Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Sami rushes Brandon to the altar...Lucas gathers Sami's enemies...Lexie tells Abe the truth...Rex learns that he has another relative in town...Bo and Hope enjoy a campfire together.

Cast: Sami, Brandon, Justice of the Peace, Woman, Rita, Lucas, Kate, Nicole, Tony, Lexie, Abe, Baby, Brenda, Eugenia, Rex, Mimi, Bo, Hope, Nico, Victor. 

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole is watching a movie on TV about a woman who kills her husband, because he treats her like an animal as Victor opens the door and shuts the TV off, telling her that she has chores to do. After he leaves, she receives a call from Lucas, telling her that if she wants to see Sami crash and burn, come down to the hospital. She tries to climb out the window and Victor walks in and pushes her out. Down below, Nico helps her up as Victor comes down and she tells him about what Lucas said. He allows her to go.

In Texas

Bo and Hope discuss Vin, the children, and Bo's job as they cuddle around the fire. Later, Hope cooks him some food and he asks her to go home. She refuses and says that she is staying there. Later, Bo and Hope are sleeping as someone goes up to Bo and puts a gun to his head.

At the DiMera Mansion


Rex is shocked because he isn't related to Marlena and Belle as Mimi arrives. She kisses him to distract him, but the fax comes in and it says that he isn't related to Tony. He gets angry about his life being a lie. Mimi tries to comfort him and then, she leaves. Later, Rex is shocked by who he is related to from the luncheon.

At the hospital

Brandon asks Sami why she is in such a hurry to get married. She makes up lies and turns on the tears, so Brandon finally agrees. They rush off to the chapel.

Lucas confronts Eugenia. She confirms it as he tells her that he loves her and rushes off to the payphone. Lucas calls Kate and asks if she wants front row tickets for Sami's downfall. She is excited and tells him that she will be right there. Then, he calls Nicole. Tony arrives and Lucas tells him that he has dirt on Sami. Tony congratulates Lucas and heads to see Lexie. Later, Kate and Nicole arrive and look for Sami. Lucas asks Brenda where the slacker is and she doesn't know. Then, he pulls Eugenia aside and he learns that she was gonna spill the beans on Sami, so she probably rushed Brandon to get married (Nicole was calling Brandon and Kate was calling Roman). Before they can leave, Kate says she knows where Sami is.

In Lexie's room, as Abe and Lexie celebrate over their son, Brenda brings the baby in. Tony arrives and holds his nephew as Lexie sends Abe to get her a milkshake. Later, Tony and Lexie are talking and she says "I have to tell Abe." Abe comes in and asks what she has to tell him. 

Tony leaves and runs into Kate, Lucas, and Nicole outside. He tells them to have fun and leaves.

Back in Lexie's room, she talks about how lonely she was the night he broke up with her and finally blurts out that she slept with Brandon.

At the chapel

Sami and Brandon arrive and find the Justice of the Peace. He gets his wife, who checks off all the things they need for the wedding. When the Justice of the Peace returns, he says that they need two witnesses. Luckily, his wife's sister is there and Rite comes down. The Justice of the Peace begins the ceremony as the previews roll.


*Bo tells Hope to shoot Vin if he makes a move. We see Vin in the back, asking Hope why she got mixed up with a cop. Hope turns. "He's my husband."

*Abe tells Lexie that he can find forgiveness through their son as she says that she needs to tell him something else. 

*Sami tells Brandon that she wants to be married short and simple.

The End. 

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