Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Hope is talking to Caroline on the phone telling her it sounds great. Bo is working on the computer. Hope is telling Bo that Zack is going to spend the night with Caroline and they had such a good time together as she explains the events they did during the day. She realizes that Bo is not listening so she throws some of Zack’s toys at him. Bo looks up and Hope asks what he is looking at. Bo says he is looking at their future. Hope comes over to look at what Bo has on the computer screen and asks him if he is out of his mind.

Larry is kissing Nicole. Nicole pushes away. Larry says he likes it. Nicole asks if they have a deal. Larry tells Nicole to go out and buy something in black widow for their conjugal visit because it is her color. Larry tells Nicole that he can only off Victor if she gets him out of prison. Nicole says she’ll find a way and then they’ll both be free.

Rex and Mimi are driving around with Rolf in the backseat. Mimi tells Rex that they can’t just keep driving around with a dead guy in the backseat. Rex says he is open to suggestions. Mimi tells Rex that she knows he doesn’t want to but. Rex interrupts and tells Mimi that he doesn’t want Tony to know about this.

Chloe arrives at the Blue Note to sing. She hears Brady and David talking about her so she hides behind the sign promoting her singing there to listen. Brady tells David that Chloe is classically trained and her voice projects, he doesn’t want to overpower the audience with a big sound system. David tells Brady that he heard Chloe is giving up the opera company offer and asks Brady if Chloe plans to just sing at the Blue Note forever. Brady tells David that if Chloe wants to stay here in Salem, than that is her choice but the music at the Blue Note is not what she is meant to sing or is interested in so there are no opportunities for Chloe at the Blue Note.

Chloe comes into the room after Brady and David have left and puts her sheet music on the piano. Chloe moves to sit at a table. Philip comes in to the Blue Note and the bartender tells him that they are closed. Philip says he knows and he is here to see Brady Black. The bartender says Brady is in the office and he will go get him. Philip looks over the sign promoting Chloe’s performance as Brady comes in. Brady tells Philip that he sees he got his message. Philip says he hopes this won’t take long because he has a busy night. Brady says that he knows Philip has some date at the Pentagon. Philip asks what this is about and Brady says it is about Chloe’s future.

Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t think she’s ever seen anything so big. Bo says that if they are going to do a job they have to have the right equipment. Hope asks Bo if this isn’t just some boy toy thing and if Bo thinks they really need it. Bo says he does and Hope says she doesn’t know if she can drive it. Bo says he’ll drive it but Hope says she’ll drive it but don’t ask her to Parallel Park. Hope says it is cute and nobody would guess that they are transporting criminals in their stylish hybrid truck. Bo says all he cares about is security and safety but if Hope thinks it is cute and stylish then all those times he dragged her to the auto show have paid off. Hope says that this truck won’t be their only expense and asks Bo what the initial outlet would be. Bo says he’s done the math but he thinks there is a way that they can cover the costs without a sacrifice day to day. Hope asks if there will be a sacrifice somewhere. Bo says yeah he is afraid so.

Larry tells Nicole that he could never be free. Nicole asks what he means. Larry asks what happens when he gets out of prison. Nicole says she will take care of him. Larry says she will until he does the deed. Nicole says no one is sending him back to Statesville, he’s doing Salem PD a favor by getting rid of Victor and she’ll be the rich widow that can send Larry to Hawaii or Fiji or wherever he wants to go. Larry asks if it would be by his lonesome. Nicole doesn’t know what to say as Larry adds that Nicole shouldn’t make promises she can’t keep. Larry tells Nicole that if he gets to Fiji and Bo Brady awaits, since this will be another personal vendetta for him then he will never have any peace. Larry adds that Bo Brady would never let him get away with murder in this town if Bo knew he was out. Nicole says Bo won’t and Larry tells Nicole that she is crazy and the deal is off. Nicole tells Larry that he doesn’t have any friends or family and she has a way to make sure that the whole world would never know that he is out there and asks what Larry thinks about their killing him.

Mimi says she is sorry but she is a little freaked out right now and Rex’s yelling at her is not going to make her think any better, she’s trying to help. Rex says he is sorry. Mimi says that she assumes Professor Putnam has friends or family who would miss him someday. Mimi says that Rex says his death was an accident so they should go to the police but then they might not believe them since they’ve been cruising around for 2 hours with a dead body if they have nothing to hide. Mimi goes on to say that Captain Brady is Rex’s father but Rex can’t stand him. Mimi adds that not telling the police is one thing but not telling Tony and if Rex can’t tell her what’s really going on, she can’t help him.

Philip asks Brady if Chloe is sick again. Brady says Chloe is fine health wise. Eva comes up to them and Brady introduces Eva to Philip as Eva Matthews, a new singer they just signed up to sing at the Blue Note. Philip says that he heard Eva sing the other night and she was good. Brady asks Eva why she’s here and Eva says that she came to get some music that she left on the piano. Eva leaves and Brady tells Philip that there is nothing to worry about, that Chloe is fine.

Eva walks into the room and sees Chloe crying. Eva asks Chloe what is wrong. Chloe says nothing and wipes her eyes. Eva says she has been meaning to congratulate Chloe on that offer from Cecilia Marin. Chloe says thanks and Eva says it is a lot to think about. Chloe says people keep telling her that it is the opportunity of a lifetime like she’ll never have another one. Eva says she will and it doesn’t matter how long she’s been doing this, when something like this comes along, she always wonders if she doesn’t take this, is that it. Chloe asks if she’ll ever have another chance at this and asks Eva if she is happy singing at the Blue Note. Eva says she is and she used to tour a lot and now it’s time for her to settle down and maybe start a family. Eva says she wouldn’t have wanted that when she was 18 and maybe that’s different for Chloe and that’s okay. Eva says that Chloe’s family is here. Chloe says Craig was just offered a job out of nowhere and they are moving to New York. Chloe asks why she should have to choose between the man she loves and her dream. Chloe says she is happy here and going to Europe to train with Cecilia is going to be so hard and what if it doesn’t turn out like she expected. Eva tells Chloe that if she and Brady are meant to be, he’ll be waiting for her when she gets back. Chloe says that her bone marrow treatment cured her but people don’t realize that that was her best chance but that doesn’t mean for sure that she is going to be okay. Eva says that nobody is. Chloe says Eva’s odds are better than hers but if she only has so much time, why would she want to spend it away from the people she loves. Eva asks Chloe if she wants to give up her dream. Chloe says of course not and Eva tells her that going by that argument, Chloe will never leave and that is fine if that is what Chloe wants. Chloe says no, Brady won’t let her because he doesn’t believe that is what she wants. Eva asks if she can blame him because she doesn’t seem so sure. Chloe asks if that shouldn’t be her decision. Eva asks if she really loves Brady, would she want him to be miserable. Chloe asks if Brady really loves her, why he would want her to go. Eva just looks at Chloe and Chloe says that it is because he really loves her, she knows.

Philip tells Brady that he heard that the Wesleys are moving to New York. Brady says they are and it is a lot for Chloe to handle all at once. Brady tells Philip that he knows that he is trying to put Chloe behind him and he doesn’t mean to put him in the middle again but he does know he cares about Chloe and she needs his help. Brady tells Philip that when Philip said he should go with Chloe to Europe, he thought it was a good idea. Brady says that Chloe doesn’t want to put all her energy into getting well anymore and that the most important thing to Chloe is her life and her health. Philip adds her happiness too. Brady says they both have made mistakes and Chloe is pretty unhappy with him right now but he doesn’t think he is making a mistake. Brady asks Philip if he can help convince Chloe to let go and go to Europe. Philip says he doesn’t know if there is but he’ll try. Philip says they both know how much it means to her to sing and see the world.

Hope looks over Bo’s list and tells him that she doesn’t like this total, that she never dreamt it would be this money. Bo says they won’t have to get a loan. Hope says they could use her trust fund. Bo says that that is for the boys and they aren’t going to touch that but they have a very valuable asset that they could liquidate, they could sell the Fancy Face.

Larry tells Nicole that she may be blonde but she’s quick and asks her if she dyes. Nicole says she isn’t dying. Larry says she is a natural blonde alright and he meant dye as in d-y-e. Larry tells Nicole that he isn’t crazy about someone like Nicole faking his death because he might have something against him. Nicole says Larry has never done anything to her. Larry asks why Nicole won’t just kill Victor himself. Nicole says Victor has a tail on her. Larry asks if Victor knows she is here now. Nicole says Victor’s bodyguards won’t come near the place because they are a little conspicuous. Nicole tells Larry that she is his only chance to get out before he dies and he’s due for transfer to a maximum security prison and he could have his fatal accident during the transfer. Larry asks who is going to die for him. Nicole asks what and Larry tells her that she is going to need a body.

Rex tells Mimi that Professor Putnam knew things that he couldn’t tell other people and one of those people was Tony. Mimi asks if Rolf knew Tony. Rex says Rolf was working for him and Mimi asks what he means. Rex explains that he used to work for Stefano and Rolf was the one who created them. Mimi asks Rex how he knows this. Rex explains that Rolf told him, he’s the geneticist who made them into what they are and then made Marlena their surrogate mother. Rex says that he wanted to know where he came from and who his mother is but as he was grilling Rolf, the crates fell on him and now he may never know. Mimi says she is sorry. Rex says he is already lying to Tony and he’s already a disappointment without being responsible for the death of the man who had all the answers and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t know what to do.

Eva tells Chloe that it seems life and death now but she’s been through life and death. Chloe says she promised herself she wouldn’t get caught up in petty things again. Eva says that this isn’t petty but years from now Chloe will look back and see why things happened the way they did and she’ll wonder why she agonized over something that sounds so clear in hindsight and if she makes choices out of love, it all works out. Eva adds that even a bad experience is an experience. Chloe says it is so nice to talk to someone who understands. Eva says she has to get going and wishes Chloe good luck as they hug. Eva says she knows whatever decision she makes it’ll be fine.

Philip asks Brady when Chloe would leave if she took the job. Eva comes back in to join them and Eva says she just had a nice talk with Chloe. Brady asks if Chloe is here and Philip says good as he goes in to talk to her.

Chloe says that she hopes Philip didn’t come here to hear her sing. Philip says it might be his last chance. Chloe says not to say that. Philip asks Chloe if she is going to Europe. Chloe explains that Brady is trying to blackmail her into leaving him, that if she doesn’t go to Europe, he will break up with her. Philip tells Chloe that she has to be stubborn and do the opposite. Chloe asks why Brady thinks he knows better about what she needs or what she wants. Philip asks about what Brady needs. Chloe says she wants Brady to need her and that this is supposed to be the happiest time in her life, why is all so complicated. Philip explains that he left family, friends, servants and decent food, he didn’t have a roof over his head and he’s not half as brave or independent as Chloe is. Philip says he didn’t have a dream or a calling but he did it. Chloe asks if he is glad he did it. Philip says he is because it gave him some perspective. Philip says he knows he got obsessive with Chloe and all it did was make Chloe run away. Philip adds to not let that happen to her because going away might be good because if they can’t survive being apart, something’s wrong and it’s probably not going to work out no matter what they do. Philip implores Chloe not to make the same mistakes he did.

Rex notices that Rolf is starting to smell. Rex says they need refrigeration. Mimi suggests they drop him in the lake or at a construction site where he’d get buried in concrete and become part of the foundation of a building. Rex says that eventually bodies get found. Mimi starts talking about the body they found at Bo and Hope’s wedding. Rex says that when bodies get found, it is assumed that there has been a murder. Mimi says she knows where they could find a body sized refrigerator and nobody would think twice about finding a dead body and asks Rex if he has ever seen that show, Crossing Jordan. Rex says that Mimi is a genius.

Hope can’t believe the thought of selling the Fancy Face. Bo points out that they haven’t used the boat in a long time. Hope says she thought that when Zack got older, they’d teach him how to sail like they taught Shawn. Bo says they could still do that without the fancy face and this is an investment in his future. Hope says in her mind she’ll always have the memories but she always sees Bo and her sailing off into the sunset and asks if their traveling days are over. Bo says they aren’t, they’ll just travel another way. Bo says that if this bounty hunting thing works out and maybe by the time they retire; they can buy the Fancy Face back. Hope adds that if it is for sale and who in their right mind would want to get rid of it in the first place. Bo says if she doesn’t think this is a good idea, then he’ll understand. Hope says she is thinking and tells Bo to come with her.

Nicole tells Larry that they can work around the dead body. Larry says that she can’t go around buying a corpse with her credit card. Nicole says Victor didn’t leave her any. Larry asks if there is anyone else she hates enough to want dead. Nicole asks if anyone would notice if the body is female and she is in intensive care. Nicole tells Larry that she is having him murder Victor so she can keep her hands clean. Larry tells Nicole to use her assets to seduce a guy at the morgue in exchange for a stiff one. Nicole asks what happens when they process the body and check the fingerprints.

Chloe is talking on the phone as Brady comes in to ask if she wanted to see him. Chloe tells Brady that she just called Cecilia Marin and accepted the offer. Brady says that that is unbelievable and asks if she is happy. Chloe says she is and that it is what she wanted while at the same time it’s not. Brady says the girl he fell in love with wouldn’t look back. Chloe says she is leaving tonight after she sings but she doesn’t think she can say goodbye. Brady and Chloe kiss. They both are tearing up as Chloe walks away to sing. Philip puts his hand on Brady’s shoulder and tells him to let her go as they announce Chloe’s performance and everyone applauds.

Brady and Philip come into the room to hear Chloe sing. David starts to play but Chloe stops him when she sees them walk in. Chloe tells the patrons that she is changing the program for tonight and explains that she has a very hard time saying how she feels except when she’s singing and she has something very special to say to someone that she loves.

Larry asks Nicole if she is trying to get out of this. Nicole says she isn’t. Larry explains that they wouldn’t need to check DNA because the body would fit his general description. Nicole says that she just has to find a body that looks like Larry that no one will miss.

Mimi and Rex drag Rolf out of the car. Mimi tells Rolf that he’ll be more comfortable in a few minutes.

Bo and Hope arrive at the Fancy Face. Bo helps Hope board onto the boat and Hope holds the sail and looks out onto the water. Hope tells Bo that she can’t do it, that they’ll have to find some other way.

Nicole asks Larry if he knows someone on the outside who can help her. The guard comes back in and tells them that time is up. Larry asks Nicole for a goodbye kiss but Nicole refuses. Larry tells her to rethink that if she wants to come back here as his loveable wife. Nicole reluctantly gets up and tries to kiss Larry on the cheek but Larry pulls her face forward and kisses her on the lips. The guard puts the handcuffs back on Larry and Larry tells Nicole to knock them dead and laughs as he is led back to his cell. Nicole asks what she has gotten herself into.

Mimi checks and reports back to Rex that the coast is clear. Rex puts Rolf’s body in a wheelchair and tells Mimi to check to see if anyone is in the morgue. Mimi checks and says that nobody alive is in there. Rex tells Mimi to get the door. Mimi says she is lost and asks how they got them there. Rex explains that this is where he and Cassie stayed all last summer down the hall. Mimi checks to see if anyone is in any of the other rooms inside the morgue. They lay Rolf on the examining table and Mimi tells Rolf to rest in peace and goes to leave. Rex tells Mimi to wait.

Hope says she is sorry as Bo boards the boat. Bo says he doesn’t want to make her do this if it doesn’t feel right. Hope says she is excited to work with him again but asks if there is some other way. Bo says he doesn’t think so, that they are going to have to invest a lot. Bo adds that they are going to be busy and won’t be able to use it like they should. Bo says that if they have a weekend off and want to sail, they’ll use Pop’s boat. Bo puts his arms around Hope and tells her that it isn’t easy for him either but they’ll always have the memories. Hope says she knows Bo is right but she’s sentimental and doesn’t want to let her go. Hope then tells Bo to find her a good home. Bo says he will and who knows, maybe they could arrange visiting rights. Hope turns around and says let’s do it. Bo asks if she really means it and Hope tells him that she really wants to do this with him and they hug. Hope says they have a lot to do but Bo says they don’t have to do it right away. Hope says to not prolong the agony so Bo agrees and they go down inside the boat.

David begins to play and Chloe starts to sing “Because You Love Me” and Brady smiles and tears up as he watches and listens.

Rex covers Rolf’s body with a blanket and signs him in as John Doe. They hear someone coming so they hurry out of the morgue. Nicole dressed in scrubs and a mask sneaks up to the morgue and says ready or not, here she comes.

Hope is saying they can get rid of a lot of stuff because they haven’t used it in 3 years. Bo tells Hope to sit down in the bedroom. Hope says they have a lot of stuff to do and they kiss. Bo leads Hope into the bedroom and lays her down on the bed as they continue to kiss.

Mimi and Rex rush back to the car. Rex is worried that they didn’t have time to undress the corpse. Mimi explains that this happens all the time and they’d blame it on an orderly for not doing his job. Mimi adds that they’d blame it on Sami but she’s in a coma. Rex tells Mimi to wait because there is something else he wants to do. Mimi asks now what and Rex kisses her.

Chloe continues to sing and Philip steps back into the entryway so Brady can be the only one standing there. Brady steps back into the other room. As Chloe reaches the end of the song, Brady goes back into the room. Brady says that he will always love Chloe.

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