Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

The show opens in the airport. The airport worker says they will begin pre-boarding the flight to Rome in a few moments. Kate is sitting in the airport waiting for her flight, and her phone rings. She looks at her phone, realizes it is Roman calling and hangs up.

Roman is at the police station. After Kate hangs up on him, Roman calls John at home. He tells John that he is trying to reach Kate, but she isnít at work or answering her cell phone. Roman asks John if he knows where Kate is. John says that he does, but he canít tell Roman and to take it up with Kate. Roman calls Kateís voice mail and leaves a message telling Kate to call him, because he needs to talk to her.

Sami is talking on the phone with Brandon. She is asking if heíll be too tired if she waits up for him. She tells him to hurry up and come home. Sami walks around her apartment, when she stops and thinks of something.

John is in the penthouse living room when Marlena walks in. He tells Marlena that he wishes Kate wouldnít put him in the middle of her love life. Marlena tells John he didnít have to send her off to Rome, but John says Kate volunteered. Marlena starts to say she wishes something, but then says never mind, that it was none of her business. She leans in to kiss John and tells him sheís glad he is alright, and that nothing happened to him because of Tony. John gets up from the couch and says he is okay. Marlena says she is not okay. How could Tony leave John in that sauna to die, and then try to tell her that it didnít happen. Marlena says she is not sure why she is so surprised, as a therapist she should anticipate behavior. John tells her not to be so hard on herself; she just wanted to make sure Cassie and Rex are safe around their father. Marlena says she canít deprive a man of his children, as Tony told her they are his only saving grace. John says Tony probably says the same thing about her. Marlena says she has done nothing to help him. She says that Cassie and Rex need their father, even though he is a would-be murderer and a millionaire who uses all his money to run a brothel. Marlena says she is being very judgmental and hasnít been the best parent herself. John says she has been. Marlena asks if Tony really believes that he is helping women advance themselves, and that you can sleep your way to the top. She says that Rex and Cassie have no adult social skills; there was no one to teach them, they learn by example. She asks John what kind of example their father is setting.

Lucas and Tony both meet in the hall after leaving their rooms with their women. Lucas says hello, and Tonyís woman asks if they know each other. Lucas says yes, they keep meeting in the most interesting places.

Chaz tells Shawn he isnít staying around for Shawnís daddy to come pick up some soda he spilled. Shawn tells him if he doesnít shut up, heíll make Chaz lick it up off the carpet. He adds that this could have been a lot worse. Belle tells Chaz that she almost drank that soda, what was he trying to do to Shawn? Shawn asks Chaz what Vin Ramsell wanted, was it him highly miserable or dead. Cassie tells Shawn to stop treating him like a criminal, but Shawn tells Cassie that he is a criminal. Bo and Hope walk in and ask Shawn what is going on. Shawn asks Chaz if he is going to confess, or does his dad have to work it out of him. Shawn says that all his dad has to do is take a sample of the stain from the drink, and heíll know how Chaz tried to poison him.

John says to compare Tonyís brothel to all the other things he has done. Marlena asks, like trying to kill you? John tells Marlena that she is Cassie and Rexís mother, and she can make a difference, he knows that for a fact. Marlena tells John that it meant a lot to her that he reached out to them tonight. John replies that he is glad to have that tattoo off his back, as itís like he doesnít have Stefano looking over his back ever since he can remember. He thought Cassie and Rex deserved that too. John tells Marlena that love can do anything and kisses her, as the phone rings. Marlena answers the it, and itís Belle. Marlena asks if Belle is alright and then about the dating show. Belle tells Marlena that Cassie threw a party to watch the show, and something bad almost happened, but everyone is okay. Marlena tells Belle that her voice is shaking and asks if Tony is there. Belle says no, but Bo and Hope are there. Marlena says theyíll be over in a few minutes and hangs up. She fills John in, and he agrees that they should go over there; he figures that someone must have called the cops if Bo and Hope are there. Marlena tells John she will be ready in a minute.

Lucasí woman brings him a drink, as Lucas and Tony sit talking. Tonyís phone rings, and itís Marlena. She asks where he is, and he tells her he is meeting with a business associate. Marlena asks if he can get home now, and Tony asks what happened. Marlena tells him what Belle told her, and Tony says he will be there soon. He calls Tasha into the room and gives her a kiss, as he tells her he has to go. Lucas asks if everything is okay, and Tony says yes, no rest for the wicked. Lucasí woman comes in and asks if he would like anything else. Lucas says no and hands her some money. She tells him he already paid for the night, but Lucas tells her that itís extra for being so good to him.

Rex and Mimi are kissing in his room. Rex stops and asks if she hears something. Mimi says no and asks if he has bionic hearing too. Rex says something is wrong downstairs. Hope asks Shawn to confirm that Chaz tried to poison him. Bo tells the other kids to go into the kitchen and not talk to each other, and that another officer will be here soon to take their statements. Rex runs in and asks what is going on. Shawn fills him in, and Cassie says that Chaz didnít do anything. Rex asks if Vin Ramsell was here. Bo hears this and also asks if he is still here. Shawn says that he ran away. Mimi asks Belle if she is alright and Belle says yes, that Shawn knocked it out of her hand before she could drink any. Chaz tells Bo that the Salem PD never gets anything done around here, because heís questioning a bunch of people over  his son spilling a soda. Chaz adds that even if there is something, he canít prove that Chaz had anything to do with it; in fact Bo is lucky Chaz is still there. Bo says theyíll just add resisting arrest to his charges then. He calls Roman and tells him Vin Ramsell just tried to poison his son. Roman asks if heís got Vin there, and Bo says no, he got away. He tells Roman to send backup and forensics, and to put out an APB on Ramsell. Bo asks Chaz if he wants to name his poison, and Chaz says he doesnít know and heís not answering any questions. Bo says heíll be in lockup until his teeth fall out once they add attempted murder to his charges. Chaz jumps up and says he is not going down for that. Bo grabs his shirt and tells him to tell where Ramsell is.

Roman gets a call from the chief at Brookville PD. He tells the other officer to give him the information on Ramsell, and that they already faxed over the mug shot. Then he asks for any other calls, but the officer says there werenít any.

Kate is still sitting in the airport, and listens to Romanís voice mail message. She calls Lucas, and he asks where she is. Kate says she is at the airport, going on a business trip. Lucas asks if she will be gone long, and Kate says she will be. She apologizes that she didnít say goodbye to him and Will. Lucas says that this is all last minute, and asks if Roman is going with her.  Kate says it is a good time to get away, and he knows where to reach her if he needs anything. Lucas tells her to have a good time and be safe. Sami calls Lucas into her apartment and says she needs him now.

Shawn apologizes to Belle and tells her that they should have left when they first saw Vin Ramsell was here. Belle tells Shawn that Vin would have just tried again. Hope tells them that she wonít let anything happen to them, and says that Vin is going to stay in jail. Rex asks Cassie why she would invite a criminal to the party. Cassie says Chaz must have brought him, and Mimi says yeah, the other criminal Cassie invited. She says even Cassie doesnít deserve a loser like that. Cassie says whoís calling who a loser and tells Mimi that only one of them is getting satisfied, and it isnít Mimi. Tony walks in and asks what is going on. Marlena and John walk in behind Tony. Bo tells Tony that his daughter threw a party, that an alleged drug dealer showed up apparently uninvited, and that Shawnís drink was tainted with a toxic substance. Bo introduces Chaz to Tony as one of Vinís good friends, and tells Chaz that Tony is not someone you want to cross. Marlena asks Shawn if he is alright, and he says yes, he was worried about Belle. Bo says that Belle almost drank the drink that was meant for Shawn. Marlena gasps.

Lucas tells Sami that she doesnít feel like having sex with her - not now, not ever. Sami asks if that is all he ever thinks about. Lucas asks where buff boy is. Sami tells him that she heard a noise on the fire escape, and that she was afraid someone was out there. Lucas tells Sami that she doesnít need to worry, because all he has to do is take one look at Sami and heíll run away scared and never come back. Sami says he is probably cheering for some guy to come in and kill her,  but he could prove to their son that he isnít a coward. Lucas opens the window and says that Sami being Willís mother is the only reason he wouldnít want someone to kill her. He starts to climb out of the window,  and he tells the boogeyman that heís coming. Everything is quiet, and Sami calls out to Lucas. Lucas screams.

Marlena and John go to Belle and ask if sheís alright. Belle says she is fine. Tony asks Cassie if Vin is her friend. Cassie says she didnít invite him. Tony asks if she invited Chaz, and Cassie says that he is her boyfriend. Tony yells that he is her boyfriend, and heís never seen this boy until now, and heís about to be arrested. Tony yells at Cassie for drinking and serving others. He tells her to get a hold of herself, that her sister and Shawn could have been hurt, and that she misled him and the staff - now you invite this drug dealer here. Belle tells Marlena to go be with Cassie, and Marlena says sheíd rather be with Belle now. Belle tells Marlena that she wasnít drinking, and Marlena tells her that she understands. John tells Tony that before he lays into his daughter again, he should look at where he was tonight - living it up at a gentlemenís club. Tony asks where John was and if he knew where Belle was. John says Belle is an adult; she didnít invite these drug dealers here, and Cassie and Rex donít know about these things. Tony tells John that everything is rosy under Johnís roof. Bo leads the cops into the room and tells them to read Chaz his rights. He then tells the forensic team to analyze the stain on the carpet, prints, content and the glass too. The forensics guy tells Bo that he heard his son was involved. Bo tells the forensics guy that Vin Ramsell and his buddy Chaz tried to poison Shawn, but theyíll live to regret it. Bo tells the cops to take Chaz out of here.

Sami calls out to Lucas again. She grabs a bat and practices swinging it. Sami climbs onto the fire escape and finds Lucas laying on the escape, as if he was attacked. Sami goes to him, crying out his name. Lucas opens his eyes and says boo. Sami gets upset at him, and Lucas shows her that her murderer was just wind chimes. He tells her that she should pay more attention to what her son is doing, as Sami says those are Willís wind chimes. Lucas says yeah, and they need wind to work. Sami yells at Lucas to get out, and Lucas asks if it was something he said.

Kate is getting her photo ID and ticket out of her purse, when she finds a bottle of perfume. She has a flashback to when she put perfume on Romanís hand for a bite. Then she remembers waking up in the other building, after Roman rescued her from the unstable building during the tremors.

Sami tries to get the window open but canít. She orders Lucas to open the window. Lucas asks Sami if she is grateful to be alive, and tells her to enjoy nature and the springtime. Sami asks Lucas if he is on drugs.

Bo brings Chaz into the police station. Roman tells Chaz that they meet again. Chaz asks if they got Vin yet, and Bo tells Chaz that Vin will rat him out in a second. Roman pulls Bo aside and tells him that the boy is looking scared. Bo says he hasnít ďlawyered upĒ yet so he would like to try and get through to him. Belle asks Shawn when this is going to end, and that Shawn didnít do anything to him. Roman tells them that he needs statements from them one at a time. Shawn volunteers to go first. John asks Marlena if she is going to talk to Cassie. She says she will. John says he doesnít blame her for what happened, but Marlena says she knows he blames Tony. John asks if she doesnít think he should. Marlena says she is Cassieís parent too; she should have been able to stop this. John tells her she didnít have custody, and that she couldnít have done anything. Belle tells Marlena that Cassie is out of control. Cassie walks in and asks where Chaz is, and John tells her to slow down. Cassie says that Chaz is her boyfriend and not to tell her how to feel. Marlena asks how she feels with the police having reason to believe that her boyfriend tried to kill Shawn and her sister. Belle says maybe Cassie wanted Chaz to do it, and Cassie tells Belle that Belle just loves this, because she wants their parents to hate her.

Mimi and Rex go back up to his room to get Mimiís purse. Rex asks if she is okay, and Mimi says not really, because she was up here oblivious to the world while her best friend was almost killed. Rex apologizes, and Mimi tells him that it isnít his fault. Rex says it was his sisterís fault. Mimi says they are two different people. Rex says he puts his energy into useful endeavors. Mimi says like dating and partying, and Rex says that is fine if that isnít all you do, that she could be done with school too. Mimi says she knew Rex was ahead in his classes. Rex says he has already taken his finals weeks ago and heís  working on more, but is interrupted by Mimi who says that he scares her.

Marlena asks Cassie how well she knows Chaz, and does she think she has real feelings for him. Cassie asks how long has she known anyone, does she have true feelings for anyone except hateful ones, as she turns her head toward Belle. Marlena says Cassie feels things deeper than anyone, and that Cassie wants to fit in and is trying very hard to find her place. Marlena says that she threw a party for her friends, to show them that Cassie was on the dating show and was embarrassed when she wasnít chosen. Cassie asks what is she doing wrong. All she wants is for people to like her, but the more she tries, the more people hate her. She tears up, and Belle rolls her eyes as Marlena hugs Cassie.

John tells Hope that they are going to get Vin Ramsell. Hope says she wishes there was something she could do. John says he knows what she means. Hope tells John that it is going to make all the difference that John is reaching out to Rex and Cassie, especially when Tony is their father. John tells Hope that Tony is too distracted to be a father. Hope tells John to make sure Tony doesnít distract him from whatís important. John looks at Marlena and says he never takes his eyes off whatís most important. Tony walks in and tells Cassie that he thinks they should go home. John tells Cassie that she is welcome to come home with them. Tony tells John that he is forgetting who has custody. John says that Cassie also has free will. Tony tells John that too much free will/free reign was his argument before, and he canít have it both ways. Marlena interrupts and says Cassie is confused enough already, she needs to know that she has a family that she can count on. John says she does have a family she can count on.

Belle tells Hope that youíd think Cassie was the one who was almost killed tonight, instead of the one who started it all. Hope tells Belle that she remembers Belle was very protective of Cassie when she first came to Salem. Belle says she knows better now, because all Cassie wants to do is hurt her and hurt Shawn. Belle says that what Cassie needs is tough love, but everyone there feels too guilty to give it to her. Cassie pretends to cry and hug Tony, but stops when no one can see her face.

Bo is talking to Chaz. He tells Chaz that he reminds him of someone. Chaz asks if it is Charles Manson. Bo says no, Chaz reminds Bo of himself. Chaz says that is an insult. Bo tells Chaz about when he was a kid, and Chaz says he isnít a kid. Bo tells Chaz that he hates authority; he even gave his big brother - a career cop - a stolen microwave for a wedding gift. Bo tells Chaz he was looking for attention in the wrong ways, and that he resented people who said they wanted to help him. His family stuck around, because they wanted to help him more than his so called friends. Bo asks Chaz where Vin is, that he is out there leaving Chaz to take the rap. Bo says it is Chazís last chance to tell him what he knows.

Sami is still trying to open the window. Lucas tells Sami that your life really flashes before your eyes. Sami tells Lucas that she knew that when she was on death row. Lucas tells Sami that when she was on death row he saved her life, but she sat by his side when he was in the coma, telling him to die. Lucas tells Sami that he could think and hear what was going on around him, and that it was love that brought him back. Sami says if he starts preaching and singing hymns, she is going to throw herself off the fire escape. Lucas asks if that is a promise and then says he is just kidding. Sami says yeah, right, and Lucas asks if she has any regrets. Sami says yes, she regrets letting him have joint custody of her son. Lucas says he regrets saving her from death row. Sami asks Lucas if he really means that. Lucas asks Sami if she feels the same about him. Sami says that Will loves him, and Lucas says Will loves her too. Lucas finally opens the window, and Sami kicks him out of the apartment.

Rex asks Mimi if he scares her. Mimi says his brain scares her, like he keeps getting smarter, and that she barely passed algebra. Rex says no matter what happens cerebrally, he hopes it doesnít crowd other important areas like personality. Rex says he thinks the key to who he is, is inside of him. He thinks he was designed to be able to decipher his genetic code. He says he wants to live up to his full potential. Mimi agrees, and Rex tells her she can help. Mimi asks how she can, when suddenly Rex kisses her.

Chaz asks Bo if heíll help him out if he tells what he knows. Bo gives him his word. Chaz says he doesnít know where Vin is or what was put in Shawnís drink. Bo asks if he knows his habits and his friends. Bo then takes Chaz to make a formal statement. Roman comes in and hands Bo the forensics results. The drink had cocaine and arsenic in it.

Roman tries to call Kate again. Kate sees that it is Roman and hangs up on him once more.

Bo shows Hope the report and says one sip could have killed Shawn.

Tony tells Cassie that that is enough. John says to lighten up, that Cassie is a girl and has had a rough day. Cassie thanks John and says at least somebody understands how she feels.

Hope asks Roman if there is any sign of Ramsell. Roman says they put up roadblocks and put out an APB. Hope asks Roman if Vin got away, and Roman says yeah, he did. Bo says he made a fool of them again, as he throws the report down on the table and curses.

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