Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

Nicole is pouring some alcohol into her orange juice. Victor calls Nicole "His wife, the lush". She asks Victor if that is anyway to talk to the woman he made passionate love to last night. She adds that it isnít about passion or love, but about cruelty. Victor tells her to drink up. She asks him how he can pretend to be a decent man and still do what he did to her last night. He  replies that he sees the alcohol hasnít totally obliterated Nicoleís memory. Nicole says she remembers everything from last night. He tells her it was an ordeal that she wonít be asked to repeat. He adds that she embarrassed him in public for the last time, and she will be punished for it. Nicole asks about Victor cozying up to Cecilia Marin to break up Chloe and Brady. She asks what kind of grandma would she be, if she didnít warn her grandson that he was about to lose everything he holds dear.

Chloe calls out to Brady to ask where he has disappeared to. Brady asks Chloe if her eyes are closed. She says they are now, and asks what he is up to. He walks up and kisses her on the cheek, saying that's for the diva on the morning after her successful debut. Chloe opens her eyes to see a bouquet of roses. She tells Brady that he gave her roses and made her breakfast. Brady says it is time to celebrate. The doorbell rings, and Brady says heíll get it, but Chloe tells him to stay there and start enjoying the breakfast. She answers the door and it is Philip. He asks if it is a bad time, and Chloe says no and invites him in. Philip says he came by to congratulate her, and she asks what happened to him last night. He says he had to get back to the base and tells Chloe that she was unbelievable last night; he had never heard her sing like that. Philip notices that Chloe was wearing the pin he gave her, and Chloe says she had it with her for good luck last night too. Brady comes in and says hello to Philip. Philip says hello nephew.

Hope and Jennifer are rushing around getting ready for the wedding. Hope is saying they are going to be late. Jennifer says they canít go until she finds her vows. Hope finds an envelope on the table, and Jennifer puts it into her bag. She wants to call Abby and Jack, because she hasnít talked to them since last night. Hope stops her and says Jules will get Abbyís flower girl dress on,  Lucas is best man and will get Jack ready, and Shmenckman will handle all the TV stuff. Jennifer asks Hope why they let him talk them into filming the wedding, but then says that she isnít going to let anything ruin the day. They hear Jack singing. Jennifer asks what Jack is doing here, because it is bad luck to see each other before the wedding.

John comes out of the penthouse and asks if Doc forgot her key again. He turns around to see Ops standing there and tells him that they were only supposed to meet at Basic Black, never in his home. Ops says he waited until he saw Marlena leave. Ops says there is something John needs to know, and John invites Ops in. Ops says DiMera is about to make a move, and this time itís a direct hit on Johnís family. John asks how that is, and Ops hands him a folder, telling him to look at Tonyís new right hand man. John opens it to see a picture of Tony talking with Lucas.

Lucas comes into the DiMera living room, and Tony asks him what took him so long. Lucas apologizes and asks what the big emergency is. Tony says there is no emergency; he was just testing Lucas because he is still under probation. Tony tells Lucas that he is expecting two businessmen from New York, and he would like Lucas to sit in on the meeting. Lucas asks who they are, and Tony tells him they are high rollers, but important to both us and their east coast operations. The doorbell rings, and Tony asks Lucas to get the door because he let Eliana and Bart have the morning off. He then asks Lucas to give them the usual briefing. Lucas answers the door, and the businessmen say that Mr. DiMera is expecting them. Lucas says he knows and introduces himself as Mr. DiMeraís associate. He asks if he may pat them down to check for any concealed items. The businessmen pass the test, and Lucas moves aside to let them in, saying that Mr. DiMera is waiting for them. Lucas turns to close the door as Marlena walks up. He asks her what she is doing there.  Marlena says that her children live there, and asks Lucas what he is doing there.

Victor tries to take away Nicoleís drink. He tells her that she better lay off the drinks, because she is starting to hallucinate. He adds that soon sheíll be saying heís having an affair with Cecilia Marin. Nicole asks what else other than Victorís body could entice Cecilia Marin to help him break up Chloe and Brady. Victor says his dealings with Marin are strictly professional, because he wants to know if Bradyís instincts are on the money about what is talent. Nicole asks if Cecilia confirmed that about Chloe. Victor says Chloe is unimportant, what matters is whether or not he can trust Bradyís judgment. Nicole says she can help Victor with that, oversee his grandsonís activities, and move back into her old office at Titan. Victor says that if she gave up her role as adoring wife and homemaker it would break his heart. Nicole asks what time his 'adoring' wife has to pull it together for Jack and Jenniferís wedding. Victor says with the way she has been behaving in public lately, he doesnít know if heís going to ever let her out of the house again.

Hope runs in to try and stop Jack from coming into the house. She asks Jack if he knows it is tempting fate to see the bride before the wedding. Jack says he forgot his cuff links. Hope says that that is a likely story. Jack says he figured Hope and Jennifer would be at the salon doing the hair and makeup thing.  He asks where Jennifer is, telling her to come out, come out, wherever she is. Jennifer is hiding in the living room. Hope tells Jack that his cuff links are upstairs in the bedroom, so he says he loves Miss Horton and goes to run upstairs. Jennifer comes out and asks Hope if heís gone. Hope says he is, as Jack runs back down the stairs and catches Jennifer and Hope standing in the living room. Jennifer tells Jack that he is putting a hex on their wedding. Jack says he has got his four leaf clover, his rabbitsí foot and his lucky buffalo nickel. Hope says that is enough and tells Jack to go all the way up the stairs this time. Hope and Jennifer grab their bags and try to hurry out the door before Jack comes back downstairs. They open the door to find Shmenckman. Jennifer asks if something is wrong with the TV broadcast, and Shmenckman says no, he came by to help. Jennifer tells him to help Jack find his cuff links and to make sure he has the ring. Jennifer and Hope leave, as Shmenckman calls up to Jack to ask if heís found the cuff links. Jack comes back downstairs to say he did find them, and Shmenckman asks if he has the ring. Jack checks his pockets and canít find it.

Ops helps himself to some coffee. John is looking at the pictures, and asks if Ops is sure this is for real. Ops says that according to ISA intelligence, Lucas is being groomed to be a potential 1st lieutenant for Tony. John says Lucas doesnít have a clue what heís gotten himself into, all he sees are dollar signs.

Lucas tells Marlena that he is needed inside. Marlena asks for what, and Lucas tells her that it is for a meeting, and that he is working for Tony DiMera now. Marlena is shocked, and Lucas says he is grooming him to assist in his business dealings. Marlena asks what he is being groomed for, a bodyguard?  She asks if that is why she saw Lucas patting down the two businessmen. Lucas says Tony is a high profile CEO, and he needs to be protected. Marlena asks Lucas who is going to protect him, and says this could be very dangerous for him. Lucas says he doesnít see it that way. Marlena says he isnít as smart as she thought he was, and he asks what gives her the right to pass judgment on his decisions. Marlena says it is because he is a father and to think of his son. Lucas says that unlike Marlenaís daughter, everything he does he has his son in mind. He adds that Tony believes he has potential. Marlena asks if Sami knows about this, and Lucas says no, it isnít any of her business. Marlena says  everything he does is her business as long as they have a son together. Marlena says that might tempt Sami to go to court to petition for full custody of Will. Lucas tells her to go ahead and try, but she will live to regret it. Marlena says she doubts that, and she might be asked to testify as a witness. She can tell the judge that Lucas working for the DiMera family is not in Willís best interest. Tony comes in and tells Marlena that she wonít testify against the father Will adores. Marlena says she will if it means protecting her grandson. Tony repeats that Marlena wonít, because she wonít ever do anything to cross him.

Brady asks Philip why he took off last night without saying goodbye. Philip says these days his time isnít his own. Brady asks what is up with all this secrecy. Chloe interrupts and says not that Brady is giving Philip the third degree or anything. Philip says he had to get back to the base, thatís all, but he wanted Chloe to know how proud he was. Philip goes to leave, but Chloe asks him to stay and have breakfast. Philip says he better go before Nancy catches him, because he isnít one of her favorite people. Chloe says that he is safe because Nancy took Joy shopping. The doorbell rings, and Brady answers it. It is Cecilia Marin, and as she comes in, Philip leaves. Cecilia tells Chloe that after hearing her performance last night, thereís no way on earth she can let Chloe attend Julliard. Chloe looks shocked.

Jack is tearing up the living room looking for the ring and canít find it. Shmenckman comes in and says he checked the kitchen right down to the sugar bowl and didnít find the ring. Jack starts to check the laundry room, but Shmenckman says he already checked there, and no ring. He asks Jack where he had the ring last, and Jack says he was showing it around to people. Shmenckman asks if he gave it to anyone to hold, like his best man, and Jack says yes, Lucas.

Marlena tells Tony to get one thing straight, and that is Tony has no say over what she does. She adds that they share decisions about the children together, but that is it. Tony says so much for the spirit of co-operation. Marlena says that if she thinks Lucas is doing something he shouldnít, she will tell Sami, and Tony canít stop her from doing it. Tony offers Marlena to go inside the living room where it is more private. They go into the living room, and Lucas says he is glad he didnít have to referee that fight. Lucasí phone rings, and it is Jack. He asks Lucas to tell him that he has the ring. Lucas teases Jack, pretending that he doesnít know what Jack is talking about, but finally tells him to relax, he does have the ring. Jack asks where Lucas is, because he should be here helping him get ready. Lucas says he will be there; he just had a business situation to take care of. Lucas says he will meet Jack at the Penthouse Grill and to call him if he needs anything, and to lay off the coffee. Jack tells Shmenckman that they are all set, Lucas has the ring and he has the vows. Jack looks at the vows in his hand and realizes that he has Jenniferís vows. Jack says he is going to go get his vows, because he worked all night on them.

Jennifer and Hope are in the salon. Jenniferís hair is wrapped in a towel, and the manicurist is painting her nails. Hope, whose hair is up in curlers, says she loves the color the manicurist is using. The manicurist says it is called 'Night of Passion', and Hope says at least one of them can count on that tonight. Everyone laughs, and the manicurist tells Jennifer to let the polish dry for a few more minutes. The hairdresser tells Hope that sheíll back to comb out her hair. Jennifer is saying this is fun, and she wishes everyone else of the family and friends could be there. Hope says that Jennifer planned this wedding so fast, that Hopeís Dad and Julie canít make it back from their cruise in time. Jennifer says thatís the good part about it being televised; everyone can watch it on tape, even Bo. Hope says she hates it that Bo is out there alone. Jennifer says that he is going to come home soon, but Hope says no, she has decided to come to Texas to meet him. Jennifer asks if Bo has agreed to that, and Hope says he doesnít know. Jenniferís phone rings, and Hope tells her that she should get that because it could be about the wedding. Hope offers to get the phone for Jennifer so she doesnít mess up her nails ,and hands the answered phone back to Jennifer. Jennifer looks at the phone and says it is a text message from Jack. Jennifer tells Hope that she wonít believe what Jack is plotting now.

John says Lucas is a damn fool for putting the entire family at risk by getting in with DiMera. Ops asks how he is going to handle it. John says he is going to talk to Lucas at Jack and Jenniferís wedding, and see if he can get him to volunteer some information to find out what heís up to, and why. Ops says he is going to follow up with ISA and see if they can get a court order. John asks what for, and Ops says so they can get surveillance on him. John tells him to forget about it, and while heís talking to Lucas, Ops should break into his apartment, plant a bug, and put a tracking device on his car. Ops says that isnít going to happen, but John says to make it happen. Ops says no way, and John looks angry and shocked.

Marlena asks Tony where he hid the two suits. Tony begs Marlenaís pardon, and she asks about the two men Lucas patted down for firearms. Tony says they are working in the library. Marlena asks if it is in secret, and Tony asks why Marlena thinks she is owed an explanation when it comes to Tonyís business dealings. Marlena says it is because one of Tonyís business dealings put one of her children in danger, and she wants to make sure that doesnít ever happen again.

Nicole slams down her glass and tells Victor that if she doesnít walk into the Penthouse Grill on his arm, people are going to wonder what happened to the loving happy Kiriakises. She knows he doesnít want that. Victor says he will not allow her to embarrass herself and him at a wedding that is being televised live from his restaurant. He tells Nicole to get out, because he has work to do. She says she hasnít had breakfast yet, and Victor tells her he will have Henderson bring up a tray - minus the Vodka bottle. Nicole asks what about the wedding, and Victor says he will let her know. Nicole says she is not going until he promises she can go to the wedding. Victor says he has given her an order, and to get out of his sight or heíll have Niko carry her upstairs. Nicole leaves the room, and Victor sits down to breakfast.

Hope asks what Jack has done now. Jennifer says that since he felt bad about seeing her before the wedding, he has arranged for her to have a facial. Hope asks Jennifer if, since she is going to be there for a while, she minds if Hope runs home to pack a bag for her trip. She says she is leaving Zack with Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. Jennifer has reservations about the idea, but Hope says sheíll be fine. Jennifer says she knows Hope will be, but she just hates that things are so difficult for her right now. Jennifer says okay, and before running out of the room, Hope jokes about how she looks in curlers.  Gloriann comes in, and asks if she is ready for her facial. Jennifer lies down in the chair and says she hopes she doesnít fall asleep. Gloriann puts cucumbers over Jenniferís eyes, and says that she will make sure Jennifer gets to the church on time. Jennifer says to tell her if she snores. Jack is hiding in the next room in the salon, holding Jenniferís vows. While Jenniferís eyes are covered, Jack peeks out into the room.

Ops tells John that he canít run around planting bugs on people just because you donít like who theyíre working for. John says Lucasí employment is criminal. Ops says to prove it and get a court order. John says it has to be done now, his way. Ops say they are ISA, not vigilantes, and not hit men. John reminds Ops that Tony was the one who tried to kill him. Ops says that doesnít mean that they play out the game Tonyís way. John asks if it doesnít, sometimes thatís the only way to handle a man like him.

Marlena tells Tony that itís time Rex and Cassie know they are living in danger. Tony says they couldnít be safer. Marlena tells Tony that she knows what happened to Sami at the Blue Note. Tony says that was an unfortunate accident, that it was a crazed ex-employee. Marlena says that it was someone out to get Tony, no matter what, who didnít mind taking Sami hostage. Tony says that nothing happened, and that he took care of it. Marlena says that it is the way that Tony lives his life, it just puts everyone in danger. She says she intends to take Rex and Cassie out of this house for their own good, and to make sure theyíre safe. Tony tells Marlena that that is not why she is here. He asks why doesnít she try being honest with herself, because they both want the same thing. Marlena asks what that is, and Tony says each other, as he wraps his hand around Marlenaís neck and pulls her close into a kiss.

Chloe tells Cecilia Marin that she doesnít understand, because what she was told last night she was so sure. Cecilia says that things change. Brady asks why, because she was so knocked out last night by Chloeís voice. Chloe says it is okay, she just needs time to recover her voice, and sheíll be ready to audition again in a few months. Cecilia says she is trying to make Chloe understand that the time for her to audition has come and gone. Brady gets upset and asks Cecilia where she gets off. After everything Chloe has been through, how she can just dismiss her. Cecilia says she is not there to dismiss her, but to offer Chloe a job.

Jennifer says that the facial feels great. Gloriann says to think beautiful thoughts, like her honeymoon. Jack sneaks out of the closet and starts searching in Jenniferís bag for his vows. Gloriann asks if Jennifer would like to hear some music. Jennifer asks if she smells anything like her fiancťís cologne. Gloriann makes up a story about her husband wearing the same aftershave. She must have some of it on her clothes from this morning, when he kissed her before she left for work. Jennifer tells Gloriann that she is as attracted to Jack now, as she was when he first kissed her. Gloriann says not to get her started on love and romance, or theyíll forget the reason they are there. Jennifer says she wonít forget, today is for romance and lasting love between two people. Jack is holding Jenniferís phone as it rings.

Marlena pushes Tony away and smacks him, saying how dare you. Tony apologizes and says he must have gotten their signals crossed. He just thought... but Marlena interrupts him, saying he thought wrong. She tells him to never make that mistake again, not ever. She pushes past him with her purse, and storms out of the DiMera mansion. Tony looks after her as he smiles and rubs his lips.

Victor is talking on the phone about an account, as Philip walks in. Victor says it is nice to see him, and Philip asks if he is interrupting anything. Victor offers Philip to stay for breakfast, but Philip only wants coffee. Philip says he came by to get a few things, like CDs and his laptop from his room. Victor offers to have Niko bring it over to the base for him, but Philip says he doesnít have to do that. Victor tells Philip not to expect him to stop acting like a dad, just because he joined the core. Philip asks Victor what he is going to do when heís shipped out. Victor says he hopes the war ends before that day ever comes. Philip says he joined the marines to defend his country, and because he wants to be a part of changing the world for the better. Victor says he is very proud, and Philip says it means a lot coming from him, because he hasnít always approved of Philipís decisions. Victor says that he has only fought Philip on one decision, Chloe Lane. He asks if Philip is over Chloe, and Philip says she is with Brady now, end of story. Victor asks Philip what he thinks of Brady coming in with him at Titan. Philip says he thinks it is a good choice; he likes the idea of bringing a music division into Titan. Victor tells Philip that he was hoping that Philip would come to Titan, even maybe take it over someday. Philip says the business world isnít for him right now, and adds that he is glad Victor brought someone in from the family. Victor gets up to go to the Penthouse Grill, and Philip asks about Nicole. Victor says Nicole hasnít decided whether she wants to go or not.

Jennifer wants to get up and answer the phone, but Gloriann convinces her to relax, the caller will leave a message. She tells Jennifer that she is going to be a beautiful bride, and that theyíll all be watching it on TV. Jennifer says since theyíve all been so wonderful to her, she is going to make sure the salon gets credit. Gloriann says that will be great, as Jack sneaks out of the room. Hope runs into the room, and Jennifer says that was fast. Hope tells Jennifer that Jack was here, and probably still is, because she saw his car in the parking lot.

Lucas closes the door behind the two businessmen, and tells Tony that that was some meeting, real powerbrokers. Tony says Lucas handled himself better than he expected. In fact he is a shark, like his mother, perhaps even more ruthless. Lucas asks if he should take that as a compliment. Tony says absolutely, but he has to make sure that Lucas is ready to step up to the plate. If he has second thoughts, then he needs to speak up now.

Ops says he is going to give John some advice he does not want to hear. John tells Ops to save it, but Ops tells John to take himself off the DiMera case. John repeats that he said to save it. Ops says John doesnít really believe that DiMera is out to kill Marlena. John says he thinks Tony is not out to kill Marlena, but to use her and to get her away from John. That was his plan all along, and John knew it since Tonyís return to Salem. John says that he doesnít think Tony ever really cared about Marlena. Ops says that is all the more reason to stick to the plan with ISA, because it is the only way to nail Tony for good. John says not if he kills the son of a bitch first.

Chloe tells Cecilia that she canít believe she is offering her a job. Cecilia says that she wants Chloe to join her touring company in Europe. She adds that she doesnít need to know right away, but does before she leaves Salem. Chloe says she is so grateful for Ceciliaís confidence. Cecilia says it is purely selfish, because Chloe has a gift that is remarkable with maturity in someone so young. She asks if Chloe will join her or not.

Shmenckman is on the phone with Ricky, and he tells him that he canít get over to the Penthouse Grill until he knows where Jack is. Jack enters the house while Shmenckman is still on the phone. Jack says mission accomplished, and Shmenckman asks if he found his vows. Jack says he had a few moments of personal humiliation, but no pain, no gain. He says he found his vows and put Jenniferís vows back in her purse. She never suspected a thing. Shmenckman asks Jack why he didnít just ask him to go get them for him. Jack says it never occurred to him ,and Shmenckman says to never mind, because his escapades make for a better story to tell the audience. He starts to leave, and he tells Jack to call him if he needs anything and to not be late. The phone rings, and Jack answers it. He confirms that he is Jack Deveraux and repeats what the caller says, that Bill Roberts gift is arriving today. Jack asks the caller if they can tell him what it is.

Hope and Jennifer are hugging as the hairdresser leaves after she finishes doing Hopeís hair. Hope thanks her, and then runs to check if Jackís car is still there. Jennifer asks Hope if she is afraid that Jack is still here, that so many people probably drive cars like Jackís car. Hope says not cars with an 'I love my Binturong' bumper sticker, and Jennifer says Jack was probably there to pay for his facial. Jennifer remembers to check her phone messages, and says it is from Jack. Hope asks what now, and Jennifer looks at her in shock.

Lucas tells Tony that he thought they already had a deal when Tony first asked him at the Blue Note. Tony says now Lucas has gotten to see the entire picture, and does he still want to be a part of the DiMera organization. Lucas says he does. He says Tony said he was his motherís son, and he has been waiting for an opportunity like this his entire life. If Tony lets him on his team, he wonít regret it. Tony says to see that he doesnít, and says welcome as he takes Lucasí hand.

John is starting to tell Ops that if DiMera tries to harm any member of his family, when Marlena comes back and calls out to see if heís home. John comes back in off the balcony, and they hug. John says he didnít think heíd see her until the wedding. Marlena says yeah, plans change. As they hug, John feels that something is wrong. Marlena tells John that she has got some disturbing news, as Ops comes back in from the balcony. He asks if he is interrupting anything, and Marlena says it is alright if he knows. She tells them that she just went to the DiMera mansion to see the twins, and Lucas was there. She says that Lucas said he was working for Tony. John says they know and Ops adds that they just found out. Marlena asks if they mean ISA, and Ops makes a quick exit by telling John that heíll work on that matter they discussed and will give him a call later. John closes the door behind him, and Marlena says she assumes that John and Ops still have Tony under surveillance. John says she knows he canít talk with her about his work. Marlena says she is glad he does. John says he thought she wanted him to lay off Tony. Marlena says she was wrong about that; Tony has got to be stopped before it is too late.

Chloe tells Cecilia that she canít make this decision alone, that her parents donít even know. Cecilia says that if she knows Nancy, sheíll want this for her as much as she does. Chloe says she is so honored at the thought of going to Europe for months at a time. Cecilia says to think years. Chloe says she didnít realize, and Cecilia says she needs total commitment. Chloe says she understands, and Cecilia says she will be at the Salem Inn until tomorrow. She should give her a call when she decides. Chloe tells Brady that this isnít exactly what they expected.

Nicole tries to leave her room, but finds that she is locked in. She says damn Victor, and she picks up their wedding picture. She says she hates Victor and throws the frame against the door. Philip is walking by with the stuff from his room and hears it. He goes to Nicoleís door to find it locked. He asks Nicole to open the door and asks if she is alright. Nicole tells Philip that it is locked from the outside and tells him that he has to get her out of there.

John asks Marlena if Tony did something to hurt her. Marlena says no, itís Lucas, she hates seeing him getting sucked into Tonyís world. John says heíll talk to Lucas at the wedding today, and maybe if he emphasizes the trouble heís in, heíll come clean and tell him about Tonyís so called business deals. Marlena says not to count on it. The phone rings, and Marlena says sheíll get it, because she is expecting a call. She answers the phone, and it is Tony. Tony says he knew sheíd be there and asks if she told John about their special moment. Marlena hangs up on Tony, and Tony laughs and says he didnít think so. John asks who was on the phone and Marlena says it was no one. John asks Marlena if this thing with Lucas has really got her upset. Marlena says John is right, Tony is out to destroy peopleís lives, and John and the ISA have got to stop him. She says she canít go through that again, and neither can her family. John pulls her close by putting his towel around her neck, and says that nothing is going to happen to her or to their family.

Hope asks Jennifer if everything is okay. Jennifer tells Hope that Jack got a call to say that Jenniferís Dadís third and final gift is supposed to arrive today. Jack is at home waiting for it. Hope asks if they know what it could be. Jennifer says she doesnít know, but his first two gifts turned their lives upside down.

Jack is saying that Bill couldnít just order something from the bridal registry, as the doorbell rings. Jack answers the door, and looks up and down at what is there, saying he doesnít believe it.

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