Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/03

By Paul
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Chloe enter the Wesley's living room. While sipping on a drink Chloe is still in shock about Craig's decision to move the family to New York. She tells Brady that families are supposed to stick together. Brady tells Chloe that a move to New York would be a great thing. It would mean Chloe seeing her family more often. Chloe asks Brady what he means by that. Brady tells her that Ms. Marin's opera company makes stops in New York several times during the year. Chloe becomes angered at Brady by this and tells him that her mind is
made up and that she's staying in Salem with him. Brady reminds Chloe again that she's giving up her dreams and a career to be with him. This further angers Chloe...

Inside the Brady Pub, Shawn brings Belle over a cup of the famous Brady clam chowder. While setting down the bowl of soup, Shawn tells Belle that he thinks he should take her to the hospital to get checked out. Belle tells Shawn that she's fine. Shawn disagrees, telling Belle that he finds it strange that she has no recollection of what happened to her out on the pier. Belle tells Shawn that she probably just slipped and fell into the water while not paying attention. She goes on to tell Shawn that she's a strong swimmer and maybe she
pulled herself out of the water and hit her head then. Shawn doesn't believe her and says that it takes a lot of muscles to be able to pull yourself out like that. Belle smiles and tells Shawn that she had an adrenaline rush, and that during emergencies, people are capable of anything, even little wimpy girls like her.

Outside the Brady Pub, Philip is peaking into the window spying on Belle and Shawn. With his back turned, Cassie sneaks up on his and startles him a bit by tapping on his shoulder. Philip asks about Cassie's ankle, she tells him that she was in the middle of a bar fight. Philip tells Cassie she's a dangerous woman and Cassie, in her flirty self, asks Philip if he's afraid of her. Before he can answer, she tell him that she thought Marines weren't afraid of anything in or out of uniform! Philip, sensing Cassie's head games tells her he has no time for games, he needs to get back to the recruiting office. Cassie asks if Philip wants company. He declines her offer and Cassie tells him that if he gets lonely, she'll be at the Pub. Philip smiles and says "I wouldn't wait, I don't want you to be disappointed!" Cassie smiles, "Some things are worth waiting for!" and she hobbles off into the Pub. When the coast clears, Tek walks out from the yard area. He comes over to Philip and asks him if there isn't any girl in town that doesn't have the hots for him!

Larry and Nicole are still meeting inside of the prison visitation room. Larry continues to hit on Nicole. Nicole pushes away and tells Larry that she needs a killer, not a lover. Larry tells Nicole that if she plays her cards right, she can have both. Nicole asks if they have a deal or not. Larry weighs his options, and Nicole tells him that she has more to lose here. That Larry can just take off on her once she breaks him out of prison. Larry reassure Nicole by telling her that he has just as much reason to see Victor dead as she does.

Mimi and Rex are driving around Professor Putnam, A.K.A. Dr. Rolf's body around Salem. Mimi is babbling on and on in the front seat, praying and begging for the Professor not to die on their watch. Rex stops Mimi and tells her that she's not helping here and that she should check the professor out for signs of life. Mimi tells Rex that they need to get the body to the hospital while they still can. Rex tells Mimi that even though this was an accident, no one would believe him since his last name is DiMera. Mimi tells Rex she trusts him and knows that he wouldn't kill anyone and that he's the gentlest person she ever knew. Rex thanks her for her support, while thanking her, Professor Putnam lets out a moan. Mimi freaks out and Rex quickly tells her to check for a pulse. Mimi declines rather quickly.

Belle and Shawn, still in the pub begin to discuss Shawn's new case Mickey has put him on. Cassie hobbles over and begins to hit on Shawn. Cassie wants to join Belle and Shawn but Belle tells Cassie that they want to be alone. Cassie snaps back telling Belle that they only want to be alone in public, and that Belle never wants to be alone with Shawn when "It Counts" (Referring to the numerous failed attempts of this couple to make love!). Belle dismisses Cassie by telling her she's not getting into this right now. Cassie leaves the table, telling Shawn not to miss her. With Cassie gone, Belle begins to ask Shawn about his new case for Mickey. Shawn explains that there is a big time antique dealer who is suing one of her big clients for nonpayment and that she is after Mickey to represent her. Mickey wants Shawn to get some background for the civil suit case. Belle tells Shawn that it seems kind of plain and asks if there is any way he can get out of it.

Outside the pub, Philip and Tek discuss the mission that Philip is currently on. Tek looks in through the window and while looking at Belle says "She looks no worse for ware!" Philip gets very angry and tells Tek that Belle is John Black's daughter and how could he shoot her on the pier. Tek responds by reminding Philip that the mission comes first and that if Philip doesn't put his personal feelings aside, he can be replaced. 

Mimi continues to tell Rex that she's not taking a pulse or getting near the body. Rex, while driving tells Mimi that they have to know if he's alive. Mimi reluctantly agrees and tells Rex that she can't say no to him! She leans back and quickly touches the body and then freaks out again. She says that the body is still warm. Rex still asks Mimi to take a pulse. Mimi pulls out a mirror from her purse and places it under the nose of the body to check for breathing. Professor Putnam is no longer breathing and is officially dead! Rex asks what they should do now? Mimi tell Rex to bite the bullet and pull over so she can call the police.

Still inside the pub, Belle and Shawn still discuss the case Mickey has put Shawn on. Shawn pulls out a brochure of Maya Leano and shows it to Belle. Belle doesn't seem happy about the fact Maya seems young and attractive. She asks Shawn if this is the new client. Shawn tells her it is and that he has to meet her in a little while.

Philip tells Tek that Belle is a good friend and that he will have to do whatever it takes to protect her. Tek lashes back at Philip telling him, does that mean you'll jeopardize your mission to protect her? He goes on to tell Philip that there is no room for emotion or temperament of any kind in this work. Philip tells Tek not to question his commitment. Tek gives Philip his new assignment, Philip takes one look at it and says "Is this a joke?".

Brady tells Chloe that if she doesn't take this opportunity, he would never be happy knowing she turned it down for him. Chloe tells Brady that he gave up a year of his life for her when she was sick. Brady asks Chloe if this then is all about paying him back. Chloe tells him that's a terrible thing to tell her. Brady goes on to remind Chloe that Ms. Marin's company begins rehearsals tomorrow in Rome and that Chloe would be replaced if she didn't leave. Chloe blasts back telling Brady that she doesn't care and that she's staying in Salem, no one, not Brady or her parent's can change that. Brady then tells Chloe "Fine, then our relationship is over!" Chloe tells Brady he doesn't mean that. Brady tells Chloe that this is the only way she'll be free to choose, either she goes to Europe or she stays in Salem, but either way, we're over! Chloe storms off upstairs crying.

While in her room, Chloe jumps stomach down onto her bed, she's holding a picture of Brady. Several flashback scenes are shown with Brady and Chloe. They talk about their love for each other. After the scenes are over, Chloe, still on her bed and crying, throws the picture of Brady at the door, shattering the glass. She then begins to take all of her clothes out of her dresser, throwing them around her bed and floor. Brady comes upstairs and stands outside the door asking Chloe to open the door.

Nicole tells Larry that hatred makes strange bedfellows. Larry tells Nicole that he wants Nicole and wants to see the goods under her outfit. Nicole tells Larry that if he makes her a widow, he's all hers! Larry grabs Nicole and drags her around the table, he begins to neck her.

Mimi holding a cell phone in her hand is continuing to babble on to Rex about calling the police and asks what he's waiting for, especially with a corps inside of the car. Rex tells Mimi to stop talking and then bangs his head into the steering wheel while trying to think. Mimi asks Rex if he's now going to pass out on her too. Rex tells her that he wishes he would! Mimi then says "Why don't we just call 9-1-1, tell them we picked up this man along the side of the road and he just croaked on us!" Rex shakes his head "What about the bump on
his head, the bruises on his body, how do we explain those?" Mimi tells Rex that they don't have to. Rex tells Mimi he should have buried the body at the warehouse when he had the chance. While talking a light flashes on Mimi's cheek, a police officer walks over to the car and asks if everything is okay in the car. Mimi tells the officer that they pulled over since she got woozy from the heat. Rex thanks the officer and is ready to pull away when the officer stops them. The officer shines his light into the back-seat and asks what's wrong
with the man back there? Mimi says "He's dead...dead to the world that is" Rex tells the officer that the heat got to him too and that there was nothing to worry about. The officer reluctantly believes them and leaves the car. Just as Mimi and Rex are ready to pull away, a group of teenagers come over to the car. They tell Mimi that they loved her on "Love is Blind" and that they're going roller-blading and that she and Rex and her friend in the back-seat should come along. Rex and Mimi finally agree to go

Belle and Shawn are still at the pub. They now are on the topic of Shawn being concerned for Belle, and the fact she hasn't been sleeping and has been working and spending time at the hospital with Sami. Belle talks about how she still sees Sami falling through the glass every time she closes her eyes, and how she hopes Sami will be able to talk to her son again. She also expresses concern over Chloe leaving Brady to tour. Belle tells Shawn that she just wishes Brady and Sami could be happy like they are. Shawn tells Belle that he's going
to start taking better care of her.

Philip is angry that his next mission is to be sent to a party at his father's house to spy on him. Philip tells Tek that if he wants someone to spy on his father, then someone else should do it. Tek tells Philip that his father could be in danger and that Philip knows everyone associated with his father. If someone didn't belong on the list or was a new guest, it could help. Philip reluctantly agrees to take of this. Tek tells Philip that Victor cannot know what he's up to and that Philip has to bring a date to keep cover.

Shawn tells Belle he's meeting Maya tonight and if Belle wants he can cancel. Belle tells Shawn to go, but asks how Maya could be so successful, so young. Shawn tells Belle that's why Mickey is sending him to get all the background information on her. Shawn tells Belle he will call her when everything is done. Belle promises she is headed home to crash. They kiss, Shawn leaves the pub. Philip, still outside, peers in at Belle and smiles.

Brady is sitting outside of Chloe's bedroom door. He tells Chloe that at some point she has to come out of her room. Chloe tells Brady she finds it funny how Brady always wants her to be her own person, but yet he still tells her how to decide on things in her life. She tells Brady that if a few weeks ago if someone told her she would be healthy, have her family and have Brady and never have to leave the house that this would have been everything she could have asked for in her life. Brady tells Chloe that she's better now and deserves a
full life, Chloe agrees, but tells Brady she deserves it with the man she loves. Sobbing, she tells Brady that maybe she doesn't love him, and maybe he doesn't love her. She feels as if Brady has no respect for her at all. Chloe says that being sick has changed her, for the better she thinks, but maybe not into the person Brady wants her to be. Chloe compares Brady to Philip by wanting to control her life. This angers Brady and he tells her that he's nothing like Philip at all. Chloe tells Brady that no one will make this decision for her,
but that she never wants to see him again. Brady tells her that she won't have to see him again after she sings at the Blue Note tonight. Chloe, crying, lashes out at Brady "How could I ever think I could work with you? Let you be my manager, have a family with you, marry you, I hate you!" Brady, at just about the same time Chloe tells him she hates him, he says "I love you, I'm sorry". Chloe begs Brady to go away this time and never come back at all.

It is apparent that Larry and Nicole have fooled around in the visitors room by Nicole's first line "Well, now that you have sampled the goods, do we have a deal?" Larry, tells Nicole that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to whack Victor, well almost anything, and he continues to grab at Nicole. He does tell her that this has to be done on his terms.

Mimi, Rex and the late Rolf, all donned in Roller-blading gear skate over to a park bench. They sit the body on the bench and decide to prop the body up. The body's legs are crossed, and Rex finds a copy of the intruder to place in the body's hands. While putting the finishing touches on the body, the teenagers find Mimi and Rex again. They want to go blading but Mimi tells them they can't because of their friend. The teenagers tell them that their friend is reading the newspaper and that they should go and hang out. Mimi and Rex agree and off they skate. When the coast clears, Bart comes walking down the stairs of the park. While throwing out his drink he spots Rolf. Bart sits next to Rolf and beings to tell Rolf that he's toying with his emotions. He tells Rolf things have changed in the organization and that Tony wants no part of Rolf anymore or any part of Stefano's ways.

Belle is getting ready to leave the pub. Cassie comes over to her and tells her that if she wants to hold onto Shawn she should give up her silly chastity ring and realize what kind of hunk she has. Belle tells Cassie that she knows the type of hunk she has, one that wont go for Cassie. Philip walks into the conversation. He asks the girls if everything is okay. Cassie flirts again by asking Philip if he's returned to buy her a drink.

A dressed up Shawn is inside Mickey's office. He shows a beautiful young women in, Maya Leano. Maya asks for Mickey but Shawn tells her that he's handling this interview for Mickey. She agrees to play ball and sits down. Shawn seems very nervous, Maya tells Shawn she doesn't bite and that Mickey is using him to feel her out and she knows the game. Shawn asks if she feels the lawsuit is a game. Maya responds "Life a game with winners and losers and she always wins" She tells Shawn to put that in his file with a footnote saying that if they stick with her, she'll make him and the law firm very, very wealthy.

Bart continues to speak to Rolf's body. He talks about the good times they've had in the past. How Rolf was very serious and always took things out on Bart. Bart finally ends the conversation by telling Rolf he looks good and so long, and that he'll never forget him!

With the coast clear Mimi and Rex return and pick up the body. Mimi suggests they take the body to the DiMera mansion to dispose of it. Rex says it's not an option. They drag the body off. 

Brady stands up and tells Chloe he is leaving, but he asks for Chloe to make sure she's at the Blue Note to sing tonight. Chloe tells Brady that she'll be there, but only as a last favor to him. She yells to him that this is her life and she'll make the decisions in it. Brady walks away.

Nicole tells Larry that she has money if that's what he wants. Larry tells Nicole that he's happy just to get rid of the monster for her. They seal the deal with a kiss. 

Philip reminds Cassie that he's not interested and that she should return to the guy she was speaking to at the bar. Philip asks Belle to speak with her. He asks her if she would like to go to a party that Victor is having at the house and wants to know if she can talk her into going.

Mimi and Rex load the body into the car, they discuss more options. Rex suggests the outskirts of town and Mimi suggests Lovers Leap! Rex starts the car and adjust the back mirror and looks into it and sees the body of Rolf.

Maya compliments Shawn for being a good interviewer. Shawn tells her he just kept to whatever the business was at hand. Maya tells Shawn that if Mickey takes on the case, they will be spending a lot of time together and that they should kiss off the formalities and get down to business. Shawn seems intrigued and asks about the formalities. Maya tells him that for starters he needs to call her Maya and not Ms. Leano. Second, if Shawn wants to get the goods on her so to speak, he needs to live her life. Maya wants Shawn to tour her
gallery, live the life and that her secretary will set up a time for him to come and tour. Maya also asks Shawn to keep dinner open as well. Maya leaves the office and Shawn throws his pen in the air!

Chloe Lane will be leaving Salem tomorrow. Her last episode is expected to be a good one, especially as she says good-bye to Brady and her friends!

I had the opportunity to meet Nadia Bjorlin at an event I attended last year. She was very charming, attractive and smart! Her character has grown so much on Days and will be sorely missed by many, including myself! I always hate to see good people off of shows, I am sure that she will be successful in everything she does in the future, so best of luck :)

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