Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

Today: Something bad happens at the party...Denise dumps Lucas...Sami continuously tries to shut Eugenia up...And Bo continues bashing the Salem PD.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Chaz, Cassie, Mimi, Rex, Vin, Penny, Man, Woman, Announcer, Woman #2, Man #2, Man #3, Woman #3, Lucas, Jewel, Denise, Sami, Lexie, Eugenia, Brandon, Abe.

At the hospital

In Lexie's hospital room, Bo and Hope finish visiting Lexie. As they go to leave, Abe sees the news report about Bo bashing the Salem PD on TV. Hope tries to defend Bo, but Abe goes off on him for insulting the department. Abe tells Bo that they will just have to find out what discipline he gets, and returns to Lexie. Bo and Hope leave.

Meanwhile, Eugenia is once again thanking Brandon for saving her life. Sami rushes up and tells Eugenia to shut the hell up. Brandon makes Sami apologize, and Eugenia walks off. He tells Sami that Eugenia feels like she owes him, and she promises to get her off his back. After Brandon walks off, Sami goes up to Eugenia and tells her to shut up. They continue to argue about the test results, until Eugenia walks away. Sami calls Lucas (See below).

Brandon visits Lexie in her room. Abe and Brandon are civil to each other, and Abe suggests they play a game of truth. He explains the rules, and Brandon says that he would do anything to help Lexie and the baby. Abe asks if he is telling the truth, and Lexie agrees. Sami walks in and overhears, and she asks what is going. The three tell her about the game, and she comes down. They begin discussing who is winning, and Abe and Brandon say that they haven't fooled each other yet (special hint). Eugenia comes in to hand some papers to the baby's father. She eventually hands them to Abe, while Sami tells Brandon that they should leave. Brandon wants to stay until Lexie is released.

At Lucas's apartment

Lucas and Denise return from their date, discussing various things such as how they both like pool, both like Will, and how they both hate Sami. They hope the relationship will work out between them. Sami calls him, and he answers "Hi, buddy." Sami tells him that she isn't his buddy and reminds him to pick up Lucas in the morning. They bicker back and forth, and Lucas reminds her about Austin leaving her at the altar. Sami tells him to go to hell, but he tells her that he doesn't want to spend eternity with her. After they finish bickering Sami hangs up, and Lucas finds Denise packing up. He begs her not to leave, but Denise points out that he and Sami have a very strong connection. She tells him good-bye and leaves, as Lucas damns Sami. Later, he arrives at the apartment of a woman named Jewel, and she invites him in.

At the DiMera Mansion

Belle continues to brag to Shawn about the show, while some other teens make fun of Cassie, calling her bitchy. Rex tries to comfort Cassie, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Chaz and Vin talk on the terrace, and Vin tells Chaz that he has a surprise for Shawn Brady. He plans on spiking Shawn's drink with cocaine. Shawn tries to get Belle to tell him who won, but she won't reveal the truth. They kiss, while Cassie tells Rex that she is more prettier than Belle and Mimi. Rex dances with Mimi and says he has something to tell her. Mimi begins going on and on about nothing, until Rex begins complimenting her on her beauty. Belle and Shawn agree to disagree about the show for one night, as the Love Is Blind show returns. Penny turns it up, and the announcer asks which girl the hunk will choose. After the promo is done, Belle and Shawn dance, while Mimi and Rex head upstairs. Cassie and Chaz also head upstairs and go into her room. Chaz compliments Belle on her dancing, and Shawn calls him an idiot. Shawn and Belle talk about how stupid Vin and Chaz are. Shawn wonders why he is there. Cassie and Chaz return downstairs, and Vin notices that Shawn didn't drink his soda. Shawn and Vin begin to argue about him dealing drugs, and Vin teases him, asking if he is gonna call Bo. Shawn threatens to kick his ass, but Belle stops him. Upstairs, Mimi and Rex kiss, and then begin to talk. Back downstairs, after Belle finishes her soda, she grabs Shawn's. Shawn spots Vin watching the soda and hits it out of Belle's hands. Vin takes off, as Shawn pins Chaz to the ground. Shawn interrogates Chaz about what he put in his drink. He argues with Chaz, until finally he decides to call Bo.

At the Brady's

Bo and Hope arrive home to find a group of reporters questioning them. Bo sends Hope inside and goes off on the police department again. Finally, he answers all of their questions, and they leave. When Bo returns inside, Hope asks him if he said anything else about the police department. Shawn calls Bo, and he answers. Shawn tells him to get to the DiMera Mansion right away, and Bo agrees. Bo tells Hope that something bad went down at the DiMera Mansion, and the previews roll...


*Lucas tells Sami that he doesn't feel like having sex with her now. She asks him if that's all he ever thinks about.
*Chaz teases Shawn about calling his dad to clean up the soda, as Shawn threatens to make him lick it up.
*Marlena tells Cassie that her boyfriend almost killed Shawn and Belle. Cassie turns to Belle. "You want them to hate me. You're just loving this, aren't you?" she says.

The End.

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