'll think of something!".

Mimi and Rex continue to get romantic. Mimi removes her shirt. Rex compliments her on being beautiful. They return to kissing and move to the bed.

Lucas, obviously now frustrated with Cassie asks her if she has someplace else she needs to be. Cassie jumps into Lucas' lap. He tells her that she's wasting her time and that nothing happened. Cassie asks what wrong. Lucas, tells her that he works for her father and isn't going to corrupt his little daughter. Cassie exclaims that she's all woman and that she's no little daughter. Lucas tosses Cassie off of him and she lands hard on the floor. He tells
her that he's not buying her act. The front door slams and Tony walks into the living room. He stands in the doorway, surveys the room and just shakes his head.

Nicole positions the late Dr. Rolf's body in the wheelchair and wheels him out of the morgue.

Tek walks over to Philip. He asks him if everything was a go for tonight. Philip tells him that Belle is going to the party with him tonight. Philip warns Tek not to report him or threaten him and that he has everything under control.

Shawn informs Maya that there is a change in plans tonight. Shawn tells her that he's her escort for tonight. Maya seems very happy about that!

Tony asks what is going on. Cassie uses the excuse that her earring came off and Lucas was helping her find it. Tony asks Cassie if there is a problem and if something is going on with Lucas. Cassie tells Tony there is nothing going on and that he shouldn't worry. Tony asks where Rex is, Cassie tells him she doesn't know.

Mimi and Rex, now in the bed, continue to edge closer to finally making love. Rex, takes off his shirt and Mimi takes off her pants. Just as they start to kiss again, Tony knocks at the door asking if he can come into the room. Mimi and Rex jump up.

Cassie starts to look through the files that Lucas was working on. Lucas enters the room. Cassie asks Lucas why he called her a liar. Lucas tells Cassie that she's not experienced enough as she claims and that she couldn't handle a man like him. Cassie shoots back by claiming that Lucas is only afraid of what her father would say if he knew they were together. Lucas tells Cassie that there is no "Us". Cassie says there could be one. Lucas tells Cassie that he could have anything he wants from any woman, but he's not in the game
of taking advantage of little girls.

Tony asks Rex if everything is okay from outside the door. Rex tells Mimi to cover up. Rex exits the bed and heads over for the door. Rex exits the room. Tony tells Rex he has nothing to hide and that he's seen the project Rex was working on. Rex tells Tony that he's trying to raise diamonds synthetically. Tony wants Rex to explain. Rex tries to stall but Tony wants no part of it. Rex enters his room quickly, then exits with diamonds in his hand. Tony
is shocked and claims they're flawless. He tells Rex he's a genius and that for now, until he decided what to do with this invention that he wants to keep it in the family.

Philip and Tek are eating burgers inside of the pub. Tek tells Philip that he was impressed with him and that he handled tonight's situation well. Philip wants to know what the target at the party is tonight. Tek slides over a brochure over and it is of Maya Leano.

Maya and Shawn come back into the office. Maya tells Shawn that lawyers bore her to tears, all except for Shawn and that Shawn should come with her to a party she is attending tonight. Shawn declines at first, but Maya is insistent, telling Shawn that they'll be great food, great liquor and that two grown up people should enjoy each others company.

Bo and Hope are still snuggled up together inside of the bed on the Fancy Face. Hope suggest they should finish packing, but Bo thinks that they should take the old boat to Smith Island for one last trip. Hope agrees!

Nicole wheels Dr. Rolf's body into the stables. Victor enters the stable looking for Nicole. He asks her what the hell she's doing in the stables.

Philip asks Tek what the deal with Maya is. Tek tells Philip that the ISA believes that somehow Maya is hooked up with Tony DiMera. Belle enters the pub and walks over to the table. Tek quickly shuffles off the brochure into his pocket. Philip looks at Belle and says how cute she looks. Belle comments that Philip isn't dressed and that they should be leaving soon. Philip rushes off to get his dress clothes leaving Belle at the pub. She calls Shawn on the phone.....

Shawn, with phone ringing, asks Maya if she minds if he takes the call. She tells him to and he exits the room. Belle tells Shawn that there is something going on. That Tek is too smooth and that he's covering up something. Belle tells Shawn that she hopes she can uncover something at the party and wishes he can go. Shawn tells Belle he can't and that he'll catch up with her later.

Tony walks into the living room and Lucas and Cassie quickly split up. Lucas hands Tony a bunch of files and papers to sign. Tony asks if everything is under control in the room. Cassie says it is. Tony leaves the room. Cassie tells Lucas that they both can change their minds. Tony's phone rings and it's Maya telling him he's in for a surprise.

Rex returns to his room and tells Mimi the coast is clear. They go back to making out...

Hope to tells Bo she can't wait to set sail and feel the wind in her face. Bo smiles and tells her "Lets do it!"

Victor and Nicole are still in the stables. Nicole tells Victor that she's looking for a tact to ride tonight, Victor tells her that his guests are coming and that she wants her to change into something sexy and be on his arm like the wife she isn't!

Philip returns to the pub in his dress blues. Belle compliments him on looking nice. Philip tells her that he didn't have to be bald anymore once he got assigned to a non-combat unit. They then leave.....

Tony asks Maya what the big surprise is. Shawn walks into the room...Maya tells Tony that he has to wait until the party tonight. Tony chuckles and hangs up the phone. Cassie asks Tony if she can come to the party tonight. Tony tells Cassie that she doesn't want her bored and that she shouldn't come since he wouldn't be able to spend much time with her. Cassie still insists, saying she wants to be seen with the most handsome man there! Tony agrees and
Cassie is excited.

Maya asks Shawn if he's sure he's not going to change his mind on her about going to the party. Shawn says he wont and Maya is thankful that Shawn is going with her to keep her company. Maya leaves the office.

Mimi and Rex continue to edge closer to total romance! Rex kisses Mimi up and down and clearly Mimi is enjoying every minute!

Lucas enters Sami's room. He is shocked to see her awake. He tells her that Will is going to be happy that she's awake. That Will has been asking for her 24/7 and that he is talking about her nonstop. Lucas is concerned that even though Will is strong, that he is hurting and missing her somewhat and how much Will loves her and misses her. Lucas tells Sami that he's happy she used her stubborn streak to come back and live. Sami tries to say something to Lucas, but she can't....Lucas keeps begging her to tell him....She can't......

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