Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Norman

Today: Bo is closer to Vin than he thinks...Rex is still upset about his DNA results...Philip returns to the pier...And we say good-bye to Nancy Wesley, as this is her last airdate (Chloe almost blows her big chance).

Cast: Bo, Jasper, Vin, Man #1, Man #2, Hope, Brady, Chloe, Rex, Mimi, Philip, Shawn, Belle, Victor, Nicole, Cecilia, Nancy.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor walks into Nicole's room without knocking. He tells her to get dressed for Chloe's performance in 5 minutes, or she'll never leave her room again.

At the Blue Note

Chloe freezes up, as Belle and Shawn arrive. Nancy whispers to Cecilia that Chloe is just nervous, as Belle and Shawn apologize for being late. Belle and Shawn join Philip at his table, but Shawn doesn't seem too thrilled. Chloe announces once again that she can't do it, and Brady tries to reassure her. He tells Chloe that she did fine at the rehearsal, but Chloe thinks that Cecilia wishes she would've stayed in New York. It certainly seems that way, as Cecilia is looking angry. Nicole and Victor arrive and are greeted by Philip.  Brady tells Chloe that he won't let her quit. Philip and Victor talk about Chloe's stage fright, Shawn discourages Belle about going to say something to Chloe, Nicole orders a martini, and Nancy tries to stop Cecilia - who thinks Chloe isn't ready for this - from leaving. Brady announces that there has been a change in plans. He sings a line in Italian, then Chloe sings, and it ends in a duet. Everyone applauds, but Philip leaves un-noticed. Chloe thanks everyone for being there. Soon, Belle, Shawn, and Chloe wonder where Philip went. Nancy wishes Chloe well and leaves (I'm pretty sure this is her last scene). Later, Victor pulls Cecilia aside to talk. 

At the DiMera Mansion

Rex is still upset about the results and returns to the computer. Some guy calls Mimi, and she leaves to meet him. Later, Rex cannot believe that Belle isn't his sister.

On the pier

Philip is there with gear on, and dives off into the water. Later, when he comes up, he is shining a light. A woman's voice startles him, and it turns out to be Mimi, who asks why he is there. After some small talk about Rex and the marines, Mimi says goodnight to Philip and leaves.

At the Wesley's

Brady and Chloe return home and begin talking about everything they survived that year. Chloe feels tired. Then she isn't feeling tired, so she and Brady make out on the couch.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor and Nicole return home. He locks himself in with her, and they begin kissing.

In Texas

Bo beats up the two guys. His phone rings, and it is Hope. The guys won't let him answer it, so he beats them up and they leave. Jasper gives him a free shot. He calls Hope back and assures her that he is okay. After Bo leaves, Vin arrives and talks to Jasper about his 'fishing' trip. We see Hope on the phone w/Caroline, asking her to watch Zack. Vin leaves the place, as Bo returns and checks into a room. The previews roll...


*Nicole tells Victor that she knows about him using Cecilia Marin to come between Brady and Chloe.
*Cecilia tells Chloe that she can't let her attend Julliard.
*Jen tells Hope that she is worried about her dad's 3rd gift.
*Jack opens the door. "I don't believe it."

The End.

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