Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

Brady and Chloe enter the Blue Note. Chloe asks Brady if he has any idea how great it feels to be out without having to wear a mask. Brady says that the doctor said she still has to be careful. Chloe says the club won’t be crowded, and that is perfect with no pressure and nothing at stake. Brady says that's not totally true, there is going to be someone there that Chloe knows. She asks Brady to tell her who it is. He says that he didn’t tell her before, because she would freak out. Chloe gets upset and tells Brady to tell her. He says that Cecilia Marin will be there tonight, and Chloe will have to sing for her.

Niko opens the door at Victor’s house for Philip, who is dressed in his uniform. Philip asks Niko if he has a new job of being the butler. Niko says Henderson is busy and asks Philip if he is here to see Victor. Philip says yes, if he’s around, and Niko says he’ll go get him. Nicole comes down the stairs and tells Philip that she is a sucker for a man in uniform. They hug, and she tells him that he’s gotten even more handsome. He tells her that she looks well too, and Nicole says she feels like she’s aged ten years in the past few months. Philip asks why that is, because in Victor’s e-mails he makes it sound like they’re very happy. Nicole says that if Titan ever goes under, Victor can write fiction for a living. Victor comes in and tells Philip not to take Nicole’s complaining seriously; they get along famously and are growing closer every day.

Sami and Belle are dining at the Brady Pub. Sami is telling Belle that she can’t believe Marlena made them go to Rex’s party. Belle agrees that it was awkward. Sami says someone should tell 'alien boy' that it is tacky to throw a party in your own honor, as if to say hey everybody, kiss my butt because I graduated college in one year. Belle says that Rex said he was doing it to get the whole family together. Sami asks Belle what is going on with Cassie, and Belle says not to get her started. Sami leaves to pick up Will from his piano lesson. She tells Belle to keep in touch.

Shawn comes in dressed in his baseball uniform and kisses Belle. Belle asks him how his big game was. Shawn says he hit a three run homerun in the bottom of the ninth, and they won 7-6. Belle says that is amazing and hugs Shawn. She pulls away from the hug and tells Shawn that he didn’t have time to take a shower and change his clothes first. Shawn says he couldn’t wait to see her. Belle apologizes for not being there to cheer him on, because she would have cheered really loud when Shawn hit that homer. Shawn says that would be totally embarrassing. Belle says then it’s probably good that she wasn’t there. Shawn asks how the family fun day was. Belle says that she never wanted it to end sarcastically. Shawn says that they’ll go back to the dorm. He’ll shower and change, and then they’ll go out. Belle says that sounds like the perfect plan.

Two girls come up to Belle and ask if she is Belle Black. Belle says she is, and they tell her that they’ve watched Love Is Blind from the beginning and knew the hunk was going to pick her. The girls ask who Shawn is, and Belle says that he is Shawn. The girls ask if they are friends and say they thought Philip and Belle were an item. They ask what Belle and Shawn are up to.

Lucas drops Cassie off at the DiMera Mansion. Cassie thanks him for the ride, and drops her things. Lucas leans down to help her. They pause with their faces close, and Tony comes in to ask what is going on.

Shawn says that what is up with them is that they are friends. Belle agrees,  and adds that they are close friends. The girls ask if they are sure about that, and Shawn says yes. He says that they’ve known each other since they were kids, and that he considers Belle his bestest friend. The girls ask Shawn if he approves of his best friend dating Philip. Shawn says yes, Philip is cool. The one girl adds that Philip is hot. Belle says all she knows is that she is dating the greatest guy in the whole world. She loves him and he loves her, and she couldn’t be happier. Shawn moves to put his arm around Belle but she nudges him, so he pulls his arm back.

Lucas tells Tony that some stuff fell out of Cassie’s purse, and he was just helping her pick it up. Tony tells Lucas he wants to see him in the living room. Lucas says sure thing and walks into the living room. Tony asks Cassie to excuse them, and he goes into the living room and shuts the door. Cassie says damn it, just when they were finally starting to get somewhere. Lucas tells Tony that he has gone over the paperwork that Tony gave him on the DiMera enterprises. Tony says he is impressed. Lucas tells Tony he is the one who is impressed, as Tony was more powerful than he imagined. Tony asks Lucas if he is up to speed on all the operations. Lucas says he is on all the ones Tony let him on. Lucas says he has a few questions and wants to know what Tony thinks of Victor and his empire. Tony tells Lucas that he is clever enough to know the answer, and to take a stab at it. Lucas says there is no question that Victor is a very powerful man, but he won’t be for long as his days are numbered. Tony says he knew he could do it.

Victor asks Philip about the base he’s been assigned to and how they are treating him. Philip says they are treating him fine. He says he has to go do some promotion for Love Is Blind, and then he is going to find Brady. They have some unfinished business to attend to. Philip asks Victor if he knows where Brady is. Victor says he was headed to the Blue Note. Philip says his goodbyes, and that next time he’ll be by for a real visit. Victor puts his arm around Nicole and says they’ll be holding Philip to that. Philip leaves. Nicole calls Victor a two-bit phoney. Victor says she should go to the office, and Nicole says the only time he’s civil to her is when someone else is around. Victor calls Nicole an ingrate and she asks what she has to be grateful for, that Victor lets her stay in the house and not tied up outside like a dog? Victor says yes, exactly, and to count her lucky stars.

Chloe tells Brady to tell her she heard him wrong. Brady says she didn’t, and she has to sing tonight. Chloe says she is too nervous, and she hasn’t sung since before her transplant. Brady says it has to be tonight, because Cecilia is leaving Julliard and moving to Paris. Brady says if Chloe doesn’t sing tonight, she’ll have to audition for someone else. Chloe says then she will audition for someone else. Brady says that Cecilia is a big fan of Chloe’s, and she wants to be the one to accept her into Julliard. Chloe says or reject her, and doesn’t Brady get that? Brady says this audition is going to be a cakewalk compared to what she’s been through. Chloe says this isn’t like singing 'eensy weensy spider' to Joy, this kind of audition means she has to be at the top of her form - which means training like an athlete. Brady says he gets that she is out of practice, but Cecilia is not looking for perfection, she is looking for promise and Chloe has more than that. Chloe says she doesn’t know, and Brady tells her that he does know. He asks Chloe if she remembers how he told her she would get the transplant if she just believed. Brady adds that this is the same thing, and as he pulls her close says that all she has to do is have faith in herself.

Philip walks into the Brady Pub and says hi to Belle. Belle holds out her arms for a hug, but Philip grabs her and dips her for a kiss. The rest of the pub cheers. Philip asks how Shawn is, and Shawn says he is fine. Philip tells Belle that he can’t stop thinking about her since their televised date. He asks her if she has missed him as much as he missed her. Belle says she is so glad he’s here. Philip asks Belle if her cell phone is working, because Gaby has been trying to call her. Belle asks why, and Philip says they have an appearance at a supermarket opening this afternoon. Belle says she had her cell phone turned off during lunch and forgot to turn it back on. Belle pulls the cell phone out of her purse and notices that Gaby left her seven messages. Belle says that she’ll have to call Gaby back, but then her phone rings and she says Gaby beat her to it. Belle answers her phone and says that she is sorry. She says she is with Philip now. Belle then says that they are at the Brady Pub, and then says alright, fine, they’ll wait for her there and hangs up. Belle says she has to face that her life is no longer her own. Cassie comes up to them and says hello to Belle and Shawn. Cassie then says to Philip hey there, marine boy, how is it going.

Lucas asks Tony if Victor is aware of his plans to neutralize him. Tony says it doesn’t matter, but if he does know, it’ll make the competition that much keener. Lucas says it will be that much more dangerous too. Tony says that there in lies the excitement, for Kiriakis is the perfect opponent. The doorbell rings, and Tony and Lucas overhear Sami telling the servants that there is no need to announce her. Lucas asks what Sami is doing there. Tony tells Lucas to go find a place to conceal himself, so that he can overhear their conversation. Lucas asks Tony if he is sure, and Tony says yes, but to hurry. Lucas steps outside and listens at the door. Sami comes into the living room and says she didn’t mean to show up without an appointment. Tony says that is okay, that he is glad to see her. Sami asks why, and Tony says her company always invigorates him. Sami says that is nice to hear. Tony asks why she is here. Sami says she enjoyed talking to Tony at Rex’s luncheon, and that he is a kindred spirit that really gets it. He sees life the same way she does. Tony says he feels the same way, and his door is always open to her. Sami says she just might hold him to that. Tony asks Sami to tell him what is going on in that pretty little head of hers.

Gaby comes into the Pub, as Belle is talking to Shawn. Gaby comes over to them and tells Belle and Philip that they have to go now. She asks Shawn and Cassie if she needs to remind them that they are not part of the love couple. Shawn says there is no need; it’s been seared into his memory. Gaby says she has asked Shawn repeatedly to keep his distance from Belle, and asks Cassie what she is doing hanging all over Philip. Belle says that nobody was breaking any of her rules. Gaby says to see that it stays that way. Philip says this is the last of the personal appearances he is going to do, because after this he is going back to work as a marine. Belle says she also has classes to go to. Gaby says that they can’t stop now, they are TV stars, and do they know how many people would give up everything to be in their place. Gaby is ushering them out, and Belle asks Shawn about calling her his bestest friend, but has to go. Shawn calls after her, saying bye friend. Cassie comes over and says poor Shawn, feeling all sad, alone and abandoned. Shawn says he is fine. Cassie says he doesn’t look fine. Shawn says he has to get going. Cassie asks where he is going, and Shawn asks what it is to her. Cassie says that if he didn’t have anything to do, then they could hang out together.

Brady introduces Chloe to David Evans. Brady says David is an incredible accompanist. David says Brady played him Chloe’s tape and she is really talented. Chloe thanks him and tells Brady she knows what he is trying to do. Brady says they should do a warm-up. David suggests starting with some scales, and Chloe says sure ,why not. David goes to play the piano, and Chloe starts singing the scales. Chloe coughs after a few notes. She turns to Brady and tells him that she can’t do this.

Tony asks Sami if she would like a drink. Sami asks if he means a drink Tony says yes, anything she’d like. Sami says that that is what she’d like but she shouldn’t, because alcohol during this time of day wipes her out. Tony tells her to sit down and tell him what is troubling her. Sami says a lot of things are troubling her, unfortunately. She tells Tony that she and Brandon are engaged, but she can’t stop worrying about all the problems out there just waiting to jump them. Tony asks what problems, and Sami hesitates. Tony says he can’t help her unless she tells him, and he promises her that anything she says will not leave the room. Sami says it is because of stuff from the past. Tony asks if she means about Brandon sleeping with Lexie. Sami says that only happened one time, while she and Brandon were split up. Tony asks if she is worried that it will happen again. Sami says Lexie is not a threat to them and never will be again.

Nicole sarcastically says she is so thankful for the wonderful life Victor has given her, for his kindness and support. Nicole says she is starting to cry, and Victor says she is starting to bore him. Nicole tells him that he’s got a wife younger than springtime, and he’s powerful as hell. She asks what it takes to keep his life interesting; maybe he needs a real good fight. Victor calls out for Niko and asks him to come here. Nicole is saying to get something started, a real knock down drag out. Victor is ignoring her, and Nicole says she doesn’t like to be ignored, that it is one of her pet peeves. Victor looks at her and scoffs as he turns back around. Nicole asks Victor if he heard her and then says she guesses not ,because he doesn’t hear her, see her or feel a damn thing about her. She calls him a bastard. Victor is still calling for Niko, as Nicole reaches for a vase and says maybe he’ll feel this. She throws the vase at Victor and hits him in the back of the head. Victor falls to the ground and Nicole asks if that got Victor’s attention. 

Cassie is telling Shawn that he is probably the only guy that her father would approve of. Shawn asks if Tony would approve, even though he is a Brady. Cassie says Tony would absolutely forbid her from seeing him, and that they should just hang out as friends. Shawn says he should study for finals. Cassie offers to help him study. Shawn asks if they are going to study like they did last time. Cassie asks if he means when she kissed him. Shawn says yes, and Cassie says she is a pushy girl. She says thinking about that makes her so embarrassed. She promises it’ll never happen again, because she is totally over Shawn. Cassie asks Shawn if he remembers last semester, when she helped him bring his grades up from C’s to B’s. She asks what if this time she concentrated on the books and no more kissy face, and maybe he will get A’s. Shawn says he doesn’t need her help, but they can hit the books together. Cassie says that is alright, but Shawn says he has to warn her that he has a very unconventional way of studying. Cassie asks what he means, and Shawn says he’ll show her.

Brady tells Chloe she can do this, but Chloe says she can’t sing any high notes. Brady says she is just nervous. Chloe says she’s been nervous before, but she’s never lost her voice. Brady compares her situation to a car that has not been used for some time. It takes a while but once out on the open road, it’s fine. Chloe says she isn’t a car; you can’t just adjust her spark plugs to get her to sing again. She says the radiation must have done something to her vocal chords. Brady says this is ridiculous. Chloe says it isn’t, and to face that she can’t sing again. Brady tells David he guesses they won’t need him, and tries to pay him. David says that isn’t necessary, and to let him know if anything changes. He wishes Chloe good luck and leaves. Chloe asks if they can leave now, but Brady says no and to stop it. Chloe says she told Brady that she isn’t going to do this. Brady tells her to close her eyes, and Chloe asks why. Brady says just do it. Chloe closes her eyes, and Brady starts rubbing her shoulders and telling her to breathe. He starts singing “It Takes Two” and then asks Chloe to sing with him. They sing together for a while, until Brady stops and goes to stand in front of her. Chloe keeps her eyes closed, while she continues to sing alone. When she comes to the high notes at the end she opens her eyes and smiles, as she tells Brady that she did it, she can sing. Brady says he never doubted it for a second, and they kiss.

Niko comes in and runs to Victor. He tells Nicole to call an ambulance, but Nicole just stands there. Niko repeats himself but Nicole stands frozen. Victor comes to and says not to call an ambulance. Nicole goes over to Victor, and as he looks up at her she says his name.

Sami tells Tony that she doesn’t want to talk about Lexie, but Tony says they have to. Sami says Lexie is no longer a thorn in their side, and Tony asks her  how she can be so sure. Sami says that Lexie has been taken care of, and Tony asks Sami how she has taken care of his sister. Lucas is still just outside the door listening.

Tony asks Sami again what she did to Lexie, and Sami says she didn’t do anything. She and Brandon dealt with it together, by talking about it openly and honestly. Tony starts laughing, and Sami says to stop laughing at her. Tony says he is sorry, he didn’t mean to be so rude. Sami says he needs to stop treating her as the same liar that she’s always been. She is a changed woman, partly because of maturity, but also because of Brandon. Tony says he can see how one can influence another. He says he is sorry that he made light of it, and offers his sincerest and heartfelt congratulations on their engagement. Tony says he may assume that a few people in Salem feel that something will happen to rip Sami and Brandon apart before their wedding. Sami says it is more than a few. Tony adds that he isn’t one of them; he sees Brandon and Sami getting married with no interruptions. Sami says they will live happily ever after. Tony says she is a lucky girl.

Cassie and Shawn go out to the pier. Shawn tells Cassie that he can throw baseballs on to the barge and does so. Cassie says he is going to hit someone, and Shawn says that is a garbage barge and there is no one out there. He tells Cassie to ask him questions out of the book, so she asks a couple questions and Shawn gets them all correct. She asks Shawn if he has crib notes written on the baseballs. Shawn says no, he is just really smart and he finds that being active helps him concentrate - it gets the blood flowing to his brain. Cassie asks him to teach her how to throw like he does, and Shawn says she is already intelligent. Cassie says she is serious. Shawn hands her the ball and explains to hold the ball nice and tight, keep her eye on the target, and let her rip as he tosses another ball onto the barge. Cassie says strike and that it is now her turn. Shawn asks if she has ever done this before, and she says no and asks if that is a problem. Shawn says no and tells her to turn sideways so she can rotate into the throw. Cassie asks Shawn how come Philip doesn’t have a girlfriend, and how come a guy like him has to go on Love Is Blind. Shawn says he thought they were playing ball. Cassie asks if they can’t talk as well. Shawn says that Philip probably didn’t have time since he enlisted. Shawn is telling Cassie about her stance, and Cassie asks why Philip and Chloe broke up. Shawn says Chloe fell for Brady, and Philip had a hard time dealing with it; that’s probably why he joined the marines, to get over it. Cassie asks if Shawn thinks he has gotten over it, and Shawn says it seems that way. Cassie throws the ball, and Shawn says it hit the side of the barge. He asks if she’s really never done this before. Cassie says positive and Shawn says that was really impressive. Cassie says that if she wants something enough, she can make it happen.

Belle and Philip return to Brady’s Pub. Belle is saying that she thought the ribbon cutting ceremonies were dorky, but after actually doing one she knows they are. Philip says it wouldn’t be so bad if it was something more important than a supermarket. Belle says she thinks this whole fame thing is highly overrated. Philip says before he joined the marines, he might have gotten really into it. Belle asks why Philip joined the marines, that she knew it was partly because of Chloe. Philip says yes, that was part of it, but also he just decided it was time to try to find some meaning in his life. He says it isn’t easy when you’re a Kiriakis, and everything is handed to you except responsibility. Philip says he told Belle all this before he left, but Belle said he didn’t in those words exactly. Philip goes on to say that in the marines he didn’t start off any better than any of the other recruits. He says that his name or bank account didn’t mean squat, and that it was about proving his own worth. He thinks that has been very good for him. Belle says that this isn’t the Philip she known all these years. Philip says it is still him, but maybe just a little more mature. Belle says maybe, and Philip says some people serve their country overseas, some do it here at home, and they are both equally important. He says he is proud of his mission. Belle asks what his mission is and Philip takes a drink as he says, sorry, that’s classified.

Niko tells Victor that his cut is deep, and they should go to the hospital. Victor says no hospitals, and to call the doctor to make a house call. Niko leaves, and Victor tells Nicole that she will be punished for this.

Tony is telling Sami that he is glad everything has come together for her and Brandon, but he is confused about why she needs a sympathetic ear. Sami says she doesn’t know. When they talked at Rex’s luncheon about breaking up Marlena and John, that he’d understand her need to keep Brandon and Lexie apart no matter what, even if she is Tony’s sister. Tony says he thought Sami said everything between Brandon and Lexie was ancient history. Sami says it is, and to forget she said it. Sami says she is doing great. She doesn’t need anything, and not even that lame brain Lucas Roberts can mess up her life now. She says she must get going, and Tony says it was nice seeing her. Sami says they should have lunch sometime. She leaves, and Lucas comes back in. He tells Tony that that was informative, and he had no idea that Brandon and Lexie had slept together. Tony says to live and learn. Lucas says he would really like to learn what Sami did to take care of Lexie. Tony says he brought Lucas into his confidence because he is committed to working with him, and he hopes that commitment is mutual. Lucas says it is, and to prove it he is going to let Tony in on one of his personal goals, which is to see Sami crash and burn.

Shawn and Cassie return to the Brady Pub. Shawn asks how the supermarket opening was and Belle says it was pretty silly. Philip gets up to go back to the base, and Cassie offers to drive him. Philip says he took a car from the motor pool. Cassie says to let her know the next time he wants to come into town, and she’ll drive him. Belle tells Shawn that she can’t believe how much Philip has changed, and that joining the marines is the best thing he could have done for himself. Shawn says maybe he should go back to his original plan of joining the merchant marines. He asks Belle if she thinks that is the best thing he can do for himself.

Brady and Chloe are singing “It Takes Two” again. As they are singing, Philip comes into the Blue Note and sees them.

Victor is holding a cloth to his head as he tells Niko to take Nicole upstairs to her room and lock her in. Nicole says it was an accident and she’s sorry. If he locks her up, then she’ll go nuts. Victor says that is too bad, and to take her away. Niko drags Nicole up to her room, and Nicole keeps repeating she is sorry.

Sami calls Brandon on her cell phone. She tells Brandon that she just called to say she loves him and that she wants to get married right away because she can’t wait to be his wife. She says goodbye and hangs up.

Lucas says Sami has made his life a living hell, and he has never been in the position to pay her back until now. He asks Tony if he has a problem with that. Tony asks why he should. He tells Lucas that he’s using Sami to get information on John and as soon as he’s done with that, she’s all his. Lucas says great, that is all he needs to know. Tony says he will be glad to assist if so needed, and Lucas says that sounds like a plan. Tony offers a drink of water to Lucas and says he forgets whether Lucas is on or off the wagon. Lucas says he is always up for a celebration. They clink glasses, and Tony offers a toast to John and Sami. Lucas says they’ll never know what hit them.

Belle asks Shawn how he can ask her that. She loves him and she wants him here near her. Shawn says to stop talking about Philip then. Belle says Love Is Blind is almost over. Shawn says he is okay with it, but Belle doesn’t believe him. Shawn says he really is and then asks Belle if anyone is around and can see them. Belle asks why, and Shawn says he has this urge. Belle says oh, and Shawn says it has been made very clear to him that he’s not allowed.  Belle says uh oh. Shawn adds that makes him want to do it even more. Belle says then to just do it and not be scared. Shawn says he’ll have to bite the bullet and throw caution to the wind. Belle says to go for it, big guy. Shawn gets up and goes to sit next to Belle. He kisses her as he lays her down on the booth seat ,and they continue to kiss. Belle giggles.

Philip is walking along the pier. He sits down on a bench and pulls out a gun from his bag ,and looks it over. The camera freezes on his face.

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