Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

The show opens at University Hospital. Roman is on the pay phone leaving Kate a message. He asks her to call him, because he hates the way they left things last night. Ops comes in dressed in disguise, saying he has a delivery for Roman Brady. Roman says that is him and reaches for the envelope. Ops says not so fast and asks for a code word. Roman says indigo, as Ops lowers his glasses to look at him and hands him the envelope.

Kate is at Bradyís Pub and listens to Romanís message. She says to herself that there is nothing to talk about, so stop harassing her. The bartender asks Kate if she is alright. Kate she is fine - nothing that she canít handle. She says she is going to put a stop to this once and for all.

A reporter from the Salem Chronicle stops Bo and Hope as they leave the Brady Pub. The reporter asks Bo if he would like to make a comment on the recent drug busts in Salem. Hope says Abe should be doing this. The reporter says he is on a deadline and needs a quote. Bo says heíll answer one question. The reporter asks how he feels about the arrest of Vin Ramsell. Bo says that Ramsell is back on the streets selling drugs, how do you think I feel.

Shawn and Mimi are sitting in Dot Com watching a preview for Love Is Blind. Mimi asks Shawn how he feels to be hanging out with a big time TV star. Shawn says he is getting goose bumps. Mimi says she has been stopped four times on campus, then it was a girl at the hospital, and even the school newspaper guy. Mimi says this must be how J-Lo feels. Shawn says he saw guys playing six degrees of Mimi Lockhart. Mimi tells Shawn to shut up, and she throws a napkin at him. Shawn says heíll save the napkin to sell it on E-bay for $100 as 'Mimi Lockhartís lipstick smudge'. He asks Mimi if another mocha latte will help loosen Mimiís lips, and then asks for a hint as to who is in or out on the show. Belle overhears this.

Tony asks John where he gets off bringing his children to the hospital. John suggests they take this outside. Cassie tells Tony not to be mad at John, it was her and Rex who wanted to do this. Tony says they only wanted to with some subtle persuasion. Cassie says she hated that tattoo and is glad itís gone. Rex says it is liberating. Craig Wesley says he would like to finish up and tells the twins to sit down.

John tells Marlena that he isnít going to apologize for what he did, and she tells him it is not his place. John asks who can blame them for wanting those tattoos removed, being branded with a constant reminder that someone else owned them. John says he should have had his taken off years ago. Tony says he wishes he had the DiMera marking. He would scratch it off with his hands if he could, but his father only left him with scars. Tony tells John that, believe it or not, he is not his father. John says no, he is a hell of a lot worse.

Roman is lying in a hospital bed watching a Love Is Blind preview. Ops walks in and says his money is on the blonde. Roman says that is what he hopes. Ops tells him to make himself comfortable, and that it takes a big man to do this kind of thing. Roman says he isnít thrilled about being an ISA guinea pig, but Shane thinks this is important. Ops asks Roman if he is afraid of a little needle, and Roman says to take it easy - that needle is a serious ticker. Ops says to trust him, because he wonít feel a thing.

Shawn is still begging Mimi. She says sheíll give Shawn one little hint, but Belle walks up calling Mimiís name. Mimi finishes her sentence by saying she is giving Shawn a secret for good hair. Mimi goes over to ask Penny for directions to Cassieís place, and Belle asks Shawn if he still wants to go to Cassieís place tonight. Shawn says he thinks they should, because Cassie is her sister. Belle says it is important that Cassie is surrounded by semi-normal people, and Shawn asks if that is how she classifies us. Belle says after the creeps Cassie almost fell in with, Belle and Shawn look like saints. She says letís go, and Shawn says after you, Saint Belle.

Cassie is on the phone giving directions to her house. She tells Chaz that it is two blocks from the riverside, to call her if he still needs help and sheíll direct him. Rex asks Cassie if she even ran the party idea past Tony. Cassie says this party is a go whether Rex approves of it or not.

Tony tells John that he is not going to give him the benefit of the doubt. John says he lost the benefit of the doubt when he tried to kill him. Rex comes out and says Dr. Wesley said they could leave. Cassie pulls Tony aside and asks if he will be home tonight. Tony says no and asks why. Cassie says she wants to have some friends over to watch Love is Blind. Tony says ah, itís your TV debut and that it is okay. Marlena tells John that Tony insists John was fine when he left the gym. John tells Marlena that Tony left him there to die, and says if anything happens to him, Tony is coming after Marlena. Tony walks up and says that John is absolutely right.

The party is in full swing at Cassieís house. Cassie comes in and says it is almost time. Cassie tosses Shawn the remote and tells him he is in charge of it. Mimi asks Cassie where Rex is, and she says Rex is upstairs, as this isnít his kind of thing. Cassie goes to get a bottle of liquor out of the cabinet, and Mimi asks if she will be serving anything that isnít high octane. Cassie asks Mimi if she was expecting fruit punch at a college party. Cassie puts Belle and Mimi to work by getting some hors dí oeuvres out of the butlerís pantry. Mimi tells Belle that that girl needs some serious diva de-tox. Mimi asks Belle if she minds if she goes up to see Rex. The doorbell rings, and it is Chaz. Cassie greets him at the door, as Chaz calls her ďCasseliciousĒ and kisses her. Cassie says she is glad Chaz could come, and Chaz says not half as glad as he is. Rex is up in his room dictating about unlocking his DNA while his sister deals with a childish party, when thereís a knock on the door. He opens it to see Mimi, who says the show is about to start and they have to get good seats. Rex tells her he has more important things on his mind and goes to shut the door, but Mimi says to wait.

John is telling Tony to stay away from his wife, and Marlena is telling John to let it go. Tony says if anything ever happened to John he would certainly look after Marlena. Marlena asks look after me, and John tells Tony to get his own life. Marlena says to stop this insulting immature game, this competition. Tony says Marlena is absolutely right and he is embarrassed. If he hurt Johnís feelings in any way he apologizes. John apologizes to Marlena, who says she needs a drink and to get out of here. John suggests the Brady Pub, but Marlena wants to go to Echelon.

Hope is pulling Bo into Brady Pub. Bo tells the reporter the only thing he regrets is that Ramsell is still alive. Hope puts a paper in front of Boís mouth and drags him inside. Kate is talking on the phone. She is telling someone that she knows this is last minute, but this is something that needs to be taken care of. Hope tells Bo that if he keeps saying things like that, he wonít have a job - he is already on thin ice as it is. She tells Bo that he did his job, and now he needs to back off and let the system do its job. Bo says he is not backing off until the drug pushing punks are off the street.

Mimi asks Rex if he can take a break from whatever it is he is doing, but Rex says no and shuts the door on her. Mimi walks back down the hall. Rex goes to sit back at his computer, but stares at the door.

Cassie and Chaz are still kissing, when Belle comes back with the hors de oeuvres and looking disgusted at the sight of them. Chaz tells Cassie this place is sweet, but not as sweet as she is. Belle hands Shawn a plate of food, and he asks what he is eating. Belle tells him, and Shawn doesnít like it. He  asks if they made it in the DiMera kitchen, and Belle tells him not to complain. Mimi comes back in, so Belle asks where Rex is. Mimi calls him the hermit crab, because he would rather play with his toys than hang out with her. Cassie says that the show is starting, so everyone moves in front of the TV. Gabby Ortiz is introducing Mimi, Cassie, and Belle on the show, and everyone at the party is cheering and reacting to the girlsí descriptions. Mimi and Belle share a laugh, as they watch when the mystery man is brought in. Cassie wants Chaz to come in and watch the show. He wants to start their own show up in Cassieís bedroom, but Cassie pulls him into the living room.

The mystery guy asks Mimi to describe Cassie. She describes her as having good hair, no hips, and that her eyes are unique. The mystery guy says he meant to describe something besides her physical appearance. Mimi says she is energetic and outgoing, and way smart - she aces all her tests without ever going to class. Belle is asked to describe Mimi. Belle says she is fun, loyal and caring. Belle asks what is not to love about her, and that Mimi is the best friend you could ask for. At the party Mimi tells Belle she made her sound like a cocker spaniel. Then everyone laughs when on the show Mimi says the same thing. Rex comes in and tells Mimi that Belle was right, she is amazing. Then the mystery guy asks Cassie to describe Belle. Cassie says Belle is a total priss, who has had everything handed to her on a silver platter - not to mention that 'whole better than you' attitude. Mimi says that is so not true. Cassie says she does not have an adventurous bone in her body, and her idea of living on the edge is going to bed without flossing. Gabby tells Cassie to say how she really feels, and Cassie says why settle for a girl when you can have a woman. Gabby says they better go to commercial, before the censors pull the plug.

Roman and Ops are watching the show in the hospital room. Ops says he is a sucker for these shows and asks Roman how he is feeling. Roman says he is feeling a little woozy. Ops says the drug should be kicking in soon. Roman asks what happens then. Ops says if it works, the ISA will be able to keep tabs on suspects without them ever knowing. He tells Roman that he is going to ask him some questions and to answer them to the best of his knowledge. Ops then asks Roman his name and the names of his children. Roman answers  with no problem. Then Ops asks what Romanís ex-wifeís name is. Roman begins to go in a trance like state, as he says Marlena. What he is seeing in his mind is his version of Love Is Blind with Ops as the host, and  Kate and Marlena as the two contestants.  Ops tells Roman that it is time to choose his one true love.

John asks Marlena if she is sure she wants to go to Club Echelon. Marlena says that is what she has to do. They go into the club, and Marlena tells John that when she was here earlier it wasnít open, so she didnít get a chance to see what goes on. John goes to get some drinks and tells Marlena to do what she has to do. Tony is at the bar as Marlena walks up and tells him he lied to her.

Hope tells Bo that she understands he is angry, but it doesnít mean he should take matters into his own hands. She compares him to a vigilante and mentions that is just what Cameron Palmer accused him of. Bo says he is beginning to think that is the only way to get justice around here. Kate comes over and mentions how she thought theyíd be watching Shawnís girlfriend on TV. Hope says she forgot and meant to set the VCR. Bo asks if that was on TV and Kate tells him about Love Is Blind. Bo says they have already missed the beginning and will call Jen to see if she can get them a copy. Kate sits down, and Hope asks if she is okay, because she doesnít seem okay. Hope asks if this has anything to do with Roman, and Kate says Roman and her are through.

Everyone gathers around the TV at the DiMera mansion, as the show comes back on. The show goes to the mystery guyís comments on each girl. The guy says he could like Mimi, if she ever let him get a word in. He says Cassie sounds like a hellcat, but thatís not necessarily a bad thing. He adds that Belle is friendly, and he feels like he already knows her very well.

On the show they move to one on one interviews. Mimi is up first and is asked to describe her dream guy. She says he is smart, but a little mysterious. She adds that for looks, he is tall with sandy blonde hair and pecs to die for. The guy says it sounds like she already has somebody in mind. Rex is upset at this response and walks out, as Mimi calls after him. Then it is Belleís turn, and she is asked the same question. Belle says her dream guy is thoughtful and trustworthy. She adds that her guy is someone she can be comfortable around, can make her laugh, and that it matters what heís like on the inside. Shawn teases Belle that what she said was so sweet, and Belle tells Shawn that maybe sometime sheíll find that dream guy. Cassie is up next. Shawn asks what exactly is that thing Cassie is wearing. Cassie says her dream guy would have to be easy on the eyes with a warm smile. As she is caressing the mystery guyís arm she is saying her dream guy would have broad shoulders and strong yet sensitive hands, and thatís just above the equator. Mimi is shocked that she said that. Cassie adds that she wants a man who would put her on a pedestal and treat her like a queen. Gabby says that when they come back from commercial, they are going to find out if when one sense is gone, the others shine. Gabby asks if their hunk can smell true love, as they show a clip of the mystery guy smelling Belleís neck. Shawn gets up and leaves the room, and Belle goes after him.

Tony tells Marlena that this is a business and a profitable investment. Marlena tells Tony the profits are made by the exploitation of women. She gestures to the women in the glass case above the bar, pretending to read a book. Tony tells Marlena that that is a woman working her way through college, and sheís reading a textbook as she prepares for an exam. Marlena laughs, and she asks Tony who he is trying to convince. Tony says he is trying to convince Marlena.

Rex is back up in his room dictating again about distractions and focusing on his research. Mimi walks in the room, and adds and me? Rex looks up and Mimi asks what happened down there. Rex doesnít answer, so Mimi turns to leave, but Rex stops her. He says he has a lot on his mind. He adds that this is Mimiís night and his work can wait until tomorrow.

Shawn and Belle are back in the living room, and Cassie and Chaz are in the chair. Belle says those two should get a room, and Shawn offers to go over there ,but Belle says to just watch them in case Chaz tries anything.

The show, Love Is Blind, comes back on. The mystery guy smells Mimi and says she smells fresh, clean and soapy. Then he goes to smell Belle and likes what he smells. He calls it a floral scent. Belle and Gabby high five each other. The guy smells Cassie and chokes as he says that the perfume would be okay if Cassie wasnít wearing so much. Gabby asks if anyone can say blue light special. The next round is for the best pick up line. Mimi asks if he is a parking ticket because he has fine, fine, fine, written all over him. Cassie tells him that that is a great outfit, but it would look so much better crumpled up on her floor. Belle says his name must be Visa, because he is everywhere she wants to be. Everyone at the party is talking and laughing about the show.

Ops asks Roman if the woman he is currently dating is named Kate Roberts. In Romanís trance scene he takes off the blindfold and walks over to Marlena. He tells her he will always love her as a friend and the mother of his children. He then walks over to Kate and tells her that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and that he loves her.

Marlena tells Tony he is not doing a very good job of convincing her that he has changed. Tony says he is not trying to convince her of anything. John walks up behind Tony. Tony says he is just letting things evolve. Marlena asks what that means. Tony says when they were trapped in the elevator, he had a revelation about her. Marlena says she has to go find John. Bart walks up to Tony and asks whatís the score, whoís winning. Tony says he seems to be trailing by a few points but gaining in momentum. Tony adds that when they reach the finish line, he will be the tortoise. Marlena leans into John, and John puts his arm around her as they glare at Tony.

Mimi and Rex come back into the room. The mystery guy dumps Cassie first. Cassie tells him he has no idea what he just passed up. Rex tells Mimi that it was too bad that Cassie was kicked out, because he was hoping it would be Mimi.

John tries to pay for his drinks, but the waitress tells him that Count DiMera says itís on the house. John says that the waitress can tell the Count his generosity is not accepted, and puts the money on the tray. Marlena says the women who work there are so young and attractive. She adds that Tony tried to tell her they are all working their way through college and raising young children. Marlena says she finds this very depressing, and John agrees, saying that the worst part is they donít know what theyíre dealing with. Marlena asks if he means the man who tried to kill him. John asks if Marlena believes him, and Marlena says that she believes him.

Kate tells Hope that she and Roman are at different points in their lives. She wants a commitment and he doesnít. Hope says it could change. Kate says she is not a patient woman. She says she is going to Rome to work on Basic Blackís new line. Hope is shocked, but Bo walks up and tells Hope that Jen is going to send them a tape. He says they should get going if Hope still wants to go to the hospital. Hope tells Kate to talk to Roman, and to give him another chance before she leaves town.

Bo and Hope walk out of the Brady Pub and are hounded by reporters asking about Boís frustrations with the Salem PD. Hope tells them that Bo has no comment. Bo pushes a photographer out of the way and tells him to get away from his wife.

Ops is giving Roman a drug to counter the truth serum. He counts Roman down and back to being alert. Roman says that is some powerful stuff. Ops asks Roman how he feels. Roman says he feels enlightened. Ops says it looks like the ISAís secret weapon is ready for action. Roman says there is a problem, because he remembers everything. Ops says that is a very big problem, and this is another failed experiment. Roman says he wouldnít say that at all and gets up to leave. Ops asks where he is going, and Roman says he is going to find Kate to tell her he loves her. He just hopes it isnít too late.

Kate is on the phone with Joelle. She is asking for a first class ticket to Rome. Joelle asks for a departure date, and Kate says as soon as possible and to get back to her.

Marlena says of course she believed John, as much as she didnít want to. John says he thinks heís had enough of Tony DiMera for one night. They get up to leave Club Echelon.

Tony knocks on a door, and a womanís hand reaches out to hand Tony a martini glass. Tony takes the glass and drinks from it, as he walks in the door. The woman leans in close to him. Then Tony and the woman are shown making love.

Shawn asks if this is how itís going to be from now on. Belle says she canít disappoint her adoring fans. Shawn tells Belle that if she did actually win the competition and had to go out with this guy, he is still proud of her. Belle says that is sweet and asks if he wants her autograph. Shawn says he wants a lot more than that and they kiss. Vin Ramsell is watching through the window.

Hope is pushing the reporters out of the way, telling them that Bo has nothing to say. They ask Bo what happens if Vin Ramsell is acquitted. Bo says he is going to make sure justice is served, with or without the Salem PD. A reporter asks if he is going to take the law into his hands. Bo says if he has to he will, because it is about time someone took some action in this town.

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