Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is back at the shop owned by Carlos’ mother. Carlos brings Bo some food. Carlos notices Bo’s motorcycle and Bo tells him to have a seat on the bike. Carlos sits on the bike and likes it. Bo says when he finds who he is looking for; he’ll take Carlos for a spin. Bo notices Vin Ramsel coming up to the store and runs inside. Vin calls out hey you and Bo stops thinking it is him Vin is calling.

Barry does an introduction for the cameras at Jack and Jennifer’s wedding. Everyone is ooohing and ahhing over how Jennifer looks in her gown as Mickey walks Jennifer down the aisle. Jennifer kisses Alice as she walks by. Barry explains that Alice is Jennifer’s grandmother to the viewing audience. Abby takes Jennifer’s hand and helps her up to the altar as she puts Jennifer’s hand in Jack’s hands. Jack tells Jennifer that he knew this would be worth waiting for. They both lean down and kiss Abby and lay their heads on her shoulders.

Vin was talking to Carlos and tells him to get him a six pack of American beer. Carlos says the beer is right there and to take what he wants. Vin and gang leave. Bo comes back out and thanks Carlos. Carlos says those are the dealers that killed his father. Bo tells Carlos that Vin Ramsel is the guy he is looking for.

Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Christopher, and Tony are watching Jack and Jennifer’s wedding on TV in the DiMera living room. Barry is saying that this day is about romance and true love. Cassie says blah blah blah and turns down the sound on the TV. Mimi asks Rex if he is still upset about this DNA thing. Tony looks deep in thought. Mimi asks Rex if he found out the results are a mistake, that Belle isn’t really his half sister. Rex says it looks that way but to be sure he sent a copy of his DNA and Marlena’s to an outside lab to be sure. Mimi asks what that will bring and Rex says it could be that he and Belle don’t share a parent at all. Mimi calls Rex a poor baby and asks when he will know for sure. Rex says he is expecting the results should be there any minute. As he says this, the doorbell rings. Rex goes to answer it but Tony says he’ll get it. Rex and Mimi look worried as they follow Tony into the foyer. The deliveryman says he has a delivery for this address. Tony asks where he should sign and signs for the package. Tony tips him and the deliveryman leaves. Tony looks at the package and notices that there is no return address.

Christopher asks Cassie if they can go somewhere to be alone when the wedding is over. Cassie tells him to be quiet, that she wants to hear this part. Cassie turns up the volume. A shot of the wedding on TV is shown but then switches to the wedding in person.

The priest says that we are here to share in the joy of Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail on this long awaited day as they reaffirm their love for each other and reunite their family in the sight of God. He then makes a joke about listing all the obstacles they had to overcome to be here at this moment by saying that it would be entertaining but then they’d be here all day. The priest asks Jack and Jennifer if they are ready to begin but Jack says no.

Everyone at the wedding is confused as to what Jack means. Jack addresses everyone and says he is ready to marry Jennifer. Jack says he has been ready and willing long before he was ready for the honor. Jack says he just wanted to read something before the ceremony starts as he pulls a piece of paper out of his jacket. Jack tells Jennifer to tell him if this sounds familiar. Jack begins to recite a poem and Jennifer starts reciting it with him. Jack explains to the guests that this is a poem that Jennifer read at their first wedding ceremony and if it is alright with Jennifer, he wanted to read it again now for it meant a lot to them as a couple and now after all these years, it means a whole lot more. The wedding guests are watching and listening to Jack. John looks over at Marlena and smiles. Jennifer is tearing up as Jack says this concludes the nostalgic part of the ceremony. Everyone laughs and the priest asks if they are ready now. Both Jack and Jennifer say yes.

Mimi asks Rex if that is the envelope he has been waiting for. Tony asks if the envelope is his and Rex says that it is research for his independent study. Tony says he’ll leave them to their work and goes back into the living room. Rex takes the envelope from Tony. Mimi and Rex are looking at the results in the envelope and Mimi says she should have paid more attention in biology class as she asks Rex what the results say. Rex says he didn’t make a mistake, the test results confirm that Marlena is not his mother. Tony sits back down to watch the wedding on TV. Jack is reciting his vows to Jennifer.

Bo comes up to the Del Rio desk and tells Jasper that he heard that Vin Ramsel is back. Jasper says yup and Bo asks where he can find Ramsel because he still needs that job. Jasper says he is upstairs sacked out and doesn’t want to see anyone. Bo says he’ll see him and asks Jasper what room is he in. Jasper says Vin is in room 212 but Bo is asking for trouble because Vin gets rowled pretty easy. Bo says he heard Ramsel is a pussycat. Bo heads up the stairs as Jasper looks on after him. Bo pulls out his gun and breaks down the door to the room.

Bo finds the room empty. Bo checks for anyone in the closet. Finding no one, he puts the gun away and checks the drawers in the dresser. Jasper and his men come in the room telling Bo that he can’t go breaking down doors in this hotel and drag him away. Bo says that he thought he heard someone screaming for help in the room.

Mimi says she wishes she could understand but she doesn’t. Rex says he doesn’t understand either. Mimi says the test compared Rex’s DNA to Marlena’s DNA. Rex says yes and the results proved that Marlena is not his mother. Mimi asks how that could be. Rex says there are other possible scenarios but he never gave any thought to them. Rex says he figured the tests would confirm that Tony and Marlena are his parents but now he doesn’t know who he is or what will happen to him. Mimi says he can’t give up; he has to move on to the next step, whatever that is. Rex says he’ll find it through science; he just now has to test Tony’s DNA. Mimi apologizes for messing up the sample they got from Tony at Tuscany. Rex says it isn’t her fault. Mimi says he still has to get a DNA sample. Rex says he wants to get a blood sample; he wants to know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mimi asks Rex what he is going to do and jokingly asks if he is going to go after Tony with a knife. Rex says that that isn’t a bad idea.

Jack takes the ring from Lucas and turns to Jennifer. Jack tells Jennifer that he gives her this ring as a token and pledge of our constant and abiding love. Jennifer hands Hope her bouquet and starts to say the same to Jack but hesitates. Abby says she will help and they recite it together. Jack tells the guests that Abby has been lobbying for this wedding. Jennifer asks Abby to help her put the ring on Jack’s finger. Abby asks if they are married yet. The priest says just a few more seconds and says that Jack and Jennifer are now husband and wife and then tells Abby now. Abby looks up at Jack and says Daddy, you may kiss the bride. Everyone laughs and claps as Jack and Jennifer kiss.

The guys are trying to kick Bo out of the hotel. He shakes them off as he tells Jasper that he thought he heard someone screaming for help. Jasper says Bo is a liar and to get out. Jasper takes off his hat and hits Bo with it which makes Bo’s phone fall out of his jacket. The men throw Bo out. Bo limps away from the hotel wondering what Jasper called him.

The camera shows Jack, Jennifer, Abby, and Barry on TV as Jack thanks everyone for joining them and rooting for them. Jennifer thanks the viewers for their cards and emails for they thought with what was going on in the world that it would be a great time for a wedding. Jack says thanks to Barry and the crew. Barry asks Jack and Jennifer if they can dance the first dance as a re-married couple as they say goodbye to the viewers. Jack asks if Jennifer would like to do so and Jennifer agrees. As they dance, a flashback series of Jack and Jennifer’s original courtship through today is shown and when it comes back to the present Jennifer tells everyone to join them and dance. The guests start dancing as well as John congratulates Lucas. Lucas says he didn’t know the brother of the bride got congratulated and John says he meant working for Tony DiMera. Lucas says Tony is very savvy and he is learning a lot. John says he bets and Lucas says Tony’s business is totally legit. John says he’s sure it is. Marlena comes over and asks John if he would like to dance. John says he always wants to dance with Marlena.

Roman is dancing with Kate. He tells Kate he isn’t going to take this personally. Kate asks take what and apologizes. Roman tells Kate that her heart isn’t in the dance. Kate says she can’t help thinking about Lucas and asks what he is thinking working with Tony DiMera.

Victor walks up to Lucas who is standing by the champagne glasses. Lucas says he is sorry to disappoint Victor but he won’t be getting plastered today. Lucas adds that even if he did, it wouldn’t change their deal, that Tony wouldn’t like it too much if Victor backed out now. Nicole is watching them from across the room.

Marlena mis-steps while dancing with John and apologizes. John tells her to loosen up and asks what she is thinking about. Marlena says she wants Tony out of their lives. Marlena tells John that she is his wife and they have a family together, that that is where her loyalty is as she buries her face in John.

Rex and Mimi rejoin Tony back in the living room. Tony says he wonders where Rex and Mimi had gone, or shouldn’t he ask. They bring refreshments in as Tony asks if they are serving themselves now. Rex mentions that he thinks they can handle it as he asks Tony to hold the plate as he cuts the food. Mimi looks anxious because she knows what is going to happen. Rex “accidentally” cuts Tony with the knife as he is trying to cut the food. Cassie hands Tony a napkin to put on the cut to stop the bleeding. Tony says it is just a little gash and somehow he doesn’t think he’ll be firing Eliana anytime soon because he misses her expertise right about now. Rex says he can’t stand the sight of blood and says he’ll get a band-aid. Rex tells Mimi to grab the plate. Tony asks Mimi what has gotten into Rex that it isn’t like him to be so clumsy. Mimi says she doesn’t know and Cassie says maybe it is Mimi, that she has turned his head. Tony asks if she has turned his head enough to be incapable of holding a knife properly. Mimi says she guesses she doesn’t know her own power. Rex comes back in with a Band-Aid and offers to put it on for Tony. Tony says he can handle it and he doesn’t want to risk any further injury. Rex asks where Mimi went and Cassie says she doesn’t know what Rex sees in her. Rex tells Cassie that Mimi is pretty, smart, and thinks about people besides herself. Rex leaves to go find Mimi as Tony looks after him.

Cassie asks Tony if he is alright. Cassie asks Christopher to go get the lip gloss out of her car because she thinks she left it on the front seat. Cassie then mentions that it could have been left in the back seat. Cassie and Christopher share a giggle as Christopher says not to worry that he’ll find it and leaves. Cassie tells Tony that the men in her family are acting very strangely. Tony says Rex cutting him with that knife is odd. Cassie asks about Tony, mooning over Marlena’s face on the TV screen. Tony says he wasn’t mooning. Cassie says yeah right, he was just excited over the wedding of the year. Cassie tells Tony not to insult her intelligence that he is in love with Marlena. Cassie says she deserves to know. Tony says he admits that he cares for Marlena after all she is the mother of his two children. Tony says he has to go now, bandaged finger and all. As he is walking out, Christopher comes back in with the lip gloss. Tony tells Chris not to fetch for the girl, or she won’t respect him. Tony says he’ll leave them alone and to behave. Cassie says that she and Chris are cool. Chris gives Cassie her lip gloss. Cassie puts some on and says she loves this lip gloss because it makes her lips feel so soft. Cassie asks Christopher if he wants to feel and they kiss.

Mimi brings the plate with Tony’s blood on it up to Rex’s room. Mimi says she feels like a waitress in the vampire café and pretends to bring Rex a plate of fresh blood as she hands him the plate with Tony’s blood on it. Rex asks if Mimi brought it straight here. Mimi says she made sure it wasn’t tainted that she even tried not to breathe on it. Rex brings it over to his desk and starts putting on rubber gloves. Mimi asks Rex if he is going to test it here. Rex says he can’t risk sending it out because it is too important. Rex adds that these results will tell whether or not he truly is a DiMera.

Nicole asks Victor when Lucas started working for Tony. Victor says it is none of her business. Nicole asks if Victor is getting pressure from the DiMera organization. Victor tells Nicole not to ask anymore questions or he’ll find more creative ways to punish her than locking her in her room.

A waitress walks up to Lucas and asks if she can get him a cocktail. Kate walks up and tells the waitress thanks anyway as she hands Lucas a glass of sparkling water. Lucas asks Kate what she wants. Kate says she wants to know what Lucas does for Tony DiMera. Lucas says to lighten up, it’s a party. Kate says she is having a hard time getting into the party mood knowing that Lucas is on the DiMera payroll. Lucas puts the drink down and apologizes saying he is the best man and has to go make a toast.

Roman walks up to Kate and asks if Lucas is giving her a hard time. Kate says she is upset because Lucas will not listen to her. Roman asks Kate if she wants him to talk to Lucas. Kate says she thinks Roman would be wasting his breath because Lucas is so certain that he is a big man that he doesn’t realize that working with Tony could ruin his life. Roman asks Kate if this is hitting her hard because of her past experience with Stefano, that he just wished she trusted him enough to tell him what that part of Kate’s life was all about.

Oliver tells Jack and Jennifer to talk about a happy ending, they wind up in each other’s arms and he ends up making a bundle. He makes a toast to marriage and money saying it’s great when they end up together. Harold asks if success will spoil Jack and Jennifer. Jack says no, worst times are behind them and Jennifer says that’s right, it’s happily ever after from now on. Harold says that everyone at the Spectator misses them, that they take an early lunch to watch In The House. Oliver says it was a genius idea of Bill Horton to set them up with a talk show. Harold asks if he will be able to find the kind of happiness as Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer tells Harold that he is smart and talented and Jack adds that Jennifer said Harold was a catch. Oliver says all he wanted is grandchildren and Jennifer says there are ways. Harold says that is what he keeps telling him as he pulls Oliver away.

Mickey tells Laura that she looks marvelous. Laura says she is a woman so she never gets tired of hearing it. Mickey says it meant so much to Jennifer for Laura to be there. Laura says it meant as much to her as they go over to talk to Jack and Jennifer. Laura tells Jennifer that seeing her this happy made her life. Jack asks Laura if she is going to be here when they return from their honeymoon. Laura says no, she has to be getting back but asks if they mind if she spends the time she has left with Abby. Jennifer says of course, that Abby has missed her so much.

Lucas asks for everyone’s attention as he is about to make the best man’s speech. Lucas says he is here today because his sister Jennifer and her husband Jack asked him to be the best man. Lucas says it is ironic because he’s never been the best at anything. Lucas adds that when he first heard that Jennifer and Jack were getting married again, he did what everyone else probably did, tried to talk Jennifer out of it. Everyone laughs as Lucas says he was just joking. Lucas says that Jennifer and Jack have gone through some intense times and for him personally it gives him hope. He adds that no matter how badly you mess up, there’s always a chance to find true love and happiness. Everyone says here here as Lucas says that he and Jack have two things in common; that they both love Jennifer very much and they are both fortunate enough to be welcomed into the Horton family. Lucas says to raise their glasses to Jack and Jennifer for a long life and happiness. Everyone cheers. Maggie comes up and takes the microphone away from Lucas as she tells Lucas that that was a touching speech and unique like he is. Maggie says it is time for her favorite wedding tradition, for Jennifer to throw the bouquet and tells all the unmarried women to gather around. Hope asks Kate if she is going to go in for the throwing of the bouquet. Kate says she doesn’t know that she’s been down that road too many times. Roman comes over to hear Hope say that the way Roman looks at Kate, she’s not sure about that. Kate says to trust her; Roman would not be thrilled if she caught that bouquet. Roman spins Kate around and asks why she would say that.

Christopher is kissing Cassie’s back as he goes to undo her top. Cassie pulls away and tells Chris not yet, that she wants to wait. Christopher is confused but Cassie says she has made a decision and promises that he is going to love it.

Tony goes back to Club Echelon and is greeted at the door by a woman who hands him a martini. Tony says he likes how she anticipates his every need. There is a small group of women in the room and Tony is watching them. The woman asks if he sees anything he likes. The blonde woman, who had been standing in front of the fireplace with her back to Tony, turns around. Tony sees the woman as Marlena dressed in black lingerie.

Marlena is lost in thought as John brings her a glass of champagne. Marlena thanks John as John asks Marlena if she is still thinking about Tony. Marlena says she wants to help John bring Tony down. John says no way. Marlena says Tony trusts her but John says it is too dangerous.

Hope tells Kate to go for it, unless she’s afraid of a little bouquet. Roman asks Kate if she is afraid of the bouquet. Kate asks Roman if he is afraid and what he would do if she caught it. Maggie counts down and Kate does catch the bouquet. Everyone is cheering as Roman puts his arms around Kate and says to fight it all she wants but something just happened.

Jennifer hands Jack a piece of cake and tells him no funny business. Jack says there is nothing funny about this. Jack flips the plate over so the cake is lying on his hand. Jack holds the cake up level with their faces and Jennifer bumps his hand from underneath but not enough to really push the cake into Jack’s face. Jennifer says she is just kidding as Jack says they’ll do this together. They both lean in hesitantly and take a bite. Jennifer has some frosting on her mouth so Jack says he’ll take care of that and kisses her. Hope tries to call Bo but his phone is out of service. Hope asks Bo what is going on with him.

Vin and Jasper return to the room that Bo went through. Vin says Bo was trying to get something on him. Vin asks Jasper if he is sure that he doesn’t know anything. Jasper said he paid his money so he doesn’t ask any questions. Vin thanks Jasper for sending Bo to the wrong room. Vin pays Jasper some money. Vin notices that Bo’s bag is under the bed. Vin goes through it and finds the luggage tag that reads Bo Brady.

Bo goes back to the shop. Carlos asks if he is okay. Bo says he could use something cold and Carlos offers to get him some lemonade. Bo says no, he needs ice for his face. Carlos leaves to get some ice. Bo says he has to call Hope and realizes his phone is gone. Carlos asks what’s wrong and Bo says he lost his phone in the scuffle but at least Ramsel doesn’t know he’s in town.

Mimi asks Rex what if the results don’t turn out the way he wants. Rex says he already knows that Belle isn’t his sister, and Marlena isn’t his mother, if Tony isn’t his father, he doesn’t know. Mimi says Tony has to be Rex’s father; he can’t lose his whole family in the blink of an eye. Rex calls it, in the cut of a finger, and says yeah it can happen that fast.

Desire is giving Tony a shoulder massage and says that he has tension today. She asks Tony if he wants it gentler or a little rougher. Tony says that she is perfect in every way but he won’t be staying. Desire asks if she did something to upset him. Tony says no, not at all but he can’t stay. Desire starts talking about next time but Tony interrupts to say he won’t be returning. Tony tells Desire that this has nothing to do with her as he kisses her. Tony says he has someone else on his mind.

Marlena tells John that she wants to do it, that he has to let her help bring down Tony. Maggie sees Hope leaving and asks if she is going somewhere. Hope says she is going to be with her husband.

Carlos tells Bo not to go back to the Del Rio and to stay at the shop tonight. Bo thanks him and says he has to go call his wife.

Vin says Bo is a cop. Jasper asks if he means Bo as in the guy that was just there. Vin says yes and it looks like Bo must still be after him. Jasper asks Vin what he is going to do and Vin says there’s not much he can do except kill Bo.

Bo gets the machine and says he needs her and not the machine. Bo leaves a message saying he just wanted to call Hope and let her know he loves her and he’s doing okay.

Roman tells Kate that if she believes in signs at all and Kate says she doesn’t unless of course Roman does. Roman says this sign tells him that they are getting closer, at least close enough to not have any secrets. Kate says she is not going to tell him about her past with Stefano no matter how cute he is when he asks.

Jennifer tells Jack that they did it, Mr. Deveraeux. Jack says the best part is just beginning as they kiss. Jennifer tells Abby to come here as Jack picks her up. Abby asks them if they know what she’ll have when they come back. Jennifer and Jack ask what and Abby says a dream come true. Jennifer says ours too. Jennifer thanks Laura for being there and tells her that he loves her. Laura says she wouldn’t miss this and to promise her that Jennifer will hold on to Jack and never let him go. Jennifer says she promises. They hug. Jack shakes Verne’s hand as Verne tells Jack he is almost respectable now. Everyone laughs as Jules says coming from Verne, that’s high praise. Jules says to be good to Jennifer and Jack says he will for the rest of his life. Jack and Jennifer head for the elevators as everyone blows bubbles on them. Jennifer says they finally made it forever and ever. Jack repeats it and they kiss.

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