Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady arrives at Chloe’s house. Brady asks if Chloe is busy and Chloe says she was just babysitting Joy. Brady tells Chloe that it isn’t true that he was trying to make her feel bad. Chloe asks Brady if he came over to make himself feel better. Brady says he came there to break up with her.

The police lead Larry into the visiting room by telling him his wife is here to see him. Larry says he doesn’t have a wife as Nicole walks in.

Rex is telling Rolf to show himself. Rolf jumps down from his hiding place with a gun pointed at Rex and tells him not to move.

Roman and Kate are dining at the Brady Pub. Kate is telling Roman to eat something but all Roman wants to do is go back to the hospital. Kate tells him they will go back in a few minutes. Mimi comes in and asks how Sami is and tells them that she was there right after it happened and saw the blood. Roman looks up at her so Mimi says everybody is worried about her even Belle.

Bart calls Tony to let him know that he has his eyes on Mimi. He tells Tony that if Mimi opens her mouth about diamonds, he’ll shut it forever.

Lucas comes into Sami’s hospital room and asks the nurse if there has been any change. The nurse says her condition is still critical. Cassie comes in and asks Lucas how Sami is. Cassie is hobbling on a crutch and Lucas asked what happened to her. Cassie says she thought she’d come see how Sami was since she was downstairs getting patched up. Cassie says that where Sami went through the doors, it looks like nothing happened. Cassie starts talking about what it would be like if Sami dies but Lucas interrupts her to tell her not to say that and that Will would be upset. Lucas turns away from Sami and Cassie to say that it would be his fault if Sami did die.

Cassie asks why it would be Lucas’ fault if she died. Lucas tells Cassie that he and Sami have been going at it for years, taking pot shots at each other but this time he went too far. Cassie tells Lucas that he just was a little meaner than usual. Lucas says he saw that Sami was a mess but he kept pushing her. Cassie tries to tell Lucas that it was an accident and not his fault. Lucas says the more Sami freaked out, the more he laughed and that’s not right, it’s sick. Cassie tells Lucas that Sami is no saint and probably deserved for this to happen. Lucas tells Cassie that she is wrong, nobody deserves this. Cassie tells Lucas that he shouldn’t be hanging around the hospital but Lucas says he wants to stay until Sami wakes up. Cassie says that could be a while and offers to take Lucas out for a drink.

The waitress at the Brady Pub brings Brady a drink. When she leaves, Bart continues to talk to Tony, telling him what Mimi is doing.

Mimi asks Roman if the doctors have given any word on Sami’s prognosis. Mimi asks how Will is doing and Kate says his grandparents picked him up from school and he wanted to see Sami but they didn’t think that was a good idea. Roman says he’s been putting off calling his son and Mimi asks if he means Rex.

Rex grabs Rolf and tells him to tell him the truth. Rolf says that he didn’t realize it was Rex that was calling for him. Rex holds Rolf against the wall and tells him to tell who Rex’s mother is.

Mimi tries to cover her slip up by claiming that Rex and Eric sound alike. Roman tells Kate that they should head back to the hospital and offers his hamburger and fries to Mimi. Mimi accepts as she says she’ll have it while she waits for Rex. Roman and Kate leave.

Bart comes over to Mimi and tells her that they met at the DiMera mansion. He messes up her name by calling her Mimimi but Mimi corrects him. Bart says that his name is Bart, just one Bart. Bart tells Mimi that she left her sweater at the mansion. Bart asks Mimi what she was talking about with Roman. Mimi refers to herself as a blabbermouth and that she said too much. Bart is worried about what Mimi might have told Roman.

Rolf is telling Rex that his strength is as strong as his intelligence and he really is the perfect human specimen. Rex asks him to tell him who is his mother. Rolf explains that continued pressure to his carotid will either make him pass out or die in seconds. Rex releases his grip. Rolf tells Rex that Marlena gave birth to him and Cassie and she is their mother. Rex tells Rolf to stop lying and punches Rolf out.

Larry tells Nicole that he doesn’t know who she is. Nicole explains that she is Victor’s wife. Nicole tells Larry that she knows Victor made him take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit and she knows he didn’t kill Colin Murphy. Larry asks Nicole how she knows that. Nicole won’t tell him how but says that she knows Larry would give anything to get back at Victor.

Chloe asks Brady if he wants to break up. Brady says he doesn’t want to. Chloe says that he thinks he is doing her a favor. Brady tells her that if being sarcastic helps to do so. Chloe tells Brady to get out. Brady tells her that he is doing this for her. Chloe tells him to stop acting like a fan, she doesn’t need him to admire her. Chloe accuses Brady of having found someone else, that he’s in love with somebody else and begs him to tell her as she starts to cry.

Roman and Kate are in Sami’s hospital room. Roman asks Kate what the doctors said and Kate tells him that they are running tests. Roman says he hates this waiting and not being able to do anything. Kate shares with Roman that when Lucas was in the coma, all she could do was wait. Kate adds that no matter how bleak the prognosis, she couldn’t give up on her child and now Roman can’t give up on Sami.

Lucas and Cassie go back to Lucas’ apartment. Lucas helps Cassie put her leg up on the couch and offers her a drink of Vodka. As Lucas pours the drinks, he tells Cassie about Sami being on death row and how he’d give anything to trade places with her then and now. Cassie says Sami is going to be okay. Lucas says he hopes so because if she dies, then he’d never be able to live with himself. Cassie tells Lucas that she thinks he is an amazing person and pulls him into a hug.

Rex pours water over Rolf to revive him. Rolf asks why Rex hit him. Rex says he has to get the truth. Rolf says it isn’t important what happened in the past. Rex says that no one is going to stop him from learning the truth. Rex informs Rolf that he’s already unlocked his DNA and that he knows Tony and Marlena are not his parents. Rolf says that maybe the tests are wrong. Rex explains that Roman is their father and the only missing piece is who their mother is. Rolf gives Rex a puzzled look but Rex tells him not to look at him that way because he knows that Rolf knows who their mother is and to tell him.

Brady tells Chloe that that isn’t what this is about. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her and only her and that he’s letting her go because he loves her. Chloe says that that doesn’t make any sense. Brady says that staying here may seem like the right thing to do now but he knows that if he lets her go through with that decision it will ruin her life and his life too.

Larry tells Nicole that he is intrigued because he never has any excitement in prison. Larry tells Nicole that it is obvious she hates her husband and that’s something they have in common. He implores Nicole to tell him what she has in mind.

Mimi offers Bart some of her fries and asks about his drink. Mimi explains that the caffeine in the drink Bart has gave her so much energy when she had one that she had to call everyone because she couldn’t stop talking. Bart is getting very worried and offers her his drink so she’ll talk. Bart asks Mimi to say what she told Roman Brady. Mimi says that she won’t tell Bart because she’s already spilled her guts enough. Bart tells her that she never told him what she told Roman. Mimi is surprised at this. Bart excuses himself to go call Tony and tell him that Rex’s girlfriend is history because he feels she’s already told Roman about the diamonds.

Rolf is saying that Rex is unbelievable because no one was supposed to be able to break Rex’s DNA code. Rex asks why and Rolf tells him that Stefano didn’t want anyone to know that Roman Brady was their father. Rex tells rolf that he is tired of being Rolf’s test tube subjects. Rolf tells Rex that Marlena did give birth to them but she did not give them her genetic material because there was a donor.

Cassie offers to give Lucas a back massage. Lucas is worried about crossing the line because Tony is his boss and Cassie’s father. Cassie says that Lucas is weird because not many guys would be thinking about her father right now. Lucas wants to stop but Cassie tells him that he doesn’t want to.

Roman is telling Sami that he is right next to her and isn’t going anywhere until she gets better. Roman is telling Sami that he loves her as the doctor comes in. Roman asks the doctor if there is any news and the doctor tells Roman that there has been a change in Sami’s prognosis.

Mimi calls Rex to ask why he hasn’t shown up for lunch yet and to call her back when he gets this. Bart is watching Mimi through the Brady Pub window. The hit-man sneaks up on Bart and asks where the hit is. Bart points out Mimi and tells the hit-man to make it look like an accident and to make it quick and painless.

Rex asks Rolf to tell him who their mother is. Rolf says he doesn’t know who the egg donor was. Rex asks if the donor is from Salem. Rolf says the donor is in Salem. Rex tells Rolf again to tell him who their mother is and hits him. Rolf starts to tell Rex who their mother is but then some boxes fall and crush Rolf.

Nicole tries to strike a deal with Larry to get him out of jail.

Chloe tells Brady that she could never be unhappy with Brady. Brady says she is right now. Chloe tells him that he knows what she means. Brady says that Chloe isn’t thinking clearly but Chloe yells at him to tell him that he isn’t thinking clearly. Brady tries to get Chloe to realize that she would be ruining her life if she stayed here with him. Chloe says she has no life without Brady but if he wants to be noble then to get out of her life. Chloe moves to hold the door open for him as she tells him to get out.

Chloe is yelling at Brady that he hurt her and to get out. Brady walks out the door and looks back at Chloe. Chloe looks back at him and shuts the door in his face.

Nicole hikes up her skirt. Larry tells Nicole that he is interested and Nicole says she thought he would be. Larry asks Nicole what he has to do to get what he wants from Nicole. Nicole says it is simple, kill Victor.

Lucas tells Cassie that he feels better. Cassie says all he needed was to relieve those tense muscles. Lucas says that Cassie has great technique. Lucas pulls Cassie’s face close and says that she is hot and to hell with Tony as he kisses her.

The doctor tells Roman that Sami is going to pull through this but may have lasting damage to her vocal chords and even paralysis.

Bart tells Mimi about talking to Roman about the jewels. Mimi tells Bart that she was talking to Roman about Rex, not any jewels. Mimi goes to leave and Bart tells Mimi to take care of herself. After she leaves Bart tells the hit-man that the hit is off and it was all a big misunderstanding.

Rex pulls the boxes off of Rolf and checks for a pulse and doesn’t find one. Rex squats beside Rolf’s body as he thinks of what to do next.

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