Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/5/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope bring Vin Ramsel to the police station. They bring Ramsel into Abe’s office as Hope says they have a special delivery for Commander Carver.

Philip is at the pier and stops because he hears something. He turns around and grabs Tek by the neck and asks him why he would sneak up on him. Tek asks him if he can even sneak up on him and calls him a super spy. Tek asks Philip if he was going to start the mission without him.

Rex and Mimi are in Rex’s bedroom at the DiMera mansion. Rex says he wishes he never touched the DNA samples. Mimi says she thinks it is cool that Rex has two dads and makes a reference to the old TV show, “My Two Dads.” Mimi tells Rex that Tony is not going to stop caring about him because they aren’t related by blood. Rex feels that Tony never did care about him. Rex says that Tony is just so excited to have a son. Rex says that Roman’s two sane children fled the state while the nightmare Sami stayed behind. Rex is upset that Roman protects Sami while he harasses Cassie for protecting Shawn and worries that if Roman was Cassie’s father, he wouldn’t accept her as his own. Mimi doesn’t know what to say. Rex says he doesn’t want Cassie to go through this too but at the same time doesn’t want to lose his sister. Mimi says he won’t. Rex goes to leave and Mimi asks where he is going. Rex tells Mimi to stay there.

The doctor tells everyone that Sami is in recovery. Everyone gasps sighs of relief and hugs as Roman hugs Marlena saying that she made it. Marlena asks the doctor if Sami is stable. The doctor says Sami is resting comfortable and doing as well as she could given the extent of her injuries, especially to the aorta. The doctor tells Marlena that they had to transfuse eight units. Marlena says that is Sami’s entire volume of blood. The doctor says Sami is one determined young lady. Marlena tells the doctor that Sami had her heart broken recently and she doesn’t think Sami may have the will to fight. The doctor says it may take some time for Sami to regain consciousness. Marlena asks the doctor if he did an EEG. Roman asks Marlena why they would have to do that. Marlena explains that with severe blood loss, the brain may be deprived of oxygen resulting in neurological deficits. The doctor says that they are monitoring Sami closely but she is still coming out of the anesthesia. The doctor says if Sami doesn’t regain consciousness, they’ll do more intensive diagnostic testing. Marlena hugs Roman as Belle hugs Shawn and Chloe hugs Brady. Marlena asks the doctor if she and Roman can see Sami. The doctor says only the two of them and briefly, what Sami needs is rest. Tony tells Lucas to come with him and they leave the room. Roman tells everyone that Sami has a lot going for her because she’s young, healthy and strong. Belle says she knows Sami is and calls out to Marlena. Marlena hugs and comforts Belle.

Tek is explaining a new gadget to Philip. Philip is in a hurry to get to using the devices rather than standing around talking about them. Tek tells Philip not to be in a hurry because he doesn’t have a safety net. Tek tells Philip that if he lets his guard down, it won’t only be the mission that is history but Philip could be too.

Abe asks Ramsel how he is doing. Ramsel says he isn’t doing too good and Abe won’t be doing too good either when he sues them. Bo interrupts and says he made a citizen’s arrest and Ramsel will be the one coughing up the money to his bail bondsmen. Bo tells Ramsel that he is never going to see the light of day and he loses. Abe calls Simmons to take Ramsel down to lockup and to notify the DA that he’s been captured. Ramsel corrects Abe saying he’s been kidnapped. Simmons tells Ramsel to shut up. Bo and Hope are smiling and Abe asks what they are smiling about because they could have been in danger just so they could take the law into their own hands. Abe shuts the door to his office and says he is not going to congratulate them publicly because he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Abe says that they did a good job, Brady and Brady. Abe tells them that he is relieved that they are home and asks where they found Ramsel. Bo says they followed the lead Abe gave him, tracked him to Texas. Abe calls Bo the lone ranger and Bo looks at Hope and says he wasn’t alone. Abe tells them that there was a bounty hunter also on the trail but must have been on the wrong trail and they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they find out the fee on Ramsel’s head. Hope tells Abe that they know they need to debrief but they are dying to see Zack. Abe tells them he has some news before they go.

Marlena is explaining Brandon leaving to Belle and Shawn. Chloe asks Brady if he’s sure she should sing today. Brady says he thinks it would be good for all of them. Chloe agrees. Belle says she wants to stay here until Roman returns. Shawn offers to go find him but Marlena thanks him and says she’s sure he’s on his way back.

Roman asks Tony why he is still here. Tony says he is worried about Sami and he’ll pray that Sami continues to improve. Roman is surprised that Tony prays. Tony asks if there is anything he can do. Roman tells Tony that he has done enough but will tell Tony and Lucas to get the hell out of there and stay away from Sami. Roman adds that Sami was right all along about Lucas, that he is poison. Roman tells them to do him a favor and go to hell and stay there.

Hope asks Abe if it is big news. Abe says he is a daddy. Hope and Bo are surprised that Lexie had the baby and Hope asks if everyone is alright because Lexie wasn’t due yet. Abe says they are alright, 7 lbs. 8 oz. Hope asks for pictures as Abe shows them one. Bo and Hope look at the picture as Hope tells Abe that the baby is perfect and asks his name. Abe says his name is Theo and Hope says that it is so good to have a Theo in the world again. Hope asks if they are home from the hospital. Abe says probably tomorrow. Hope says that Theo is a Gemini just like Zack and J.T. and will be even tempered. Hope says they can have three birthdays together now. Hope hugs Abe and tells him this is the best news. Abe says it has been a great week, for so long he couldn’t father a child and in one week, he has two.

Rex comes back to his bedroom with Cassie’s hairbrush. Mimi asks if it is her hairbrush and says that is gross as she asks if she is losing hair. Rex puts the hair from the brush in a plastic bag and says it is time to find out once and for all.

Roman tells Tony and Lucas that they are going to focus their energy on Sami right now but when she recovers he will put that same kind of energy on making sure they will be held accountable. Lucas tells Roman that what happened is terrible but Tony interrupts and tells Roman that he should go see his daughter and they won’t take up any more time and wishes him a good day. Roman leaves. Tony tells Lucas that they should go freshen up.

Shawn is looking at his watch like he has some other place to be. Belle asks Shawn if his finals are over. Shawn says they are and Belle remembers that he has a baseball tournament. Shawn says he isn’t going to go and Belle tells him that he has to go because these are the playoffs and he has a scholarship so he has to go. Shawn says even before this happened to Sami he didn’t want to leave Belle. Shawn says that he knows she can’t now but he was going to ask Belle to go with him to the playoffs. Belle smiles.

Tek is looking through binoculars. Philip is in scuba gear and jumps into the river.

Hope is shocked that Brandon is Abe’s son. Abe explains they named the baby Theo Brandon. Bo asks if Abe and Brandon are okay. Abe says things are okay now that everything is out in the open. Abe says he hates that he lost all those years and he hates things even more what this secret has done. Abe says he wishes Brandon hadn’t left town. Bo says he is sorry and asks why Sami would do something so stupid. Hope asks if Sami hasn’t learned by now that the truth comes out and she just ends up hurting herself not to mention other people. Abe says he feels so lucky he can’t think about everything else. Hope asks Abe to give Lexie their love and Abe tells them to stop by. Hope says that goes without saying. Bo and Hope say goodbye and leave.

Chloe runs up on stage at the Blue Note and apologizes to David about being late. David says that he was starting to worry that he’d have to sing. David tells Brady that being late is not a good business move. David starts playing the piano and tells Chloe to start warming up. Chloe starts singing scales but falters. David tells her to take some deep breaths and get centered. Chloe tells David that she doesn’t think they have time for this. David asks Chloe if she is okay. Chloe says yeah and let’s just try it. David starts playing the piece but Chloe tells him to stop and asks if they can start with something easier. Chloe asks Brady to sing with her but Brady tells her that they don’t have time for this and to just focus on the music. Chloe tells Brady that she doesn’t need to focus on the music if Brady is here, it just happens naturally. Brady tells Chloe that he doesn’t need to hold her hand and he’d appreciate it if she doesn’t ask him again.

Rex and Mimi are coming down the stairs when they hear Cassie scream. They run into the living room to see what is wrong. Cassie is looking out the French doors at the blood on the ground. Cassie asks what it is and Mimi says it looks like blood. Rex says it is blood and asks whose it is and where is Tony. Mimi says it wasn’t there when she came in. The housekeeper comes in and says Count DiMera is fine and explains that Sami had an accident and Tony went to the hospital with the ambulance. Mimi asks the housekeeper how Sami is but the housekeeper tells her that she hasn’t heard. Mimi asks how they couldn’t hear what happened when they were just upstairs. The housekeeper apologizes that they had to see this and that she’s called a cleaning crew. Mimi wonders why Sami was here but then says that it doesn’t matter and she’d like to know what happened and they should get down the hospital. Rex asks why and Mimi is shocked that Rex asked why. Rex says he hardly knows Sami and Mimi says that Rex just found out Sami is his sister. Cassie looks at Rex shocked.

Roman and Marlena come to sit beside Sami’s bed. Roman asks Marlena if Sami can hear them if they talk to her. Marlena says probably. Roman tells Sami that they are right there. Marlena tells Sami that they love her so much. Marlena tells her that Shawn, Belle, Brady, and Chloe are here and so many people care about her. The doctor tells Roman and Marlena that the procedure was done by a doctor who repaired the blood vessels but there was severe damage to the vocal chords. Roman asks the doctor if he is telling them that Sami might not be able to talk. Nicole who was standing in the door says thank God and Marlena and Roman whip around to look at her.

Nicole tells Roman she is sorry. Roman tells Nicole that she is the last person Sami needs to hear from right now so to turn around and get out of here. Roman says that Marlena and Roman are the only visitors allowed right now. Nicole apologizes and Victor comes up and apologizes for his wife’s insensitivities and tells Roman and Marlena that it won’t happen again. The hospital worker tells them not to stay too long as he leaves. Roman tells Sami that they are here. Marlena says she wasn’t here when Sami needed her the most. Roman tells Marlena that this is not her fault. Marlena says she let Tony DiMera get into Sami’s life. Marlena says she was preoccupied with all the wrong things. Roman holds Marlena to comfort her and Kate looks in at them through the window.

Nicole tells Victor that he is the one who sent her over there and asks if he didn’t want her to gloat. Victor says he wanted Nicole to see what happens to little girls gone bad. Victor asks Nicole if she wants to wind up like Sami. Nicole says she has already been there and being comatose is a joy by comparison. Victor says he’ll remember she said that. Nicole tells Victor to go to hell and she means that with all her heart. Victor tells Nicole that they are going home. Nicole says she is going to stop by the ladies room first unless Victor wants to follow her in there. Victor says he will wait downstairs and tells Nicole not to make him send Nico for her. Nicole waits for Victor to leave and then makes a phone call. Nicole says to herself that Victor wants to be the master of his own destiny and what an impressive list of enemies he has made.

Rex says let’s go but Cassie says that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Rex tells her she doesn’t have to as he thanks Mimi for going with him. Mimi asks Rex if they are going to take Cassie’s hair sample to the DNA lab and Rex says he must be meant to see Sami after all since the lab is at the hospital. Mimi says she is glad she is with Rex and Rex says he is too.

Cassie looks at the broken glass in the doors and then goes over to the desk and picks up a box. She goes over to the window and starts taking off pieces and putting them in the box. Tony comes back into the living room and asks Cassie what she is doing.

Chloe asks Brady if he is trying that she should stop needing him. Brady says yes. Chloe asks if Brady doesn’t need her. David excuses himself. Chloe says she is always doing something wrong as she mimics when Brady told her about what she was doing wrong with her music. Brady tells Chloe that she is such an independent person and that shouldn’t change when she’s in love. Chloe says that that is what happened with Philip, that’s how she knew that she wasn’t. Chloe asks if Brady thinks that that is what is happening with them. Brady asks Chloe if she thinks that. Chloe says that she has never needed anyone and was so proud of herself for growing into someone that did care about people and didn’t want to run away. Chloe tells Brady not to worry, she won’t need him because she is used to people going in and out of her life. Chloe says she survived leukemia, she can certainly survive Brady.

Lucas is at the Blue Note and asks the bartender for a double Vodka rocks. Lucas then tells the bartender to just bring him the bottle.

Chloe asks Brady to tell David that she doesn’t need time or to focus, she just needs him back here to play for her. Brady leaves to go tell David to come back. David begins to play and Chloe sings “Happy Girl” by Martina McBride. Brady is standing in the back of the room looking unhappy. Chloe is giving him angry looks in between verses.

Hope and Bo bring Zack home. Hope says they missed him and thanks him for being such a good boy for Grandma and Grandpa. Hope tells Zack that they only went away because they love him and want him to grow up in a world that is safe. Bo says he was thinking that they are so lucky to have Zack that he wants to spend more time with him. Bo says that there are jobs where you can set your own hours. Hope asks Bo if he is talking about starting his own business. Bo says it would be their business and what could be better than doing something that helps people and touches their sons’ lives and that they are good at and love doing. Hope says that it sounds like Bo has a plan. Bo says that he does have a plan.

Mimi and Rex arrive at the hospital. Mimi asks Rex if he is okay. Rex says he hates hospitals and with Sami being unconscious, she won’t even know that he was there. Mimi says that Roman and Marlena will know. Rex says he hopes the lab will expedite the results like they promised. Mimi says they seemed pretty anxious to please. Rex says it is amazing what the DiMera name will do and too bad it isn’t really his.

Marlena tells Roman that she helps strangers every single day, and asks why she can’t show Sami that she is loved. Roman tells Marlena that Sami knows she is loved. They go back to sit by Sami’s bedside. Roman is telling Sami that her dad is here and tells her how he was thinking about being in the hospital the day she was born and how he was thinking he must be the luckiest man in the world. Roman says that even with all the pain since then, the way he felt that day hasn’t changed. He adds that he has never stopped loving her and she has never given up on anything in her life. Roman tells Sami that she has always been his little feisty girl and he truly believes that Sami has been put on this Earth for something really special. Roman tells Sami that she has got a lot of happiness coming to her in this world so don’t let it all slip away. Roman tells her that she is way too strong and way too tough and don’t she dare leave them now. Marlena tells Sami that they love her. Roman says they love Sami so much. Kate continues to watch through the window.

Rex notices he has e-mail from the lab. Mimi asks if the results are in already. Rex says yes, the results are in.

David continues to play as Chloe sings. Lucas takes another drink as he listens to her sing. Chloe finishes the song and everyone claps. David tells Chloe that that is the best she’s ever sung. Brady thinks to himself that he knows that is the best Chloe has ever sung, but he has to do it.

Hope asks Bo if she is going to like this plan. Bo says he hopes so and Hope says she bets so. Shawn and Belle enter the Brady home. Hope hugs them both and tells Shawn that she thought he’d be on a bus by now. Shawn says he isn’t yet and Belle asks how their vacation went. Hope says she wouldn’t call it a vacation. Shawn asks what it was if not a vacation. Bo and Hope exchange glances.

Tek looks out on the river with the binoculars and asks where Philip is. He hears someone coming so he ducks under the stairs and hides. Philip starts climbing out of the water but stops and hides under something when he sees Kate. Kate walks up to the pier and gasps.

Tony tells Cassie that they have servants to clean up the glass. Cassie tells Tony that the housekeeper called for someone to clean up the mess as he takes the box away from Cassie. Cassie notices the blood on Tony’s face and asks if he is cut. Tony says he is alright and that the blood is Sami’s and he is going to go wash it off. Cassie asks Tony if he is alright and Tony says he is okay. Cassie hugs Tony.

Rex cheers as he reads the results. Mimi asks Rex if Cassie is his sister. Rex says yes, Cassie is his whole sister. Mimi confirms that Sami is only Rex’s half sister and asks if he has any clue who his mother is.

Tek comes out from his hiding place and apologizes to Kate for scaring her. Kate says that’s alright and asks Tek if she knows him. Tek says he doesn’t think so. Kate tells him to have a nice evening and leaves. When she leaves, Tek knocks on where Philip was hiding to let him know he could come out. Tek asks Philip if he accomplished the mission. Philip says yes and tells Tek he saved his butt after all. Tek says he would hate for Philip to have to lie to his mother’s face. Philip says it would be difficult to explain this. Philip adds that if anything figured out what he was really doing in this town, he doesn’t want to even think about it.

Belle tells Hope and Bo that she can’t believe that they went after Vin. Bo says that the world is a safer place now. Belle tells Shawn to go get his stuff. Bo asks Belle if Roman is over at the hospital. Belle says that he is. Bo says he will go over and see him later. Belle tells them that Sami can’t have any other visitors right now. Hope tells Belle to not even hesitate to call them if they need anything. Belle thanks Hope and says she appreciates that. Shawn comes back downstairs and says stay out of trouble and have fun to Bo and Hope. They tell him the same and good luck as Shawn and Belle step outside.

Shawn tells Belle that he hates leaving her, especially now. Belle says that Shawn will be back. Shawn says he won’t have any fun without her. Belle asks if he promises but then says she wants him to have fun, not a lot of fun. Belle tells Shawn that she will be so happy to see him when he gets back and she is so lucky that it doesn’t seem fair especially with what happened to Sami. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him so much and they kiss.

Hope tells Bo that she wishes there was something she could do for Roman and Marlena. Bo agrees. Hope asks Bo what is his idea. Bo says this may not sound glamorous at first but hear him out. Hope says uhoh. Bo says that Abe said something that sparked an idea. Bo tells Hope that so many criminals skip town and so few people have the energy, dedication or the right motivation that it takes to bring these criminals to justice. Hope asks if Bo is saying that they go out and become bounty hunters. Bo asks why the hell not. Hope considers the idea.

Chloe comes down off stage to Brady. Brady tells her she did it. Chloe says she can sing without Brady. Brady says he knows she can but today was so different. Chloe asks if he means raw, intense and says that she didn’t ask for a performance review. Chloe says that if he is trying to tell her that anger makes more beautiful music than love than sorry she can’t stay and leaves. Brady says no, no she can’t. A full band is playing on stage now. Lucas is listening to the band as he has a flashback to when he first took Sami out on a date. Then he has a flashback to Sami saying she trusted Lucas and is not afraid when she is with him as they kiss. Then he has another flashback to when he and Sami were out on the fire escape at Sami’s apartment and then he thinks of when Sami went through the French doors at the DiMera mansion. The band finishes playing and everyone claps. Lucas finishes his glass.

Nicole finishes her phone call by saying that she’ll be in touch. Nicole, talking to herself, tells Victor to Carpe Diem because he doesn’t have a lot of “Diems” left.

Cassie tells Tony that she is so glad he is okay, that she saw all that blood and was afraid. Tony says he is fine. Cassie says he is not and hopes he is not blaming himself because it was an accident. Tony says he wonders sometimes why he came back to Salem. Cassie asks what about her, he is her dad and loves him and doesn’t want to ever lose him again.

Roman and Marlena are sitting opposite from each other around Sami’s bed. Rex and Mimi find Sami’s room. They look in the room and Rex tells Mimi to look at them, his sister and his father.

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