Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe comes to visit Philip at the base. Chloe tells Philip that she needs his advice about Brady.

Brady goes to see Cecilia Marin at the Salem Inn. Brady asks Cecilia to talk but Cecilia says she is busy packing and tries to close the door on Brady. Brady stops her and asks when Cecilia leaves for the airport. Cecilia says she leaves in an hour and Brady says then he doesn’t have much time to convince her to change her mind and let him go on tour with Chloe.

Rex is in dictating into a tape recorder. Rex says that everything he is counting on has turned out badly. Rex is saying that setting up the laser was a mistake as the earthquakes proved but the theory is sound and he believes it would have worked. Mimi interrupts him by asking if he has been waiting long because she couldn’t decide what top to wear. Mimi asks Rex if he likes her top and he says yes. Mimi babbles on about the salesgirl and that she was starving and thanks Rex for inviting her to breakfast. Mimi asks Rex if he is feeling better than he was last night. Rex says he thought he would be but he isn’t and if Mimi would rather be with someone more fun, he’d totally understand.

Marlena is walking up to the DiMera mansion talking on the phone with John. She is telling John that she has to try this her way to get the information on Tony to help bring him down. She hangs up the phone and rings the doorbell. A new housekeeper answers the door. Marlena tells her that she doesn’t know her. The new housekeeper introduces herself. Marlena asks what happened to Eliana. The housekeeper says she was told that Eliana retired. Marlena tells the housekeeper that she is Dr. Evans and Count DiMera is expecting her. The housekeeper steps aside to let her in as Marlena comes inside the mansion. Tony walks in and says that he was expecting Marlena but she is early. Marlena asks if that is a problem. Tony says no and invites her into the living room. Tony has his back to Marlena as he is saying that seeing Marlena is always a…and then turns around to see that Marlena has removed her wrap to reveal the sexy red dress she is wearing and Tony adds “pleasure” to the end of his sentence as he looks Marlena up and down. Marlena smiles.

The nurse is taking Theo away. Lexie says goodbye to Theo as she tells Abe that she hates when they take him away. Abe tells her she should use this time to rest. Lexie says she is too excited and can’t wait to get him home in his crib. Abe jokes about getting to hold him once in a while. Lexie says she’ll think about it. Abe says that so much has happened so quickly. Lexie adds especially for Abe because of Theo being born and finding out he has another son. Abe says he and Brandon have a lot of time to make up for, so many things unresolved. Lexie says they’ll get there. Abe says he wishes he could have convinced Brandon to stay. Lexie says there is only one person to blame for Brandon leaving Salem, Sami Brady; the little witch destroys every life she touches.

Sami returns to her apartment and calls Faye. She begs Faye not to hang up and to tell her where Brandon is. Faye hangs up on her so Sami hangs up the phone. Sami is pacing around the apartment as Lucas watches her from the open door. Lucas tells Sami he can tell her where Brandon is. Sami whips around to see Lucas standing there and they exchange hateful glances.

Abe says that he likes to think Sami is growing up, becoming more responsible. Lexie says that is never going to happen. Abe says he is afraid Lexie is right; Sami’s behavior is getting more inexcusable. Lexie says Sami never learns and this time won’t be any different. Abe says the amazing thing is that Lexie was able to set up Sami. Lexie says she hated stooping to her level but it was the only way to get Brandon to see Sami for whom and what she really is. Abe says he doesn’t understand why after all these years; Brandon kept the fact that Abe is his father a secret. Lexie says maybe it was easier to hate Abe than to tell him the truth. Abe says he hopes Brandon stays in touch so they can talk and get closer. Lexie says Abe may have to take the initiative the first few times but eventually Brandon will want you to be a part of his life. Abe says he hopes so and Lexie says the only person Brandon won’t ever be able to forgive is Sami.

Tony offers Marlena some breakfast but Marlena says she has already eaten. Marlena counter offers joining Tony for a glass of juice. Tony tells Marlena to make herself at home. Marlena sits on the couch and starts going through Tony’s papers. Tony asks Marlena what she is doing and Marlena says she is making herself at home and asks Tony if he has something to hide. Tony says no as he takes the papers from Marlena and hands her the glass of juice. Tony adds that the children aren’t home. Marlena says she came to see Tony. Tony says he is flattered. Marlena says she had no patients this morning, John was working, she thought it would be a nice time for them to get and then rephrases herself by saying the time worked for her. Tony gets up and Marlena asks where he is going. Tony says they are moving to his bedroom, what better place to enjoy themselves.

Sami asks Lucas what is he doing there, he is supposed to be taking Will to school. Lucas says he is but Will was curious about the bruise on Lucas’ face. Lucas tells Sami that she is lucky he didn’t tell Will that his own mother sucker punched him. Sami says she didn’t sucker punch Lucas; she just knocked him on his ass. Lucas tells Sami that if she hits him again, he’ll hit her back. Sami tells Lucas to get out of her face and leave her alone. Lucas says if she isn’t interested in where Brandon is then that is fine with him. Sami calls him back and asks how he could know where Brandon is. Lucas pulls out a note that Brandon slipped under his door but addressed it to Sami. Sami tries to take the note from Lucas but Lucas makes Sami ask him nicely for the note. Sami says please and Lucas hands it to her as he says to read it and weep. Sami tears open the note and reads it as Lucas shakes his head disapprovingly.

Marlena starts laughing and Tony laughs as well. Marlena tells Tony he is joking. Tony says that she was thinking about their kiss and now he is back dressed like that, what’s a man to think expect that she came back for more. Marlena says he misread her intentions. Tony says Marlena assumed dressed like that Tony’s blood would leave his brain and he would be putty in her hands and she could get any information she wanted. Marlena pulls away from his grasp and says she has to go. Marlena hurries to the door as Tony calls out to ask if it was as good for her as it was for him.

Philip asks Chloe if she would like anything. Chloe says she would like a soda so Philip gets up to get one out of the machine. Philip asks if there is some kind of problem with Brady. Chloe says it is Cecilia who won’t let Brady come on tour with her. Philip says that Brady took his advice. Chloe asks Philip what he is talking about. Philip tells Chloe that he’s the one who told Brady to go on tour with her in the first place.

Cecilia tells Brady that he is wasting his time; there is no way she can allow Brady to go on tour with Chloe. Brady asks her for a chance to give his side of this issue. Cecilia motions Brady inside the hotel room. Brady says he nor Chloe got much sleep last night. Cecilia asks if Chloe knows Brady is here. Brady says no, he hasn’t seen her yet dismorning and that he wanted to wait to give her the good news that Cecilia had changed her mind. Cecilia asks Brady if he cares a great deal for this girl and Brady says he loves her. Cecilia says she can’t understand why Brady wants to ruin Chloe’s life.

Mimi asks Rex if he meant that he has to be a barrel of laughs for her to want to be with him. Rex asks if he is ever a barrel of laughs. Mimi says no, if she said he cracked her up like no one she knows, than that would be a lie. Mimi says since she can’t have Conan O’Brien who cracks her up because he is in New York and married, so she’ll just have to settle for the guy she likes being with even if the laughs are few and far between and that just happens to be Rex. Rex says he doesn’t understand. Mimi gives him the condensed version, Rex is the only guy Mimi is interested in. Mimi says she shouldn’t say that because it usually is the way to play hard to get because people are always more attracted to people who aren’t attracted to them. Mimi tells Rex that she thinks he is really great and smart. Rex adds but not funny. Mimi says Rex is funny enough for her; he’s everything enough for her. Mimi says she would like to ask Rex a question. Rex asks what it is and Mimi tells him that it is hard for him to ask so be gentle with his answer. Rex says he will try. Mimi asks Rex if they have a chance and Rex bluntly says he doesn’t think so.

Lucas asks Sami if she’s gotten to the part where Brandon wrote that he can’t find the words to say how much he despises her because that is his favorite part. Sami gets upset that Lucas read the note and Lucas tells her that he wrote a note to Lucas telling him to explain things to Will and to give the note to Sami. Sami says she will explain things to Will herself and Lucas says he is sure she will. Sami asks why Brandon didn’t leave her a phone number or address in Chicago. Lucas tells Sami that Brandon didn’t leave information because he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Lucas says he likes the part where Brandon wrote that she’ll be getting the annulment papers as soon as they are drawn up. Lucas says it is a shame that they didn’t have time to legally consummate their marriage. Sami says Lucas is disgusting. Lucas tells Sami that he sees that look in her eyes and not to even think about it. Sami asks what he means and Lucas tells her to stop thinking about getting herself pregnant and telling Brandon the little brat is his because that’s what they have DNA testing for not that someone would be stupid enough and desperate enough to sleep with Sami. Will comes in and interrupts them. Sami tells Will that Brandon has decided to go away. Will says whatever and Sami asks what he means by that. Will says he never really liked him anyway and goes to get his stuff for school. Sami asks Lucas what he said to Will. Lucas says Will told him that he only pretended to like Brandon because Sami wanted him to so much. Sami says Will loves Brandon. Lucas says Will told him that Brandon talked down to Will, treated him like a kid. Sami says Will is a kid and Brandon is the kind of man who should be in her son’s life not a loser like Lucas. Sami says she will never forgive Lucas for ruining her chance with Brandon. Lucas says he can’t take credit for that, Sami is the one who switched the files and Lexie is the one who set him up. Sami says that Lexie is not that smart or that devious, that someone else put her up to it and she is going to find out whom and leaves the apartment. Will comes back from getting his backpack and asks Lucas where Sami went. Lucas tells Will that Sami wanted to know something really bad and she could have saved herself a lot of running around if she would have just asked him because he thinks he has the answer.

Mimi says she knew it as she speaks as if she were Rex saying, “it’s not you Mimi, it’s me, I just don’t like you.” Rex says that isn’t true. Mimi says Rex is now tired of fun and eccentric and now he has found someone perfect. Mimi says she is an understanding person and will probably be hurt and emotionally scarred for life but she won’t hold that against him, or maybe she will and gets up to leave. Rex tells Mimi to wait and Mimi tells Rex to leave her alone while she still has some pride left. Rex says he isn’t checking out on her. Mimi asks why Rex said he doesn’t think they have a chance. Rex says he said it because he doesn’t know why Mimi would want to be with him with all this crap going on in his life right now, he’s a one man freak show. Mimi tells him not to say that, she understands what he is going through. Rex asks if she has had her life turned upside down three times, have you known what it is like to have no mother or father only to find your parents to find out that they aren’t your parents after all, have you experienced all that. Mimi says that no matter what Rex is going through, he has someone who cares about him that isn’t going anywhere and she just doesn’t want Rex to shut her out as she is on the verge of tears. Rex takes Mimi’s hand and asks Mimi not to cry.

Abe tells Lexie that Alice called and is making Theo a needlepoint with his name and birth date on it. Abe says that Alice said she is moving a little slower so it may not be finished until he’s in high school. Sami barges into Lexie’s hospital room. Lexie tells Sami to get out. Sami asks Lexie who put her up to this. Abe tells Sami to leave this room immediately. Sami tells Lexie that she isn’t smart enough to think up this idea on her own. Abe tells Sami isn’t it enough that she made a fool of herself and lost her boyfriend and now she’s coming in here insulting everyone. Sami is upset that Abe has now turned on her. Abe tells Sami that she really thinks he’s going to support her after all she’s done is lie and manipulate. Sami asks what about Lexie for she’s the one who planted the fake paternity test results. Abe says this is the sickest thing he’s ever heard of, Sami blaming the person who set the trap because she was stupid enough to walk into it. Sami asks Lexie if someone else had to suggest this. Lexie says yes, it was someone who is tuned into how Sami’s mind works and brilliantly anticipated Sami’s level of panic and desperation. Sami realizes Lexie meant Tony. Lexie explains that when she told Tony she was pregnant, he suggested she get the CVS paternity test done at an independent lab which proved that Abe is the father. Lexie says that given Abe and Lexie’s trouble getting pregnant, that Brandon was bound to wonder if he was the father and so would paranoid little Sami. Lexie explains that Tony suggested they play with Sami’s head and Sami did exactly what Tony predicted in switching the records. Lexie says it was only a matter of time before Sami self-destructed and in the meantime they had the joy of watching her scramble around for months trying to cover herself. Sami says that Tony betrayed her. Lexie says he did her a favor because she is his sister, he’d do anything for her. Sami says they will not get away with his. Abe says it is over and anything Sami does now will only make it worse. Sami tells Abe that it is not over, not by a long shot and leaves the room.

Lucas goes over to the DiMera mansion. The housekeeper lets her in. Tony tells Lucas that he is busy. Lucas says he figured something out. Tony asks what that would be. Lucas asks Tony if he helped Lexie set Sami up. Lucas tells Tony that was brilliant. Tony says he heard it went very well. Lucas says Tony should have been there to see the look on Sami’s face. Lucas asks Tony if he knew what Lucas was going to find when he was sent after Sami. Tony says it was also a test for Lucas and he passed with flying colors. Lucas says they have more to celebrate then and that he took the liberty of picking something up on the way as he pulls out a bottle from a bag. Lucas pours two glasses and hands one to Tony. They clink glasses as Lucas says to Sami’s downfall. They both take a drink as Lucas warns Tony that when Sami is at her most dangerous when she’s angry. Tony says he can handle Sami Brady.

Chloe asks Philip if he told Brady to go on tour with her. Philip says he was just pointing out the obvious. Philip goes on to say that if Brady wasn’t willing to turn his life upside down for Chloe, then he wasn’t in love with her but he was and he is. Chloe says so it was Philip’s idea. Philip tells Chloe that it’s not like Brady wouldn’t have figured it out for himself. Chloe says it doesn’t matter now anyway. Philip asks if Brady has changed his mind. Chloe says no, Brady was ready to give up everything but Cecilia Marin said he couldn’t come with her so she’s giving up on the offer. Philip asks if Chloe is staying in Salem. Chloe says she won’t leave Brady. Philip tells Chloe that she is making a big mistake and is going to regret it forever.

Brady asks Cecilia how she can accuse him of trying to ruin Chloe’s life; he’s willing to give up everything for her. Cecilia says it is the worst possible thing he can do for Chloe’s future. Brady asks what she is talking about, he loves Chloe and Chloe loves him. Cecilia asks if it is love when you’re completely dependent on someone, Chloe can’t even sing unless he’s there to encourage and support her. Brady says he knows and Chloe will get over it. Cecilia says she won’t if Brady is constantly by her side. Cecilia tells Brady to succeed in professional opera; a singer needs more than just talent, a passion to sing, limitless ambition, nerves of steel, and self-reliant. Cecilia says she has to finish packing and that if Chloe goes on this tour, she goes alone and she doesn’t think Chloe is strong enough to make this journey and she hates to see such talent go to waste as she says goodbye to Brady and sees him out. Brady stops outside Cecilia’s room to think.

Marlena knocks on Lexie’s door. Abe and Lexie hug Marlena. Marlena says to tell her everything, how long is he, what does he weigh, what is his name. Lexie says that the baby is 7 lbs. 8 oz, 21 inches, and named Theodore Carver. Marlena asks if he is beautiful. Lexie says yes he’s beautiful and that he is in the nursery if Marlena wants to see him. Abe tells her to go see him, just look for the handsomest boy there. Marlena teases Abe and asks how they both are. Abe says they are fine but as his voice trails off. Marlena asks what is wrong and Abe says there is something she needs to know about Sami.

Sami bursts into the DiMera mansion. Sami calls Tony a rotten bastard and he is exactly like his father, even worse. Sami adds that the only thing that turns him in on is screwing with other people’s lives. Tony and Lucas start to laugh. Sami looks back and forth between the two of them looking confused.

Mimi apologizes to Rex. Rex says he is sorry he got angry. Mimi says that Tony has to be Rex’s father because Cassie and Tony share the rare blood marker. Rex says DNA is irrefutable, he is not related to Marlena, Tony, or Belle. Mimi says not being a DiMera isn’t not necessarily a bad thing; she’d be kind of relieved if it was her. Rex says Mimi can’t tell anyone. Mimi promises and says that maybe Tony doesn’t have to know because Rex would probably never find out who his real parents are. Rex says he went back over the results and found he is related to someone else at the table. Mimi says she knows who it is, John.

Lexie tells Marlena that it puts her in an awkward position. Marlena thanks them for understanding that. Lexie says that Sami is Marlena’s daughter and she loves her. Marlena says she does love her but she can’t condone her behavior. Marlena adds that she is sorry for all the pain Sami has caused and it seems she is always apologizing for Sami. Abe says it is time Sami took responsibility for her own actions. Marlena says Abe is right and is going to go find Sami.

Marlena leaves the hospital room and runs into Brady. Brady says her secretary told her where she was and he needs to talk to her. Marlena asks what is wrong and asks if it is Chloe. Brady says Chloe is fine health wise and says this may be a lame question. Marlena says that there are no lame questions, just lame answers and she’ll try not to give him one. They laugh as Brady asks if she thinks it is possible to love someone too much.

Tony and Lucas continue to laugh. Sami tells them to stop laughing at someone else’s pain. Sami starts hyperventilating. Tony asks Sami if she is alright. Sami says she isn’t, she is dying. Tony tells Sami before she does die, to have Lucas get her some water. Tony tells Sami to get a hold of herself and Sami says to let her go. Lucas tells Sami to take the water. Sami knocks the glass of water out of Lucas’ hand and tells him she doesn’t want anything from him, for all she knows the water is poison but maybe that would be better. Sami crumples to the floor clutching the leg of a chair crying hysterically.

Brady asks Marlena if Cecilia Marin is right, if Chloe is too dependent on him. Marlena asks why Cecilia could be an expert on Brady and Chloe that she barely knows them and is very presumptuous to analyze their relationship and presume to tell him what they need. Brady asks if Marlena is offended by this. Marlena says she is very offended by this, especially by the kind of information she is giving them. Brady asks if he can’t tell her this. Marlena says no, because Cecilia is very important and powerful in the opera world so you don’t want to alienate her there and she may be right. Marlena says she said she was presumptuous but that doesn’t mean you can’t dismiss what she said. Marlena offers counseling to Chloe. Brady says that Chloe won’t want that because she doesn’t think she has a problem and counseling takes time which is something they don’t have and if Chloe was going on this tour, this is something that needs to be fixed, today. Marlena says then it can’t be done, there are no quick fixes.

Chloe says she is not making a mistake; she won’t give up Brady for her career. Philip tells Chloe she also loves singing and she’s dreamt about this all her life. Chloe says she doesn’t want it if it means she has to give up Brady. Philip says years from now she is going to resent this choice and if something should go wrong between her and Brady, she is going to resent him too. Chloe says Philip is wrong, there’s nothing more important than loving Brady and being with him. Philip says that’s what he thought about him and Chloe once upon a time and he was wrong. Philip tells Chloe that she can’t live her life for one person, it doesn’t work. Chloe tells him that he is bitter and angry about what happened between them, he just doesn’t want her to be happy.

Rex tells Mimi that it isn’t John, if it were John he’d still be genetically linked to Belle. Mimi asks why that would be such a problem, then suggests that he doesn’t want to be genetically linked because he wants to be linked linked. Rex says he doesn’t want to be linked linked with Belle. Mimi asks then who is Rex related to. Rex says he is related to Belle’s sister Sami.

Tony helps Sami up from the floor. Sami tells him to get off of her because she doesn’t need their fake sympathy because the only person that ever loved her was Brandon and now he hates her too. Sami says she was so close to finally getting what she wanted and now she is going to be lonely and alone for the rest of her life. Tony and Lucas just watch Sami.

Chloe asks why she even came to see Philip. Philip says it is because she knew he would have her best interests at heart, she just doesn’t like what he had to say. Philip tells Chloe that when they were together, she was his whole life and when it was over, he felt like nothing mattered anymore. He says he couldn’t go on like this and forced himself to go out into the world alone and he finally grew up. Chloe says that isn’t a good analogy because she and Brady aren’t over. Philip says if Chloe makes all her decisions based on what is best for Brady, she is going to start to hate him. Chloe asks why he is doing this to her. Philip says he doesn’t want to see her make the same mistakes he did, that he held on to tight and he lost her when they were together. Chloe says she will never lose Brady.

Brady tells Marlena that he just has to figure out a way to make Chloe see she is okay on her own. Marlena says that Chloe may be holding on to her dependence on Brady because she is afraid of failing on her own. Brady says she has to force her to sing on her own. Marlena asks if Brady has any idea how to do that. Brady says he does.

Mimi says she may have barely made it out of freshmen biology but Rex can’t be related to Sami if he’s not related to Marlena because you have to share a parent. Rex looks at Mimi waiting for her to figure it out. Mimi gets it and Rex says that yes Roman Brady is his father.

Abe asks Lexie if she thinks Marlena is going to be able to help Sami. Lexie says Sami is one sick puppy but Marlena is the best bet to convince Sami to get some kind of psychiatric help before she ruins someone else’s life or her own.

Sami is in hysterics still. Sami says all she wanted was to make a good life for herself with the man that she loves and now she is all alone and it is all because of Tony. Sami lunges at Tony and Tony tries to calm her down. Sami tells Tony that he betrayed her and he is a bastard. Tony calls Sami a spoiled little brat who finally got what she deserves. Sami tells Tony that he is evil and dangerous just like her family said he is a monster. Tony tells Sami not to make her angry. Sami tells Tony to let her go and Tony says he’ll let her go; she can go to hell as he throws her off of him and through the glass door. Sami is laying on the ground unconscious, her face covered in blood. Tony and Lucas look on.

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