Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Justin
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Today: John, Cassie, and Rex get their tattoos removed...Belle and Shawn do a favor for Mickey...Chloe is released from the hospital...And Jack's new look is revealed!

Cast: Tony, Marlena, John, Rex, Cassie, Craig, Belle, Shawn, Chaz, Vin, Bart, Mickey, Nancy, Chloe, Brady, Joy, Arnie, Jack, Jen, Stuart, Barry, Robert, Dr. Raeker, Woman, Arthur Shepard.

At the hospital

Chloe is allowed to leave as she has a face mask on. She tells Brady that she can't wait to go home and find a special place to kiss him. As they go to leave, Chloe tells Craig that she needs to do something. We find her thanking all the hospital staff for helping her. Finally, Chloe, Brady, and Craig leave.

At .Com

Shawn and Belle arrive and find Mickey working on papers for the Ben Wells case. When Belle returns from getting coffee, Mickey asks if they knew him, and they say no. Shawn explains that his dad is really affected by Ben's death and is trying to find Vin Ramsell. Mickey tells him about the Wells family suing the mayor, the city, and Carson Palmer. He also explains about how he has tried to serve a subpoena to the mayor, but hasn't gotten the chance. Shawn offers to serve Mayor Shepard, but Mickey says that it is too dangerous. Belle also offers to help. We return to find that Mickey agreed to let them do it, and they promise to back off if they get into trouble. After handing them the subpoena and his cell phone number, Mickey heads off to court. Shawn and Belle decide to call around to see who can find out where the mayor is. Belle says that she will call Mimi, as she did a report on the mayor. After Belle makes the call, she reveals that all the info Mimi gave her doesn't help them. Shawn tells her that the mother of a guy on his baseball team works at the office. She told him that Mayor Shepard likes to have lunch at Echelon. Belle and Shawn decide to go together, as it will be easier for her to get in.

At the DiMera Mansion

Rex and Cassie are talking about the earthquake making the Spectator headlines. Cassie receives a call from Chaz, and she confirms the party at the mansion. Chaz asks who is on her 'A' list and assumes it will be Shawn, Belle, and Mimi. Cassie hangs up and is questioned by Rex, but she doesn't tell him who it was. John bursts in and brushes past Bart. He goes into the den, where Cassie and Rex are. Rex sends Bart upstairs, and the twins tell John that Tony isn't there. John says he is there to see them. He talks about when they landed in Salem, they wanted to have family and to be free. He explains that the earthquake made his perception of things different. He tells them that the can be free of the DiMera curse and holds up his tattoo. He asks if they want to join him in his fight. While Bart eavesdrops, John tells them that he is having his tattoo removed today, and asks if they want to be set free or not. Cassie asks for a moment alone with Rex. After conferring with each other, the twins decide to get it removed and head to the hospital with John.

At Echelon

There is pounding on the door, and Tony tells Arnie to tell the person that they are closed. Arnie answers it to find an angry Marlena, who rushes in and confronts Tony about him trying to kill John. Tony plays innocent, claiming he would not kill his brother, but Marlena tells him that John told her everything. She tells Tony that she will never forgive him. Tony asks her to let him explain his side of the story, and he tells her that he didn't know John was trapped as he was knocked out himself. Marlena asks Tony if she should believe that John lied to her, and he tells her that with the kind of hatred he has, he is capable of anything. Next, Tony claims that John broke into the mansion last night and tried to strangle him - and he has witnesses. Marlena wonders why she listens to him, and he tells her that deep down she trusts him. Tony's lies continue to developed as his cell phone rings. It's Bart, telling him that John took off with the twins to go to the hospital. Tony gets off the phone and accuses Marlena of coming there to distract him, so John could take the twins somewhere. He vows to put a stop to it and leaves, with Marlena following behind him.

Later, Belle and Shawn arrive, and Shawn says that John is gonna kill him if he found out he brought her there. They notice Arnie and suspect that he is protecting someone, so Belle heads over to distract him. Belle claims that her cell phone died and asks to make a call. Hesitantly, Arnie agrees to let her use the phone. Shawn finds Mayor Shepard in the back room, and the mayor recognizes him as playing for the Salem U. baseball team. Shawn serves him the subpoena and returns to Belle. They high five each other as he says "Mission accomplished."

At the Deveraux's

'In the House' is on the air, as Jen talks about yesterday's earthquake. She explains that the votes have been tallied up for Jack's new look, and Jack comes downstairs. Jack's look consists of a gray sweater and a silk shirt, not being one of the choices. Jen calls Jack a hottie as they review over the headlines about the earthquake. They discuss the emails they received about people getting help from total strangers, and they say that the community pulled together to help each other. Jack says they should especially thank all the firemen, police officers, and helpers for rescuing them. Jen announces their guest, which is Robert Clark, someone from the office of emergency management. Jack says nothing is more important than taking care of the people you love. Later, Robert Clark leaves the house, and they thank him for joining their show. Barry and Stuart announce that they are going back on the air, and Jen announces their next guest will be Audrey Simmons, the wedding planner who will be planning hers and Jack's wedding. As the show ends, Jack mouths "What?" to Jen.

At the Wesley's

Craig, Chloe, and Brady return home and find a 'Welcome Home Chloe' sign. Nancy greets the trio, while holding Joy. Craig takes pictures of everyone, while Chloe asks Nancy if she can hold Joy. As Chloe holds her, she thanks her for saving her life. Craig hands Brady the camera and stands next to Nancy and Chloe, who is still holding Joy, and he snaps a picture of them. Nancy takes Joy upstairs, while Craig leaves for a hospital emergency, giving Chloe and Brady time alone. Brady intends to keep the promise about helping Chloe achieve her list. He says that she will be able to sing on stage and tells her that he bought the Blue Note. She is going to be allowed to sing if she is happy. Nancy returns, and they tell Chloe that she just has to say yes. Chloe goes upstairs to look at Joy, while Brady and Nancy discuss the plan to have Cecilia Marin go to the Blue Note and hear Chloe sing. Brady believes she is meant to sing at Julliard. When Chloe returns, she and Brady are alone, and they sing a duet together. Chloe is upset that her voice isn't the same, and Brady tries to reassure her.

In an alley

Chaz and Vin meet up. Vin complains that Bo Brady took his car and his house, and it cost him income. He tells Chaz to call Cassie, so he does and she confirms the party. Later, Chaz and Vin meet up again, and Vin vows that Bo Brady's son will be joining Ben Wells in the great hereafter.

Later, back at .Com

Belle and Shawn meet up with Mickey and confirm that they did the job. Mickey offers them a job at the law firm, and Shawn considers it. Mickey leaves after paying Shawn and Belle. Shawn checks his messages, and Belle invites him to a night in her dorm.

Later, back at the hospital

Craig meets John, Cassie, and Rex outside the lab. She wants an explanation as to what they are getting their selves into. Craig tells her that he will explain when they are inside, and they go in. Cassie learns that there won't be any needles, but Craig says it will burn a little. Outside, Tony arrives with Marlena, and learns from Bart that the twins are in with Dr. Wesley. We return to find that John has already gotten his tattoo off, and Rex volunteers to be next. After Craig finishes with Rex, Cassie is next. After Cassie is done, they all stand by each other while Tony and Marlena rush in, and shocked to see them without tattoos as the previews roll.


*The Love Is Blind show is on, with the announcer asking who raises the hunks temperature as the same show is on, only with Roman on it this time, asked to choose between Kate and Marlena...Kate and Marlena are sitting there.
*We return to Love Is Blind with Mimi, Cassie, and Belle as Gabby asks who he dumps. The mystery man says who he is going to dump.
*Belle and Shawn are watching the premiere with the students at DiMera Mansion, and Shawn walks out, with Belle calling his name (He isn't happy, so she wasn't dumped).

The End.

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