Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Shawn are talking about the action movie they just saw. Belle says Shawn owes her a chick flick. Shawn says they will give Mimi and Philip a call to join them. Belle remembers the kiss and tells Shawn that she doesn’t feel like hanging out with Philip right now.

Philip is on the phone with John. John tells Philip that he has the lab report on the metal that Philip found and they need to get together and talk about it. Philip looks into and sees Belle inside. Philip says that getting together is not a good idea and John asks why not.

Marlena is dreaming about her and Tony kissing. Marlena wakes up calling out for John but he isn’t there. She calls someone on the phone and says it is Marlena and she needs to see them.

Abe and Roman pull Sami off of Lexie. Sami asks if they heard what Lexie did to her. Brandon asks if Sami is kidding. Sami asks what kind of person puts fake records on their own baby in the hospital computer. Sami calls Lexie a sick woman who is trying to ruin her life. Roman tells Sami to stop but Sami talks about all the crying and worrying she did thinking the man she loves is the father of Lexie’s baby. Sami tells Lexie that she deserves to rot in hell for what she did. Lexie tells Sami that she is the one who tried to trick Brandon because she always had the option of telling the truth. Sami says it wasn’t the truth. Roman says Sami is just making this worse. Lexie says she knew what Sami would do so she planted the test results knowing she would find them and change them so she could keep Brandon. Sami says this isn’t fair. Lexie says it isn’t fair to Brandon to get stuck marrying someone he couldn’t trust. Sami asks what Lexie would have done if she hadn’t changed the results. Lexie says she knew Sami wouldn’t put Brandon’s needs ahead of her own. Lexie says she couldn’t let Brandon sacrifice himself without knowing the truth but at least now he knows her for who she really is. Sami says she loves Brandon too much to lose him now. Lexie tells Sami that she has a very strange definition of love. Sami says it is simple, she can’t live without him. Lexie asks if Sami was willing to do whatever it took as long as everything turned out with getting Brandon to say I do. Sami asks what is wrong with that because Lexie lied too. Lexie says that she lied to prove a point and she did. Lexie says that Sami’s days of playing God are over.

John asks Philip why he can’t meet with him, if he blew his cover already. Philip says he doesn’t think it is good that they are seen together. John says he will send someone else to meet him and asks for his location. Philip says he is at

Marlena is telling the person on the phone that they should discuss what happened the other day. She says she is not sure she wanted to talk about it but now she has to and asks if she can come by in the morning. Marlena hangs up the phone as John walks into the room and asks what that call was about. Marlena is surprised to see him.

Shawn says this is weird that they’ve known Philip forever and now Belle doesn’t want to spend time with him anymore. Belle tells Shawn that they are all moving on, and now Philip is all serious being in the military. Shawn asks if that isn’t a good thing and Belle says it is but he just seems too busy. Philip walks in and says hello.

Lexie tells Sami that Sami played them all at one time or another, and now she knows what it feels like to be lied to, to be betrayed. Sami says Lexie is no better. Lexie says that she didn’t do this for herself, she did it for Brandon. Sami tells Lexie to keep telling herself that and turns to leave. Roman grabs Sami and tells Sami she needs to hear this. Sami asks Roman why he isn’t defending her. Roman says if she had done the right thing, there wouldn’t be anybody trashing her. Lexie tells Sami that she couldn’t have a better father and this is how she repays him, letting him believe that he was Belle’s father, then what she did to Lucas by saying poor Austin was Will’s father. Sami says Austin left her at the altar, he totally humiliated her. Lexie says to thank God that Austin found out the truth before the ceremony and she was hoping to save Brandon the same fate but Sami was able to make it to a justice of the peace. Lexie tells Brandon not to worry because the marriage can be annulled. Sami asks Lexie where she gets off acting like some born again saint. Lexie says she has admitted her sins and asked for forgiveness and in return has been given a second chance to be a wife and a mother. Lexie says she is finally happy and Sami will be nothing but miserable. Sami says Lexie is wrong because Brandon loves her. Lexie asks Sami if Brandon loves her so much then where he is. Sami is confused as Lexie says Brandon is gone, he’s finally walked out on Sami. Sami realizes that Brandon left and runs after him.

Brandon leaves the room as Eugenia tries to grab him. Genie tells Brandon that she is sorry and that she tried to tell Brandon a couple of times. Sami catches up with Brandon and tries to reason with him. Brandon throws his hand up and leaves the room. Sami starts to go after Brandon but Nicole grabs her and stops her. Sami tells Nicole to leave her alone, that she has to go talk to Brandon. Nicole tells Sami that she is going to leave Brandon alone.

Shawn tells Philip that they were just talking about him. Philip asks what about him they were talking about. Belle says that they were talking about how he left a spoiled rich kid and came back a macho stud. Shawn asks Belle what does that make him and Belle says he is a jock. Philip says that jocks are kids and studs are men. Shawn asks Philip if he wants to test that theory, they can go one on one or does he only do that with an AK-47. Philip says that Shawn is nothing without a bat in his hand. Belle tells them to stop because this isn’t a macho contest and if it was, they’d tie. Philip says he doesn’t go for ties. Shawn says that they should keep going until they find a winner. Belle says there is nothing to win. Philip says there are always something to win, whether it’s the last few French fries or courtside tickets. Shawn interrupts and adds “or a woman.” Philip and Belle exchange glances. Belle asks if they are friends again. Philip says they were never not friends. Shawn suggests they go back to the dorm and asks Philip if he doesn’t do that kid stuff anymore. Philip says that sounds great but he has to go. Shawn says he just got here and asks Philip if he has some special midnight mission.

Sami says Nicole can’t tell her what to do and she has to go find Brandon. Nicole says to leave Brandon alone. Sami says Brandon loves her. Nicole asks if he does after what she did to him. Sami says she understands that Brandon is mad now, but he will forgive her because he loves her for who she really is. Nicole tells her that she wrecks people’s lives. Nicole says she doesn’t know if it is because Sami is so miserable that she can’t stand to see other people happy but she doesn’t care. Nicole tells Sami that Eric loved her and Sami made as much trouble as she could for them. Sami tells Nicole that Eric dumped her when he found out what a slut she was. Nicole says that when she was with Lucas in the mansion, Sami tortured her. Sami says Nicole married Lucas for money and that isn’t her fault. Nicole says Sami blackmailed her. Sami says that Nicole had an affair with Colin while engaged to Victor. Nicole says that Sami tried to pull the plug on her life support that is called attempted murder. Sami says that is not what happened and to tell her what Nicole’s point is. Nicole says that Sami backstabbed herself and it’s a beautiful thing. Nicole says that it is almost worth all the hell Sami put Nicole and Brandon through to see her life basically over. Nicole says it isn’t just her; there is a whole list of people who would love to see her dead so why doesn’t Sami do them all a favor and jump out the nearest window. Sami says she doesn’t give up that easily and goes to get into the elevator. Roman grabs her and asks Sami what she thinks she is doing.

Marlena tells John that she just called Tony. John asks why. Marlena says she is going to the mansion tomorrow to talk to him. John asks why again, wanting to know what Marlena is trying to do. Marlena says she wants to get rid of him in her own way. John asks why she doesn’t just let him handle that. Marlena says she’d like to help John get Tony out of their lives and ask John if she doesn’t want her help. John says he does but he’s just trying to keep Marlena from dealing with Tony, that he doesn’t trust Tony. Marlena says she doesn’t either, especially now. John asks Marlena what happened between her and Tony.

A reporter comes over to Belle, Shawn, and Philip. Philip assumes the reporter is there to prove that Belle and Philip aren’t really a couple. The reporter remembers that Philip and Belle were on Love Is Blind but adds that their 15 minutes of fame are up. The reporter says he is there to talk to Shawn. Shawn doesn’t understand why he’d want to talk to him and Belle reminds him that he stopped the mayor from getting away. Shawn is worried about leaving Belle alone and Philip volunteers to keep her company. Shawn walks away to do the interview as the reporter says he is going to call the piece, one ball, one hit, no errors and Philip sits down. Belle avoids looking at Philip as Philip asks if Philip is making her uncomfortable. Belle says no. Philip says Shawn didn’t bash him anymore than usual so Belle must not have told him about their kiss. Belle asks why would she. Philip asks why wouldn’t she.

Sami tells Roman to get Kate out of her face. Roman tells Sami to get used to it that Kate is with him. Sami says that is just what she needs, to listen to Kate gloat. Roman says what Sami needs is a swift kick in the butt and he wishes he had given it to her a long time ago. Sami says that she would love to stand here and listen to Roman say how disappointed he is in her but she has to go find Brandon. Kate tells Sami to leave Brandon alone, she’s hurt him enough. Sami tells Kate to shut up and asks Roman if he is going to let Kate talk to her like this. Roman tells Kate that he’ll handle this. Roman tells Sami that he loves her and doesn’t know how many times he has to tell her that. Roman says he also doesn’t know how many times he has to say he is really disappointed in Sami. Sami asks Roman if he feels better now that he has said it. Roman tells Sami not to be flip with him that Sami is in a lot of trouble having let herself and her son down, he has lost another father figure in his life. Sami says that she is doing this for Will so he can have a mother and a father and a happy home. Sami says if Lexie wasn’t so evil, Roman would be walking her down the aisle in three weeks. Roman says Lexie is right, Sami keeps making the same mistakes and doesn’t seem to get it. Sami says she just wants a man to love her and what is wrong with that. Roman says that the ends do not justify the means. Roman says you do not get love with lies and to grow up. Sami says that if her parents had been there to teach her right from wrong. Roman interrupts her and says don’t shift the blame on him or Marlena no matter how horrible a childhood she had, it’s time she started taking responsibility for her own actions. Roman says it kills him to say this but he is so ashamed of her and leaves. Kate tells Sami that she deserved that as she follows Roman. Sami is hysterically weeping as Lucas walks up and asks Sami if she is having fun yet because he is. Sami says she’s sure he is because it is all his fault. Lucas tells Sami that you bet it is.

Brandon is packing his things back at the apartment. Nicole knocks on the door and tells Brandon that it is her. Brandon unlocks the door and lets her in. Nicole offers Brandon to move into Victor’s house because it is a huge house and he’d never have to see Victor. Brandon thanks her but says he has other plans. Nicole talks about Victor having guards and Sami wouldn’t be able to get near him. Brandon says he is leaving town. Nicole assumes he means a vacation but Brandon says that he is moving away to Chicago to move in with Taylor until he finds a place. Nicole says he is letting Sami chase him away. Brandon says he can’t believe he ever loved her but he doesn’t put the blame on her because he knew what Sami did to Austin and Lucas and still let himself get taken. Nicole tells Brandon that he sees the best in people; it’s what she loves about him but is also one of his tragic flaws. Brandon says he has to figure out why he keeps letting women do this to him. Nicole says she hates that Brandon is leaving and she needs him. Brandon says a married woman shouldn’t need her brother so much. Nicole says she knows and they hug. Brandon tells Nicole that he hopes she can come visit him and Nicole says she hopes she can. There is a knock on the door and it’s Abe. Nicole asks Brandon if he wants her to stay but Brandon says he is fine. Abe asks if Brandon can spare a few minutes. Brandon says yeah and Abe walks in the apartment as Brandon and Nicole say goodbye. Nicole leaves and Brandon locks the door behind her. Abe asks if Brandon is going someplace. Brandon tells Abe that he is going to Chicago and that his sister Taylor is there. Abe asks Brandon when he is coming back. Brandon says he isn’t, he’s moving away.

Philip asks Belle if she thinks Shawn would want to know that his girlfriend kissed another guy. Belle says no because it didn’t mean anything because it was a cover. Philip says that is true and Belle says that Philip kissed her and she didn’t have a choice. A message comes in and Belle asks if someone is flirting with Philip. Philip says no as Belle reads the message that says “Your latte is here, 6 o’clock.” Belle asks if Philip ordered coffee online and that that isn’t even the right time. Philip looks behind him to Thomas who salutes him. Belle asks what Philip is looking at and Philip says nothing. Belle realizes that 6 o’clock means right behind you and that guy sent Philip this message and asks Philip if that sort of thing happens all the time. Philip asks what she means and Belle says she meant about guys coming on to Philip.

Lucas is telling Sami that he knows Brandon will never forgive her just as he has never forgiven her. Sami says she doesn’t care and has to find Brandon. Sami goes to get into the elevator but Lucas holds the door open. Lucas tells Sami that he got to pay her back and he didn’t have to get his hands dirty. Sami tells Lucas to take his hand away from the door but Lucas refuses and tells Sami that now he is on top and tells Sami that she is in dirt. Lucas moves his hand as the doors close on the elevator.

Abe asks Brandon about his job. Brandon says he quit. Abe asks when that happened and Brandon says just now. Abe says that Brandon doesn’t waste time and Brandon says there is nothing in Salem for him now. Brandon says his situation with Sami makes life impossible for him here. Abe says Brandon can’t move on from the past until he’s processed what has happened. Abe tells Brandon that if he had known that Brandon was his son, he wouldn’t have turned his back on a child of his. Abe says that when Brandon first came to Salem, he saw how much Brandon hated him but it never occurred to him, he didn’t have any recognition. Abe asks Brandon if he thought that Abe knew he was Brandon’s father and that he had abandoned him. Brandon says he wasn’t thinking and that can get him into trouble. Abe asks Brandon if he means him and Lexie. Brandon nods and Abe says he thought it might take them awhile to get there but to face it head on. Abe says he was having difficulty dealing with the fact that Brandon was with Lexie. Brandon tells Abe that it wasn’t about him. Abe tells Brandon that he knew that Lexie was his father’s wife. Brandon asks Abe if they can sit down and talk about this. Abe agrees and they sit down. Brandon says he’s not saying he never thought about getting revenge for all the bad things done to him. Abe says it was calculated. Brandon says that Lexie thought it was over between her and Abe permanently. Brandon continues to say that Sami had just played him for a fool again and they were there for each other. Brandon says that it should never have happened and it never did again. Abe says he still wants to kill Brandon and asks if he gets that. Brandon says he does and Abe says Brandon probably wants to kill him to. Abe asks Brandon if they can forgive each other. Brandon says he doesn’t know this bonding with Abe now is a little too easy. Abe asks if it is wrong for a father to want healing with his son.

Brandon asks Abe if he could forgive Brandon after what he took from him. Abe says that Lexie does not belong to him, they chose to be together, and they chose to be parents of this new child. Abe says Lexie wouldn’t have come to Brandon if it wasn’t for what he did to her. Abe asks if they can forgive each other. Brandon says he doesn’t know he hasn’t that much experience with this, that Faye always wanted him to forgive her husband. Abe tells Brandon that he has every right to hate Paul Mendez but he’s dead. Abe tells Brandon to let go of the hate for the future, for the family he is going to have with some loving woman someday. Brandon says it always goes wrong. Abe says the steps Brandon has taken today is going to change that and to stay away from selfish women who want to use him. Abe tells Brandon to stay in touch with his mother and two sisters who love him. Abe says he had two sons born to him today. Abe asks Brandon if he has room in his heart for his new little brother. Brandon says yeah and that he is sorry that he isn’t going to see the baby grow up. Abe says Chicago isn’t too far away and maybe soon they can visit and maybe someday soon they’ll get an invitation to Brandon’s wedding. Brandon tells Abe that it sounds like he’s got his whole life planned out for him. Abe says there is nothing wrong with visualizing what you want out of life, see to your own happiness, and do away with your fear. Brandon says he doesn’t know who he is without his anger. Abe says he knows who he is; he is Theodore Brandon Carver’s big brother. Brandon asks Abe what he said and Abe says he and Lexie gave the baby Brandon’s name. Brandon tears up and hugs Abe.

Philip tells Belle that Thomas is his ride back to the base. Belle asks why Thomas doesn’t just come over instead of sending messages. Philip says maybe it is because he thinks they are on a date. Thomas comes over and says hello and introduces himself to Belle. Thomas asks Belle if she is giving Philip a hard time. Belle asks Thomas how he knew her name.

John tells Marlena that she has been a part of this since that night Tony showed up at the Penthouse Grill. Marlena says that was nearly a year ago. John says in a year’s time, their lives have been turned inside out because of Tony and John wants to end his influence over his family. Marlena says she wants and needs to help him. John says he can see that, but they are opening themselves up for attack and his instincts are to take care of you and your family. Marlena says she knows and that she loves that John protects them. John asks Marlena in a fake Italian mafia accent if she will let him help her take down Tony. Marlena says she will consider it in the same fake Italian mafia accent. They laugh and hug. John says they are going to get Tony because every man has a weakness and all they have to do is find out what it is.

Lexie is holding the baby as Abe comes in and says that this is the most beautiful sight in the world. Lexie asks how it went with Brandon. Abe says they went real well considering. Lexie says this is something they can build on, maybe have a real father/son relationship in time. Abe doesn’t think so and Lexie asks if it is because of her. Abe tells Lexie that Brandon is leaving and Lexie says she was afraid of that. Lexie asks Abe if he is okay and Abe says he will be as he picks up the baby from Lexie’s arms. Abe looks down at the baby and says my son as Brandon watches them from outside the door.

Sami runs back to her apartment. She goes inside and calls for Brandon but he isn’t there. Sami notices the note Brandon left for Will. Sami reads the note aloud. It says that Brandon is sorry that he had to leave Will and that it isn’t Will’s fault but his and he is proud of him and will never forget him. Sami starts crying again and throws down the pad of paper.

Thomas covers by saying that Belle is a TV star. Belle says she isn’t a star. Thomas says she saw him choose this blindfolded hunk and to not tell him that she isn’t a TV star. Belle says that reporter said her 15 minutes of fame was up. Shawn walks back over to the group and Philip says that Shawn is the famous one now as he asks how the interview went. Shawn says that the reporter thought it was funny that he beamed the mayor on the head. Shawn asks Belle if she wants to go grab a burger. Philip says he and Tek are going to go to the base and to call Mimi and everyone to let them know he said hello. Belle says they will and Belle and Shawn leave.

Belle asks Shawn if he really meant what he said about getting a burger because she isn’t hungry. Shawn says he just wanted to get out of there. Shawn asks Belle what she thinks about Tek. Belle says she doesn’t know and asks Shawn what he thinks. Shawn says he is no marine. Belle asks why he says that. Shawn says it is a gut feeling. Belle says he is starting to sound like his dad again. Shawn says that Bo usually calls these things; Philip has something going on besides what he does with the marines. Belle says it is ironic that they were just talking about how grown up Philip is and now he’s gotten himself into trouble again. Belle asks if they should talk to him about it and Shawn says something tells him that they should approach this thing very carefully. They continue to walk away from

Thomas tells Philip that Belle picked up on the name thing like that as he snaps his fingers. Philip says Belle is a sharp girl. Thomas says she is just like her father. Philip tells Thomas that he slipped up. Thomas says he was testing Philip’s little girlfriend and she passed with flying colors. Philip says he doesn’t want Belle involved and she isn’t his girlfriend. Thomas says they have a job to do and will take help any way they can get it. Thomas tells Philip that he analyzed that piece of metal Philip found. Thomas found that it was a steel casing with a lead underbelly. Philip asks what it could have been used for. Thomas tells Philip to listen to him and asks what they use lead for. Philip says they use lead for the x-ray machines they run crates through at customs. Philip asks what is in the crates and Thomas says that is what they have to find out. Thomas says the hunt is on as he and Philip shake hands.

Marlena is looking in the mirror and imagining how she’d look in a seductive red dress. She remembers what John said about finding Tony’s weakness and smiles as she runs the dress strap through her fingers.

Lexie asks Abe if he can believe this is them. Lexie says they are proud dad and mom with the baby she just gave birth to and what are the odds a year ago. Abe says they have so much to be thankful for as Lexie kisses the baby. Brandon continues to watch them through the door as he throws his bag over his shoulder and walks away.

Lucas returns to his apartment and hears Sami lying on the couch crying in her apartment. Lucas walks into her apartment and says aww poor Sami. Sami punches Lucas in the face and knocks him down. Lucas looks back up at Sami and the camera zooms in on Sami’s face.


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