Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Shawn are in Belle’s dorm room. Belle is looking herself over in the mirror. Belle decides that the blouse she is wearing isn’t right. Shawn gets upset that Belle has already changed five times, that they are only going to the Pub. Belle says this will be her sixth and final change and she has to keep up appearances. Belle tells Shawn to leave while she’s changing as she tells Shawn that some things are better left to the imagination. Shawn goes out into the hall.

Cassie runs into Shawn in the hall. Shawn tells Cassie that he needs to talk to her. Cassie asks if he is coming to the Pub. Shawn interrupts and tells Cassie that he saw her and Chaz go upstairs during the party. Cassie asks Shawn how that is any of his business. Shawn warns Cassie to stay away from Chaz so she doesn’t get hurt. Cassie tells Shawn that she’ll decide who she dates so butt out.

Rex is dictating into a tape recorder about unlocking his DNA. He wants to know if there is a limit to how much he can learn. Rex says he has to learn what he’s meant to do. Mimi knocks on Rex’s bedroom door. Rex answers the door as Mimi says she is looking for Rex, the renowned nuclear physician. Rex corrects her wording with physicist. Mimi says she hopes she isn’t interrupting. Rex says he is glad she is here, he needs her help. Mimi turns around to see Rex’s face and asks when he last experienced a REM cycle. Rex asks Mimi to help him with a little experiment. Mimi says she is nervous as she agrees to do the experiment. Rex reaches for a needle as he says it will be painless.

Victor is dining at Tuscany. He is talking on the phone telling Marie that they will have to do this another time and he’ll talk to them in the office tomorrow. Victor gets up to leave as Kate runs in upset. Kate tells Victor that she has terrible news about Philip going off to war and not even saying goodbye.

Hope and Alice are talking in Hope’s living room. Hope brings in some refreshments as she says that everywhere they turn there are threats to her family. Alice says at least they know where that drug dealer is, for by law he has to stay there. Hope tells Alice that Vin Ramsel is gone. Hope tells Alice that Bo thinks there’s a chance Vin Ramsel could retaliate against the Brady family again. Hope tells Alice that she’s never seen Bo like this before. Alice says they’ll have to hope he uses his head. Hope says she prays Bo doesn’t go too far this time.

Bo storms into Abe’s office. Abe tells Bo he has been trying to contact Bo for hours and asks where he’s been. Bo says he’s been scouring the streets for Vin Ramsel. Abe tells Bo that they’ve got roadblocks and units all over town. Bo says Vin slipped through their fingers again. Abe says he’ll turn up. Bo says he’ll hunt him down. Abe tells Bo to be patient. Bo says patience let Ben Wells die, patience almost got Shawn killed. Bo yells at Abe that he is not going to sit on his butt while a murderer hunts down his family, he quits the police force.

Mimi says she is scared of needles. Rex says she won’t even feel it. Rex says he needs someone normal to compare and contrast as he’s already tested his blood, hair and saliva. Mimi asks Rex if he knows how to take blood. Rex says he hasn’t had formal training but he’s already taken a vial from himself. Mimi agrees to do it because when his eyes hit hers, she can’t say no. Rex kisses Mimi and Mimi says if that’s the reward she’ll give blood all the time.

Hope tells Alice that Bo won’t do anything rash, that there’s too much at stake. Alice says Bo is a man who follows his heart. Hope says she will support any decision Bo makes because she knows he’ll do the right thing for all of them. Alice says Bo’s family means everything to him. Hope asks if being at peace again is too much to ask.

Abe tells Bo to calm down, to go spend some time with his family. Bo says he is through there. Abe says the hell you are to Bo. Bo says he has lost faith in the system, another innocent life was destroyed because of drugs and cartels and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. Abe says patience and persistence. Bo says that they knew for weeks that Ramsel was supplying weapons to the drug runners and their #1 priority was putting Ramsel in jail and off the streets. Bo says Ramsel bribed the DA. Abe tells Bo that people cheat, is that the fault of the system. Bo says that Ramsel had enough money to hire slick lawyers, make bail, smile for the cameras and go after Shawn. Abe says they will fight this together, the right way. Bo says as a cop he can’t do what is necessary to protect his family. Bo says it is personal and he can’t expect Abe to understand. Abe tells him that if Bo had a little more respect, even for him. Bo says he is done and it has nothing to do with Abe that Abe is a great cop and an amazing man but this is something Bo has to do for himself as he hands Abe his gun. Abe says if Bo goes outside of the law then he is dead wrong. Bo says he wishes he was but everything that ties their hands around here, he doesn’t think he is. Abe says if Bo takes out Ramsel on his own, then Bo is no better than Ramsel is. Bo says he wanted Ramsel to come after him and take out his revenge but Ramsel’s a coward and came after Shawn. Abe asks Bo if he is going to run. Bo says Ramsel is going to run, he can live with a threat to his life but no one threatens his family.

Cassie tells Shawn that he must be under the impression that she needs his advice. Shawn says that she needs someone’s advice. Cassie says Shawn is so wise, such a role model. Shawn asks what that is supposed to mean. Cassie says she has heard all about how Shawn hooked up with that pregnant girl Jan who was a real slut. Shawn says they aren’t talking about him as she asks Cassie why she thinks she is so cool, so superior. Cassie says Shawn is the one who is standing there telling her how to live her life. Cassie tells Shawn that he has all the answers because his last name is Brady. Shawn tells Cassie that he doesn’t want to see her with Chaz and asks what his last name has to do with this. Cassie says the Bradys are the only people who have all the answers, who know the meaning of life. Shawn tells Cassie that they are talking about her and her idiot boyfriend Chaz. Cassie says Chaz is not an idiot and she really, really likes him. Shawn asks Cassie if that is because he treats her really, really bad. Cassie says she likes Chaz because he’s fun, gorgeous and thinks she’s great. Shawn asks what Chaz appreciates about her. Cassie says she can’t believe that Shawn is so interested in her relationship with Chaz, unless he’s jealous. Shawn tells Cassie to get over herself and Cassie says you first. Shawn tells Cassie that he is only interested because Cassie is Belle’s sister and he can see it upsets her. Cassie says yeah right Belle really wants me to be happy and Shawn says yes she does because she is a good person. Shawn says to go ahead and make a fool of herself. Cassie says the only fools here are Shawn and Belle. Shawn tells Cassie to shut up and go back to her boyfriend. Cassie moves to stand right behind Shawn and tells him that Chaz knows what it’s like to be with her and he keeps coming back for more. Shawn says he isn’t interested. Cassie says she thinks he is and asks if he is man enough to find out. Shawn turns to face Cassie as Belle walks out of her room and sees them.

Mimi tells Rex to go ahead and take her blood because she is ready. Rex says he’s already done. Mimi tells Rex he should go into medicine because he is a natural. Rex says he has to figure out who he is first. Mimi asks if that will change how he feels about things. Rex says it will steer him toward what he was born to do. Mimi says Rex is destined for greatness in whatever he chooses. Mimi says she can barely get through finals and Rex is ready to calculate the circumference of DNA. Mimi remembers the time and asks Rex to come down to the Pub with her to watch Love Is Blind. Rex says he can’t resist when Mimi looks at him like that. Rex says the truth is that he is hooked and asks Mimi if she wins. Mimi refuses to tell him and they leave the room.

Shawn tells Cassie to stop it and asks what is wrong with her. Cassie asks what is wrong with him, that Shawn is not human for turning away affection. Belle asks Cassie what she is doing. Cassie says she was just helping Shawn relieve some stress. Belle tells Cassie to back off because she knows what Cassie is up to. Cassie notices their rings and says she sees girls wearing them around campus. Cassie calls them chastity rings and Belle corrects her. Cassie says that Shawn won’t be having much fun anytime soon. Shawn says he told Cassie to stop. Belle says she can’t expect Cassie to understand purity or building a relationship. Cassie says she understands men a lot better than Belle and the whole world will understand that when they see Belle making a complete fool of herself on national television. Belle tells Shawn that Cassie thinks she can actually break them up. Shawn says Cassie is confused, that she thinks she can use sex to get whatever she wants. Belle asks how Cassie can not realize what she is doing is cheap. Shawn tells Belle that she is the only girl for him and they kiss.

Kate sits down at Victor’s table as Victor tells her he knew all about Philip being deployed. Kate asks why Philip didn’t tell her goodbye. Victor says that maybe Philip didn’t want to see his mother hysterical. Kate says she sees all the soldiers on TV waving goodbye to their families. Victor says Philip will be fine. Kate asks what if he doesn’t, what if they never see him again. Victor says the base commander told him that they give the officers leave to go home and say goodbye to their families, maybe Philip decided to not to do that. Kate asks why and Victor says maybe he was upset with them. Kate says that can’t be because they were e-mailing regularly and everything seemed fine. Kate tells Victor to throw his weight around so Philip won’t go overseas.

Mimi and Rex walk into the Brady Pub. Mimi thanks Rex for taking a break from his research to join her. Cassie walks up and asks Rex how lame this crowd is. Mimi says that Cassie thinks it is lame because none of Cassie’s friends are here. Cassie says at least they know how to have fun. Shawn and Belle walk up to the front door of the Pub as Shawn is asking for a hint. Belle tells Shawn to give it up and Shawn says don’t forget. Belle says don’t forget what as Shawn says that I love you and they kiss. Shawn sees Chaz and tells Belle to go inside. Shawn points out that the sign says Brady’s Pub and that means his family owns the place and Chaz isn’t coming in. Chaz says Shawn can’t keep him out there and Shawn says to try him. Chaz says he had nothing to do with what happened and it was just a misunderstanding. Shawn says attempted murder is not just a big misunderstanding. Chaz says he didn’t know the stuff could kill Shawn. Shawn says Chaz was in on in from the beginning. Shawn tells Chaz to let Vin know that Bo is going to find him and throw him in jail. Chaz says he hopes Bo does.

Bo tells Abe that it isn’t just a few loose ends, it’s the whole system. Abe asks Bo if he needs everything to be perfect. Bo says he doesn’t need corrupt judges who let murderers and poison peddlers free. Abe asks Bo what kind of system he wants. Abe says last time he looked, they had the best system in the world. Bo says the streets of Salem are safe because of what he does and he admires Abe but he’s not cut out to do it Abe’s way. Abe tells Bo that he is the best cop he has. Bo says he won’t see another murderer walk; it’s over and walks out of the office.

Victor tells Kate that she is making a scene. Kate says she doesn’t care. Victor says that Philip is a man now, capable of making his own decisions. Victor says he supports Philip’s decision to join the Marines even though he wasn’t thrilled with it. Kate asks Victor if he was hurt when his son didn’t call to say goodbye. Victor says Philip is a brave young man, he’s a Kiriakis and he’ll come home.

Belle asks Shawn what he said to Chaz. Shawn says he just told Chaz he wasn’t welcome. They all gather to watch the second episode of Love Is Blind. In this episode, Mimi and Belle go on a lunch date with the mystery guy. The guy tells the girls they have to order for him because he can’t see the menu. Mimi orders him a burger with everything. Belle orders him raw liver and onions. The guy asks them if they’d rather make out in a hot tub in the snow or in a tropical lagoon. Mimi chooses the hot tub and Belle chooses the lagoon. The guy then asks whether they prefer cats or dogs. Belle says she prefers cats because they are self-sufficient and independent. Cassie shows up in the corner and tells the mystery guy to watch out when Belle scratches his eyes out. Mimi chooses a dog and Cassie says they should send that bitch back to the kennel. The waitress tells Mimi that she looked beautiful on the show and Rex says he can’t take his eyes off of her.

Hope and Alice are watching the show too and Hope asks Alice how Shawn is going to take it if Belle ends up winning the big date. Bo walks in and asks if he is interrupting anything. Hope asks if he is alright, that he doesn’t look fine. Bo says he is fine and has had a bad day. Bo says he is going to grab a beer and then hit the heavy bag.

Kate asks Victor if he can do anything. Victor says when Philip signed on to be a marine, he made a commitment and he has to honor it. Kate asks what about his commitment to his parents. Victor says he’s sure there is a reason he didn’t come home. Kate says that Philip wanted them to get back together. Victor asks if she is going for that guilt trip again. Kate says she has no guilt. Kate says Philip must feel sorry for Victor being married to Nicole. Victor tells Kate that he saw the fiasco on the air between her and Roman and a woman half her age couldn’t have gotten away with it.

The dating show comes back on as the mystery guy is served both dishes. The mystery guy takes a big bite of the liver. Belle says she’s only known one other person who liked liver. The guy says that it reminds him of his mom who used to cook liver once a week. He then asks Mimi and Belle about their favorite childhood memories. Mimi tells of her 9th birthday party where her uncle ran over her new bike and then caught her hair on fire while blowing out the birthday cake candles. Mimi asks for another question for extra credit and Cassie says sorry but you flat out flunked. Belle tells the story of a 3rd grade trip to the planetarium. Belle says everything looked so real she wished on a star for another bag of gummy bears. Belle then went on a space ride and vomited all over. Cassie says these girls make this guy want to hurl, forget the liver and give this guy a stomach pump.

Hope comes back home and Bo asks where she went. Hope says she took Alice home because Alice thought it would be good for Hope and Bo to have some time alone. Hope asks Bo what happened. Bo tells her he quit the force today. Hope can’t believe it and Bo tells her he told Abe he’s had enough, he gave Abe his badge and gun.

Mimi asks Rex if she really sounds like that. Rex says he thinks she is amazing. Mimi says he is prejudice and Rex says he is objective. Mimi says what she said sounded better while they were taping. Rex showers her with compliments. Shawn tells Belle that is a not the best way to win a guy and Belle tells Shawn not to play dumb, that she was trying to bomb the date so Mimi would win. Shawn and Belle kiss.

Kate says she is proud that Roman said he loves her on television. Victor asks Kate if he could really live happily ever after with Roman. Kate says she only worries about not being good enough for him. Victor tells Kate that he never has to know. Kate says his daughter knows. Victor says he has all the evidence, that Sami is under his control and if Sami Brady wants to keep her child, her fiancé and the love of her family she’ll keep her mouth shut. Kate asks Victor if he thinks it’s a good idea to start a relationship based on a lie. Victor says to keep her history to herself because Roman won’t forgive and forget. Victor says their pasts will come back to haunt them if they aren’t careful, that he is going to keep his skeletons in the closet where they belong. Kate asks about down the road and Victor says to do what she can to enjoy the moment now. Kate tells Victor if he should hear anything about Philip and Victor says he’ll call her.

Gaby tells the mystery guy that it is time to make a choice, who is it going to be. The guy says it was tough but he has made up his mind. Gaby asks who it is going to be, Belle or Mimi. Belle looks at Shawn as Mimi looks at Rex. Cassie looks at the TV screen looking annoyed.

Bo asks Hope to say something. Hope tells Bo that there must be a very good reason and whatever he decides; she will be behind him 100% always. Bo says he knows and Hope asks what happened. Bo tells her later and pulls her close as he says right now he wants to think about what he’s going to do about their future.

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