Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Shawn are walking along the pier. Belle is telling Shawn about how she feels guilty about the whole family coming down on Sami about Brandon. Shawn tries to reassure Belle that Sami will be fine. Shawn says that he thinks it will take more than falling through French doors to put Sami’s lights out. Mimi comes up to them to ask where Rex is. Mimi tells Belle and Shawn that something happened and Rex ran out of the mansion and she hasn’t seen him since and now she’s worried.

Tek comes into the Brady Pub and nods to Philip. Philip gets up to leave but Bo comes over. Bo asks Philip where his uniform is but Philip says they aren’t required to wear them off base. Bo tells Philip that him being a marine is still hard to believe. Philip asks about Bo and Hope’s trip to catch Ramsel and asks how it is now that Bo is off the force. Bo says it is great because he couldn’t have gone after Ramsel if he had been wearing that badge. Bo asks Philip why he is hanging out at the Pub and asks if the marines didn’t have something better for him to do.

Rex moves the crates off of Rolf. Rex tries to revive Rolf but it doesn’t work.

Chloe opens a large envelope to find a program with her name and picture on it from the opera house. The doorbell rings and it’s Brady.

Tony tells Marlena that he heard Sami was going to be okay. Marlena says she is relieved that Sami is going to live. Tony offers Marlena something to drink but Marlena tells him to stop being so polite. Marlena tells Tony that the doctors said Sami is going to live but may be paralyzed and/or have permanent injury to her vocal chords. Marlena says that Sami may not be able to move ever again. Marlena adds that the call the hospital made to Tony to tell him that Sami is going to be okay means that Sami may be condemned to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Tony says he is so sorry and Marlena tells him that she holds him personally responsible for Sami’s injuries and she will never ever forgive Tony.

Tony tells Marlena that she is not here as a mother but as an accuser and that she is very comfortable in that role. Tony tells Marlena that he is in no mood to deal with her accusations so to see herself out. Marlena acts surprised that she gets to leave and accuses Tony of wanting to possess her like Stefano did. Tony is deeply upset about Sami being injured and that whether Marlena believes it or not, if he could have prevented it, he would. Marlena asks Tony to leave town and get the DiMera name out of their lives.

Hope sees Philip and hugs him as she welcomes him back to Salem. Philip says he came to the Pub because he was craving the Pub’s burger and fries because the food isn’t that great on the base. Hope says she was too and asks Philip to join them. Philip declines so Hope invites him to the house for dinner sometime with a promise of Bo making his famous burritos. Bo and Hope sit down at a table. Bo tells Hope that while Philip has turned his life around, he is keeping something from him. Hope tells Bo that she checked the docks for Meeks and there was no sign of him. Bo tells Hope that he wouldn’t let her go chasing after Meeks if he had something on his record. Hope says she is Bo’s partner now, she’s in for the ride no matter how bad it gets, and they share all the risks and the glory. Bo says there isn’t much glory in this business. Hope says they will be raking it in and the best part is she gets to hang out with her main squeeze. Bo gets up and looks around. Hope asks who he is looking for. Bo says he is looking for his mom because he doesn’t want her to see him smooching on a beautiful woman. Bo and Hope kiss. Bo leads Hope away to talk to some contacts but Hope wants to grab the burger and fries before they leave. Bo says he’ll feed Hope later. Tek and Philip were outside of the Pub but hurried to hide when Bo and Hope come out of the Pub. Once they walk by, Philip and Tek come out from hiding and look after them.

Belle tells Mimi that she’s sure Rex is fine. Shawn tells Mimi that she looks upset, and asks Mimi if she and Rex have gotten close. Mimi tells them that her feelings for Rex has totally taken over, her brain is all Rex, all the time. Shawn says it sounds like Mimi is in love with him. Mimi says she’s been scared to put it in those words. Belle asks why and Mimi says Rex won’t feel that way about her because he’s handsome and off the charts brilliant. Belle tells Mimi that she is gorgeous and off the charts ingenious. Shawn adds that Mimi is normal. Belle and Mimi look at Shawn so Shawn says while Rex is cool, he needs someone to help him deal with the real world and that person is Mimi and if he can’t see that, then he’s not all intelligent as they thought. Mimi tells Shawn that that was so sweet to say. Belle tells Mimi that they want to see her happy but to be careful with Rex because she doesn’t want to see Mimi hurt. Mimi says Rex would never hurt anyone and says she is going to go find him.

Rex checks Rolf again for signs of life. He paces the warehouse when he finally thinks of something to do. Rex lifts Rolf’s body over his shoulder and carries him out of the warehouse.

Shawn wants to practice throwing baseballs. Belle says that she thought the Salem U baseball season is over. Shawn says it is but he has to keep his arm in shape. Belle complains that it is hot and she can’t think. Shawn offers Belle a chance to throw a ball. Belle says no thanks that she isn’t into public humiliation. Shawn asks if they can leave Philip alone but Belle says that friends don’t leave friends alone when they are worried about them. Belle says she is worried about Philip and he is sweltering acting like Sammy Sosa and she needs some kind of distraction. Shawn asks Belle why she is so worried about Philip. Belle says it looked like Philip didn’t belong there at the base. Shawn says he might have been acting with that silver spoon in his mouth. Belle tells Shawn about how everyone treated Philip with respect while at the base like he had higher rank but he didn’t. Shawn tells Belle that what she was seeing was probably seeing respect for Philip since he is finally doing such a good job. Shawn tells Belle that she is so cute when she gets a scrunched up look on his face. Shawn gets a phone message and says cool.

Bo and Hope approach a valet parking attendant. Bo explains to Hope that Tommy is the contact he was talking about. Hope says he is a kid and Bo says he is a kid with a job, big improvement over the last time Bo saw Tommy. Hope asks Bo if he helped Tommy get the job. Bo says he just tried to talk some sense into Tommy, get him off the streets; he got the job on his own. Tommy says that Hope is hot and Bo introduces Tommy to Hope. Bo explains that they are being bounty hunters now and Tommy asks if Bo is looking for a partner. Bo says that Hope is his partner. Bo asks Tommy if knows Meeks. Tommy says that he hasn’t seen him but they’ve come to the right spot. Tommy says that a lot of bail jumpers come around there looking for fake IDs. Hope is surprised that people are still using fake IDs. Tommy says that Meeks would be in disguise and asks if there is any information to look for on Meeks. Bo explains that Meeks likes redheads, smokes a pipe and has a tattoo of a spider on his arm. Tommy says that Meeks has no taste because brunettes are better as he looks at Hope. Hope asks Bo what if Meeks shows up in a taxi and Tommy doesn’t see him. Bo says they should go inside and check it out but first have to make some changes.

Brady tells Chloe that he couldn’t leave things the way they were and asks to come inside. Chloe steps aside to let Brady in. Brady says he hates arguing with Chloe. Chloe says it seems to be his favorite thing to do lately. Brady notices the program and asks Chloe what it is. Chloe says it is nothing and puts it away in a drawer as she walks into the living room. Brady pulls it out and looks at it anyway as he follows her into the living room. Brady says it is amazing and tells Chloe not to turn her back on her future. Chloe tells Brady that she loves him and wants to stay here. Brady says he loves her too and that’s why he wants her to do this. Chloe says everyone she wants and loves is here in Salem and to follow this fantasy she is going to have to leave everything she cares about and she can’t, her future and her life are here with Brady. Brady and Chloe kiss.

Tony tells Marlena that the thought of harming her or her family is in her imagination. Marlena says that that is new but Tony says it isn’t that he can’t help it that the men in her life are lovesick school boys but he isn’t one and never has been. Marlena tells Tony that he denies even pursuing her. Tony says he is too proud a man to be chasing after a woman who isn’t interested and to feel free to disentangle herself from all things DiMera. Marlena tells Tony that sadly, they share children. Tony asks if Marlena would mind breathing the same air a moment longer for he has something to show her in Rex’s room. Marlena asks what it is and Tony tells Marlena to take a look for herself as he’ll lead the way and then adds that if she cares about her son, she’ll follow him. Tony holds the door open to leave the living room as Marlena walks through it.

Rex puts Rolf’s body in his car. Mimi surprises him and asks what he is doing.

Bo in disguise walks into Echelon. A woman walks up to Bo to ask if she can help him. Bo says yes, but at the moment he doesn’t think she can help him. Bo walks up to a table of three men and asks if anyone can spare some tobacco. All three men offer Bo some and Bo calls them generous as he takes some. Bo tells the men that he teaches at Salem U and couldn’t have survived being surrounded by underage co-eds all day without Echelon. Hope comes over to the table in a sexy red dress and red wig. She tells the men that she just loves men who smoke a pipe, it’s so masculine. Hope asks the men if they have any muscles. One of the men takes off his jacket to show Hope his muscles. Hope asks if she can touch and puts her hand on his arm. A second guy stands up and Hope says she loves his tobacco. Hope asks how his muscles are and the guy says she’ll just have to take a look as he flexes his arm. Hope notices that the second man has a spider tattoo on his forearm and glances over at Bo.

Shawn says that it looks like Uncle Mickey has another job for him. Belle asks Shawn if he really likes that job. Shawn says that since his mom and dad are cops, it must be in the genes. Belle tells Shawn that he is just delivering legal papers. Shawn says that maybe he is going to law school and asks Belle if she wants to go with him to Mickey’s place. Belle says she wants to stay where it is nice out and read her book. Shawn says he’ll hurry back soon and kisses Belle goodbye. Belle sits down on the bench and starts to read her book. Tek and Philip walk up to the pier as Tek asks Philip if it is hot enough for him. Belle hears them coming and hides behind a barrel. Tek is telling Philip that another shipment will be coming soon as he hears Belle. Tek gets out his gun and walks over to see what is hiding behind the crates. Belle stands up and Tek shoots her. Belle shrieks and falls into the river. Philip screams no and runs to look at where Belle fell in.

Chloe and Brady are lying on the couch after making love. They can hear Joy crying over the baby monitor. Brady makes a joke about Joy having a big set of lungs just like her big sister. Chloe says it is just the baby monitor and goes to check on her. While Chloe is gone, Brady fantasizes about Brady and Chloe in the future. In Brady’s fantasy, he comes home to his wife Chloe to tell her that Titan just signed Sensations, a major jazz and classical music label. Chloe says she is so proud of Brady. Brady says he loves it when Chloe is happy for him and hugs her. Brady says that Chloe’s dreams didn’t exactly pan out but Chloe says that she has everything she wants. Brady says they tried to market her CDs but it’s hard to sell a singer who isn’t willing to travel and that he’s sorry. Chloe tells him not to be sorry and hugs him as she says that it was so long ago, she hardly even remembers wanting to be an opera singer. Brady asks if she is sure that she doesn’t have any regrets.

Tek and Philip pull Belle out of the river. Tek asks how Belle is but Philip says he isn’t talking to him. Tek says to calm down but Philip says that he shot Belle. Tek says it was only a tranquilizer dart and she’ll be fine. Philip says that Belle is John Black’s daughter. Tek says that Belle was spying on them. Philip tells Tek that he doesn’t know that. Tek says that Belle was hiding behind a barrel and that is spying in his book. Tek says they should meet somewhere deserted next time. Philip says the pier is usually deserted but if Tek keeps going around shooting his friends. Tek tells Philip to get off his high horse, that Belle is breathing and has a pulse. Tek adds that maybe Belle will think twice about playing Nancy Drew girl detective next time. Philip says he is staying with her until she wakes up and tells Tek to get lost before someone sees them together. Tek says to get in touch with him after Belle wakes up because they have business to take care of. Philip agrees and Tek leaves. Philip strokes Belle’s hair and tells her to wake up.

Hope tells Meeks that there are two things she likes, a pipe and a tattoo. Bo comes up to Meeks and asks him to come quietly with him. Meeks says to beat it because he is making time with Hope. Bo tells Meeks that his time is up and they have a warrant for his arrest. Meeks looks from Bo to Hope and back to Bo again as he tries to punch Bo. Bo punches Meeks in the stomach a couple times until Meeks spins Bo around and punches him in the stomach. Meeks now has his back to Hope so Hope hits him over the head with a bottle and Meeks falls to the floor.

Mimi asks Rex who he put in his car, that he looks familiar. Rex tells Mimi that it is Professor Putnam. Mimi asks what happened to Rolf’s hair. Rex says it was a wig and Mimi says that men are just as vain as women. Mimi asks Rex what happened, if Rolf is drunk. Rex tells Mimi that Rolf is dead and he killed him.

Marlena says she makes it a point not to invade her children’s privacy. Tony explains that Rex has been rather secretive lately so he went into his room to look for an explanation of Rex’s behavior but what he found was disturbing and he thought as Rex’s mother, he should see for himself. Marlena steps into Rex’s room and looks around and then looks at Tony.

Brady is still imagining himself and Chloe in the future. Chloe tells Brady that she can’t have any regrets when she has the handsomest, sexiest, most loving husband in the world and he is everything she ever wanted in a man. Brady tells Chloe that she wanted more than a husband at one point in time and asks if Chloe remembers when Cecilia Marin offered her a spot in her opera company. Chloe asks Brady not to bring this up again. Brady says he is bringing it up for a reason. Brady says that one of Sensations biggest clients is Cecilia Marin and now that he has acquired Sensations, Cecilia Marin is now his client. Brady goes on to say that Sensations also represents Monica Burton. Chloe says that Monica is brilliant. Brady tells Chloe that she is better than Monica and the only reason Cecilia hired Monica was because she turned down Cecilia’s job offer. Chloe says that Monica is great for his company. Brady says it is their biggest break yet. Brady asks Chloe to listen to Monica’s newest CD and offer her thoughts. Brady tells Chloe that she might as well put her talents to use by being an advisor behind the scenes. Chloe turns away from Brady as Brady asks what is wrong. Brady says he knew he shouldn’t have said that but that Chloe wanted him to be open about this and he thought that she was completely at peace with not singing again. Chloe is about to cry so Brady pulls her close as he says that Chloe’s heart is still broken because she didn’t take Cecilia Marin’s offer. Brady comes back from his fantasy to hear Chloe coming back into the living room. Chloe says she decided to change her clothes since she was upstairs because she wants to look beautiful for Brady. Chloe says she sang a lullaby to Joy and she went right back to sleep. Brady asks if that is going to be enough for Chloe. Chloe says she can sing for Brady if he wants and they can sing duets for their children as she moves in to kiss Brady. Brady pulls away and says he can’t take this anymore, that she is just fooling herself. Brady says he is flattered that Chloe thinks he is any kind of substitute for being a famous opera star. Chloe says she has made up her mind and asks not to argue about this. Brady says he loves her too much to let her make a mistake she is going to regret for the rest of her life.

Mimi asks Rex if that is a dead body in Rex’s car. She asks Rex if he is serious that he killed Professor Putnam. Rex says that he is dead serious. Mimi says Rex is not the type of guy and asks Rex how on earth he could kill a guy. Rex says it was an accident. Mimi says of course it was and he has to go the police right away. Rex says that there were no witnesses at the warehouse and it’s his word against a dead guy. Mimi tells Rex that he should go tell Roman that he is Rex’s father and ask him for help. Rex says that he is not turning himself into Roman because he knows he is not guilty but if he goes to trial he is taking a chance on being convicted. Mimi asks Rex what he is going to do. Rex says he has to get rid of the body that he has got to bury it somewhere, somehow. Rex asks Mimi if she has any ideas. Mimi shakes her head.

Philip is apologizing to Belle and telling her that he would never hurt her as he strokes her hair.

Meeks comes to on the floor and asks what happened. Bo tells him that he got knocked out and says that it is lucky it was his wife that hit him because if it had been Bo, Meeks would still be out. Meeks asks Bo what he means by his wife. Hope says that she is his wife. Meeks says damn you as Hope says let’s go. Bo leads Meeks away as he says that it is back to the slammer for Meeks. Hope turns to the other guys and apologizes for the mess.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s made up her mind and nobody can make decisions for her. Brady asks if that is true even if those decisions can ruin her life. Chloe tells Brady not to be so dramatic and that most women would give a year of their life to find a man like Brady. Chloe adds that it is not just about romance, she’s been an orphan most of her life and now she has a family and she isn’t going to leave that to go traipse around Europe. Brady says Chloe will not be traipsing, she’ll be playing all the great opera houses in the world, that this is Chloe’s dream. Chloe says she has lots of dreams and one of them came true when Joy was born. Chloe says she wants to be here to see Joy grow up, not just a voice on the phone or a picture in some opera program for her. The phone rings and Chloe answers it. It is Nancy who asks how Chloe is. Chloe says she is fine, that she and Brady were just having a discussion as she glares at Brady. Chloe asks Nancy what Craig wanted to tell her and turns away from Brady as she asks Chloe what kind of big news they have.

Chloe tells Nancy to slow down and tell her what Craig said. Chloe doesn’t understand what Craig told Nancy. Brady takes the phone and tells Nancy that Chloe is a little freaked out and doesn’t understand. Brady asks Nancy to tell him the news and then tells Nancy that that is major news. Nancy is concerned about Chloe but Brady tells her not to worry, that Chloe is just in shock right now. Brady tells Nancy to tell Craig congratulations and hangs up the phone. Brady tells Chloe that this is a major career move for Craig; heading up the Manhattan Medical Center for New York is for doctors like La Scala is for opera singers. Brady tells Chloe that her family is leaving Salem and she said she wanted to be with her family. Brady asks Chloe if she is leaving Salem or is she just hell bent on staying here with Brady.

Belle is lying on a bench when she wakes up. Shawn comes back and makes a joke about beating the heat by getting wet. Belle says she didn’t go swimming. Shawn asks what happened because Belle is soaked. Belle says she doesn’t know, she must have slipped and fallen in the water. Shawn asks Belle if she is okay because she seems really out of it. Belle says that is how she feels, like she just woke up. Shawn tells Belle that she is a good swimmer but there is no way she could have pulled herself out of there the way she is talking. Belle says she doesn’t know, she feels so stupid but she just doesn’t remember. Shawn says he knew he shouldn’t have left her alone and that he is taking her home. Belle says she is okay but Shawn says maybe and helps her walk away from the pier. Philip emerges with his scuba gear on and jumps into the river.

Mimi asks Rex if he saw this in a movie because in real life people don’t kill people and just bury the body. Mimi tells Rex to go to the police and explain what happened in that soft sexy voice if they can find a female cop to take his statement. They hear a moan and Mimi asks Rex if that was him. Rex says that it wasn’t him and Mimi says it wasn’t her but then realizes that it was the corpse of Rolf. Rex says that if it was Rolf, that means he isn’t dead. Mimi tells Rex that they need to take Rolf to the hospital. Rex says no because they are going to turn him into the cops.

Marlena is looking at Rex’s information about his laser machine. Marlena asks Tony what it is. Tony says he doesn’t know what it is so Marlena asks if he feels there is some need for concern about it. Tony says that Rex has been up in his room working on some sophisticated scientific contraption which he has been keeping from Tony. Tony asks Marlena that if Rex’s device was working on something to cure cancer or repair the ozone layer, wouldn’t he want to share it with his proud parents and even the world. Marlena says that does seem very suspicious. Tony tells Marlena that he thought she might be interested and asks her if she finds it very distasteful sharing children with him. Marlena says when they found out that Tony and John were brothers, she gave Tony the benefit of the doubt but she is over it and except for Rex and Cassie; she wants nothing to do with Tony. Tony says that suits her fine. Marlena says that she will let Rex tell her about his device or not because she is respecting her son’s privacy. Marlena says she wants to set an example to help Rex not become the bastard his father is and storms out of Rex’s room. Tony kicks the door closed behind her as he asks whatever he saw in Marlena.

Bo asks Hope if she had fun. Hope says she loved it and she is a big bad bounty hunter so look out. Bo tells Hope that she is his big bad bounty hunter as he puts his arm around her. Tommy comes up to them and asks Hope and Bo if he can get a picture of them. Bo shrugs his shoulders and Hope says that Brady and Brady rocks as Tommy takes the picture.

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