Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

Rex is in his room working on his computer. There is a knock on the door, and Rex gets up to answer it. It is Mimi. They say hi, and Mimi asks Rex if Eliana ever smiles, because she always looks at Mimi like she is going to steal something. Rex says yes, and Mimi asks how the DNA research is going. Rex says he is busy right now, and Mimi goes over to Rex’s bed. She sits down, and takes off her coat. She is in a sexy dress. She asks Rex if he is still too busy, and Rex looks over at her.

Chloe and Nancy are sitting at a table in the Blue Note. Chloe says she is glad there is no one in here but the staff. Nancy says the place would have been packed if she had let them invite her friends. Chloe says this is a mistake,  she can’t do this, and there is time to cancel. She gets up and runs into Brady, who asks her if she is going somewhere. She says Brady’s name, and Brady says that is his name, and her name is Chloe Lane. He says that someday we’ll be reading that name in a program at the Metropolitan Opera House, but first she has to get into the master class at Julliard. To do that she has to sign for Cecilia Marin, and that is why they are all here tonight. Chloe asks what if Cecilia doesn’t like the way she sings. Brady asks who is Chloe’s toughest critic,  besides herself. Chloe says it is him. Brady tells Chloe that he knows he has given her a lot of grief about her singing, but only to get her to sing from her soul. He says if her toughest critic thinks she’s ready to go, then she has nothing to worry about. Philip walks in, and Chloe says that maybe Brady spoke too soon - look who just walked in. Brady turns around to see Philip.

Jack comes down the stairs at his house, with a suitcase. Jennifer says hello, my husband to be, and tells Jack that he looks cute with his suitcase. She asks him if he is okay with this. Jack says the groom doesn’t see his bride until she is coming down the aisle, but call it tradition or superstition, he doesn’t care as long as it gets him married to the woman of his dreams. He kisses Jennifer. She asks what tradition is that, and Jack says it is the tradition of getting to kiss Jennifer for as long as he wants, whenever he wants, for as long as they both shall live. He adds that it is in the fine print, and asks if Jennifer is complaining.  Jennifer says no, and asks if Jules and Verne are expecting him. Jack says yes, Jules is doing handsprings at seeing your mother in law again, but Verne thinks it is a kick in the pants. Jennifer asks if they understand that they are going to be on television tomorrow. She also asks how Shmenkman talked them into televising their wedding. Jack asks if it is for the free video. Jack then adds that since everyone is so spread out it is their chance to share it with everyone. Jennifer says the thought of reciting their vows is private, and she doesn’t want it to become a commercialized thing. Jack says this day is about her, and him, and Abby promising before God that they are going to become a family again. He says that is what makes it special, no matter how many cameras are pointed at us. Jennifer says not to forget about ratings, and Jack adds not to forget about gifts. He says he is worried about one thing, and that is that that Jennifer’s father has threatened to send a third gift. Jack says what was gift #1, and Jennifer says the Binturong. Jack says gift #2, and Jennifer says the TV show. Jack asks what kind of gift he is going to inflict on him next.

Bo takes off his helmet and gloves and gets off his motorcycle. He walks in to a small café/store, just as a guy is trying to steal some drinks from the place. The busboy is telling him that he has to pay for that stuff, and the guy asks who is going to stop him. He turns around to be face to face with Bo, and Bo says not the kid, me.

Hope, Marlena, and Belle walk into Club Echelon, and the doorman asks if he can help them. Hope says they are there for Jennifer Horton’s bachelorette party. The doorman says he will show them to their table. Belle says so this is what a bachelorette party looks like, and Hope says maybe they’ll be planning one for her someday. Marlena says not to rush into that. Hope notices that Marlena’s other two daughters, Sami and Cassie, arrive together. Cassie walks in and says she is here, and asks where the naked men are. Lucas walks in, and the doorman says it is nice to see him. Lucas tells him that he knows why he is here.

The guy who was trying to steal drinks pays for his food. Carlos, the young busboy, hands him his change. Carlos thanks Bo and tells him that that is the first time that he’s ever paid for his food. Bo asks why Carlos lets him get away with it. Carlos says he is just a kid. Bo asks about his father, and Carlos says his mother owns the place, and she can’t do anything to him. Bo says he is starving and asks what is good here. In Spanish, Carlos says chicken fajitas, and Bo repeats it in English. He says it sounds good and tells Carlos that he does a little Tex/Mex cooking himself. Bo tells Carlos about Hope calling him Chef Brady, and Carlos asks if his wife likes that. Bo says she does, she’s not a very good cook, but she’s astoundingly beautiful. He says Hope has brown hair and striking green hair, and he’d walk from there back to Salem for one of her smiles. He tells Carlos about Shawn and Zack. Carlos asks if he misses his family, and asks why he leaves them to come down there.

Cassie says that this is the second time that Jennifer is marrying the same guy, and that is lame. Kate tells Cassie that it is not lame, and that they are all glad that Jack and Jennifer found each other. Marlena tells Cassie that she is glad to see her and Sami arriving together. Cassie is shocked, and Sami says they only ran into each other in the parking lot. Cassie complains that Sami stole her space, and Sami says she didn’t see Cassie’s name on it. Belle says she wants to let everyone know that she is expecting a party like this when she and Shawn get married. Cassie asks if she is so sure that is going to happen. Maggie joins them at the table and says that the guest of honor just pulled up.

Nancy asks Chloe why Philip is there, of all nights. Chloe says that she is worried about Philip. Brady asks why, and Chloe says Philip showing up uninvited seems like he is falling into some old pattern. Philip comes up and says hi, and Chloe says it is nice to see him, only... and her voice trails off. Philip asks only what, and Chloe says only maybe he shouldn’t be here. Philip says he came to hear Chloe sing. Nancy says that there must be a mistake, because this isn’t a performance for the general public, it is only for those who were invited. Philip says he knows, and Brady says he knows, he invited Philip.

Everyone is clapping as Jennifer comes in and thanks everyone. Ian, the waiter, comes over to the table and introduces himself. He offers to take their drink order and walks around the table asking for Jennifer’s order first, as she is the guest of honor. Jennifer orders champagne, and Ian offers sparkling water for the beautiful mother to be to Lexie, who is sitting next to Jennifer. Maggie orders sparkling water and asks what Ian’s name is again. Sami says she just wanted to hear him say it again, because Maggie likes his voice. Sami orders a blended margarita with no salt. Marlena orders champagne, and Belle orders water. Marlena points out that there are some items from Basic Black in everyone’s gift bag. Hope orders ginger ale, and Kate chooses a very dry martini. Kate says that what they’re pulling out is Basic Black’s latest perfume. Belle explains that it is called 'Right Now' and she is wearing it. Ian is standing behind Cassie on his way around the table, so Belle tells Cassie to put some on and let Ian smell, because he is their target audience. Cassie does so, and Ian says it smells devastating. Hope pulls out packs of Days of the Week underwear. Kate says they were designed by Belle, and they are trying them out on the ladies present. Sami tells Belle that they are hot. Maggie tells Jennifer that Gram couldn’t be here tonight, but they’ll be at the wedding. Hope says Caroline is at home too, watching Zack and Will. Sami says she left her gift in the car and had better go get it. Sami walks into the lobby looking down at her cell phone to dial, when she bumps into Lucas. Sami drops her phone and purse and gets mad at Lucas.

Mimi tells Rex that all work and no play makes Rex a dull boy, and that makes Mimi very frustrated. She goes over to sit on his lap. Rex says he doesn’t want to be dull, but seeing her in that dress makes him...and his voice trails off. Mimi suggests it makes him want to rip it off her body. Rex says it distracts him from his work. Mimi says good, but Rex says not good; he’s getting desperate and he wishes she could understand. Mimi asks if he could lighten up, because he is so brilliant and talented. Rex says it is hard to lighten up when he is a freak. Mimi says Rex isn’t a freak. Rex says there is no scientific explanation for why he is so different from other people. Mimi says she doesn’t want him to be like everyone else, she likes the way he is now. Rex says there is no guarantee he’ll stay that way. Mimi says Rex has lost her. Rex says not knowing how he is wired makes it impossible to know what could happen to him as time goes on. He could get smarter. Mimi says she hopes not, because she can’t keep up with him now. Rex says maybe he was programmed to spiral out of control someday, or maybe he’ll just gradually lose intelligence until he becomes incapacitated. Mimi asks if he thinks he might die, because she knows they all have to go sometime. Rex says there is no way to know, and that is why he is doing a comparison with the DNA of everyone he is related to. Mimi says she is glad she helped gather the DNA samples at lunch and asks if that is what Rex is doing now. Rex says he sent Marlena’s, Belle’s and Sami’s samples to an outside lab. Mimi asks what he is doing then, and Rex says he is checking and rechecking the data they’ve collected so far. Mimi says Rex is obsessed and suggests that while they are waiting for the lab results he should do something to try and relax. Rex asks like what, and Mimi says she is no genius but she gets a good idea every once in a while. She leans in to kiss Rex.

Bo calls Jack, as Jack is being fitted for his tuxedo. Bo says he knows that Jack is getting married tomorrow, but he needs a favor. Jack says it is tradition for the groom to grant favors on his wedding day. Bo says he is working on something, and he doesn’t want the police to know where he is or what he is doing. Jack says ouch, and Bo asks if he is okay. Jack says he just got stuck with a pin, and the tailor says that is what he gets for not standing still. Bo says he got this number that someone used to use to call Vin Ramsell. Jack asked what happened when he called. Bo says it is an hotel on the Texas border called the Del Rio inn, and asks Jack for information on it. Jack asks if Bo thinks Vin Ramsell is hiding out there. Bo says that is a good bet, and Jack says he’ll get right on it. Bo thanks Jack and hangs up. He says that Ramsell isn’t getting away from this time.

Chloe tells Brady that she doesn’t understand why he invited Philip to sing. Brady says she and Philip are good friends. Chloe says they are and tells Philip that she doesn’t mean to sound rude, she’s just surprised. Philip says he can leave if she wants. Nancy says to go ahead then and go back home, or to the base, or wherever it is that he is living now. Brady says he doesn’t mean to upset Chloe, it's just that he thought it would be a good thing for Philip to see that she’d moved on with her life; that she’d recovered physically and was looking forward to the future. Philip says he is glad she is happy. Chloe thanks him and says she is not upset that he is here; she is just generally paranoid and anxious about having to sing. Nancy says having an ex-boyfriend there making you nervous is the last thing Chloe needs. Chloe says that Philip is not making her nervous and she’s sure Philip wishes her well. Philip says the best, and Chloe tells Brady that he’s right that inviting Philip was a great idea. Philip says to break a leg and that she’ll blow Cecilia away. Chloe says she is glad someone has confidence in her, because she doesn’t. Philip offers to give Chloe a kiss for good luck and kisses her on the cheek. Brady looks at Philip, annoyed.

Mimi is still kissing Rex. Rex remembers that he hasn’t had dinner yet. Mimi says that one kiss from her and he’s running on all eight cylinders. She says they can go get dinner in her new car, and how a couple years ago that phrase would be a fantasy. She asks Rex what he feels like having, and Rex says he doesn’t care, but whatever they get he wants to bring back here to eat. He wants to be home when the results come in from the lab tests. Mimi says she likes the way he thinks, and they kiss.

Sami asks Lucas what he is doing there, moonlighting as a masseur, because no woman would pay to have him touch them. She picks up her purse, and Lucas picks up an envelope. He puts it back in his coat pocket. Sami leaves the club, and a waiter brings Lucas a drink. He puts the envelope in the waiter’s coat pocket. Lucas takes a sip and puts the drink down. He goes to walk away, but Kate notices him and asks what he is doing there.

Carlos brings Bo a drink and hangs around his table. Bo asks if he can do something for Carlos. Carlos says he heard Bo on the phone, and that the Del Rio is a bad place. Bo asks why that is the case, and Carlos says the people that go there are dangerous. Carlos’ Mom comes in with her arms full. Carlos walks over and tells her she shouldn’t be carrying heavy things as he takes them from her. Carlos’ mom asks Bo why he is talking to Carlos about the Del Rio. Bo says he is looking for a place to stay. She says only devil men stay there. Bo asks about the police, and she says they do nothing - in fact they make money too. She says that if Bo is staying at the Del Rio, then he is not welcome there. She says he should finish his food and get out, and to stay away from Carlos. She leaves, and Carlos tells Bo about his father who made a delivery there and was killed in the crossfire of a shooting over drugs. Carlos begs Bo not to go there, and Bo says thanks for the warning but he has to go there - especially now that he knows they killed Carlos’ father.

Jack thanks the tailor for coming to the house. The tailor says to not blame him if one leg is shorter than the other, because Jack kept jumping from him to the phone, and to the computer. Jack reminds the tailor to remember that the tux is due tomorrow because that is when he is getting married, and pushes the tailor out of the door. He calls Bo back and says it is the groom and has got Bo’s info. Bo says that was fast, and Jack says he is getting married tomorrow, so he is on fire. Jack says the Del Rio is run by an ex-convict named Jasper, whose rap sheet shows a lot of versatility. He’s done the crime, and he’s done the time. Bo adds along with some stuff he got away with. Jack says he cross - referenced Jasper with Ramsell and found out that they shared a cellblock. Bo says he is going to need some more names, because he needs to set up a cover. Jack says he is way ahead of him.

Lucas says wow that Jennifer was having a bachelorelette party with strippers and everything. Kate says that there aren’t any strippers, because otherwise Marlena and Belle wouldn’t be here. She tells him to stop trying to change the subject. Lucas says he is there because he is working. Kate asks him what he is doing working at the Echelon club, and for whom. Lucas says he is working for Tony and asks Kate to keep it to herself. Kate says she can’t believe her own son is working for Tony DiMera, and faints. Everyone around gasps and goes to her. Sami walks back in at that moment and looks annoyed.

Marlena is tending to Kate. She tells everyone to stand back and give Kate some air. Sami asks Lucas what he is doing there. Maggie says that is a good question. They know he’s Jennifer’s brother, but this is supposed to be ladies only. Sami says she remembers that this club is off limits to guys tonight. Maggie tells Sami not to imply that Lucas is a client of Echelon and asks that Lucas really isn’t. Lucas says of course not but they got him, he comes there sometimes, but he forgot it was ladies night. An Echelon club member asks if they should call someone, but Marlena says she thinks Kate will be alright. Kate wakes up, and Marlena and Lucas help her to her feet. Lucas asks Kate if she is alright, and Kate says she is fine. Women once used to faint all the time, and people didn’t make a big deal about it. Kate tells Marlena she knows what it is, and tells Belle and Cassie never to have alcohol on an empty stomach. Belle says she doesn’t drink, because she is underage and that would be illegal. Cassie says that Belle is such a goody two shoes. Hope says she is starving too and let’s order some food. Cassie walks up to Ian and says hey good looking.  Ian leans in to whisper something in Cassie’s ear, and Cassie smiles as Belle looks on. Sami asks Lucas what boneheaded thing he is up to. She tells Lucas and Kate that it has been a while since she’s seen Kate passed out on the floor, and it must bring back some good memories for them. Marlena tries to pull Sami into the other room, as Lucas tells Sami to go to hell.

Chloe tells the pianist to play the first six bars and then she’ll start singing. Brady walks up to Chloe to tell her that Cecilia is here. Chloe says to hold her up. Brady says she is fine. Chloe says Brady is fine because it isn’t his future on the line, and he doesn’t have to sing in front of the reigning queen of the opera world. Brady says she was something else before she was queen as he pulls a stuffed pig out of a bag. Brady says that if she gets nervous to just look over his way, for once a hog caller, always a hog caller. Chloe smiles.

Nancy is telling Cecilia that she has arranged for her to sit at Nancy’s table, so they can have a perfect view of Chloe. Cecilia asks where Craig is, because she has been dreaming of his talented fingers. Nancy says his talented fingers are in emergency surgery saving a life. Chloe asks Brady if she should go over and say hello. Brady says maybe they should have her call a few hogs for old times sake. Chloe tells Brady that he is bad, but Brady says he is really good for her and he starts making hog calls. Cecilia is asking Nancy if Craig won’t be joining them at all, as Chloe walks up to thank her for coming. Cecilia says that it was the least she could do, given Chloe’s ordeal. Chloe thanks her for the flowers she sent and says it is an honor to finally meet her. Cecilia says as long as Chloe is healthy, that is all that matters. Chloe says she doesn’t know how good she’ll think her voice is, because she hasn’t sung in a long while. Cecelia says she didn’t come all this way to see a mediocre singer, she expects nothing less than perfection. Chloe looks worried again.

Bo enters the Del Rio hotel. The bartender brings drinks on the house for two guys sitting at a table Bo walks up to the bar and asks for a drink. The bartender puts out a shot glass.  Bo picks it up and tells him to give him the bottle. The bartender pulls out the Tequila bottle and Bo says hello little fellow to the worm inside. He says come home to daddy, and he downs the rest of the bottle and the worm. Bo tells the bartender that it has been too long since he had a drink. That was when he was in lockup. Bo says Chico Martinez and Willie Beauford told him about this place. He says he told them that he wanted work but not too hard ,and they said to find Del Rio and talk to Jasper and Vin Ramsell. At the sound of Ramsell's name, the bartender and the guys at the table exchange glances.

Mimi and Rex return to Rex’s room, carrying Chinese cartons. Mimi tells Rex that he was taking the turns so fast she thought it might be the last ride of her life. Rex says it is a nice car and a great amount of fun. Mimi asks if he was scared, but she guesses being behind the wheel it doesn’t feel like you’re going 100 miles an hour. Rex says he wasn’t going 100, he was only going 80 and that she doesn’t understand the physics of driving. Mimi asks him to explain it to her. Rex says it has to do with the trajectory of the turn, making the proper calculations. Mimi asks if he does this all while driving. Rex says it becomes automatic, with the variables being speed and road conditions. Mimi says she hopes he figures out how he’s wired soon because he and danger are becoming synonymous. Rex takes the food carton away from Mimi and tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid of him - but that’s okay, because she kind of likes it. They move onto the bed and continue kissing.

The ladies at Jennifer’s party enjoy small talk and the food. Ian leans into Cassie to offer her food off his tray, and Cassie says thanks. She takes some with one hand, while hidden underneath the tray she hands Ian a folded paper with her other hand.

Kate leads Lucas away from the crowd and tells him that this isn’t a good move. Lucas says he sees it as a great move and good money, with real growth potential. Kate tells Lucas that Tony is connected to very evil people. Lucas says he thought Kate and Tony were friends. Kate says they’re not enemies, but that doesn’t mean she will go work for him; neither should Lucas. Lucas asks why not, and Kate says that she has been in business with DiMera's. Lucas wants to know how, and Kate says it was a long time ago with Stefano. Lucas repeats that Kate worked for Stefano DiMera loudly, and Kate tells him to be quiet. She says she was young and stupid and wants to spare Lucas the same fate. Lucas says Tony is not Stefano, but Kate says Tony is a DiMera and that’s all that matters.

The bartender tells Bo his name is Jasper. Bo asks where Vin is, and Jasper says he isn’t here. Bo asks where he is, and Jasper says he is fishing. Bo asks  if he is fishing shark. He asks if Jasper has any work and Jasper says no, so Bo says that’s good because he doesn’t like to work, and likes putting it off as long as he can. Bo asks Jasper if he can stay here until Vin comes back, and Jasper says that is fine. Bo asks for a room. Jasper says they aren’t giving them away, so Bo counts off three bills from his wallet and asks if that will cover it. Jasper says yes and walks away.

Mimi and Rex are kissing on his bed, and Rex moves to get up. Mimi tells him to come back, but Rex says he has to get the results. He gets the results from the fax machine and looks concerned as he tries to read them. Rex says the results are of Belle’s DNA. Mimi says there is no suspense, Belle and Rex are brother and sister, and even she knows that. Mimi asks what it says, and Rex says he is looking at it but can’t understand it. Mimi says it must be complicated if her genius boyfriend can’t get it. Rex gets mad and says it isn’t a joke and the results have to be wrong, unless something else is wrong. Mimi asks what he means, and Rex says unless something is wrong with him as he knocks things off his desk.

Brady and Chloe are standing to the side of the stage. Brady tells Chloe that she is going to be great and to go for it. Chloe walks up to the mike, and the pianist introduces her. He starts to play the six bar introduction, but Chloe doesn’t start singing. She looks over at Brady and shakes her head no.

The ladies at Jennifer’s party comment on how bad it was that Cassie and Belle left. Maggie tells Kate that she saved her a plate. Jennifer calls Maggie a mother hen, and Maggie says she can’t help it, it’s her nature. Jennifer says it is her favorite quality about her. Maggie says Cassie had to leave, because she was bored; the guys didn’t walk around without their shirts. Marlena asks Kate how she is and offers to take her to the ER, but Kate says she is fine. Lexie says it looks like her little guy is having as much fun as his mom. Hope says she is so happy for Lexie and Abe. Jack is trying to get into the club, but the doorman keeps telling him to come back tomorrow night. Jennifer recognizes him and tells the doorman that he is her fiancé. Everyone says to let him in. Jennifer runs to him to ask what he is doing there. Jack says he missed her so much that he had to pull off to the side of the road on his way to Jules and Verne’s. He was overcome with thinking how lucky he is that Jennifer was giving him a chance to prove himself over again. Jennifer says that she just hopes she is worthy of Jack. Jack repeats what Jennifer said and remembers that Hope and all the other ladies are there too, and watching. He apologizes for interrupting the party, but Hope says it is alright, and Jack and Jennifer kiss. Hope flashes back to Bo telling her how much he loves her.

The two guys from the table at Del Rio come up behind Bo to fight him, but Bo spins around with the Tequila bottle and smashes it on one guy’s head. He then lays a series of punches on the other guy until they are both staggering. Bo throws up his hands and grins widely at them.

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