Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/26/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Bill's third gift arrives as Jack and Jen prepare for their wedding...Philip lays a guilt trip on Brady...Hope continues to worry about Bo.

Cast: Jen, Jack, Laura, Abby, Pastor Nup, Hope, Lucas, Victor, Nicole, Nico, Mickey, Maggie, Alice, Roman, Kate, Will, John, Marlena, Woman, Barry, Philip, Brady, Chloe, Henderson, Don.

At the penthouse

John joins Marlena downstairs and she fixes his tie. He notices that she looks agitated, so he asks what's wrong. She has a flashback of Tony kissing her, but she doesn't tell him. Marlena says she wants Tony out of their lives forever and knows that Rex and Cassie would be better off without him. When Marlena goes back upstairs, John calls Shane and tells him about Lucas working for Tony. John learns that they can't put Lucas under surveillance, so he decides to come up with another way.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Philip questions Nicole about her being locked in the room, but she tells him to get her out. Philip asks Henderson to get the key, but he refuses and Philip is shocked to learn that Victor locked her up. Finally, he tells her to stand back as he kicks the door open. Nico arrives and tells Nicole to get dressed. Nico guards the door and Philip leaves for Chloe's house.

At the Wesley's

Brady starts to call Cecilia Marin at the Salem Inn, but Chloe stops him. She needs time to think about it. He tells her that she has been waiting for this opportunity her life and she says that she can't leave him. Brady tells her that they have cars and airplanes as the doorbell rings. It's Philip and he congratulates her. When she goes to feed the dogs, Philip lays a guilt trip on Brady, accusing him of not loving her enough. When Chloe returns, Philip 'leaves'. Brady tells Chloe that he is going with her as she screams that she loves him. Outside, an upset Philip leaves after hearing.

At the Penthouse Grill

Hope finishes talking to some guy named Don and then, talks to Pastor Nup. Jack has some woman check for Jen and the coast is clear as Jack sneaks Bill's gift off the elevator. Abby is telling the cameraman that her mommy and daddy are getting married as Jen watches. Jack runs into Barry and tells him not to let Jen see him as he continues to sneak the gift. Roman arrives and he and Hope go out on the terrace to talk. They walk past Jen and congratulate her and then they go to the terrace. Roman says they need to talk about Bo. Roman and Hope talk about Vin Ramsell and Bo's mission as she says that Bo needs her. Roman tells her that she is helping Bo and goes back in to meet with Kate. Hope remembers the fight with Maria and says that she isn't the stay at home and wait type of girl.

In the bridal room, Jen and Abby go in as Jen gets a shocked look on her face. She is happy to see her mother Laura there as they have an emotional reunion with hugs and kisses. Laura tells Jen that she is number 3 as Laura doesn't understand what it means. Jen calls Bill and thanks him for Laura while Abby tells Laura about the binturong that Bill sent. After Jen gets off the phone, she tells them that Bill gave her and Jack his blessing. Barry comes in and is introduced to Laura and only wishes he could've captured the mother/daughter reunion on tape. He wonders how they got her past him as Abby says that her daddy can be very sneaky. Abby takes Laura out to see Alice, Mickey, and Maggie. Mike calls Jen and she says hi to him. She promises to send Mike a tape since he cannot be there.

Jack finds Lucas and asks him to show him the ring. Lucas pulls it out just to reassure Jack and then, runs into Victor, who he wants to talk to. He learns that Victor knows he is working for Tony DiMera and asks how he knows. Lucas asks about the Carl matter and Vic says that it is taken care of and Lucas needs to talk to him about something else. They go out on the terrace to talk. Lucas tells him that Tony wants to purchase one of his real estates and tells Victor that it is an offer he can't refuse. Vic and Lucas make the deal.

Abby tells Mickey, Maggie, and Alice about the surprise. They all are shocked to see Laura step out and they all hug her, especially Alice. Next, Laura says hi to Hope.

Marlena and John arrive with Will and he goes to say hi to his grandparents while Marlena says hi to Laura.

Roman finds Kate, who sees Laura and decides that maybe she should leave, but Roman refuses to let her. Will comes up and says hi to them. Kate finds Lucas and asks to speak with him as Nico arrives with Nicole. Kate begins talking to him, but he just walks off.

Back in the bridal room, Hope, Jen, Abby, Laura, and Alice are giving gifts to Jen as Hope reminds her that there are many family and friends who want to be there, but can't. The "something new" is a necklace that Laura gives her and it is from Guyana as she helps Jen put it on. The something blue is from Abby as she painted Jen's toenails blue. The something old is Jack and Jen gets a sixpence from Hope, who was saving it from her wedding day. Jen reminds Laura to get a good seat.

All the people are seated as Jack and Lucas are in the front of the room. Abby comes in, spreading flowers and then, in comes Jen with everyone "oohing and awwing," as the previews roll.


*Barry is making a broadcast about the wedding.
*Mimi tells Rex that he could cut Tony to get blood and he thinks that isn't such a bad idea.
*Bo says that he is looking for Vin Ramsell. We see Bo bust into a room and pulling a gun out as we hear a gunshot.

The End.

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