Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Lexie's party is crashed by Sami...Shawn does another job for Mickey, involving a woman...Kate and Roman announce to Caroline and Shawn, Sr. that they are back together.

Cast: Sami, Marlena, Lexie, Hope, Jen, Maggie, Belle, Shawn D., Eugenia, Anna Beth, Kate, Roman, Caroline, Shawn, Sr., Lisa, Brandon, Will, Lucas.

On the pier

Shawn receives a call from Mickey. After he hangs up, Shawn tells Belle that he has another job to do for Mickey. He has to talk to a waitress who works at Echelon, but is working at Tuscany now, so Belle and Shawn head off.

At Sami's apartment

Brandon and Sami return. Brandon says that he will be the best husband and stepfather and Lucas overhears them in the hallway. He opens his door and asks what the hell Sami is trying to pull. Will comes out and overhears Lucas and Sami arguing about the wedding. He asks Sami if it's for real this time and she promises. Will was hoping Lucas and Sami would get married in the summer and clues in that he did not mean to each other, he meant Lucas and Denise and Brandon and Sami. He tells them that Lucas and Denise broke up and Sami isn't all that shocked. Brandon takes Will up to his friend's apartment while Lucas and Sami argue. They diss each other's love lives as Lucas congratulates Sami on talking another man into believing she cares about him. Lucas says he will send Brandon a condolence card and Sami accuses him of not wanting her to be happy. He jokes that she will have enough diamond rings to make a choker and choke herself with it. After Lucas leaves, Brandon returns and tells Sami that he got a call from Eugenia, who told him about Lexie's baby shower. Brandon leaves to return to the hospital while Sami leaves to crash the baby shower.

At the Brady Pub

Roman and Kate arrive and are applauded and congratulated when they walk in. Shawn Sr. and Caroline congratulate them and sort of tease them about being on TV. They all find a booth to sit at and discuss Roman expressing his love for her on TV. Roman finally tells her about the truth serum he took and she gets mad that it took a drug to make him realize his feelings. Roman says that it just knocked some sense into his head and Kate tells him that she doesn't want to be a replacement for a woman he can't have. He will always love Marlena as a friend, but he is high on love for her (Kate). Roman tells her that he will do his best to give her everything as Shawn Sr. walks up and asks if there is a law against a man and woman making a public spectacle of their selves. Shawn continues teasing as Caroline walks over and they all can see Roman is embarrassed. Shawn Sr. takes Roman out to see his new car, leaving Kate and Caroline to talk. Kate thinks Caroline doesn't approve of her. Caroline tells her that she thinks the complete opposite and is happy she and Roman found each other and tells her of how Roman was hurt before and shut himself off from love. Kate promises not to hurt him. They continue to talk and Caroline promises not to interfere as they are both adults. Later, after Caroline is gone, Kate remembers her confession to Roman about her past life as a hooker and sighs that he still doesn't know. Roman walks up and asks what he doesn't know. Kate says that she has to call Italy and tell them that she changed her mind about the trip. Roman offers to drive her back to Basic Black, but she decides to walk and she leaves.

At Tuscany

Lexie walks in, greeted by Maggie, and walks in, seeing Marlena, Hope, and Jen who say "Surprise!" Lexie thanks them, saying she didn't suspect a thing as the other women say they couldn't keep it a secret. Hope tells Lexie that Alice sent some doughnuts as Marlena says that Eugenia called and she is late, just as Eugenia walks in. The women all comment on how beautiful the baby shower looks. They all greet Eugenia as Lexie introduces Jen to her. Eugenia says that she watches "In the House" every time it is on TV. She asks if Jack is as cute in public as he is on TV and Jen agrees. Lexie tells them that other than Abe, Eugenia is the only person who knows all about her and the baby. The waitress comes by and asks what they all want to drink and they all order it. After everyone sits down, Jen asks what everyone did through labor and delivery before lamaze classes. Marlena jokes that since the men weren't there, the women probably did better. Maggie suggests they all make a toast to Abe, Lexie, and their baby, so they all raise their glasses and toast. Later, all the women watch Lexie open her presents. Eugenia excuses herself. Lexie gets clothes from Eugenia and a stuffed rabbit from Alice.

Shawn and Belle arrive, wanting to find Maggie before anyone spots them, but Marlena sees them. Shawn tells Hope that he is there on a job and Maggie assures her it is okay as Mickey called her. Maggie says that Mickey wanted Shawn to speak to a waitress named Anna Beth. Lexie asks Hope if she kept the secret about her and Brandon from Bo and she says she did. As Eugenia goes to leave, Lexie walks up to her to catch up with the hospital gossip. Lexie opens more gifts as Sami arrives, arguing with Maggie that she was invited. Maggie goes to get Marlena as Sami follows, trips, and falls flat on her face. Lexie says that Sami knows how to crash a party as Marlena rushes to Sami. Sami lies and says that she was sent to get Eugenia and wonders why she is there. Marlena promises to save Sami some cake and asks her to leave.

Shawn goes up to Anna Beth and she asks him how he knows her name. Anna Beth says he is to young to be hitting on her. She asks what he likes and Shawn tells her that he likes double mocha lattes, geometrically patterned shirts, yellow mustard on his hot dogs, rainy days when the power goes off, only if he is not alone, and looking at Belle, says "Building snowmen on top of mountaintops, counting all the stars in the sky at midnight, and most of all... pretending like I'm getting somewhere." Shawn also tells her that he likes long haired dogs and short haired cats as she asks "Bikinis, boxers, or briefs?" Again, looking at Belle, he says "Briefs, with the days of the weeks embroider in them. She asks what his favorite day of the week is and he says Saturday, because he likes to watch Superman on Saturday morning cartoons. Shawn finally gets to the point about the Ben Welles case and she asks who the hell he is. Anna Beth finally agrees, seeing he went through all of this just to get her to testify. Shawn gets Maggie to let Anna Beth take off work to testify and Anna Beth leaves. He apologizes for leaving her short staffed, but Maggie says she just tell Mickey about it when she gets home.

As Marlena is walking Sami out, Lexie suggests she stay for cake and Sami agrees, pulling up a seat between Jen and Lexie. Sami shows everyone her engagement ring, but Lexie says that she already new and it is old news. She says that Brandon told her first as Jen asks to see Sami's ring. They all "gush" over the ring as Belle and Shawn walk up and she congratulates her sister, knowing how desperate she was. Belle and Shawn leave as Jen talks about how Sami always manages to be center stage. Hope tells Jen to make sure Sami doesn't schedule her wedding on the same day as hers. Marlena tells Sami that she is so happy for her as Sami is sure it will work out.

Belle asks Shawn if he meant all those things he said to Anna Beth and he says she is the only one she loves. They head to the pub for the second segment of Love Is Blind.

As they all cut the cake, Hope tells Jen that the next cake they will be cutting is hers, but Jen is worried Sami will beat her to the altar. Lexie says not a chance. Watching Sami and Marlena, Lexie says that there is no way in hell Sami will ever get Brandon to the altar in this lifetime as the previews roll...


*Rex asks for Mimi's help, holding a syringe, and tells her that it will be painless.
*Cassie asks Shawn if he wants a sample of what she has to give him and asks if he is man enough as she kisses him, just when Belle walks in.
*Gabby asks the hunk if he chooses Belle or Mimi as he says he has made up his mind.
*Hope says she has never seen Bo like this before...we see Bo at the police station as he says "I've had enough. I quit!" Freezeframe.

The End.

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