Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Belle are dining in the Brady Pub. They are talking about Jennifer and Jack’s wedding. Belle mentions that if she was there, the media would have been all over her as the Love Is Blind winner. Shawn has been on the phone this whole time. Belle asks if he has a lot of messages. Shawn says that it is just one really long message from Hope saying she will be going out of town. Belle asks if Shawn’s grandparents are going to take care of Zack. Shawn says he is surprised that Bo agreed to let Hope meet up with him. Philip comes over and tells them he has to cancel their lunch date. Belle asks Philip what is going on.

Abe and Lexie are also dining at the Brady Pub. Lexie is having a craving for eggs and tomatoes. Lexie says she can’t get enough of tomatoes on everything. Lexie says that it is nice to get out eating because it will be hard to do with the baby. Abe says Celeste has been dying to baby-sit. Brandon comes up to them and tells Abe and Lexie that he and Sami would like them to come to their wedding.

Brenda brings Sami another file and tells Sami that she is not being paid to plan her wedding. Eugenia walks up and gets upset with Sami because she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Sami asks Eugenia if she should be invited after she almost ruined Sami’s life. Genie says after all she’s done for Sami, the least she is owed is an invitation. Sami says to forget about it because the last place she’ll be is at Sami’s wedding. Eugenia tells Sami she hates her. Sami says she can hate her all she likes but if she ever tells anyone that Brandon is the father of Lexie’s baby, she can kiss her career goodbye. Lucas walks up to Eugenia and asks her what is wrong, what did Sami do to her.

Hope arrives in Texas at Carlos’ shop. Hope pulls out a picture of Bo and asks Carlos if he has seen him. Carlos looks shocked and Hope studies Carlos’ reaction.

Bo comes back to Del Rio to get his bag and phone. Jasper tells Bo that Vin found that bag and that the bag belonged to a cop who had been chasing after Vin in Salem. Bo pretends this is new information to him. Jasper calls Bo a dirty dog liar and says he knew there was something smelly about him all along. Bo asks Jasper where Vin is. Jasper says Vin is out looking for Bo and that’s a search he can call off as he reaches for the phone. Bo takes the phone from Jasper and says that that is one call he is not going to make. Bo tells Jasper to tell him where Ramsel is.

Hope asks Carlos if he recognizes Bo, if he was here. She tells Carlos that her name is Hope and the man in the picture is her husband. Carlos asks Hope if Bo knows she is coming. Hope says she is here to surprise him. Carlos tells Hope that Bo is staying at the Del Rio. Hope asks Carlos to show her clothing that is her size. Carlos shows her the rack of clothes that fit her and Hope picks out a few items and hands Carlos more than enough to pay for the clothes. Hope says she will be heading out to the Del Rio. Carlos tells Hope that she can’t go to the Del Rio; it is a dangerous place especially for women. Hope says not to worry about her; she knows what she is doing.

Philip tells Belle he just has some personal stuff to take care of. Mickey walks up to ask how everyone is doing. Shawn asks Mickey how the case against the mayor is going. Mickey says it is going very well thanks to the witness that Shawn convinced to testify. Belle asks Mickey if the mayor is going to be arrested. Mickey says there is a warrant out but they have to find him first. Philip leaves. The waitress from Echelon comes over and tells Shawn they need to talk. Belle gets up and kisses Shawn goodbye and leaves as she says she is going to go find Philip.

Brandon says he feels like his life is finally coming together now that he is marrying Sami. He wants to start clean and get rid of the anger. Brandon says he looks forward to settling down, starting a family just like Abe and Lexie. Abe says that with his experience as a pediatric counselor that he’d make a great father. Abe says that since Brandon didn’t have much of a family life growing up, it is something that is important to him. Brandon has a flashback of when Brandon’s father told him that he was ashamed of him because he is a reminder of what a slut Faye is. He is grabbing young Brandon and telling him to stop crying. Then Brandon has a flashback of when he and Faye were pushed down the stairs by Brandon’s father and they told the hospital that Faye was carrying Brandon and she tripped. Brandon then has a flashback of him as a teenager beating someone with a bat saying he is going to kill them because he hates them. Brandon comes back to the present as he tells Abe and Lexie that it is time for him to move on and that’s why he wants them both at the wedding. Abe says they’ll be there and asks Lexie if she agrees. Lexie starts having pains and Abe asks if she is alright. Lexie says no.

Bo grabs Jasper by his shirt. Jasper says he was just trying to call Vin’s cell phone but couldn’t reach him. Jasper warns Bo that Vin is going to get him and to just forget about Vin and go back home. Hope enters the Del Rio lobby. Bo notices her and isn’t happy to see her but pretends not to know her. Hope looks at Bo but also pretends not to know him.

Hope asks Jasper who she sees about a room here. Jasper tells Hope that with a nice smile like that; she deserves their very best accommodations. Jasper hands her a sign in sheet and Hope signs it with a fake name of “Hart.” Jasper hands her keys to room #6. Hope repeats “Room #6” really loudly so Bo would overhear her and says it is her lucky number. Bo hears Vin’s gang coming in and walks away to hide out of sight. Vin’s gang tells Jasper that Vin wants to know if Bo has come back yet. Jasper nods toward where Bo was standing at the table but Bo had already left.

Bo joins Hope in room #6 and Hope runs to him. Bo says that she shouldn’t be here and they agreed that he would do this and she was going to stay home. Hope says that Bo agreed to that and that Hope had to see for herself that Bo was alright. Bo asks her about tracking him down and Hope says she had a little help. Bo asks if she means Carlos. Hope says she never reveals her sources. Bo asks if he sold her that outfit. Hope says yes he did and asks Bo if he likes it. Bo says he does and they move to the bed to make love.

Lucas asks Eugenia what Sami did to her. Eugenia asks Lucas if he means besides ruining her life. Lucas says to join the club. Lucas says he means how Sami is messing with her. Genie says it is complicated because there was a mishap in the lab and now she could lose her job. Lucas says he is sorry to hear that but what it has to do with Sami. Genie says to forget that she brought it up. Lucas says to tell him because he might be able to help her. Genie says she has to get back to work and leaves.

Lucas walks up to Sami and tells her that he needs a list of the Horton foundation’s allocations to date this year. Sami tells him to get it himself because she is busy. Lucas asks Sami what Brenda would think about Sami planning her wedding on hospital time. Sami gets mad and Lucas asks her if anyone told her that she looks beautiful when she’s mad. He pauses and then in a nasty tone adds, “because you’re not.” Lucas tells Sami that he ran into Genie and that she was in some kind of funk. Lucas asks Sami if she knows why and Sami asks why he would ask her. Lucas says he’ll get to the bottom of it himself and to get him that list.

Philip breaks into a warehouse. He is looking among crates and boxes with a flashlight. He finds the crate he was looking for and pries it open with a knife. He starts rifling through the crate when he hears a noise. He hides behind some boxes and as a person comes in the room he rushes over with a gun drawn ready to defend himself against an attacker. Belle coming into the warehouse is what Philip heard and she turns the corner to find Philip pointing a gun at her. Belle stops and asks Philip what he thinks he is doing.

Mickey thanks the waitress from Echelon and tells her that her testimony will really help the case. Mickey leaves and the waitress tells Shawn that she has been looking for him everywhere. Shawn asks what is up and the waitress says that the mayor came into Club Echelon last night and he was drinking a lot and wasn’t very happy. Shawn asked what he said. The waitress says that the mayor’s sources tipped him off that he was going to be arrested today. Shawn says that the mayor is right. The waitress says she overheard the mayor making plans to skip town before he gets arrested and if someone doesn’t stop him, he’s going to get away.

Belle tells Philip to get the gun out of her face because he is making her nervous. Philip asks what she is doing here because she could have gotten herself killed. Belle says yeah by Philip. Belle says she knows Philip well enough to know when he is lying. Belle asks Philip why he is sneaking around the warehouse with a gun. They hear some more noise and Philip asks Belle if Shawn is with her. Belle says no and Philip pulls her away to hide behind some boxes. A security guard comes in and Philip pulls Belle close for a kiss.

Eugenia walks out of the lab and Lucas walks into the room after watching her leave. Sami goes to watch Lucas and Brenda asks what she is doing. Sami says she is taking papers over to the lab. Brenda asks to see the papers and takes them from Sami. Brenda says that she is sure the lab is waiting to run tests on Sami’s wedding guest list. Brenda tells Sami to get back to work before she has to write her up. Sami grabs her list back and storms off. Lucas starts looking through the files.

Abe goes to Lexie to ask if she is okay. Lexie says it was probably just false labor. Lexie tries to convince Abe that it wasn’t real labor and it has passed. Lexie says they would be honored to be at Brandon’s wedding. Brandon says that if the baby is here by then, he’s welcome to come too. But then Lexie is in pain again and says that this pain is different and it has only been a couple minutes since the last time. Abe says to get Lexie to the hospital and helps her out of the booth. Brandon helps her as well as grabs her purse. Shawn comes over to ask what is going on and if he can help and Abe tells him they need to get Lexie to the car. Shawn goes ahead to help hold the door open for them.

Bo and Hope are lying in bed and Bo says he missed Hope. Hope asks Bo if he is glad she came down. Bo says no, and asks if he is supposed to be happy that she put herself in danger. Hope says if Bo can risk his life, so can she. Bo calls that a silly argument. Hope says she was worried about Bo all through the wedding so after she finished her matron of honor duties she decided to change her clothes and drive all night. Bo says he can understand that. Hope asks what the story is on this place. Bo tells Hope that he pretended to be a fellow ex-convict until he found the right opportunity to find Ramsel. Bo tells Hope that his cover was blown and now they are after him and Jasper is their watchdog. Hope says it is good that she came down then. Bo asks if she has a plan. Hope says she has a plan and kisses Bo.

Shawn apologizes to the Echelon waitress. She asks Shawn if he knows Abe and Lexie. Shawn says they are good family friends and it looks like their baby is coming sooner than they thought. Shawn asks why she didn’t say something about the mayor’s plans to Mickey when he was here. The waitress says that Shawn is the only one she trusts. Shawn asks her what the mayor’s plans are. The waitress says he is going to board a boat at pier 11. Shawn asks when and the waitress says sometime before he gets arrested. Shawn says to call the police and tell them to get to pier 11 and bring backup.

A security guard finds Belle and Philip. He asks what they are doing there and Philip makes up a story about them looking for a place to be alone because they couldn’t go back to the dorm because Belle has a boyfriend but the security guard interrupts them to say this is a restricted area and to get out and never come back. Philip and Belle leave the warehouse. Philip wants to leave the area totally but Belle isn’t leaving until he tells her what is going on.

Bo is saying this isn’t going to work as they are getting dressed. Hope says it is our only chance. Bo asks when this became her fight. Hope says it became her fight when Ramsel tried to kill Shawn. Hope says Bo and she are a team; they always have been and always will be. Bo says okay partner but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hope says they are going to get the bad guys just like the old days. Bo repeats just like the old days and they kiss and hug.

Abe and Brandon help Lexie into the hospital. Abe calls for someone to bring a gurney as two hospital workers bring out a gurney. They help Lexie onto the gurney and Abe tells Lexie to do her breathing like they practiced in class. The nurse feels Lexie’s stomach and says it feels like she is in advanced labor. Lexie says it can’t be because it is too soon. Brandon says they need to get Lexie upstairs but the ER doctor says there isn’t enough time. He tells the staff to clear cubicle 2 because Dr. Carver is giving birth.

Sami is trying to reach Brandon but he isn’t answering his pages, cell phone, or the home phone. Brenda comes over to ask who Sami was talking to on the phone. Sami lies and says it was the OR and it is a total mess down there. Brenda says she is going to check it out and tells Sami to stay at her post and do her work. Sami says in your dreams and goes into the elevator.

Hope comes back down into the lobby. Jasper calls Hope Miss Hart and says she is looking good. Hope says she isn’t feeling good because she is bored and lonely. Hope says she likes to party and asks Jasper to hook her up with someone. Jasper says he knows a guy who can help her out. Hope asks where she can find him and Jasper says he just walked in as Vin comes in the door. Vin goes over to ask Jasper if Bo has come back. Jasper says not yet as Hope fixes her hair.

Hope comes over and says hello to Vin. Hope tells Vin that she is a little lonely and it happens to the best of us. Hope says she just split up with her boyfriend and now she is just trying to get over him. Vin asks if Hope wants him to help with that. Hope asks if he is willing and Vin says he wouldn’t mind trying. Hope says she wouldn’t mind letting him try. Vin tells Hope to sit down; he’ll buy her a drink. Hope says it is a little crowded in here with all the guys staring, making her self-conscious. Vin asks if Hope wants him to take her someplace a little more private. Hope says she would like that. Vin leads her out of the hotel.

Lucas is in the personnel office and says Sami is up to something. Lucas says it has to do with Genie’s lab mistake. He finds Sami’s file. Lucas notices that Sami’s cholesterol is low and says darn. He then finds Brandon’s file but doesn’t find anything he could use. Lucas then looks for Lexie’s file.

Sami is walking past the lab as she is approached by a nurse. They exchange small talk as Sami keeps trying to peer into the lab. Lucas hides out of view of the door. Two other nurses walk by talking about Lexie having been brought in in labor and that Brandon is with her. Sami leaves to go find Brandon and Lucas leaves the personnel record room.

Abe is trying to get Lexie to breathe. Lexie says this is happening too fast and there must be complications. Abe tells Lexie that the last checkup by Dr. Bader showed that everything was fine. Lexie asks where Dr. Bader is. Abe tells her that she is on her way and will be here.

Brandon stops the doctor on his way out of the cubicle to ask if he has reached Dr. Bader. The doctor says he paged Dr. Bader but he hopes she gets here in time. Brandon looks worried and tries to look in the cubicle.

Carlos brings Hope and Vin two beers and two tequilas. Hope says she wouldn’t call this place private. Vin says why don’t they drink a couple of these drinks and then they’ll think of something else. Vin asks Hope if she likes tequila. Hope says it is okay but she prefers other highs. Hope says Jasper said Vin was the man. Vin says maybe he is, maybe he’s not. Hope asks if he likes what he sees. Vin says sure he does but he doesn’t take anything home before he samples it first. Vin leans over the table and kisses Hope. Bo is sitting at another table reading a newspaper and wearing sunglasses. When Bo sees Vin kiss Hope he moves to go toward them but stops himself and sits back down at the table.

Philip tells Belle that he didn’t mean the kiss; he just had to convince the guard of their story because they could have been arrested. Belle says she meant what he is doing at the warehouse. Philip says pulling the gun on her was just his marine training. Philip walks Belle to her car so they aren’t there when the guard comes back.

Shawn is down at the pier. He calls out to the mayor who is trying to board a boat to catch as he throws a baseball out to him. It hits the mayor and knocks him into the water. Shawn calls out and says not to worry that he’s got it. Shawn takes off his jacket and shoes and swims out to the mayor.

The nurse and doctor are tending to Lexie as she is screaming for Dr. Bader. The doctor says Dr. Bader isn’t going to get here in time. Eugenia is standing in the entrance; Lucas comes up behind her to watch them. Sami finds Brandon waiting outside the cubicle and starts telling him that she was just thinking of him and there he is. Brandon says he doesn’t have time to talk. Sami asks why, what is going on. Brandon tells her that Lexie is in labor. Abe tells Lexie that he isn’t going anywhere and to breathe with him. Sami tells Brandon to leave them alone, that Abe is there and to not intrude. Brandon says he has to be there when that baby is born. Sami asks why and Brandon says it is because he is family.

Sami asks Brandon what he is talking about because he knows he isn’t the baby’s father. Sami says they are getting married and should have no secrets between them. Brandon says there is a connection. Sami asks what it is. Brandon says he and the baby are brothers. Everyone including Abe and Lexie overhear him.

The cops read the mayor his rights as they lead him away in handcuffs. Shawn apologizes to the mayor and says he doesn’t have control over his baseballs. The mayor starts to move toward Shawn but the cops take him away. Belle comes up to Shawn as she watches them lead the mayor away and asks what happened. Shawn says he had to stop the mayor from leaving town before the cops could get here. Belle says Shawn is becoming more and more like his father. Shawn asks what happened between Belle and Philip. Belle says nothing because she hasn’t figured out what is going on with him. Shawn says none of them has figured out what is going on with him since he’s been back but as they keep hanging out with him they’ll find out together. Belle has a flashback to when she and Philip were at the warehouse. When she comes back to the present she tells Shawn that she doesn’t think that is such a good idea.

Philip returns to the warehouse and goes back to rifling through that same crate. He uncovers a piece of something and picks it up off the floor as someone puts their hand on his shoulder. Philip looks up and says you!

Hope pulls away from Vin’s kiss as Vin says he is the real deal. Hope asks Vin to go up to his room and party. Vin says that sounds good and they leave the shop. Bo gets up to follow them and Vin’s gang grabs him and hits him over the head with a bottle. The gang says goodnight sucker as Bo lays on the ground bleeding.

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