Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/03

By Danny
Pictures by Juanita

CAST: Chloe, Brady, Lucas, Nicole, Kate, Roman, Lexie, Abe, Sami, Brandon, Bo, Hope, Carlos, Carmen, Vin, Justice of the Peace, Gunman & Nurse

Brady tells Chloe to focus on her career, and Chloe asks Brady if he’s breaking up with her.

Brady promises Chloe that they can have a long distance relationship and that he’ll wait for her. Brady refuses to be selfish but Chloe is stubborn and tells him she’s staying in Salem.

Chloe sits at the table crying, until Brady comes to her and they begin dancing together to them singing in the background.

Someone aims a gun at Bo’s head but he pulls the gun away, and a gunshot goes off waking Hope up.

Bo then beats the gunman up and demands to know who sent him or he’ll break his neck. The gunman tells Bo that Vin Ramsel put a hit on to kill him.

The gunman arrives near a warehouse and tells Vin that he has Bo but Bo suprises him and arrests him and then knocks the gunman out. Bo tells Vin that he’s going to pay for what he did to his family. Hope puts Vin into the car and tells him that’s Bo’s her husband.

Carmen freaks when she see’s Vin in her restaurant. Vin tells Bo him and his family are going to pay. Hope thanks Carmen for the tomalleys but Carmen thanks them for capturing Vin. Bo gives Carlos a police badge and tells him the town is in his hands and tells him to phone him if he ever needs help.

Bo decides to drive the car with Vin, and Hope takes the motorcycle.

Lexie tells Abe that she only slept with Brandon once. Abe recalls the night he visited Brandon and saw Lexie’s scarf and that he always felt they slept together.

Lexie tells Abe she never meant to hurt him and that she was scared of telling him the truth. Lexie asks Abe to find it in his heart to forgive her.

Abe becomes angered over Brandon sleeping with his wife and tells Lexie that Brandon did it to get back at him. Abe then lashes out at Lexie. Abe tells Lexie that Brandon slept with her to punish him. Lexie urges Abe to forgive Brandon and to be a father to him.

Lexie warns Abe to focus on the future. Abe decides that he want’s to be a father to Brandon. The nurse drops in and lets Abe & Lexie have a short visit with the baby.

Sami becomes inpatient with the Justice of the Peace, and tries to hurry the wedding. Brandon asks Sami if everything is OK, but Sami tells him she’s just excited. Roman asks Lucas what he’s up too. Nicole tells Lucas that this better be good because she’s missing “Fear Factor”.

Lucas realizes Sami & Brandon are about to get married. Brandon & Sami are pronounced husband & wife. Roman, Kate, Lucas & Nicole arrive at the chapel but they are too late. Roman tells them that Sami & Brandon just checked into the Salem Inn.

Sami & Brandon share a passionate kiss. Sami celebrates being married to Brandon, and calls for room service. Lucas & the gang arrive at Brandon & Sami’s suite. Lucas tells everyone that Sami switched Lexie’s paternity test. Brandon demands the truth from Sami. Sami tells Brandon the truth and that she was afraid he would leave her for Lexie and she did it because she loved him. Brandon storms out to be with Lexie. Nicole takes the champagne to celebrate. Brandon arrives at the hospital and runs into the Carver baby.

Everyone storms into Lexie’s hospital room. Brandon asks Lexie if he’s the father of the baby, and she say’s, no, which makes Sami, relieved. Lexie stuns everyone when she admits to everyone that the DNA test where a fake to trick Sami. Sami attacks Lexie.

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