Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

This was a pretty boring episode, especially with the country singer....

Jack and Jen host their show "In The House" dressed in Hawaiian shirts and leis.    They joke around about the honeymoon.  Jennifer is excited because their guest is country singer Phil Vasser(?).  He sings two songs that Jen likes and they show parts of his video.  Afterwards, Jack tells Jen that it wouldn't matter where they go, paradise or desert, because he would only see her.  Awwwww...they kiss.

Hope and Bo celebrate Zack's birthday.  Hope and Zack are watching Mr. Magoo cartoons on TV.  Boo comes in.  He shows Hope the headline about catching the bad guy.  He and Hope discuss his idea of becoming bounty hunters. It makes her a little nervous but she wants to do it.  Abe and Lexie visit, bringing the new baby Theo and the new nanny Claire.  Zack gets a new motorized scooter for his birthday and blows out the candles on his cake that Hope baked him.  There is some joking about how Hope can't cook.  Abe and Lexie give Bo and Hope a present, too. It is Zack's baby booties, bronzed, with a plaque with his name, but it now says Brady instead of Carver.   They are touched.  The adults clean up and play with the kids.  Bo tells Abe about his idea.  Abe is not thrilled; he thinks it's too dangerous.  Bo and Hope tell him that it's their decision and they can handle it.  Lexie comes into the conversation late so they fill her in. She thinks it's very dangerous, too.  Abe realizes he can't change their mind, so he agrees to help.  Bo asks if he knows any bail jumpers, so Abe phones to get the file of someone named Ray Meeks who has jumped bail.  A cop brings it and Abe fills them in on Ray.  Bo is a little disappointed that he's just a petty criminal.  Hope and Bo decide to head off; Abe and Lexie agree to babysit the kids until Hope's mom can get there.

Bart brings a maintenance guy in to fix Tony's window.  Tony has a flashback of Sami falling through it.  Mimi visits Rex in another part of the house.  She wants him to tell Tony that Roman is his father, not him.  He doesn't want to do that.  He likes being a DiMera.  They argue.  Mimi and Rex go in to where Tony is.  Mimi makes some awkward comments and hints around about Rex's parentage.  They talk about Sami being in the hospital but nobody has heard any news yet.  Tony asks Rex if he's okay; he seems preoccupied.  Rex lies that he's just thinking about his experiments.  Rex sends Mimi upstairs as he hears Bart talking to Rolf on a cellphone outside.  He hears that Rolf is in Salem at the old riverfront warehouse.  Rex goes upstairs with some sodas and jokingly starts to throw one to Mimi.  She asks if he forgives her for almost telling Tony, and he does.  They hold hands and Rex talks about how awful his life was before he knew who his parents were.  She comforts him and they kiss.  He asks her to wait there while he goes downtown and then they can have lunch.  She agrees.

Tony is worried about Rex and suspicious of how he's acting.  He asks Bart what he thinks.  Bart is shocked since Stefano only ordered him around. He doesn't think it's any big deal for Rex to act weird.  Rex sneaks out to go downtown.  Tony looks at a picture of his children and says they're the most important thing in the world to him.  Mimi looks at a computer book and can't believe that she seems to be understanding it.  She decides not to wait around and leaves a note for Rex.  Downstairs, Bart shows Tony some diamonds; Tony says it has to be kept secret.  They hear Mimi go out the door.  Bart thinks she may have seen something.  Tony tells him to go after Mimi and bring her back (what kind of idiot brings contraband into a house when there are teenagers hanging around?), so Bart follows after her. 

Rex finds the warehouse and goes inside.  He calls around for Rolf, saying he wants answers about his past and he's not leaving until he gets them.  Meanwhile, Tony goes up to Rex's room and looks through the papers in front of his computer.  He sees Mimi's note and makes fun of it.  He picks up something else and gets very upset (like maybe we're supposed to think he found out that Rex isn't his son?).

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