Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
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The crew of ďIn the HouseĒ is setting up Jack and Jenniferís house to look like a wedding. The director counts off to Jack and Jennifer, as the theme music to their show plays. Jack says welcome to wedding central, which is their house. Jennifer talks about if any viewers are interested in planning various parts of a wedding, then they should stay tuned. They wheel a wedding cake into the living room, and Jack helps Jennifer cut a piece of it as Jennifer mentions the bakery the cake came from. She says the cake wonít make it past commercial break. Jack asks if they should smash it instead of eating it, but Jennifer says no and takes a bite. Then they move on to the glasses. Jennifer tells Jack to show the viewers how itís done, as they wrap arms. Jennifer says to love and happiness and Jack says no, to us, and they take a drink.

Shawn tells his teammate that if he tells his grandparents that he is going to be a Cub, then they will give him free burgers for life. The teammate says that his fiancť will love that. He says he canít get used to calling her that. He adds that in a couple of weeks itíll be wife, and that he canít wait. Shawn says he bets, and the teammate asks what that is supposed to mean. Shawn says his fiancť told Belle that they were waiting to have sex.

Sami and Belle are dining at the Brady Pub. The waitress brings them more coffee and calls Belle a local celebrity. She tells Belle that she is her favorite on the dating show. The waitress asks Belle if she got picked by the dream date.  Belle replies that he is not her dream date and that it was already taped, but she doesnít know if she was picked or not. Belle also adds that she wouldnít be allowed to say anyway. The waitress says that is okay and that sheíll be watching. Sami asks Belle if she got picked, and Belle tells Sami that if she wanted to break her contract she would have left the show already. Sami says Shawn will be happy when itís over. Belle says she was crazy to do the show. Sami says Shawn finally appreciates what he has now, and Belle says she does too. Sami asks Belle if they are finally sleeping together.

Kate and associate are in the airport lounge. The associate checks the weather in Rome and finds it nice and sunny. She goes to talk to the airport clerk about telling her their flight was delayed due to weather. Kate checks her voice mail. She listens to a message from Roman asking if sheís tired of hearing his messages, and that she really wants to hear what he has to say.

Eugenia and Lexie run into each other outside of Samiís apartment. Lexie asks Genie why she is there.

Jennifer and Jack are talking about wedding announcements on their show. Jennifer mentions that it should be clear, or somebody else might edit it and make it sound bad. Jack mentions how the personal ads are on the preceding page in the newspaper. Jennifer says that it isnít unheard of for something to happen on the personal ad page that leads to the wedding/engagement announcements page. She talks about how she knows how to read personal ads, because she got to proofread them when she worked for the newspaper. Jennifer adds that she had an editor and that is how she met her love, so she could say she got a man out of the newspaper. Jack says letís talk about the blurring of traditional roles in courting and dating. He says that he and Jennifer tried a little exercise in dating. They say to roll the footage.

Kateís associate comes back to tell Kate that the airport clerk said they were just about to make a boarding call. Kate tells her associate that she canít wait. The associate says she hopes Kateís trip wonít be all business. Kate says she hopes so and would like it that way. The associate asks Kate if she canít wait to get away so she can put distance between herself and a certain someone. Kate says she was hoping he would be out of her system, but with time and distance he will be.

Eugenia tells Lexie that she is there to talk to Sami about work, and that Samiís not going to like what Genie has to say. Genie says that she doesnít care what she says, right is right. Then Genie asks Lexie what sheís doing here. Lexie says Brandon wanted to talk to her. Genie tells Lexie that what sheís going to talk to Sami about concerns Lexie too, and it is about the paternity tests Lexie had done. Lexie interrupts Genie and tells her that she doesnít want anyone to know about those tests, no one should know that Lexie ever had any doubts of her babyís paternity.

Shawnís classmate tells Shawn that he isnít anxious about getting married, because he canít wait to sleep with his fiancť. Shawn tells his friend that he is in a hurry so he can catch up with the Cubs after graduation. Shawn apologizes and tells him that Belle and he decided to wait too. Shawn says he loves Belle so much that he feels like a freak for waiting. The teammate says he was no saint before, but he felt so different when he met Shannon that he was ready to make that commitment for life. The teammate tells Shawn that no one can decide what is right for him and Belle; they have to decide that themselves.

Belle tells Sami that she isnít going to tell her about her sex life. Sami says, or lack thereof. She tells Belle that she knows how to take care of herself, and itís not like she is going to get pregnant like Sami did. Belle tells Sami that there are other reasons to wait. Sami says she doesnít know why people are so embarrassed to talk about sex, and starts describing how it is with Brandon. Belle starts saying TMI, TMI. Sami says you can tell by looking at her because she is glowing. Belle says Sami, you arenít, and Sami says no, she isnít pregnant. Sami tells Belle that Brandon is the complete opposite of Lucas, and she would die if she didnít marry Brandon. Sami asks Belle how long she has to walk down the aisle until she says I do. Belle says she will have that family someday. Sami tells Belle that he almost proposed to her the other night. Sami says sheíll have a ring on her finger tonight, and then itíll be Belleís turn. Belle says not to rush things. Sami offers to pay for breakfast. Belle calls Shawn and asks if practice is over. She offers him some company and asks where he is. Shawn tells her he is at the pier, because he was walking Mike back to the dorm. Belle asks if he wanted her to meet him there, because she has something to show him. Shawn says heíll be waiting. Sami checks her voice mail. Itís Brandon, telling her to meet him at Tuscany at 10am .He is saying he canít wait any longer, but thatís all he can say because he doesnít want to ruin the surprise.

Brandon walks up to Lexie and Genie, and Lexie stops Genie from talking about the paternity tests. Brandon asks Genie what she is doing there. Genie says she was there to see Sami, but she is glad that she ran into both Brandon and Lexie. Genie says that she canít keep doing this much longer, and Brandon asks doing what? Lexie stops Genie from answering by saying she should talk to Sami at work instead. Genie says okay and leaves. Brandon and Lexie go inside his apartment. Lexie tells Brandon that she thinks Genie was looking for an excuse to run into him. He then asks Lexie how she is doing, and asks about having any contractions. Lexie says she has had no contractions and she is fine. She asks him to get to the point. Brandon says he asked Lexie to come by, so he could tell her that he was going to propose to Sami. Lexie adds that maybe when Brandon and Sami have a family, theyíll stop hovering over hers. She tells Brandon that both Sami and he are both so obsessive, so maybe he has the woman he deserves. They wish each other good luck, and Lexie leaves.

Jack and Jennifer are watching tape of their dating experiment, and are making fun of themselves. Jack says he was trying to show the role of the male leaving wiggle room. He asks the crew what they think of the woman initiating, and the crew claps and cheers. Jack adds that itís also nice when they pay, and the director gives a thumbs up as everyone laughs. Jennifer says she is going to initiate the next segment by introducing Salemís favorite wedding planner, Audrey Sims. Sims walks in amidst applause, wearing a wedding dress.

Belle meets Shawn at the pier. They hug, and Shawn asks Belle how she is. Belle says she feels better then last night. Shawn says that Ramsell is gone, and if he comes back to Salem he is going to jail. Belle tells Shawn that he saved her life last night. She says it is so hard to be 19. Shawn says it is so easy to love her. Belle says she knows itís hard to wait for them to be together. She pulls out the purity rings and tells Shawn that he doesnít have to wear it, but she got one for both of them. Knowing they made this promise together helps her stay strong. Belle says every time she looks at hers sheíll remember her reason for wearing it, and tells him that he is her reason.

Sami walks into Tuscany, calling out to Maggie. No one answers. She sees Brandon standing in the dining room amidst candles. Sami asks if they are all alone. Brandon tells her that the place is theirs until lunchtime. He says he is glad things didnít work out right at the resort, because now he has a chance to do it right. He asks Sami if she is ready, and Sami says more than heíll ever know.

Simmons walks into Romanís office. He asks if Roman had any luck reaching Kate. When Roman says no and asks for suggestions, Simmons asks if Roman told her those three little words she so wants to hear. Roman says no. Simmons mentions that Roman didnít want his personal business blasted all over police airwaves. Roman agrees, but adds that now he doesnít care who hears it - if only he could get Kate to hear it. Then he gets the idea of using the airwaves and runs out of the room.

Audrey Sims is telling Jack about not picking a menu until they pick a theme. Then she mentions picking a dress and tux that is comfortable and allows breathing and eating room. Then they model some wedding gowns. Maggie Horton comes in first in a less traditional gown that looks more like a fancy dress. Audrey says that this would be a good dress for an informal wedding at a courthouse or in Las Vegas, and then could be worn again for a nice dinner -  perhaps at Tuscany. Maggie says thank you at the plug for her restaurant, and curtsies. Then Jennifer walks in modeling a gown and saying this is exactly what she wants. Jack drops the fork he was using to eat some cake and runs over to Jennifer. He puts his hand up to block the camera, and he goes to kiss Jennifer. Jennifer pulls his hand down and kisses him.

Belle explains the purity rings to Shawn. She tells Shawn that one ring stands for love of God, one ring stands for love of herself, and the last one stands for love of her future husband. Belle tells Shawn that he makes her want to be a better person for both of them. She thanks him for being so patient, for loving her when she is cranky and annoying ,and for respecting her when she does really dumb things. Shawn says he will always respect her. Belle adds -  and thank you for understanding. She goes to put on her ring but Shawn tells her to wait.

Sami takes off her sweater and sits down in the chair that Brandon had pulled out for her. Brandon pours them both some champagne. They clink glasses and take a sip. Sami says she canít stand it, that her heart is pounding so fast that she doesnít want this ruined again. She asks Brandon to skip the atmosphere stuff and get right to the question. Brandon takes Samiís hand and tells her he loves her.

Jennifer thanks Maggie for being on the show. Maggie says she loves her work. Jack says that Maggie has to go back to work at Tuscany, and calls Tuscany the restaurant for all your wedding reception needs. Jennifer says it is so nice to have great family, and Jack adds that it also helps when the family has a restaurant. Jack, Jennifer and Audrey move on to wedding guest favors. Jack asks why they have to burden their guests with a bunch of tacky items that will clutter their homes and inspire guilt. Audrey tells the viewers that they are going to talk about modern day gifts like charitable gifts. Roman bursts into the living room. Jack tells Roman that they are on TV. Roman tells Jack he knows that and says thatís why heís here, as he turns to the camera.

Brandon tells Sami that they have their whole lives to show her his love and commitment. He says he can do it in front of their children and then their children, as he asks if Sami wants to have more children. Sami says yes. Brandon pulls out the ring box.

The bartender at the airport lounge asks if they want to watch depressing world news, or Jack and Jennifer. Kate sees Roman on the show. Jack and Jennifer allow Roman to speak their mind, and Roman asks to borrow the airwaves. Jack asks Roman if there is a missing person or a criminal on the loose, and Roman says there is a missing person in his life. Jennifer says that their show is about love and romance. Roman turns to the camera and tells Kate that he hopes she is watching this. He says that when Kate said she loved him on police radio, those words got caught in his throat. Roman says he knows how he feels now, but then Kate disappears on him. He says that now in front of God and everyone in the world, he is going to lay it on the line. Roman says Kate Roberts, I love you. Roman says he will not leave this spot until Kate comes to Jack and Jenniferís and lets him say that to her face.

Belle asks Shawn what is wrong. He asks Belle to give him her ring. Shawn then hands her back the ring and asks her to take it and make a promise to each other. Shawn tells Belle that this is a bigger commitment than they were going to make a few weeks ago, and that she is the only one he wants to be with. He hopes one day he can replace this ring with another ring - a wedding ring. Belle puts Shawnís ring on his finger and then says that then they can be together in every way. Belle and Shawn kiss.

Jack messes up one of the wedding favors, and Audrey says they can use it as a teaching tool. Jack says he already made it clear how he feels about favors. Jennifer says she hopes that they did one for Roman today. Audrey says they go through planning a wedding because if they can get through this, they can get through anything. Audrey then hands Roman the wedding favor supplies and tells him to help them make 200 of them.

Kate says that what Roman did is so embarrassing. Her associate asks if she is coming as they are boarding. Kate says yes and gets up to board the plane.

Belle and Shawn are still kissing. Belle tells Shawn that theyíve been there a long time. Shawn says she is taking home some of the baseball diamond too, as he brushes off her shirt. Belle says she doesnít mind. She adds that she hates that she has to go to class, and that she is so behind in her studies because of this dating show. Shawn says Belleís status will be obvious if she has to go out with this guy. Belle says that even if she does have to go out with him, itíll only be one date. She adds that she hopes he wonít think sheís going to jump into bed with him, no matter what. Shawn says thereís something about not being able to see this guyís face, and adds that he isnít being jealous, but this mystery guy canít get out of their life fast enough for him.

Jennifer thanks Audrey for being there and apologizes for the program change of Roman and Kate. Audrey says she was glad to be there and is a sucker for a happy ending. Roman says it looks like heís the sucker. Jennifer tells Roman that maybe Kate didnít see the show, as Jack is saying they are out of time. Roman says he thought this was fate ,as Kate walks in and kisses Roman. Everyone claps.

Brandon is dragging out the proposal. Sami says he is driving her crazy. Brandon says he loves it when Sami gets all hot and bothered. Sami says it doesnít take much. Brandon gets up and pulls out Samiís chair. Sami stands as Brandon gets on one knee. He opens the ring box, looks up at Sami and says Samantha Brady. Sami says yes, and Brandon smiles.

Lexie is in Bradyís Pub talking on the phone. She is telling someone about running into Genie. She is telling them not to worry and that sheíll handle it.

Brandon takes Samiís hand as Sami starts to cry. Brandon says will, and Sami says yes. Brandon says you, and Sami says yes. Brandon says marry, and Sami says yes, Brandon says me, and Sami says yes, yes, yes. Sami and Brandon kiss.

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